• How to invoke custom activity by using js munchkin function for link click

    I want to post extra details under user's activity when certain type of anchors are clicked, basically want to differentiate between anchors which are open to public and those which are locked(secured ones), so i know...
    Akhilesh Singh
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  • Reporting: How to get link which was clicked by lead for given activity in web activity report

    I created a web activity report, have setup filter to have only those links displayed which contain certain text.   If i see report outcome, it show me details as in attached image, which doesn't have link which...
    Akhilesh Singh
    created by Akhilesh Singh
  • How to generate a report for custom "link clicked" activity, preferably with every link clicked, and lead email who clicked it

    How to generate a simple report for custom activities? If there is no built in reporting option to list custom activities, then how can i get list of all custom activities in given date range and (with at least one f...
    Akhilesh Singh
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  • Scalable Marketing Funnel Structure for Multiple Product Lines

    Over the past year, the B2B software company that I currently work at has gone from offering 1 product, to 2 products, to now offering 5 different products. When we transitioned from 1 product to 2 products, we s...
    Sean Kennedy
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  • What is the best way to see all the data from a List Import?

    I deployed an Important Billing Notice informing clients of an error in their billing. Due to the nature of this deployment I need to confirm 100% of the list have, in fact, been delivered an email and if not what the...
    Ronn Burner
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  • SalesLoft & Marketo Users: How to Track Links on Website

    Hi All, For SalesLoft & Marketo Users, our team is looking to implement SalesLoft. Emails would be sent out through SalesLoft tool. The email would link to a page on our website. On this page, there is a button (...
    Katherine Ji
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  • How to create report for list of users who clicked a specific link

    In my production customer facing application, each link is captured under user's activity tab. Now I have to create a report in marketo for my sales team where in: They shall be able to see/get list of all unique li...
    Akhilesh Singh
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  • Email Client Breakdown by deliverability

    Editing this question since there have been a few people have called out email client vs. email provider as well as the lack of visibility into open rate.  I'm looking for email client breakdowns.  Thanks! ...
    Adrianne Vaughan
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  • Best way to build complex event/tradeshow tracking?

    Anyone have advice on best way to structure a multi-faceted event in Marketo? Each year we sponsor a massive conference dedicated to our target market: 12K attendees. This year we have a booth, 4 flavours of 1:1 meeti...
    Shelly Wilson
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  • Overcoming Daily Quota Limit of 500 MB?

    Hello Marketo Community,   Our IT team is using TIBCO to extract data out of Marketo into a database and we have run into the Daily Quota Limit exceeded error, error code 1029 (500 MB per day). The team says it ...
    Sid Patil
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  • Viewing Spam Rate in Marketo

    How can I view/calculate the spam rate in Marketo? Normally this is something that's easily found in reporting insights, but I can't find this info anywhere and am having trouble creating Smart Lists that will calcula...
    Julie Marks
    created by Julie Marks
  • What type of TLS encryption level does Marketo support?

    Looking to find out what level of TLS encryption Marketo supports. We just received this notification from Salesforce that they are disabling TLS 1.0 encryption early next year. How does that affect the Marketo/SFDC i...
  • Tracking how long an embedded video was watched

    Hello-   I am trying to edit some video tracking mechanisms into landing page templates using munchkin. I was able to implement the below code without issue and am able to track video starts and finishes. Howeve...
    Jimmy Forde
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  • What causes HTTP Referer to show up as empty/blank in web activity reporting?

    I pulled a web activity report today and saw that roughly half of our traffic did not have any sort of HTTP Referer. What would cause this field to show up as blank? Could it have something to do with the se...
    Jackson Fisher
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  • How can you find the demographics of the people that are opening emails for a specific email

    I am trying to figure out what the similarities are between the people that are opening a particular email and who are not. We have a newsletter that we send out quarterly that is not performing well. We are trying to...
    Michell Bauer
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  • Sitecore Integration w/Marketo

    Hello Everyone,    Wondering if anyone has used Sitecore integration to Marketo for feeding Forms, Analytics and Personalization? If yes, could you please share what are your experiences and suggestions.&#...
    Ishita Chawra
    created by Ishita Chawra
  • Fields overwritten with [null] by SFDC Sync

    Hi Marketo Nation,   We found that sometimes, certain fields are being overwritten with "[null]" at the exact same time. There are no Salesforce automations that would clear them. There is also no consistent timi...
    Bishoy Riad
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  • Integrating code from BeePro to Marketo... why is the code cutting off in the Marketo email code editor?

    I've never had an issue copying code over from BeePro into Marketo, but today it's acting all weird. The second half of my email doesn't get copied over. Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?
    Nate Deacon
    created by Nate Deacon
  • List of Scheduled Emails in Marketo Instance

    Hi!    I am looking for a way to see all of the emails that are scheduled to go out or in a queue to go out (based on triggers). I'd like to see them all in one place so I don't have to hunt through all of ...
    Kristin Masliuk
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  • Is a marketo downlaodable asset (PDF URL) considered a webpage visit?

    Hi,   When I upload a PDF as a downloadable asset in Design Studio, if someone clicks on the URL for the PDF that was generated by Marketo, and they scroll through the PDF, is that considered / captured as ...
    Leticia DoPrado
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