• Marketo Form - Sizing dropdown field and mobile

    Hi there,   Two questions.   1. I have created a form and using the nth-of-type from the correct answer here - CSS for responsive Form fields (in 2 columns)? I have made the first two columns side by side....
    Callum Pirie
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  • How to add a "Not you" return visitor link to a Progressive Profile form

    We've created a progressive profiling form and it's working exactly as intended (i.e. showing only those fields that we want for a return visitor). However, we would really love to take advantage of the "Not You" retu...
    Craig Boren
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  • Marketo Embedded Form in Unbouce - Way to trigger Unbounce conversion?

    Hey there,   This is a bit of a unique issue - my team uses Unbounce and loves the A/B testing in there. But I am implementing Marketo embedded forms on those Unbounce pages (for a variety of reasons). But that...
    Jason Keller
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  • Champion/Challenger Emails - Engagement Programs

    Has anyone had success in using a champion/challenger email test that lives within a nested program in an engagement stream and using the nested program in the stream rather than the email directly in the stream?
    Anna Leary
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  • How to direct to different landing pages from different sources

    In Marketo, is it possible for example, when i send out an email with CTA directing to landing page, it goes to a specific Landing Page. Meaning i have 2 landing pages now, one is default landing and another (what im ...
    Elina Nasution
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  • Why is Marketo creating a duplicate form Label?

    In trying to stay ADA compliant but the form generator creates a blank duplicate label for checkboxes. Is this a bug? Is there a fix? See screenshot.   Thanks in advance  
    Homero Cavazos
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  • Sales Insights Licenses

    Hi all, We just have 10 licenses and the number that shows been used is much larger. What does the word "used in the last 30 days" exactly means? Can this number always be bigger that the number of licenses allowed? C...
    Carla Cabaceira
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  • Form Issue

    Hello Marketo Community,   We are currently experiencing issues with our embed forms on Marketo Landing pages. We had this issue in the past and seemed to have been resolved by removing the Form Pre-fill.   ...
    Veronique Verdonck
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  • How to write to Custom Objects

    Does anyone has a source where I could find input on how to write to a custom object? I know you should have a webhook, but since I am not that technical I would like to have a guide to build the complete flow.  ...
    Franky Ruysschaert
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  • Salesforce Sync Error: Non-Actionable Error

    Has anyone else received this error and know what it means?  I don't trust this problem has been automatically resolved as this is the second time I've seen this error come up in the past 5 days   Salesfor...
    Valerie Armstrong
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  • Relationship between a Marketo landing page template and a landing page using that template

    Hello! In the past, when I make a change in a Marketo landing page template, that change was automatically transferred to the landing pagings using that template. I noticed this function stopped recently (the changes ...
    Makiko Hultz
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  • Remove from Flow Campaign Explanation

    Hi there Marketo Nation,   I am reviewing some operation programs my predecessors put in place and this one has me confused.   The issue: Inflated lead scoring caused by bots/email scanners. The fix: Copy...
    Elise Stieren
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  • Getting Started on Your Marketo Governance and Training Documentation

    “Imagine you win the lottery today and quit your job tomorrow. Would someone be able to step right in and take over your Marketo instance?” This is the mindset Tori Forte, Marketo consultant extraordinaire...
    Meghana Rao
    created by Meghana Rao
  • Head Start threshold?

    I understand the importance of using "Head Start" for large email sends, and I get the impression that it's not as critical for small sends. I know, for example, that a webinar invite to 20,000 people needs Head Start...
    Amy Connor
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  • Event Display in App

    Before the day of an event, I make sure the event is live in my calendar - this way it appears in the app for the rep to see.  We give our reps access to the Marketo app for a week following their event, in case ...
    Nick Nappo
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  • Copied Modules - Copied Attributes?

    Hey team --   I'm working to solve an issue in an existing template and wanted to see if it's possible. The issue is as follows: - You have a module with attributes defined, ex: 40px top padding - You copy sai...
    Shaina Antila
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  • Update to email templates

    I'm going to start the process of updating the copyright year for our email templates have a couple of questions.   If I update the year will it reflect in the emails that I have previously sent out?   If ...
    Jeffrey Hanrahan
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  • Marketo vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud Comparison

    I've seen a lot of interest/questions about the differences between Marketo and Salesforce Marketing Cloud lately. Here is a high-level comparison of Marketo vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud for those of you interested i...
    Trevor Parsell
    created by Trevor Parsell
  • Marketo Master Class: Dynamic Content with Amber Hobson

    Featured in the October edition of the Fearless Forum, Amber Hobson of Applied Systems is walking us through her journey of implementing Dynamic Content. In this master class, Amber goes into detail about her team's m...
    Will Harmon
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  • Can't publish email sign-up form to Facebook tab

    I've got an email sign-up form setup. Published and good to go. I hit Landing Page Actions > Publish to Facebook > Login in successfully via FB > Choose my page and then go to the next tab in Marketo called C...
    Hector Ferran
    created by Hector Ferran