• UTM codes - Landing pages

    Question,   We have an email going out with a link to the landing page in Marketo.   Do we need to create UTM codes for this link in the email? Will it track people anyways since both email and lp are mad...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Adding Social Media / Google Adwords as campaigns and connecting to Marketo

    Hi,   Is there a way to integrate social media campaigns into existing campaigns? or is it possible to include google adwords into campaigns in Marketo?   I know you need a google adwords account - running...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Marketo Landing Page

      Hello Marketo Team,   I need to remove this white space in between "logo" and the header image / banner image.   DO you need HTML code pasted here? Which part of the code will you need?   ...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Event/Check-in App : Members not sycing - list issue?

    Hi,   I am looking to use the event check-in app for an event next week – however upon syncing I don’t seem to have all of the contacts appear in my available list.   My program currently has 1...
    Charlotte Kennett
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  • URGENT - Engagement Program - Set CADENCE

    I have 3 engagement programs running right now.   My team wants to change the set cadence  and change "EVERY - 3 Week (S) <<< and before it was "Every - 1 week (S)"   It is not allowing me to...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Associating URL Slug with Product

    I have forms setup on each product page on my website. When someone fills out the form, I receive an email. I want the email to include what product they were looking at. How do I translate the product ID in the URL s...
    Liz Smith
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  • Center of Excellence: Engagement Program Template

    I'm about to rebuild our entire Lead Lifecycle (Lead Source, Detail, Status, Lifecycle Stage, Scoring, Segmentations, Data Management/Orchestration/Order of Operations, Nurture, the whole 9), but something I've never ...
    Zach Rogers
    created by Zach Rogers
  • Choice numbers gone from activity log

    During an upgrade of smart campaigns to "Campaign Version 2" (CV2), the information logged in the activity log has changed. Before, you could easily trace what choice was executed based on the log details, but now the...
    Matt Stone
    created by Matt Stone
  • Duplicate lead filled out "web form"

    A "Potential Duplicate Lead" alert was brought to my attention.  When searching for the lead in Marketo, I saw it appeared six times in our database, it had a company of "google" and that the lead entered Marketo...
    Nick Nappo
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  • Choice steps with "member of smart campaigns" as criteria. Is this asking for trouble?

    Hi everyone   I'm automating our direct mail in the US via Marketo and webhooks. I first started out doing this via an engagement program but found, annoyingly, that if a person is marked as "unsubscribed" in Ma...
    Phillip Wild
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  • Embedded Forms Not Working Properly for Cookied Users

    Hi Everyone,   I have a ticket in with Marketo about this issue, but thought maybe someone in the community has had this issue and knows how to resolve.   We have some landing pages we created for a campai...
    Chris Wilcox
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  • Owner for a Program in Marketo

    We are integrating Programs , Static Lists and Leads in marketo with our application But all we have are owner based things Like Program, staticList's... creator or owner we maintain at our end But at marketo end ther...
  • Creative ideas for CNAME landing page domain?

    Hello Marketo Friends - Aside from the boring old common ones like "info.company" "go.company" "pages.company" or "www2.company" .... what is the most creative CNAME you have ever seen? Any ideas for a more creative o...
    Gary DeAsi
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  • Engagement program

    Simple engagement program:   8 emails sent to a list of people - every week in their time zone   When email 1 was sent on Tuesday...how do I find out it did go out. I can see who received it under streams ...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • HTML Editing Landing Page

    Hi All,   The next question for you all is: I am creating a landing page as a clone from LP template.   Can I know how to edit the HTML coding? I don't see it anywhere. And also how can I bring these image...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Legality of 'forced opt-in' in EU?

    I'm wondering whether anyone has a clear view (with supporting evidence if possible) of the legality of the following under EU law:   A webform has a check box at the bottom inviting the visitor to subscribe/opt...
    Matthew Antos-Lewis
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  • How do you use LeanData and Marketo together for lead routing and alerts?

    We've been using LeanData for a while now and it's been awesome for managing our lead routing logic as well as matching leads to accounts. However, there is one big issue with movie our routing out of Marketo and into...
    Geoff Arens
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  • HIRING -- Marketing Automation Specialist (Remote Position)

    GuidePoint Security is seeking a solution-oriented and data-driven Marketing Automation Specialist that will be responsible for building and supporting a scalable, strategic Marketo instance, including data hygiene, s...
    Shayla Henke
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  • Can I avoid race conditions when using static lists as a task queue?

    Sanford Whiteman and others gave me some great advice on how I could use lists as a work queue to work around Munchkin v2 limitations on what actions could be done when a lead was associated: When a lead is merged / a...
    Jon Wu
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  • Why my social share buttons does not share on social media?

    Hey, did anyone run into the problem sharing content from the landing pages created from Guided Templates using "mktoShareButton" element?   Everything seems to work just fine, but when we test it, the content i...
    Diana Jakubaityte
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