• View all Scores within Marketo Sales Insight?

    Can sales reps expand the Score tab in the Marketo Sales Insight section on a SFDC contact/lead to get a more detailed picture of that person's activity? It seems like only a few line items are visible, with no option...
    Ashley Long
    created by Ashley Long
  • How to limit Marketo Sales Insight "Score" information to only Lead Score.

    Our scoring system has three Score fields: Demographic Score, Behavior Score, and Person/Lead Score, where Demographic Score + Behavior Score = Lead Score. When a person completed a scored activity, tho...
    Ashley Long
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  • Launchpoint and Webhook

    Please explain the usage of Launch Point and Webhook in Marketo Support
  • Marketo/Salesforce Assignment Headache. Advice needed.

    Marketo/Salesforce geniuses... I'm struggling with assignment rules and could use your help.   Previously we had one SDR in the UK, one in the US and one which handled all other leads. This meant it was easy to ...
  • Sales Insights question - can reps schedule emails at future times - CRM Dynamics

    Can sales reps schedule mass email blasts in the future using Marketo?  We have Sales Insights.  The way we want our reps to use Marketo is to use the Outlook plugin.  Does anyone know if they can sched...
    Dave White
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  • SFDC Sync Issue

    Hello, I just came across a record that is actually a retail contact but it's not syncing in Marketo.   Anyone have an idea how I can trouble shoot this?   This one is shown in the "info" view:   ...
    Christian Tovar
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  • Marketo Sales Insight Issues

    Hi there! We are not seeing any data populating with SFDC with our Marketo Sales Insight. We've checked the activity log in Marketo and the interesting moments, scoring, web visits are there. We pulled a SFDC report a...
    Michelle Tang
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  • Documenting Email Send with "View as Webpage" link

    I have a spreadsheet that I document every email I send out of Marketo, and then I share this with my colleagues so they can see the day the mail was sent, the subject line, and most importantly, click the "View as We...
    Katie Owens
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  • MSI Limiting Marketo Campaigns in the Add to Marketo Campaign Feature

    Hey guys,   So we've added the Add to Marketo Campaign feature to our CRM and while testing the feature for an event, we noticed that if we set the "Campaign is Requested" flow step to Sales Insight, every singl...
    Mitangi Parekh
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  • Email Script: Velocity and Alternating URLs in One Email Confirmation

    Hello,  I'm hoping to get some developer insight related to switching a confirmation email's URL content based on day/time with Velocity. Note, that I am not a developer- I was referencing @San...
    Allison Isett
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  • Maarketo Sales Insight

    Hi Marketo community, I have a question on marketo sales insight and hoping you could help. I have published  some emails to marketo sales insight so our sales team could send invites to their clients. I'm just ...
    Olya Zenchenko
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  • Marketo Sales Engage Functionality Question

    Comrades, Can anyone of you answer below questions about MSE?   How many fields of Contacts and Leads can MSE sync to in SFDC and/or Marketo? Can MSE connect with “Campaigns” object in SFDC? Can conta...
    Riz Alvi
    created by Riz Alvi
  • Activity Log is not showing the score activities

    Hi Guys,   Over the last week our system has created a couple of leads where the activity log is empty. Although, when I go into Salesforce and look them up their MSI Tab is full of interesting moments I review t...
    Carlos Barrera
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  • Marketo Sales Insight - Email Name Appearing as Token

    Hi -    In salesforce, in the Marketo Sales Insight section under email, the automated emails aren't showing the subject line, but instead showing the token {{my.email_subject}}. Any ideas as to why this ke...
    Kristen Altamura
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  • Trackable Links for Our Entire Team

    Hi all, LTWFTW here.   I wanted to know if anyone had experience providing their Sales, Outbound, Sales Development, Customer Success, etc. teams with unique urls for contacts so that Marketo would be able to i...
    Aron Skversky
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  • Merge contacts in SFDC

    Hi Community I want to ask Is there a way in Marketo to make sure a merged record doesn’t add the scores together? I have upload a list in Marketo but SFDC automatically merged and sum the scores creating a mql....
    Carlos Barrera
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  • Snippets for Signatures

    We are trying to set up custom email signatures for each sales rep using segmentation/snippets. We want this to function properly when sending off MSI in SFDC. We would like to avoid creating 15 versions of the same e...
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  • How to exclude people who received a sales insight email through SFDC

    Hello, I am trying to exclude people who received an email from a sales director that did not use a marketo template. How can I go about this?   I tried creating a smart list using what I thought was the email ...
    Christian Tovar
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  • MSI and Broken Image Email Previews

    We have MSI installed in our Salesforce instance so sales people can see interesting moments, web activity, score and emails sent. When a logged in Marketo user clicks the email preview button to see the email that wa...
    Duane Kennerson
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  • New website lead form

    Hello,   We are trying to set up forms for reps to check if a lead has already been created / assigned to an owner already. We use both salesforce and marketo and have a big problem with duplicates and need to m...
    Anna Flynn
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