• How can I send 1 email with dynamic content blocks for products they have and products they don't have?

    Here is what I'm being told from above that I need to solve for. I can't figure this out.   Think of our product model as DirecTV. A customer can go online and select (subscribe) to any channel or combination of...
    Ronn Burner
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  • Re-direct page not working on iphone

    Hi Everyone,   I have added CTA URLs at the bottom of the last page on some of our PDFs which are stored in Marketo Design Studio. I used the Sanford Whiteman blog post to create a Marketo redirect land...
    James Pemberton
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  • Progressive Profiling Forms

    Hi there   I created a progressive profiling form and consists of:   #1 first form fill First Name Last Name Email Opt In CTA (Download now) After the user fills out the first part and if they come along...
    Massive Insights
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  • Updating Facebook Custom Audiences

    I know that all lists that you push over to Facebook become static, and that smart lists in Marketo will not auto-update the audience list in Facebook to reflect any changes made after the transfer   But my quest...
    s regan
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  • Retargeting via Marketo RTP and Google Ads

    We have set up the connection from Marketo RTP to Google Ads.  We have created segments in RTP and can see those segments in Google Ads.   We keep hearing about Google Ads having a 100 person minimum - what...
    Delci Organ
    created by Delci Organ
  • How can I make a landing page banner mobile responsive?

    Hello,   we have been having issues with the banner not resizing correctly on mobile for Marketo landing pages. Here is an example: U.S. ESG 2019    Anyone have insights into this?
    Liz Smith
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  • Is there a way to find "used by" information for an engagement program?

    Hi,   Is there any way to find where the engagement program has been used else where ?   Thanks Saurabh
    Saurabh Pal
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  • Marketo bridge with Snapchat?

    I'm looking for a solution to push custom audience lists from Marketo to Snapchat.    We currently use AdsBridge for Facebook & Instagram which works well but on average only match 25% of our leads. Whe...
    Mike Goodbourn
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  • Creating custom field to store UTM history and also Sync those values to SFDC ?

    Hi All   I'm looking to implement the below:   - All UTM history that a user has passed through need to be stored in one single field in marketo. - After that we need to sync that custom field to Salesfor...
    Prithvi kumar
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  • Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML) for marketing

    Recently, I have been looking at a lot of AI/ML based tools or solutions for marketers. Market analysts like Gartner, say AI growth in sales and marketing is expected to grow into than a trillion $ industry ...
    Sreekanth Reddy
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  • LinkedIn Lead Generation Form - Checkbox field?

    Does anyone here use the LinkedIn form for paid promotion with ebooks? We've connected all of the available fields in Marketo but we cannot see the field circled below.   We're not sure how this field is maintai...
    Ayan Talukder
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  • Trafic source

    Hello,   I was wondering if it is possible to either create a smartlist or have the list of contacts that came to my website through a Google Ads campaign or a facebook campaign for example ? Seeing as there are...
    Sara Moujahid
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  • Lead Source is {{my.source}}

    I have numerous leads coming through with a lead source as Lead Source = {{my.Source}}.    This is happening with most of our leads even though the actual lead source should be web or something simil...
    Stephanie O'Reilly
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  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Integration

    Hi,   I have integrated LinkedIn Lead Gen with marketo and tried fetching linkedin lead gen campaign data through smart list using filter "Filled Out LinkedIn Lead Gen form" however I am not able to find an...
    Harshad Oak
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  • How to add emoji in Marketo email subject line? Did Marketo support for all browsers and mobile versions.

    emoji in Marketo email subject line
    Narasimha V
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  • LinkedIn launchpoint integration broken?

    Hi community   We've been experiencing issues with the LinkedIn lead gen integration. We've been using it this year with no problems at all, but we discovered that LinkedIn recently changed a few things at their...
    Diana Watts
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  • How to make sure people can't be in the same nurture twice

    Hi there,    I'm wondering how I can make sure that people can't get put into the same nurture twice?  We have a campaign launching that will flow people into an existing nurture if they registered for...
    Kaitlyn Nelson
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  • Best practice for setting up Programs when Marketing to Multiple Digital Channels?

    Hello, our team is set to start marketing to 3 digital marketing channels: Facebook LinkedIn Google Ads All three channels will send traffic to the same demo form for now (with the possibility of channel specific ...
    Parth Thakkar
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  • Does Marketo Track UTM's out of the box?

    Hello, This is something that I haven't been able to find an answer to? Maybe I'm just missing it. Let's assume that I've already made custom fields for UTMs, does Marketo track these out of the box? Or do my devel...
    Parth Thakkar
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  • Has anyone worked on an integration between Marketo and Foleon?

    Has anyone worked on an integration between Marketo and Foleon? Do you know if we can use Zapier or if there is some other way to make this work? I am hoping to keep it relatively simple, but we would like to use some...
    Marshall Scott
    created by Marshall Scott