• Sales Insights Licenses

    Hi all, We just have 10 licenses and the number that shows been used is much larger. What does the word "used in the last 30 days" exactly means? Can this number always be bigger that the number of licenses allowed? C...
    Carla Cabaceira
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  • Marketo Sales Insight opportunities

    I'm having a hard time creating a view that contains just contacts with open opportunities. Any ideas? If I could only just sort out those with the "status header" closed lost and closed won it would work. (see image ...
    Paul Johnson
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  • Customer Activity Analysis

    Hello!   I need some help with a report I'm trying to run. I'd love to be able to see the most common activites closed our accounts (customers) ran through? Things like specific web pages that were visited, spec...
    Paul Johnson
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  • Marketo tracking issues

    Hi, anyone here had issues with Marketo tracking web activity of leads? especially with Munchkin? For some reason it works for some of the leads but not working for others and in the recent weeks the number of leads w...
    Tamir Belzer
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  • Marketing Automation Specialist - MSC Cruises

    MARKETING AUTOMATION SPECIALIST (Naples, Italy)   JOB PURPOSE The Engagement & Retention Specialist is responsible for the identification and implementation of new processes and relational strategies with c...
    Maria D'Anisi
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  • Interesting Moments and CRM sync

    In order for Interesting Moments to work, does your CRM need to be synched to Marketo?
    James Zolinski
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  • Merging Contacts

    Hello, I had a case where I had to import lists into Marketo because our data filters aren't all the way setup in SFDC. Some of the contacts synced while others now have two records. Will these automatically merge at...
    Christian Tovar
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  • SFDC Person Accounts?

    Hi everyone, We currently have thousands of person accounts in SFDC which we currently do not sync or market to within Marketo. We are exploring whether or not we may in the near future. I'm curious to hear about any...
    Jennifer Lydstone
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  • Can you cc on an email?

    Are you able to cc on an email. We are sending an emial to a large group and need to have people in our company cc'd.  If not, what alternatives are there? 
    Lauren Southers
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  • Sales Insight Email Analytics

    Hello -   We're new to Marketo. I dug into the Analytics portion of Marketo, but I'm not seeing anything helpful in the area of reporting.   Is there a report within Marketo that will give us analytics on ...
    Chris Husted
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  • Sales Insights appearing when they shouldn't - why?

    Hi all,   I'm noticing that emails Marketo is sending are showing up in the activity history of Sales Insights in SFDC. For these emails, the Sales Insight option is not checked in the Email Settings within Mark...
    Alexis Falco
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  • Auto Fill Embedded Forms (not on Marketo landing page)

    This is a fun one. I have tried to use auto fill forms in the past and it worked, but that was because I was not embedding the form on the web site.   Environment Right now I am working with a WordPress site, a...
    Eric Salalmon
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  • MSI for Lightning

    We got a new instance of Salesforce and only use the Lightning view (as much as it allows of course), we want to connect Marketo to it, but reading some of the discussions on here, it seems like MSI is not Lightning r...
    Frank Breen
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  • Multiple Versions of One MSI Email Being Created. Why?

    Hello,   I have created one MSI email that sales is using to reach out to a group of people. Marketing would like to follow up with that group.   I had planned to define my Smart List by using the filter o...
    Spencer Phillips
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  • MSI for Dynamics- Lead/RSS Feed, Best Bets, Watch List, etc.

    Hi,   Any Microsoft Dynamics CRM users out there using Marketo Sales Insights features; Lead/RSS Feed, Best Bets, Watch List, etc.??   The product docs are not always completely clear if certain MSI featur...
    Sean Tierney
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  • Block email asset from syncing to SFDC?

    Hello, Does anyone know if there is a way to stop an email asset that launches through a Marketo program from showing up in the history section of Sales Insight in SFDC?  Let's say for example a manager wanted t...
    Crystal Macdougall
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  • Limit MSI install for specific users then add more?

    Hello all- I am attempting to slowly introduce SFDC users' access to MSI from about 6 to 30 people, a few with different profiles, over a span of time.    I have read quite a bit  that there isn't an ...
  • Send Marketo Email button and SFDC Lightning

    Marketo's "Send Marketo Email" button with the Marketo Sales Insight package is not supported by SFDC Lightning because they are javascript based. This means the buttons will not appear when using the Lighting UI in S...
    Petyr Campos
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  • Salesforce lightning support for Marketo Sales Insight

    We are using Marketo Sales Insight and planning to enable Salesforce Lightning. I reached out to Marketo support and they mentioned below Sales insight does not below features   Unsupported Features Marketo doe...
    Pavan Khapre
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  • Log user who requested the Campaign through Sales Insights

    Is it possible to report on/log the user that requests a campaign using sales insights? Or restrict campaigns to only certain users/profiles in sfdc (without restricting the whole sales insights module).
    Andrew Sielen
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