• Trouble appending data to a utm parameter field

    Hi all,   I've set up 5 smart campaigns to write last touch url parameter data into a multi-touch field intended to capture all touchpoints along a lead's journey. I've followed some great resources to set it up...
    Nikki Castle
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  • Most recent lead activity

    As a new Marketo user, I'm looking to see how I can see the latest activity related to a lead/contact. For instance, I have a list of leads that were sent rolling emails and I want to be able to report on how many lea...
    Gina Singh
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  • Marketo Sales Engage Functionality Question

    Comrades, Can anyone of you answer below questions about MSE?   How many fields of Contacts and Leads can MSE sync to in SFDC and/or Marketo? Can MSE connect with “Campaigns” object in SFDC? Can conta...
    Riz Alvi
    created by Riz Alvi
  • Is there a report I can pull that shows how much each leads' score has increased/decreased from activity only in that engagement program?

    I want to see how much a leads' score has changed from behavioral activity in an engagement program. Right now I have been going through each lead activity and manually counting. 
    Morgan Flaharty
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  • Understanding Results: Smart Campaign vs. Email Program

    Hello everyone, To keep things simple: due to some turnover, I have inherited some Marketo responsibilities. I am most often sending email blasts, however... some of these require A/B subject line testing. Any clarif...
  • Is there a way to add option to a wait step?

    Hey, is there a way to add an option to the wait step in the flow? For example, if a net new lead came from a webinar form signup or from a field event, wait one week before sending through the flow, if came from anyw...
    Diana Jakubaityte
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  • Fake clicks followed by fake web visits

    Hello,   We've had a lot of issues with fake, server/spam filter clicks in the past. I have read several posts in the community and have never really found a fully-functioning solution. That said, some people ha...
    Frank Buzzanca
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  • Can I create monthly reports on Marketo and download the reports through REST Api?

    My goal is to generate monthly reports on total emails sent, total emails clicks, Click through rates, etc in a csv or excel format. I'm wondering if it's possible to create the reports on Marketo website, and us...
    Patara Kulratanayan
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  • Does syncing an old program to SFDC alter the date member added field?

    We want to go back and retroactively sync old Marketo programs to Salesforce. Would doing this edit the Salesforce date the member was added to the campaign to be the date that the sync occurred, or would this remain ...
    Diana DeMallie
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  • ROI Reporting

    Hello,   We're fairly new to Marketo and haven't done a lot with reporting yet. Is there a tool or add-on in Marketo that allows you to make a ROI multi-touch, multi-product report? Or do you have to piece toget...
    Kana Lai
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  • How do we create a lead funnel report in marketo?

    Hi All   Below is the requirement for the report : 1.To understand the lead flow [ Inquiry > Engaged > MQL > SAL ] etc. 2.Average time (days) taken for a lead to move from one stage to another stage. ...
    Prithvi Kumar
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  • Can I track source of visitor to Landing Page?

    Good morning! I'm new to Marketo and have lots to learn and have a question that perhaps our Community can help me with.  I'm wondering if I can determine the source of a visitor to my Landing Pages. I've creat...
    Dave Palmer
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  • Marketo Revenue Attribution Explained

    By Tom Grubb, Chief Strategy Officer, Digital Pi   What can you say about marketing analytics that hasn’t already been said? Plenty when you know how many well-intentioned marketers too often misrepresent,...
    Janet Dulsky
    created by Janet Dulsky
  • What does an email engagement score mean?

    So if I have an engagement score of 45 on one of my emails, what does that mean? How do they come to the conclusion of it being rated a 45?
    Nate Deacon
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  • Can someone explain this Email Link Performance Report issue I'm having?

    The image on the left you can see that 98 people clicked through on the email. But then my Email Link Performance Report is stating that 376 people clicked through on the email? Why is this the case?
    Nate Deacon
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  • Does it matter if I use email link tag or just campaig flow steps?

    I've got a program where I created a link tag for an email. When someone clicks on the link and goes to the webpage and fills out the form, I add them to a list based on whether the tag was present in the URL. Am I co...
    Daniel Riggs
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  • Add CTA to the Image in HTML code

    HTML help needed:   We have an image and want to add two clickable CTAs to the image. Can someone tell me what HTML code will look like?   This link had some details but an HTML guru if you can reply it wi...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Bizible Touchpoint and SFDC Campaign member

    So we are in the final stage of implementing Bizible and key challenge appear during my implementation. Bizible creates a touchpoint object in Salesforce but I can't sync that to the asset's SFDC Campaign.   Exa...
    Joao Boesso
    created by Joao Boesso
  • How do I see the exact person that clicked on a link inside my email?

    I advertised taking a survey in my last email, and had someone fill it out. In the survey, I did not ask for contact information. So now I want to go into Marketo and track who the person was that filled out my survey...
    Nate Deacon
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  • What's the best way to create a Digital Sales Funnel on Marketo?

    I want to create a Digital Sales Funnel, to ultimately generate leads through our email efforts. I was wondering if anyone had any tips to get started, or best practices to generating real leads through your email eff...
    Nate Deacon
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