• GoToWebinar Simulated Live Integration

    Has anyone tried using GTW's simulated live beta with Marketo integration. Both GTW and Marketo confirmed that Marketo isn't supporting the beta version, but I'm not really sure how to test the program without the Mar...
    Stephanie Ristow
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  • Marketo/GoToWebinar Registration Syncing Issue

    Marketo says I have 31 people registered for an upcoming webinar.  GoToWebinar (our integration partner) says we actually have 43.  What would account for this discrepancy? Thanks!
    Nick Nappo
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  • Ad Bridge Continuous Audience Sync

    We have heard from many of you regarding how important Ad Bridge continuous audience sync is to your business, so we are going to build it! We actually made this announcement last week at our Marketing Nation Summit, ...
    Frank Passantino
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  • Automated emails for blog

    Has anyone had experience setting up automated emails that populate and send once a post is published in a blogging platform? We are currently using Wordpress and I've seen a few options through Launchpoint but wanted...
    Namita Parikh
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  • Question on Zoom Webinar Integration

    Hi All - I'm currently testing the integration for Zoom. Possibly switching from GTW.   The instructions Zoom provides are easy to understand if you understand those Marketo basics like setting up a webhook and/o...
    Shirleen Solares
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  • eventbrite marketo integration via tray.io

    Hello!   Was wondering if anyone had ever done this before, or has experience using Tray.io for integrations. Would really appreciate. Tray has literally no documentation provided on how to use their tool as wel...
    Manal Bejaoui
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  • Program Data by rest API

    When we try to get program data by rest api, we can do it by different ways as below Query By Id By Name Browse By Date Range By Tag Type In this, when I hit rest api to get program details by Id  ie. ...
  • How to resolve MSI Section not showing on Lead/Contact Form in MS Dynamics issue?

    Marketo Users with  Marketo-MS Dynamics Integration may realize that they are not able to see the Marketo Sales Insight section on Lead/Contact Form in Dynamics after installing the Solution.   In this scena...
  • Cloning Emails NOT working!

    Is anyone else having trouble cloning emails in @marketo? I tried yesterday and again this morning, and I get the following error message: Program clone failed — Failed to clone email batch program    ...
    Christy Gooding
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  • Why ITP 2.1 is worse for Marketo than Google Analytics

    ITP 2.1 explained On 21st of February 2019 it was announced that Apple was rolling out a beta version of their Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) version 2.1. The main focus is to prevent tracking across domains. ...
    Rasmus Dufresne
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  • Product Recommendations in Email

    Is there a way to use our machine learning website capabilities we currently leverage on our web site to serve relevant product recommendations in our Marketo emails? We currently use Sitecore CMS and Coveo for machin...
    Matt Schilter
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  • We are in plan to buy DAM tool any suggestions.

    Hello Folks, We are in plan to buy DAM tool any suggestions.   Regards, Hiren Prajapati
    Hiren Prajapati
    created by Hiren Prajapati
  • Marketo connector upgrade for Tableau is available for testing!!!

    Hi there!   We are pleased to announce the pre-release program of the next version of the Marketo connector!!   Do not miss the chance on participate in this program!!!  The new version of the connector...
    Luciana Gomez
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  • Integrations for WeChat using Nexmo or Verticurl? Any others?

    Does anyone have experience integrating WeChat using Nexmo or Verticurl? Or are there other partners that support this integration with Marketo as well?   We are currently looking to add WeChat capabilities to o...
    Jamye Breidenbach
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  • How to get a visitor's cookie ID in front end?

    Hey,   I am trying to get the status of current user (subscribed/unsubscribed) from Marketo to an web application.   The scenario is like this: User opens our web application page and Marketo script is load...
    Dan Sisu
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  • Marketo Live! Demo

    Hi all,   I saw the videos of the Demo using Marketo Live! and was wondering how to get this setup to be able to make the demos myself to the client.  When I access the Welcome to Marketo Live I see the das...
    Natascia Almeida
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  • One lead/contact, two email address's

    I work for an industry where it is common for our leads to have two email address's. Since Marketo's unique identifier is an email address, this is causing us to have both multiple records for one contact AND having t...
    Monica Koran
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  • Facebook Ads Manager Data

    I am using Facebook ads manager. without  using Ad Leads.  How can I integrate/Sync  my all Ads Manager's Data to Marketo .. ?
    Virendra Naruka
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  • PFL with Sales Teams?

    We are talking with PFL (Printing For Less) about using their Personal Marketing Center for marketing materials and direct mail. We're debating whether getting licenses for AEs, only sales managers, or a centralized p...
    Gina Caulkins
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  • Looking for a Digital CRM Specialist @MSC Cruises

    DIGITAL CRM SPECIALIST (Naples, Italy) Please see below the job description. If you are interested or know someone who is please reach out!   JOB PURPOSE The Digital CRM Specialist is responsible for the ident...
    Maria D'Anisi
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