When trying to call the REST API associated to our subscription, we get the http error :   Error: read ECONNRESET   Everything seems configured correctly from the admin console. The API only user is ...
    Gianantonio Cattozzo
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  • Editing Form CSS

    I want to edit the button in my forms to be brand compliant. I attempted to edit the CSS but the CSS I have isn't over-riding the current button style. What am I missing? Has anyone ever done this before? forms css...
    Alison Moulton
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  • Munchkin Tracking Across Sub-Domains

    We have a main website, www.ABC.com. and various sub-domains - careers.ABC.com, store.ABC.com, data.ABC.com, etc.   We have the tracking script on each individual subdomain, but we were told that there are limit...
    Angus McCann
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  • Visual Studio Code - Marketo markup?

    Hey Community,   Before trying to figure it out myself, I was wondering if anyone had set up visual markup for mktoElements on landing pages/emails built in Visual Studio code? Justto colourize stuff like mktoIm...
    Justin Laberge
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  • Domain without SSL certificate

    Hi,   I am using Marketo REST APIs for updating leads. When I am testing API calls using Postman or my localhost, everything is working fine. When I deploy my microservice, all API calls fail with the following...
    Sardor Taylakov
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  • Marketo Forms advanced layout features

    Does anyone know of any third parties that can enhance a Marketo form? Specifically I'm looking for the ability to embed a Marketo form where the user submits 2 fields, and then UPON COMPLETION of those fields is show...
    Jamie Archibald
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  • Chrome 80+ appears to block cookie and not display forms on company site

    I tried looking through the support but did not find an exact answer in regards to forms being hosted on company site, i.e. not a Marketo landing page.   I am using Chrome Canary 81.0.4020.0 and see the warning ...
    Alex Arvanitidis
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  • Munchkin Code detailed documents

    Hi All,   Do you know where i can a link to the details about Munchkin code? Kind a document which shows my developer, how it works and how long the cookies will stay active specially for the web personalization...
    Ravi Ansal
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  • Do tokens still work in form fields?

    I'm trying to put in the company token into one of my form field labels.  When I go to test it using the usual smart campaign test, the token displays instead of the intended marketo data or default setting....
    Stefan Gassner
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  • How to update campaign names

    Hi There, How to update campaign names in marketo from by getting them from wordpress pages.
    mounica tunuguntla
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  • How do I restrict access to /index.php/leadCapture ?

     This was the older url for forms framework. Right now in our platform its exposing a username and saying access is restricted. We want to just redirect this url to our homepage. I tried adding a redirect rule an...
    Harini Raghavan
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  • Using a Token to display a database field

    I want to use a token to display a database field, I have it setup as below; But it renders as the below on the page; Does anyone know of a way to use a token to display a database field?   I did enter "{{...
    Ashley Rodwell
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  • Event Custom Fields not working

    Hi there,    I am creating a drip campaign that needs to use 5 different event custom fields for 4 different CRM tracking codes that we are using.    Most event custom fields are used within the ...
    Kaitlyn Nelson
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  • Gated content: Can we make this dynamic dependent on lead score?

    I'm looking for a solution to offer ungated content to people with qualified lead scores automatically - rather than creating two versions of the landing page and distributing dependent on lead score.   Is there...
    Alfie Dawson
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  • Munchkin Private API Key & related impact

    Hi Marketo Peers:   A vendor needs us to provide Munchkin API Private Key in order to implement their solution (it is a learning management solution).    Question: By providing them access to Mun...
    Scott Hameed
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  • Customise or disable keyboard shortcuts in Marketo?

    Is there a way for me to custom keyboard shortcuts? Or at the very least, a way for me to disable the default marketo shortcuts?   I'm using Google Chrome and i'm used to pressing "Alt+D" + "Enter" keys to dupli...
    Frank Fu
    created by Frank Fu
  • New chrome warning about Marketo cookie SameSite and Secure attributes

    Hi,   I have the Marketo munchkin cookie, as well as Marketo form embeds, installed on my website. I have been noticing this console warning for a while in Chrome regarding its new cookie policy regarding o...
    Muhammad Ali
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  • URL encoding in Velocity scripts?

    Hi Marketo Nation,   Curious if there's a standard for URL encoding in Velocity scripts. Below is a {{my.Calendly_Link}} custom token script that outputs a Calendly link. However, the URL printed at th...
    Bishoy Riad
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  • Marketo's Web Personalization

    We are considering purchasing Marketo's Web Personalization and would like to here from current users. Do you find this product valuable? Does it deliver as expected?   We plan to use it to personalize landing p...
    Nina Gonzalez
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  • Landing Page Dynamic Content Not Working

    Hi,   I'm setting up some guided landing pages with dynamic content and I'm having trouble getting it to work correctly. I've gone through the normal steps to set up dynamic content for various landing page ele...
    Dan Gentsch
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