• Tracking Source of Form Conversions

    Our company will write a report and put it out for download on a landing page, gated behind a form. We will promote that landing page with banner ads, with emails, social, etc. What we would like to do is track w...
    Angus McCann
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  • Need Help Setting Up Re-Engagement Campaign

    I am setting up a re-engagement campaign with users who have been inactive recently and want to ensure it is set up correctly. We plan to send a chain of three emails to leads to encourage them to update their email s...
    Traffic Agency
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  • Trouble appending data to a utm parameter field

    Hi all,   I've set up 5 smart campaigns to write last touch url parameter data into a multi-touch field intended to capture all touchpoints along a lead's journey. I've followed some great resources to set it up...
    Nikki Castle
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  • SFDC Sync Issue

    Hello, I just came across a record that is actually a retail contact but it's not syncing in Marketo.   Anyone have an idea how I can trouble shoot this?   This one is shown in the "info" view:   ...
    Christian Tovar
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  • How to remove content within round brackets in a string in Velocity?

    We want to have FirstName LastName (Abbr.) displayed as FirstName LastName. I'm trying with regex but is not working, I'm new in velocity, and I would like kindly ask what's wrong in the script:   I tried ...
    Cristina Leonetti
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  • Marking people as unsuspended during a campaign flow

    I sent an email to 342 people, but 297 were marked as email blocked. Those 297 didn't receive the email. I went in after the first send and marked those 297 as unsuspended. Are they going to receive any subsequent ...
    Nick Nappo
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  • HELP! engagement program design question!

    Hi i have started planning the design for an engagement nurture program, i am looking for someone to peer review it and tell me things which i have missed or things i need to think about.    It is a simple ...
    Michael O'Donnell
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  • Is there a report I can pull that shows how much each leads' score has increased/decreased from activity only in that engagement program?

    I want to see how much a leads' score has changed from behavioral activity in an engagement program. Right now I have been going through each lead activity and manually counting. 
    Morgan Flaharty
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  • Marketo Sales Insight - Email Name Appearing as Token

    Hi -    In salesforce, in the Marketo Sales Insight section under email, the automated emails aren't showing the subject line, but instead showing the token {{my.email_subject}}. Any ideas as to why this ke...
    Kristen Altamura
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  • Program Cloning Error

    Every month I clone an email program to update for the new month - it's a newsletter we do and I have never had trouble cloning this in the past. However, this month as I try to clone the program I keep getting a mess...
    Quenton McClure
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  • Why my social share buttons does not share on social media?

    Hey, did anyone run into the problem sharing content from the landing pages created from Guided Templates using "mktoShareButton" element?   Everything seems to work just fine, but when we test it, the content i...
    Diana Jakubaityte
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  • How do we create a lead funnel report in marketo?

    Hi All   Below is the requirement for the report : 1.To understand the lead flow [ Inquiry > Engaged > MQL > SAL ] etc. 2.Average time (days) taken for a lead to move from one stage to another stage. ...
    Prithvi Kumar
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  • Email Link Performance Report is not congruent with Viewing Qualified People

    My email link performance report is telling me that I had 30 people click (see image below) on the "mailto:parker@ali-inc" link in the past 12 months. When I build my Smart List so I can see who specifically clicked o...
    Nate Deacon
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  • Not filled out form

    We are setting up kind of a nurture campaign where if a lead fills out a form, we send them an email with an offer to download another piece of content by filling out a form. If the lead does not fill out this form, a...
    James Zolinski
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  • Nurture program help!

    Hi there,   I'm a little stuck on what to do with this nurture that my client wants me to build for them. They want the leads to be MQL's and to have NOT recieved an email for 10 days before entering the program...
    Kaitlyn Nelson
    created by Kaitlyn Nelson
  • Setting Up LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

    Hi Marketo Nation,   There is a not a lot of information on setting up the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form in Marketo. Does anyone have information on setting up a triggered campaign with these forms or insight to tips ...
    Amanda Soza
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  • Tracking mp3 file plays on Marketo Landing Page

    Hi all, I have an mp3 podcast file embedded on my landing page using an audio script:   audio controls>   <source src="https://go.synack.com/rs/738-OEX-476/images/Synack Podcast - Executive Lunch -...
    Sarah McConnell
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  • What does an email engagement score mean?

    So if I have an engagement score of 45 on one of my emails, what does that mean? How do they come to the conclusion of it being rated a 45?
    Nate Deacon
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  • Reported as Spam

    How we can recontact the lead who have marked as spam for any campaign?
    Ritu Kumari
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  • Tracking Emails from Sales Insights

    One of our sales reps is looking to do a segmented campaign, and wants to send the emails through the Sales Insights in Salesforce and have their statuses changed as they open, click, etc. in the emails.   I've...