• Typical skill set for Marketo campaign management

    Curious to know among the community - does the person who builds lists and reports etc in Marketo for your company typically also build the campaigns (i.e. both data savvy and creative writer/template builder)?  ...
  • How to remove tracking from links

    How do I removed tracking from links? I used to be able to click on the link and there would be a box that allowed you to turn off tracking. With our new templates, I can't seem to find that option
    Kaitlyn Nelson
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  • Uploading your own template

    What is the best program to make a template in for design and upload it into my marketo account? Sending out an email newsletter and would like to import my own design.
    Jessica Carlson
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  • Outlook Email Not Rendering Correctly

    Hello, I have created an email template within Marketo. When previewing and sending tests it looks great in all platforms, (mobile Gmail, Yahoo etc) except for Outlook. I know Outlook is always wonky when it comes to...
    James Walsh
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  • How are you combating differences in email analytics between Marketo and Domo?

    We are using DOMO as our one-stop reporting tool. We have connected DOMO and Marketo but when we pull email performance report in Marketo we see very different numbers than what we see in DOMO. We're told by Marketo S...
    Jen Dugosh
    created by Jen Dugosh
  • Editing Form CSS

    I want to edit the button in my forms to be brand compliant. I attempted to edit the CSS but the CSS I have isn't over-riding the current button style. What am I missing? Has anyone ever done this before? forms css...
    Alison Moulton
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  • How to send an email the following month?

    Hello, I have a problem. My clients have mortgages that end on a specific date. I would like to send them an email 1 month after this date. So I have created a Marketo field "Date": end_mortgage-credit.   In ...
  • Emails Stuck in Activity Type "Send Email". Not Delivering?

    We preformed an email send a few hours ago to around 9,000 people and all of them are still sitting in "Send Email". Is there a reason why the email would not be delivered to a single person hours later? I r...
    Gabrielle Mintz
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  • On24 Member URL token not working in Trigger

    Hi,   We are not able to get the Member URL token values after the registration using the trigger, however the token appears if we click on "View in Browser". Is any one else is facing the same issue and what is...
    Ajay Mamgain
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  • Soft Bouncebacks

    While maintaining huge focus on opt-in communications it is easy to drop the ball when people leave a company.    Can anyone recommend any services that can look at soft bouncebacks and properly categorise ...
    Kevin Sowden
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  • How can I leverage the Marketo database and tokens to send out pre-paid gift card codes to users?

    I'm looking to use Marketo to send out pre-purchased gift cards. We would receive a monthly list from a vendor and want to send out an email with a unique gift card code. At this time I'm not interested in 3rd party p...
    Nathan Sauser
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  • Tracking Success for Social Media

    I feel like I know the answer to this already, but want to ask to make sure I'm not missing something obvious.   We have a Default Program with a landing page and form to download free content. Right now, to tra...
    Angus McCann
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  • "Registration Error" and ON24

    Hi everyone,   We use ON24 for our webinars and we've never had this error before. Out of 50 people registered, 6 of them have a status of "Registration Error". Marketo doesn't notify me that there's an err...
    Leticia DoPrado
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  • Can you 50/50 test a whole email?

    I want to set up an A/B test for an email send. I have 2 versions of the email. I want to send it 50/50 to everyone. Can this be set up through the A/B test option? I don't want the winner to be sent out since I want ...
    Michaela Morales
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  • Is there a way to implement blind form submission on a click on email?

    Hi,   Is there a way to implement background form submission as soon as a person clicks on the email?   Thanks, Saurabh
    Saurabh Pal
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  • mkt_tok in test email & actual email

    While waiting for the response from the support team, I'd like to hear from my peers here.   I had an email asset with a link that has mtk_tok enabled; the link worked properly during the test, meaning the link ...
    Kanako Tone
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  • Random lines showing up under my buttons - how can I get rid of them?

    Hi,   I created an email using the "Carnival" email template. I did go into the code to change the colors of the buttons and their respective text which seemed to create these random grey lines under both button...
    Kelly Chang
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  • Drop down titles within email template variables

    Our email template uses a number of drop down menus - which are super helpful - however, a HEX code doesn't really mean much to a number of users. I haven't really spotted anything that allows me to have a displa...
    Josh Pickles
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  • Velocity Scripting Accessing all custom objects in a single event

    In our instance in Marketo, we store purchased items inside of Custom Objects.   For some of the objects (we call Webinar Entitlements) we sent out a "Here is how to access your webinar" email that uses velocity...
    Angus McCann
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  • Reverse Progressive Profiling

    Hello, hivemind!   Has anyone had experience with reverse progressive profiling?  As in, taking fields away from a form the more a user visits it?  I'm wondering how to accomplish t...
    Nick Nappo
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