• March '19 Product Release: Custom Communication Limit

    I've been trying to find documentation on the new customer communication limits release.  I only can find a bullet point in the Product Release Notes.  Does anyone know what the custom elements are now, wher...
    Adrianne Vaughan
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  • Meet Marketo, an Adobe Company - 01

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    Elise Hudson
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  • Make a guided LP mobile responsive

    We have built out several guided LPs and would like them to be mobile responsive. From all the forums I've read, this can only be edited in free from LPs. These are not conducive to our team model, as we only have one...
    Liz Smith
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  • Blind Form in LP Footer

    Hey,   We are trying to implement blind form in Landing Page footer which will have 4 options to click, based on which subscription will happen. Can you advise if creating Smart Campaign, that will trigger base...
    Kacper Gawlik
    created by Kacper Gawlik
  • Are you experiencing the GTW Disconnect Issue?

    There are many of us who are experiencing the issue where the sync between GoTo Webinar and Marketo fails on a regular basis. I'd like to use this post to keep people updated on the progress of hopefully fixing this b...
    Kelly Horton
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  • Fearless Forum 06

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    Elise Hudson
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  • Champion Tips and Tricks with Brooke Bartos

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    Elise Hudson
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  • Hidden fields and SFDC sync

    We have a few fields which are hidden in admin section. These fields were synced from SFDC to Marketo and still have the mapping. My question is that, does Marketo integration still sync the data for these hidden fiel...
    Amit Jain
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  • One embedded form Multiple tracking individual results

    Hey There-   I have a pretty high-level sanity check question. The organization I work for wants to consolidate the number of forms they are using, Great! So using ONE form on let's just say 5 external pages whe...
    Ebony Shapira
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  • Data not pulling through from Salesforce Custom Object

    I have successfully pulled through Custom Salesforce objects to Marketo in the past, but I seem to having a problem with one particular object called Interactions.We have quite a customised salesforce and this object ...
    Fiona Evans
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  • Change Channel with Members - Program synched with SFDC

    Hi There,   We have a program set up, that members already, and was built using wrong Channel and according to that not all relevant program statuses can be used. In this case is there are a good practice to mo...
    Kacper Gawlik
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  • Making CTA buttons dynamic through easy editor (emails)

    Hi there,   I'm building some 2.0 templates so that the rest of the team can build emails on the easy editor without having to touch the code. We often segment our content based on audience type, so that for ex...
    Cristina Weber
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  • Marketo vs Adobe Campaign

    Hi all,   my understanding from the Adobe acquisition of Marketo is that from now on Adobe Campaign should be positioned as a platform for B2C marketing while Marketo should be used by B2B clients.   Is t...
    Natascia Almeida
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  • Associating URL Slug with Product

    I have forms setup on each product page on my website. When someone fills out the form, I receive an email. I want the email to include what product they were looking at. How do I translate the product ID in the URL s...
    Liz Smith
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  • Can I customize the Marketo Check in app

    Hello Everyone   I had a query- I want to use the Marketo Event Check in app for trade-shows at my company but it will make sense to use it if I can add a field "notes" which allows the rep to take notes against...
    lopamudra Chakraborty
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  • Creating report to show all form submissions

    I'd like to create a report that will show me all form submission, including ones created in Marketo but used on our website. I want this report to email the results of all form submissions in the past week to a group...
    Jaime Servaes
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  • Marketo Form Format Keeps Changing on Webpage

    Kayla Grueneich
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  • Outlook integration created leads are not syncing to Marketo

    I created a lead in SFDC with SFDC outlook integration. But the lead is not syncing back to Marketo. I tried two thing: 1. created another lead in Marketo with the same email, but it created a duplicate record in SF...
    Eva Yu
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  • Changing a lead score based on another score

    Is there any on-platform way to increment or decrement a lead score based on another score?   For example, let's say I have ScoreA = 10 and ScoreB = 3. I would want to Change Score A such that it's decremented b...
    Jon Wu
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  • Use Azure App to integrate with Dynamics CRM Online

    Hi All, I have registered the Azure App as described in Marketo Docs. However, I don't see a placeholder where I can plugin the Client Secret &Token to sync with CRM. Has anyone been able to use this Azure App fo...
    Mamatha Swamy
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