• Tracking Conversions that occur outside of a Marketo Form

    Hi All,   I was hoping I could get some best practices / guidance on how one tracks conversions that do not occur via a Marketo Form. A little more background:   Our funnel works in the following way: 1. A...
    Parth Thakkar
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  • How to hide Salesforce Geolocation and other address fields from Marketo Sync

    We're just setting up our initial sync between Marketo and Salesforce. Does anyone know where in Salesforce to change the Address fields that show up for a Profile? Address is it's own object in Salesforce and no...
    Gavin Drake
    created by Gavin Drake
  • Creating a webhook for Google Lead Forms

    Hey Marketo community,   I have a question in relation to building a webhook for Google lead forms:   We're setting the webhook up and the documentation is all making sense but I'm having trouble figuring ...
    Justin Laberge
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  • Velocity Script using Salesforce Custom Object

    Hi Marketo Users,   I have a case wherein I want to create a velocity script to populate the Account Team member name in the From field of the email. This information is available at the Account level in SF...
    Ayush Aggarwal
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  • How to make sure Campaign Owner, Geo, Cost are populated?

    How can I make sure that every time a new campaign is created, certain fields such as Campaign Owner, Geo, Cost are populated? Right now a third party creates campaigns in Marketo, and after that the campaign owner ha...
    Milena Volkova
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  • Re-direct page not working on iphone

    Hi Everyone,   I have added CTA URLs at the bottom of the last page on some of our PDFs which are stored in Marketo Design Studio. I used the Sanford Whiteman blog post to create a Marketo redirect land...
    James Pemberton
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  • How do I update the favicon for PDF assets uploaded to Images and Files library?

    Our favicons are all successfully implemented on landing page templates, but we need them added to PDF assets that we upload to the Images and Files library. We point to assets from Thank You pages or from emails and ...
    Mariesa Milan
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  • Upload new Field to Person Record

    Hello, I am looking to send out the last 4 digits of a persons policy number via text. Unfortunately in order to do this I needed to use Velocity Scripting to cut the policy number to 4 digits and text mess...
    James Walsh
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  • Best Practices/Suggested Reports from Marketo in Domo

    Hi Community, If anyone has integrated Marketo/Domo, what best practices, tips, and/or useful reports have you built out in Domo using Marketo data?  Share your best work   Thanks in advance!
    Valerie Armstrong
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    Hi team,   I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing a copy of your standard operating procedure for how your company utilizes Marketo. This is our first automation tool and would love to understand how emplo...
  • Target Account Flagging - Looking for Ideas & Advice

    I've been asked to create a checkbox field called Target Account 2019 and set it to True for... you guessed it... our Target Accounts for the year. I'm reluctant to create new Target Account field every year from 2019...
    Denise Greenberg
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  • Why ITP 2.1 is worse for Marketo than Google Analytics

    ITP 2.1 explained On 21st of February 2019 it was announced that Apple was rolling out a beta version of their Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) version 2.1. The main focus is to prevent tracking across domains. ...
    Rasmus Dufresne
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  • Missing Feature: Updating Acquisition Program on Old Records

    This has been a major issue for my team and I these last few weeks. Our goal was to reorganize our channels and update Acquisition Program for a bunch of records to reflect this. We ran data value change steps and eve...
    Allison Proehl
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  • Creating custom field to store UTM history and also Sync those values to SFDC ?

    Hi All   I'm looking to implement the below:   - All UTM history that a user has passed through need to be stored in one single field in marketo. - After that we need to sync that custom field to Salesfor...
    Prithvi kumar
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  • SDR org structure & process best practices - Ideas & feedback wanted!

    My company is thinking about restructuring our SDR organization to split it into two teams: MRRs that field inbound demo requests and SDRs that outbound to target accounts that they own. I'd love to connect with ...
    Mackenzie Warren
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  • Looking for a Tool that's Similar to Bizible or rampmetrics

    Hello,   Our team is looking for a third-party integrator that will help us with reporting and analytics. We also would like something that accurately and succinctly displays this data in the form of a dashboard...
    Tom Kerlin
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  • What do you primarily create for follow-up? Leads vs Tasks

    Hey all,   I'm just now back in Marketo after about 4 years in Eloqua, and at my new org we are dealing with some of the same issues I had in the past with Marketo in a large org.    Both orgs use the...
    Ryan Spaulding
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  • GTM, Google analytics events and Marketo forms(iframe) tracking

    Hi there! I'm aware of the various solutions in the community regarding the topic but not sure which to follow, therefore sharing my problem and implementation here.     Problem: Below ...
    Ishita Chawra
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  • Workaround for Velocity loading Java libraries

    I use a basic method for hashing data for linking to customers (sending them a URL that points to a survey for recent service, for example). This process uses base64 and string2hex, both of which are native to the Sal...
    Sean Lepsy
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  • Forms in Other Languages

    We are in the process of launching a new website. As we were reviewing our old forms, we began looking into how we would handle translations. Having 7 versions of the same form (Contact Us English, Contact Us French, ...
    Joseph Moran
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