• Velocity Scripting Issue

    #if( $lead.dSSiteID == "3670" )      #set( $ScriptTokenTEST = "www.bigstarhonda.com/special-offer/" )     <a href = "https://${ScriptTokenTEST}">Big Star Honda</a> #...
    Marc Comption
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  • How to see a leads activity in a smart campaign: what program did that lead come from?

    Hi all! I have a trigged smart campaign (in Default Program A), set up to listen when someone fills out a particular global form that we have in one of our website pages. It is set up for registration to a future eve...
    Adrian Cardelle
    created by Adrian Cardelle
  • What is wrong with my token?

    So I'm trying to script a token based on a custom object... most importantly I want it to display text field 2 if someone has that custom object on their record.   I see this option in the coding, but am not sur...
    Travis Schwartz
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  • Managing Multiple Email Addresses for Same Person

    I am finding it difficult to manage records in Marketo and SFDC when our prospects and customers are interacting with us using multiple emails - name, company name, phone, address are all the same - email addresses ar...
    lorie witmer
    created by lorie witmer
  • Communication Limits Failure

    We have communication limits in place in Marketo (1 per day, 4 per week, block non-operational emails) and we're noticing people who are surpassing those limits on non-operational sends. I've checked and confirme...
    Caitlin Findley
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  • Marketo Email Template Designers

    Afternoon everyone,  We are looking to refresh and add some new elements to our email templates. I was looking for anyone who can offer a recommendation on someone they have used and feedback on what we should ...
    Rob Cummerson
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  • Can you 50/50 test a whole email?

    I want to set up an A/B test for an email send. I have 2 versions of the email. I want to send it 50/50 to everyone. Can this be set up through the A/B test option? I don't want the winner to be sent out since I want ...
    Michaela Morales
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  • Engagement programs - same email in different streams - will they get the same email twice?

    Engagement Program Questions. In the following scenario will the user get the same email twice if the same email is in both streams?   SCENARIO:   Stream A - Email A1, Email A2, Email A3 Stream B - Email ...
    Selene Regan
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  • How to update all Used By assets at once?

    Is there a way to update all assets that use the same email in their Flow to use a new email all at once? We will regularly update content that is downloaded through emails, so when we create a new email we have to ma...
    Lauren Bell
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  • Can I see what email provider my audience is using?

    Hey, is there a way to see if my audience in Marketo is using outlook, gmail, yahoo, etc? (not a free domains, but actual provider)
    Diana Jakubaityte
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  • Opt-Out from newsletter

    Here's my use case: User receives Newsletter (created from Marketo, sent to all users who are on the 'Newletter Recipient' smartlist) User clicks on 'opt-out' link jn the body of the Newsletter (my understanding is ...
    Dominique Gilliard
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  • Nurture Data Missing

    I accidentally deactivated and reactivated an email nurture. When I look in the program analytics all the data is gone. how do i get it back?
    Alexis Romano
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  • Send MSI emails using Dynamics 365 - what are the options?

    Hi to all my Dynamics 365 Marketo users - we are setting up our MSI instance.  I'm looking for more information on how to send MSI emails from Dynamics.  The only Marketo documentation is this one, which sho...
    David White
    created by David White
  • Closed Lost Nurture Campaigns - Best Practices, Tips, and Suggestions?

    Hi Marketing Nation!   I'm working on implementing a closed lost nurture program and have done some research on best practices as far as content, cadence, etc.  However, I'm curious about what suggestions a...
    Valerie Armstrong
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  • Dynamic Content for multiple selections

    I have been charged with creating an auto responder for a project and sending someone who fills out a form content based on what they had asked for. This is standard and I know what to do for it. but now they are aski...
    Travis Schwartz
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  • SFDC Contract object and Velocity Script

    Is it possible to access the Contract object in SFDC via velocity scripting? Sanford Whiteman I suspect you probably know the answer to this one. Thanks in advance Jason
    Jason Hamilton
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  • 'View Online' option in Marketo is getting broken in last 24 hours. Anyone having the same issue ?

    After sending a sample email to myself I try to copy the url from View Online option. Sometimes the url I get is broken. Is this a common glitch or what's the best practice?
    Collins Peter
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  • Velocity Link Tracking Issue

    I have created a script that displays specific content for a user based on specific characteristics (I use email address in this simplified example). However, I am unable to track the links created in this script. Kno...
  • Embedding a YouTube video on autoplay

    Hi there,    I was wondering how to embed a YouTube video on a LP and have it automatically play?
    Kaitlyn Nelson
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  • PDF Title Issue

      Does anyone know how to update this tag in a pdf i loaded. for some reason the title has a typo
    Alexis Romano
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