• Creating alert with website visit details

    Hi everyone,   I'm creating an alert email to our internal sales team that shows them which site on our training course website a particular customer has visited. Is there a way to do this via token/velocit...
    Jon Yang
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  • [Survey closed] Help making important Marketo resources easier to access!

    Update: This survey is now closed. Thank you so much to those who shared their insights with us Your feedback will help in shaping the new in-product Marketo resource center. We will announce once this center is avai...
    Viil Lid
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  • Transfer to New Instance

    Hello, fellow Marketeers,   Background: My company not only uses Marketo for ourselves but we also use the software for our clients. We separate our work from our clients by giving every company their own insta...
    Chad Fowler
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  • How to gather the data being entered on a Marketo Webform.

    Hello, I am currently trying to create an email campaign for an upcoming event that includes an “RSVP” function.     I have already created the form on Marketo and have embedded its code o...
    Kalpana Prasad
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  • Getting Started on Your Marketo Governance and Training Documentation

    “Imagine you win the lottery today and quit your job tomorrow. Would someone be able to step right in and take over your Marketo instance?” This is the mindset Tori Forte, Marketo consultant extraordinaire...
    Meghana Rao
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  • Connect GDPR and Marketo

    Hi All,   How to connect or work with GDPR and Marketo. What are the steps needs to follow and do the necessary things? Anyone provide the details or step by documentation. Thanks,
    Vinodhini Rajendran
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    HI Everyone,   Urgently need help to remove some people from a campaign.   Program:       I add new members each week. I have to remove some people as well based on certain rules in Smart...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • New website lead form

    Hello,   We are trying to set up forms for reps to check if a lead has already been created / assigned to an owner already. We use both salesforce and marketo and have a big problem with duplicates and need to m...
    Anna Flynn
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  • Proposed new feature - Custom System Notifications for internal users.

    Our team attended Adobe Summit and we seemed to recall a new feature where we could place help-hover text in different areas of the platform. For example, defining what different icons mean, best practices for smart l...
    Tucker Allen
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    Hi team,   I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing a copy of your standard operating procedure for how your company utilizes Marketo. This is our first automation tool and would love to understand how emplo...
  • Cloning Emails NOT working!

    Is anyone else having trouble cloning emails in @marketo? I tried yesterday and again this morning, and I get the following error message: Program clone failed — Failed to clone email batch program    ...
    Christy Gooding
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  • Marketo Training for Sales

    Our sales team is very new to Sales Insight, so I did a training with them last week to show them some of the features and how they can use it to interact with their prospects better. I figured this is probably someth...
    Sydney Mulligan
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  • Landing page not fully visible on cell phone / other devices

    Hello, This page is not visible still completely on the Mobile.Marketo people have said that try getting a web developer. This landing page is a guided template. Just want to know why it is not opening completely on...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Default campaign - how to make sure new people added get email 1

    Hello Marketo Team,   I have created a campaign using default channel. This campaign will send 8 emails in different intervals to a static list. These emails will go out on different days and times......  ...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Adding Social Media / Google Adwords as campaigns and connecting to Marketo

    Hi,   Is there a way to integrate social media campaigns into existing campaigns? or is it possible to include google adwords into campaigns in Marketo?   I know you need a google adwords account - running...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • How are you managing custom program templates?

    Currently, we have about 40+ workspaces, each with a "Programs Templates" folder containing anywhere from 3 -12 different program templates that non-technical users can clone and use as a starting point when working i...
    Raymond Johnson
    created by Raymond Johnson
  • HIRING -- Marketing Automation Specialist (Remote Position)

    GuidePoint Security is seeking a solution-oriented and data-driven Marketing Automation Specialist that will be responsible for building and supporting a scalable, strategic Marketo instance, including data hygiene, s...
    Shayla Henke
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  • Facebook Ads Manager Data

    I am using Facebook ads manager. without  using Ad Leads.  How can I integrate/Sync  my all Ads Manager's Data to Marketo .. ?
    Virendra Naruka
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  • Looking for a Digital CRM Specialist @MSC Cruises

    DIGITAL CRM SPECIALIST (Naples, Italy) Please see below the job description. If you are interested or know someone who is please reach out!   JOB PURPOSE The Digital CRM Specialist is responsible for the ident...
    Maria D'Anisi
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  • Email campaigns Management - Time consuming?

    Hi,   I was wondering what were your experiences in Campaign management; to be more specific how your teams have been handling all the campaign activities (how does the marketing request a new campaign, where ar...
    Natascia Almeida
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