• Sales Insight Email Performance Report

    All,   Do you know why we would have "unknown" names in the Sales Insight Email Performance report? Are these possibly from the Outlook Plug In? Any insight? Michaela Iery.   Kristy
    Kristy Murphy
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  • Use Azure App to integrate with Dynamics CRM Online

    Hi All, I have registered the Azure App as described in Marketo Docs. However, I don't see a placeholder where I can plugin the Client Secret &Token to sync with CRM. Has anyone been able to use this Azure App fo...
    Mamatha Swamy
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  • The Google Tag Manager Blues

    Hello, new-ish Marketo user here with a vexing situation involving Google Tag Manager and Munchkin code. A few weeks ago, I added our Munchkin code to our GTM instance and submitted the changes, but I have seen zero a...
    Patrick Burritt
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  • Inferred company only showing ISPs

    Hello! Our company is based in Germany and the "Inferred Company" from the Leads data doesn´t work apparently. We only see the ISPs in there, which is a big bummer as we expected to also get this data from Mark...
  • MSE/MSI buttons and Salesforce Lightning

    Marketo button with the MSI and MSE package is not supported by SFDC Lightning because they are javascript based. This means the buttons will not appear when using the Lighting UI in SFDC. Does anyone know of a workar...
    Aviral Jain
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  • Web Personalization Module Suggestion

    Hi,   I have a client who would like to get reports with the visitors to their webpage and company that they belong to. I thought it would be a good idea for them to use the Web personalization module and downlo...
    Natascia Almeida
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  • Send Marketo Email button and SFDC Lightning

    Marketo's "Send Marketo Email" button with the Marketo Sales Insight package is not supported by SFDC Lightning because they are javascript based. This means the buttons will not appear when using the Lighting UI in S...
    Petyr Campos
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  • ABM - Converting anonymous visitor to Account

    Hi,   I have been looking into ABM and have a question: we can add people to Accounts based on their IP Address. Is this also valid for an anonymous visitor?   Thanks
    Natascia Almeida
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  • MSI - Engagement Score but no activity associated

    Hi,   We are just rolling out MSI in our company and have noticed that sometimes we have stars & flames displayed on lead or a contact record in SFDC but there is no activity associated. So no interesting m...
    Sonali Jadeja
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  • Maarketo Sales Insight

    Hi Marketo community, I have a question on marketo sales insight and hoping you could help. I have published  some emails to marketo sales insight so our sales team could send invites to their clients. I'm just ...
    Olya Zenchenko
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  • Report to show contacts that have unsubscribed

    Hello -   We use Marketo Sales Insight exclusively within Salesforce. We currently have a few Salesforce reports that breakdown contacts that have been sent Marketo emails sent, opened Marketo emails and clicked...
    Chris Husted
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  • How to embed calendly into emails

    Hi!   My organization uses Calednly for Sales/Account Managers to schedule appointments. I'd like to integrate this into our marketing email templates, and I'm assuming I'd need to insert a token first since eac...
    Jenny La Van
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  • Custom Report - All Interesting Moments

    Hi guys,   We are working on a Lead Scoring Data project and need to be able to pull all of the interesting moments for our customers. Unfortunately, I could not find a Marketo report that allows me to gather a ...
    Chasity Gibson
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  • Looking for a Digital CRM Specialist @MSC Cruises

    DIGITAL CRM SPECIALIST (Naples, Italy) Please see below the job description. If you are interested or know someone who is please reach out!   JOB PURPOSE The Digital CRM Specialist is responsible for the ident...
    Maria D'Anisi
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  • Configure Sales Insight as Lightning Component in SFDC

    I want to configure Marketo Sales Insight(MSI) as a Lightning Component within Salesforce, rather than have it displayed on the standard page layouts. As we migrate to lightning, I'm finding this configuration would g...
  • Sales Insights Licenses

    Hi all, We just have 10 licenses and the number that shows been used is much larger. What does the word "used in the last 30 days" exactly means? Can this number always be bigger that the number of licenses allowed? C...
    Carla Cabaceira
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  • Marketo Sales Insight opportunities

    I'm having a hard time creating a view that contains just contacts with open opportunities. Any ideas? If I could only just sort out those with the "status header" closed lost and closed won it would work. (see image ...
    Paul Johnson
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  • Customer Activity Analysis

    Hello!   I need some help with a report I'm trying to run. I'd love to be able to see the most common activites closed our accounts (customers) ran through? Things like specific web pages that were visited, spec...
    Paul Johnson
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  • Marketo tracking issues

    Hi, anyone here had issues with Marketo tracking web activity of leads? especially with Munchkin? For some reason it works for some of the leads but not working for others and in the recent weeks the number of leads w...
    Tamir Belzer
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  • Interesting Moments and CRM sync

    In order for Interesting Moments to work, does your CRM need to be synched to Marketo?
    James Zolinski
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