• _method=GET in Rest APIs

    As per http://developers.marketo.com/rest-api/error-codes/   We can convert a GET API to POST type by appending _method=GET in URL   Would this also be done to make API hits more secure ?, as POST reques...
  • UTM codes - Landing pages

    Question,   We have an email going out with a link to the landing page in Marketo.   Do we need to create UTM codes for this link in the email? Will it track people anyways since both email and lp are mad...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • # Content Removed From Link Upon Send

    Hello,   I have an email ending in #interactivemap. However, when the email is sent, the hash (#) and everything past it is stripped so I'm left with everything prior to the hash (#). Any ideas as to how I can r...
    David Cutsinger
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  • Multiple links reporting

    How to make an analytic report for multiple programs with mulitple emails that can show who clicked on the email, what link they clicked within that email and the type of segmentation they were part of.
    Alex Baghdadlian
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  • One embedded form Multiple tracking individual results

    Hey There-   I have a pretty high-level sanity check question. The organization I work for wants to consolidate the number of forms they are using, Great! So using ONE form on let's just say 5 external pages whe...
    Ebony Shapira
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  • URGENT - Engagement Program - Set CADENCE

    I have 3 engagement programs running right now.   My team wants to change the set cadence  and change "EVERY - 3 Week (S) <<< and before it was "Every - 1 week (S)"   It is not allowing me to...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Fake clicks followed by fake web visits

    Hello,   We've had a lot of issues with fake, server/spam filter clicks in the past. I have read several posts in the community and have never really found a fully-functioning solution. That said, some people ha...
    Frank Buzzanca
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  • Email Tags for Easier Reporting

    Is there a way to add tags or categorize your emails so that I can have a more streamlined way of pulling email analytics?   For instance, I would like to tag emails by Contests, Events, Tier 1 Journey, Tier 2 J...
    Matt Schilter
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  • Center of Excellence: Engagement Program Template

    I'm about to rebuild our entire Lead Lifecycle (Lead Source, Detail, Status, Lifecycle Stage, Scoring, Segmentations, Data Management/Orchestration/Order of Operations, Nurture, the whole 9), but something I've never ...
    Zach Rogers
    created by Zach Rogers
  • Owner for a Program in Marketo

    We are integrating Programs , Static Lists and Leads in marketo with our application But all we have are owner based things Like Program, staticList's... creator or owner we maintain at our end But at marketo end ther...
  • How can I pass Marketo lead info from an email to a webpage?

    I have the following use case: I'm sending an email through Marketo to several leads.  A link in the email will point them to one of the pages on my website.  When they get to the page I will use the Marketo...
    Brandon der Blatter
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  • Getting Email performance report data by email id using API

    I need to collect all data related to Email Performance report using APIs only. I need this data email wise. For example I created two email program, one for email  "xxx@yyy.com" and another for email "aaa@yyy.co...
  • Any Snap App Users?

    Hi all, One of our campaign managers is excited about the SnapApp and want to try it out. it looks like it integrates with Marketo. I tried to search for it in the forum but most discussions are about 3 years old. If...
    Huihsing Kiang
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  • How does A/B Test Group for landing pages actually work?

    My team is interested in optimizing our landing page conversion. To do that we will need to set up an A/B test group for the landing page. We have set that up and we realize that is all we have to do.   With t...
    Wai yeong Leong
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  • What is difference between 'push lead to marketo' vs 'create lead in marketo'

    As per http://developers.marketo.com/rest-api/lead-database/leads/ There are two API   1) Create and Update POST  /rest/v1/leads.json   2)Push Lead to Marketo POST  /rest/v1/leads/push.json &#...
  • Web Personalization Module Suggestion

    Hi,   I have a client who would like to get reports with the visitors to their webpage and company that they belong to. I thought it would be a good idea for them to use the Web personalization module and downlo...
    Natascia Almeida
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  • Adding Social Media / Google Adwords as campaigns and connecting to Marketo

    Hi,   Is there a way to integrate social media campaigns into existing campaigns? or is it possible to include google adwords into campaigns in Marketo?   I know you need a google adwords account - running...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Tracking website visits and link clicks

    Hi,   I have a non Marketo landing page that is being added to an email. Then people visit the landing page and fill out form (non marketo form).   Email was created and sent via Marketo.   Is there ...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Engagement program

    Created a nurture / engagement program in Marketo.   We are sending out only emails from this program.   Question: Can we send emails out any day / time (not only weekly / monthly) to a list of people? ...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Anonymous Triggering Deferred

    I have smart campaigns that set a value in the Initial Online Source field and award score points for page visits.  These smart campaigns frequently fire on anonymous records.  However, recently, I have noti...
    Elliott Lowe
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