• Can you see revision history/versions of emails?

    I edited and  approved new drafts of existing emails without downloading the original versions. I'd like to see the originals so I can archive the content for comparison. Is it possible to see the revision histor...
    Lauren Baideme
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  • Changing newsletter frequency

    With new email compliance laws in mind, does anyone know if changing the frequency of a newsletter is possible? For example, we send to leads on a monthly basis (and that's what they subscribed to), but would lik...
    Namita Parikh
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  • Edit Font color - Email Template Picker

    Hi,   Is there a way to edit to purple out of the email template buttons? https://docs.marketo.com/display/public/DOCS/Email+Template+Picker+Overview   We are wanting to use one of the templates, but are ...
    Tim Lamb
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  • How do I reference a year in a lost opportunity email campaign?

    Hi all,   I am working on a lost opportunity email campaign, in which I'd like to reference the year that we lost the opportunity. For example, the messaging would say: Back in (YEAR), we had the opportunity to ...
    Jen Quirk
    created by Jen Quirk
  • Multiple Marketo Form Configuration

    We are trying to add multiple different Marketo forms to a single page.  (These forms may have the same fields, but they have different form ids.)  While the logic seems to work, clicking on the modal link t...
    Nick Nappo
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  • Use Ticket Owner email as in Marketo email

    Hi community, I have a question about how to use Ticket Owner email address (lookup field in Salesforce) as From/Reply-to for my Marketo emails? Can anyone offer suggestions without creating one more owner email addre...
    Emma Wu
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  • Engagement Program Sent Timing with Timezone

    I set up a new engagement program that sends an email on Monday & Thursday at 8:30am with time zone functionality enabled. The first batch of leads was about 1000 names, from various US timezone, and I imported th...
    Kanako Tone
    created by Kanako Tone
  • How do I group checkbox fields in a form?

    I'm building a form in the Design Studio and have a large amount of Checkbox fields. I would like to group these fields into different sections for a cleaner, less lengthy look. How do I do this? I've provided an exam...
    Kyle Lampis
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  • Registering for a webinar through Facebook ad

    If someone registers for a webinar through a Facebook ad, how would the data be synced to Marketo?  What sort of API would I need to set up? Thanks!
    Nick Nappo
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  • Email first name pre-header token not working?

    Hi everyone,   Is anyone having the same problem where they use the {{lead.First Name:default=there}} token and it is generating one random name as a first name when sent to an email database?    ...
    Ashley Viagas
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  • Interactive images in emails - easily tracked?

    Hi community   We are going to be using interactive images inside our emails soon (for those email clients that support interactive of course). We're going to be using carousels and hotspots within email modules...
    Diana Watts
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  • Companies that use Marketo for Employee Communications

    Are you able to share a list of companies that use Marketo for Employee Communications?
    Carla Yashiro
    created by Carla Yashiro
  • Marketo and Employee Data Protection Regulations

    I was recently denied access to Marketo to deploy an internal Newsletter at my company. Our IT Security team has concerns in regards to employee data protection regulations. Is Marketo collecting more employee data th...
    Carla Yashiro
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  • Setting up first smart campaign

    We just sent out our first email, and will now set up a smart campaign.  We'd like to send a dffferent email, with different content/subject lines, based on the action (if no email opens, send email 1, if email i...
    Michelle Schmidt
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  • Problem previewing emails using Marketo Modules in Salesforce

    Our customer uses Salesforce to preview and send out Marketo emails. The problem we are having is that if the Marketo email uses Template Modules with variables the Salesforce preview doesn't pull in the variable data...
    Mark Kalamaridis
    created by Mark Kalamaridis
  • Marketo Email Editor 2.0 – Insights you should know!

    *****Originally Published on Grazitti website*****   What’s In It For Me? Risks involved when enabling the new email editor. Ideal way to make the full use of the new editor. Experience of marketers who...
    Alok Ramsisaria
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  • Add Program Status

    Hi Folks,   There are tow program statuses in Channel List Purchase - On List and Engaged.   Can I add more program statuses to this channel. I want to add few more program status - Clicked, Open...
    Harshad Oak
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  • A/B testing multiple send campaigns

    Does anyone know if it is possible to send another email using a smart campaign while doing an ABtest? The current test is a whole email test and I would like to do a send to another group selecting one of the 2 email...
    Jason Hamilton
    created by Jason Hamilton
  • Is it possible to pre-tick a box on a form using a token?

    Hi.   I've created a form on a follow-up landing page that enables people to specify their topics of interest through checkboxes.   As 'Form Pre-fill is enabled  assumedit would autopopulate these che...
    Paul Raybould
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  • Multiple Product Line/Topic Nurture Program

    Hey Nation,   I'm working on revamping our nurture programs. We have 4 different product lines, and 6 different "topics" that we'd like to run people through based on actions they've taken, and I could use some ...
    Alex Firtl
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