• Can we get a function where we can see the next email the lead is receiving?

    Changing order emails engagement stream   Just like the post above, I was switching around the engagement settings midway the engagement program due to changes in product details and webinar dates, and we canno...
    Wai yeong Leong
    created by Wai yeong Leong
  • _method=GET in Rest APIs

    As per http://developers.marketo.com/rest-api/error-codes/   We can convert a GET API to POST type by appending _method=GET in URL   Would this also be done to make API hits more secure ?, as POST reques...
  • March '19 Product Release: Custom Communication Limit

    I've been trying to find documentation on the new customer communication limits release.  I only can find a bullet point in the Product Release Notes.  Does anyone know what the custom elements are now, wher...
    Adrianne Vaughan
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  • Blind Form in LP Footer

    Hey,   We are trying to implement blind form in Landing Page footer which will have 4 options to click, based on which subscription will happen. Can you advise if creating Smart Campaign, that will trigger base...
    Kacper Gawlik
    created by Kacper Gawlik
  • Unsubscribe Pages for Marketo AND Non-Marketo Emails

    Has anyone configured a Marketo preference center page to be used for emails sent from other systems outside of Marketo? If you did, what kind of adjustments did you have to make?   If your business also has th...
    Ruth Baucom
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  • Can we build two step form in marketo by using custom JavaScript?

    Initially I want to show 4 fields then instead of submit button I want Next button which will take the person in the form with remaining fields and then he/she have to submit the form and lead will be created in marke...
    Sant Singh Rathaur
    last modified by Sant Singh Rathaur
  • Event/Check-in App : Members not sycing - list issue?

    Hi,   I am looking to use the event check-in app for an event next week – however upon syncing I don’t seem to have all of the contacts appear in my available list.   My program currently has 1...
    Charlotte Kennett
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  • Change Channel with Members - Program synched with SFDC

    Hi There,   We have a program set up, that members already, and was built using wrong Channel and according to that not all relevant program statuses can be used. In this case is there are a good practice to mo...
    Kacper Gawlik
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  • Marketo vs Adobe Campaign

    Hi all,   my understanding from the Adobe acquisition of Marketo is that from now on Adobe Campaign should be positioned as a platform for B2C marketing while Marketo should be used by B2B clients.   Is t...
    Natascia Almeida
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  • Multiple external content sources thru one API

    My development team is looking to break up one large content block (currently scraped from Drupal into Marketo) into two content blocks separated by a LiveIntent ad. Can we have two external sources of content come in...
    Kim Gandy
    created by Kim Gandy
  • Select picture (in Image and Files) based on input

    Hi,   We have an email template that is triggered from an external service interacting with Marketo. The service will send some input to Marketo to set the value of certain tokens, e.g. my.City, my.SenderName, e...
    Gianfranco Simonetta
    last modified by Gianfranco Simonetta
  • Use Azure App to integrate with Dynamics CRM Online

    Hi All, I have registered the Azure App as described in Marketo Docs. However, I don't see a placeholder where I can plugin the Client Secret &Token to sync with CRM. Has anyone been able to use this Azure App fo...
    Mamatha Swamy
    last modified by Mamatha Swamy
  • Help identifying duplicates across instances

    Hey Marketo Community,   A company that I am working with is going through some merging and acquisition changes. One of the objectives in the near to mid term is to consolidate into one Marketo instance.  ...
    Nathaniel Kobza
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  • Issue Connecting Drupal Forms to Marketo Dashboard

    Hello,  We are having an issue where a Drupal Seven website is not posting web form data to Marketo. We have tried the following:  1. Installed and enabled the Marketo MA module, and added both the AccountID...
    Megan Zaporowski
    last modified by Megan Zaporowski
  • Send Event Confirmation Email Containing 7 Possible Calendar Files

    Hi,   We have an event coming up. A recipient can select 7 sessions to register for. Is it possible to send them one confirmation email that contains only the calendar files of the sessions they registered for? ...
    Noemi Aguilar
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  • Integration with Adobe Assets

    Hi,   does anyone have any experience with Integrating Marketo with Adobe Assets?   Thanks
    Natascia Almeida
    last modified by Natascia Almeida
  • How lead token can be used with thank you page URL?

    I want to add lead token in the thankyou page url and thank you page is created in the wordpress but when I tried to add and save it, it is not letting me do it. It says I can only add my. token with the url.   ...
    Sant Singh Rathaur
    last modified by Sant Singh Rathaur
  • Owner for a Program in Marketo

    We are integrating Programs , Static Lists and Leads in marketo with our application But all we have are owner based things Like Program, staticList's... creator or owner we maintain at our end But at marketo end ther...
  • Copy custom object values to standard objects?

    Is it possible to copy values from custom objects to standard objects within Marketo?   I found some older posts: Passing Data from Custom Objects to Marketo Field Custom Objects 2.0 in Marketo - Part 1  ...
    Dave Costantino
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  • Custom Dynamics-Marketo Sync - how to control duplicates?

    Hi, We recently launched our Marketo instance and are syncing with our CRM, MS Dynamics 365.  We have a custom filtered sync where only some of the records from the CRM are synced to Marketo.  The problem ...
    Raymond Russell
    created by Raymond Russell