• Personalize navegation in external website

    Hello community!!   Is there any way we could show a form (created in marketo but embeded in an external page) only to a certain segment of people that we choose previously?   Thank you!!! 
    Nerea Eguia
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  • Web Personalization Segments Filter Question

    Hello - we are trying to launch a web personalization dialog campaign. The campaign will promote a white paper to specific segments that visit our site. Here's the workflow for downloading the content - dialog display...
    Cameron Koziarz
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  • Marketo Ad-Bridge

    Does someone here have experience in Ad-Bridge? can share some insights? I tried community to get more details on Ad-Bridge but couldn't find more about it. Any help?   Thanks, Bhaskar
  • Web personalization edition and preview

    Hello community!    We are working on creating a web personalization campaign.    We are using the templates that Marketo is offering us to do so. However I have a couple of doubts on the edition...
    Nerea Eguia
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  • New chrome warning about Marketo cookie SameSite and Secure attributes

    Hi,   I have the Marketo munchkin cookie, as well as Marketo form embeds, installed on my website. I have been noticing this console warning for a while in Chrome regarding its new cookie policy regarding o...
    Muhammad Ali
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  • Difference between web personalization and dynamic content

    Hello!    I've come accross two concepts: web personalization and dynamic content.    Which is the difference between both of them? Do they apply to different type of assets?    I unde...
    Nerea Eguia
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  • Guided landing page with dynamic background image

    In my landing page template I have a div #header2 which has a background image defined with a variable : #header2{ background-image: url(${header2BackgroundImage});background-position: center;background-repeat: no-re...
    Franky Ruysschaert
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  • Stored lead specific html in custom field not rendered properly

    Hi,   I am trying to store lead specific html in a custom field. The html has been generated from excel, and gets imported by a .csv file.   When I try to load the content of that field by using a token in...
    Franky Ruysschaert
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  • Text Only version contain extra whitespaces

    Hi there.   I'm using Marketo's API to create my templates & emails, and everything is working as I would expect. But, when I go to the created email in Marketo, the text-only version contain a lot of&#...
    Luis Dalmolin
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  • Personalized content not working

    Previously, we have imported thousands of contacts from another marketing automation platform. Only a small part of them has a Marketo cookie.   Today, we have generated personalized content which is stored in 1...
    Franky Ruysschaert
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  • Form Issues :(

    I am working on a form from Marketo on my actual site and the form consists of text fields followed by some check-boxes, is there a way to make these side by side?? Including an attachment. I cannot include the link b...
    Brian Horace
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  • Preference Center Customization

    We're looking to implement a preference center opt-out across multiple forms of communications, thereby giving users better selection. For example: Security Whitepapers Networking Webinars  Storage Webinars A...
    Susan Cardoza
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  • Setting up a kind of pop-up with Marketo?

    Hi all,   We're preparing a global campaign to promote a new whitepaper we'll launch in a month. Every forms, landing pages and emailing are ready.   We would like as well to create a kind of pop-up that ...
    Adrien Landrin
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  • Can dynamic content be used on guided landing pages?

    Hey, I am trying to add in dynamic content on to a guided landing page but can't seem to get it to work. I have read these documents, but it still isn't allowing the content to move. Any suggestions or helpful tips wo...
  • Associate Leads from external site to Marketo Landing Page

    We created a "manage subscription" form and created a marketo landing page for it. The form is set to prefill the form fields. We're having an issue getting the form to populate with the user's information.  ...
    Cory Colt
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  • Email Script Token, First Name Field

    Hi there,   We have leads that have a first name of [Not Provided], and we'd like to say if we identify the first name as such, fill in "there" as the value, if not identified as [Not Provided] use the value that...
    Stephanie O'Reilly
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  • Being Creative with RTP Perceived Organization

    I realized the RTP inferred organization was not accessible as a lead attribute or under marketing activity data. It's only available in RTP. It's very usable data and I wanted to bridge that gap and make it available...
    Patrick Dooley
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  • Help! Triggering with tokens?

    I've been scouring the internet and have not been able to find any help with this one (probably idealistic) task I have in mind.   My first question is - I saw that you can set up tokens for triggers ( {{trigger...
  • How to invoke custom activity by using js munchkin function for link click

    I want to post extra details under user's activity when certain type of anchors are clicked, basically want to differentiate between anchors which are open to public and those which are locked(secured ones), so i know...
    Akhilesh Singh
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  • Increase RTP userContext character limit

    Currently the userContext API variables are limited to 100 characters. Can this limit be increased?  https://developers.marketo.com/javascript-api/web-personalization/user-context/
    Patrick Dooley
    created by Patrick Dooley