• How would you setup Smart Campaign for all Canceled Accounts BUT not in past 30 days?

    This Company has never sent marketing to former clients or implemented any sort of re-engagement campaigns for 20 years. I'm building a Nurture Program to do so.   My Goal is for all Canceled Accounts to enter S...
    Ronn Burner
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  • View all Scores within Marketo Sales Insight?

    Can sales reps expand the Score tab in the Marketo Sales Insight section on a SFDC contact/lead to get a more detailed picture of that person's activity? It seems like only a few line items are visible, with no option...
    Ashley Long
    created by Ashley Long
  • How to limit Marketo Sales Insight "Score" information to only Lead Score.

    Our scoring system has three Score fields: Demographic Score, Behavior Score, and Person/Lead Score, where Demographic Score + Behavior Score = Lead Score. When a person completed a scored activity, tho...
    Ashley Long
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  • Progressive Profiling not functioning as advertised

    I've set up a fairly standard form in Marketo with Progressive Profiling enabled.  There are 9 fields inside the Progressive Profiling area and the Number of Blank Fields is set to 3 (see attached). However,...
    Craig Boren
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  • Fearless Forum 08

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    Elise Hudson
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  • Report on CNAMEs visit

    We have several CNAMEs (40+) setup in Marketo for landing pages and I have to check which of these are active and being used. Is there any report that can show me how many visits are there for any of these CNAMEs with...
    Amit Jain
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  • Marketo Munckin API

    What are the impacts of enabling Marketo Munckin API? What are the dependencies that needs to be considered before enabling it?
    Ayush Aggarwal
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  • Add custom questions unique to a campaign to a global/master form without changing the global/master form?

    Master/global forms have been implemented at my company (hurray) but I have quite a few users complaining that they wish they could add questions/fields that are not included within the master forms. For example:...
    Valentina Vazquez
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  • Meet Marketo, an Adobe Company - Edition 03

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    Elise Hudson
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  • Email Editor Sluggish

    Our marketing users are noticing that the email editor is a little bit slow in our instance. Namely, adding, deleting, and moving modules around can take 10 seconds or more. This is definitely cumbersome for larger em...
    Angus McCann
    created by Angus McCann
  • How to get Folder Archival status of the default workspace using python?

    Hi,   I'm trying to replicate the whole Marketo instance in a spreadsheet, where I can analyze/audit the all campaigns. I;m trying to achieve this with REST API and Python I would like to know the list of,...
    Viki Sparks
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  • Trigger setup based on form response

    I am trying to setup a trigger email based on the response to the form. Is this the correct setup?
    Christian Tovar
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  • Champion Tips and Tricks with Joe Reitz

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    Elise Hudson
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  • Whats the best way to collect user language

    Hi Everyone! I work for an international company with a Marketo database with over 750,000 leads, of which none have a language selection. A field was never created for language. We have instead been sending out trans...
    Alex Gladding
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  • Workaround for Form Prefill

    We're experiencing some trouble with our subscription center since the change to form pre-fill. If someone clicks the link in an email sent to them, everything is fine—as is expected with the change. But if they...
    Karyn Hill
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  • Lookup tables

    I understand Marketo doesn't have lookup tables, but we can create a smart campaign to do a replace value.The problem is that currently I have ~300 values, and that list may grow. Also if we can figure out a way to do...
    Michael Oslin
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  • invisible ReCAPTCHA error

    I've added the invisible ReCAPTCHA using Courtney Grimes' guide to our WordPress website. I keep getting the error "missing-input-response". Has anyone faced anything similar and perhaps have any tips to solve it? I'v...
    Katie OBriem
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  • Form Field (Boolean type) visibility conditional on its own value

    Hi,   We display explicit opt-in as a checkbox on almost all our forms (post-GDPR). It is a boolean field, so when someone hits submit on the form without checking the box, they overwrite existing value (which c...
    Sonali Jadeja
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  • Thoughts on Sky?

    Was just curious on the community's general thoughts on Marketo Sky? I know it's still in beta but I have used it a few times and my overall impression is that the UI seems very jumpy (i.e. dragging smart list rules a...
    Ronnie Duke
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  • Form compatibility with reCAPTCHA v3

    Has anyone configured their forms to implement Google’s (newish) reCAPTCHA v3?   We experience waves of bot activity and v3 would be an ideal solution since it’s supposedly frictionless.   ...
    Dan Cunningham
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