• Increase in Text Email Deliveries

    Starting in June 2019, we have noticed a 50% increase in links that were clicked via a text version of our emails vs. HTML. We know this because we use a different URL in the HTML version. We have seen our opens drop ...
    Scott Horner
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  • Unperseable JSON value for the Bulk Export of activity - Unsubscribe Email/Fill Out Form

    Getting unparseable json for the attribute "Form Fields"  while calling API for the activity - Unsubscribe Email/Fill Out Form. Example- ActivityTypeId - 2,9 API - /bulk/v1/activities/export/{expo...
    Saptarshi Konar
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  • Excessive soft bounces in a campaign

    I'm running a batch campaign and in one of the flow steps, we are getting a 90% soft bounce rate. Can anyone help me understand this and what I can do about it? The campaign is running two more times and I need to add...
    Marti Wheat
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  • Editing Form CSS

    I want to edit the button in my forms to be brand compliant. I attempted to edit the CSS but the CSS I have isn't over-riding the current button style. What am I missing? Has anyone ever done this before? forms css...
    Alison Moulton
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  • Lead Source is {{my.source}}

    I have numerous leads coming through with a lead source as Lead Source = {{my.Source}}.    This is happening with most of our leads even though the actual lead source should be web or something simil...
    Stephanie O'Reilly
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  • Needing to send an email using account specific info

    Hello! I am looking to see if it is possible to send an email to account specific emails. For example: We have information where we need to send ten emails to ten accounts with account specific information. The proble...
    Stephanie O'Reilly
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  • Adding Emoticons to Subject Line

    Is it just me or is it impossible to add emoticons to Marketo subject lines? Seems to strip them out for me every time...
    Pierce Ujjainwalla
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  • How to utilize tokens for email translations?

    I have heard people mention using tokens to translate emails instead of using the "dynamic" email functionality. How do you utilize tokens to do this? I have not found any documentation / guides on this subject. 
    Alex Gladding
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  • How to add emoji in Marketo email subject line? Did Marketo support for all browsers and mobile versions.

    emoji in Marketo email subject line
    Narasimha V
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  • Custom Object Data within a Text Message or Webhook

    Hello, I currently have a generic text message campaign that goes out to customers who missed a monthly payment on their policy. We would like to start including the amount of money they owe as well as the date the p...
    James Walsh
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  • Missing email copy from past template

    I am having an issue with email campaigns. I went in to try to copy a used email template and it's letting us preview old emails but then when we hit Edit Draft there's no copy in it. It also seems that when we close ...
    Erin Musselman
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  • Create a form notification email from the lead who completed the form:

    I have a form notification set up when a lead completes the contact us form to email us. Is it possible to set this up so that the email comes from the lead who completed the form so that we can easily reply directly ...
    Suzanne McKee
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  • How to make sure people can't be in the same nurture twice

    Hi there,    I'm wondering how I can make sure that people can't get put into the same nurture twice?  We have a campaign launching that will flow people into an existing nurture if they registered for...
    Kaitlyn Nelson
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  • Creating a Birthday Campaign with Recurring Batch

    I've found info on creating campaigns to send an email on a client's birthday. The campaign is launching correctly. However, we have more campaign members added and I did not see the list increase. The original run st...
    Tamara Johnson
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  • Reporting for a drip campaign

    Hi there,    We just set up a 4 email drip campaign using an engagement program set up. If they didn't reach our MQL score, they would then be passed to one of nurtures.   I was hoping to get some ins...
    Kaitlyn Nelson
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  • Multiple Product Line/Topic Nurture Program

    Hey Nation,   I'm working on revamping our nurture programs. We have 4 different product lines, and 6 different "topics" that we'd like to run people through based on actions they've taken, and I could use some ...
    Alex Firtl
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  • Managing Multiple Email Addresses for Same Person

    I am finding it difficult to manage records in Marketo and SFDC when our prospects and customers are interacting with us using multiple emails - name, company name, phone, address are all the same - email addresses ar...
    lorie witmer
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  • Is there an option to pull UTM codes that I add on emails from Marketo?

    Hi ,    Just wondering if there is an option to quickly pull the UTM codes from Marketo itself. My analyst wants UTM codes that I use in my emails.     Thank you
    Collins Peter
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  • Velocity Scripting Issue

    #if( $lead.dSSiteID == "3670" )      #set( $ScriptTokenTEST = "www.bigstarhonda.com/special-offer/" )     <a href = "https://${ScriptTokenTEST}">Big Star Honda</a> #...
    Marc Comption
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  • How to see a leads activity in a smart campaign: what program did that lead come from?

    Hi all! I have a trigged smart campaign (in Default Program A), set up to listen when someone fills out a particular global form that we have in one of our website pages. It is set up for registration to a future eve...
    Adrian Cardelle
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