• How to make sure Campaign Owner, Geo, Cost are populated?

    How can I make sure that every time a new campaign is created, certain fields such as Campaign Owner, Geo, Cost are populated? Right now a third party creates campaigns in Marketo, and after that the campaign owner ha...
    Milena Volkova
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  • Linking background campaigns to email programs with API data

    We are using the REST API to extract our activity data (opens, clicks, form fills, etc.) in the hopes that we can do more robust analytics outside of Marketo than is provided by the Analytics module. To do this we nee...
    William Moudry
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  • Best Practices/Suggested Reports from Marketo in Domo

    Hi Community, If anyone has integrated Marketo/Domo, what best practices, tips, and/or useful reports have you built out in Domo using Marketo data?  Share your best work   Thanks in advance!
    Valerie Armstrong
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  • Branded Email Tracking Links for Multiple Domains

    We are using Marketo for three separate business lines that are sharing leads, but we aren't using workspaces, so we have come across a few interesting challenges. Most recently we needed to figure out how to use the ...
    Tara DAcci
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  • Last Weeks Failures

    My team and I are trying to get a better pulse on if any leads aren't syncing and why they aren't syncing.    Is there a way to pull a smart list or a report with thee qualifiers?    Last week's...
    Liz Krupka
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  • Target Account Flagging - Looking for Ideas & Advice

    I've been asked to create a checkbox field called Target Account 2019 and set it to True for... you guessed it... our Target Accounts for the year. I'm reluctant to create new Target Account field every year from 2019...
    Denise Greenberg
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  • Workspace creation

    Hi Team,   What are the pros and cons for creating workspaces when we already has the system setup and using for years. Currently we are using "Default Workspace" created by marketo and want to create more work...
    Saurabh Pal
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  • Pulling Reports on Campaigns that Roll Up to the Program Level

    Hello,   Our analytics team is trying to create a report that has all the programs with their nested smart campaigns. We would like to have program details (i.e. channel tags, other program tags, program status,...
    Tom Kerlin
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  • Email Metrics

    Does anyone know how to build a report on historical email engagement metrics?\ We have 4 monthly newsletters differentiated by product, and we would like to build an automated report on Delivered, Sent, Opened, and U...
    Jeff Breyare
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  • Marketo connector upgrade for Tableau is available for testing!!!

    Hi there!   We are pleased to announce the pre-release program of the next version of the Marketo connector!!   Do not miss the chance on participate in this program!!!  The new version of the connector...
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML) for marketing

    Recently, I have been looking at a lot of AI/ML based tools or solutions for marketers. Market analysts like Gartner, say AI growth in sales and marketing is expected to grow into than a trillion $ industry ...
    Sreekanth Reddy
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  • Looking for a Tool that's Similar to Bizible or rampmetrics

    Hello,   Our team is looking for a third-party integrator that will help us with reporting and analytics. We also would like something that accurately and succinctly displays this data in the form of a dashboard...
    Tom Kerlin
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  • Is there a way to pull UTM parameters into Marketo for pageviews, without a form fill?

    I would like to see UTM parameters in the details of EVERY pageview activity in Marketo.    Right now, the only way I am able to see UTM info is with a form fill, it it updates if the person fills out a new...
    Julia Delay
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  • Trafic source

    Hello,   I was wondering if it is possible to either create a smartlist or have the list of contacts that came to my website through a Google Ads campaign or a facebook campaign for example ? Seeing as there are...
    Sara Moujahid
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  • Excessive soft bounces in a campaign

    I'm running a batch campaign and in one of the flow steps, we are getting a 90% soft bounce rate. Can anyone help me understand this and what I can do about it? The campaign is running two more times and I need to add...
    Marti Wheat
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  • Pulling Custom Fields within Custom Objects into a Smartlist

    I'm currently linking our webinar platform with Marketo so that all webinar data is sent into our Marketo platform. Everything is passed along correctly as you can view the data on a record by record (person by person...
    Devin McDonnell
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  • Why Does My Smart List Count Not Match the Email Link Performance Report?

    My Email Link Performance Report shows 34 people have clicked on specific links in my emails. The smart list I set up only shows 29 people. How do I figure out who the 5 people are that are counted on the report but n...
    Erin Heiser
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  • Tracking Tokens to Calendly

    When someone clicks the token link in one of my drip emails, it takes them to Calendly to schedule a call with one of our sales team members. I want to track which email drip is resulting in calls scheduled- is there ...
    Megan Messerly
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  • System date token / timestamp field

    Hi, I want to capture exact first date (in a field) of when a lead clicks on a web page url. So I have created a 'timestamp' fields. I have built a triggered campaign, so as soon as someone visits the webpage, th...
  • PowerBi integration has been closed

    As of now, the microsoft marketo powerbi integration is depreciated, Connect to Marketo with Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Docs - therefore we have no way to integrate Marketo data into PowerBI out of the ...
    Robert Nicholson
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