• Customer Feedback Needed - ABM Survey

    Hello All!    I'm on the Marketo product team at Adobe.  We are excited to take ABM to the next level and need your feedback.  Your input will ensure that we invest in areas that drive th...
    Liana Vagharshakian
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  • Token Email Script Works/Doesn't Work Same Email

    I have several tokens in an email that uses email script. The Marketo field that calls it is the same across all the tokens. When I click through the links for the specific iteration {lead.dsSiteID} == "979" abou...
    Marc Comption
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  • How can I "allow" a lead to re-enter the same Engagement Program every x number of days?

    In a situation like the screenshot below where the goal is to enter a Canceled Client into an Engagement Program with 3 emails every 30 days until they convert or unsubscribe. If they do neither, I want to re-enter th...
    Ronn Burner
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  • Revamping Lead Lifecycle Program - Edit existing or create a new one?

    Hi,   We have evaluated our lead lifecycle model and the programs that run it, and have decided we need to make some changes --add certain lifecycle statuses, delete others, etc. Mostly, we will be condensing th...
    Leticia DoPrado
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  • Integrating code from BeePro to Marketo... why is the code cutting off in the Marketo email code editor?

    I've never had an issue copying code over from BeePro into Marketo, but today it's acting all weird. The second half of my email doesn't get copied over. Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?
    Nate Deacon
    created by Nate Deacon
  • List of Scheduled Emails in Marketo Instance

    Hi!    I am looking for a way to see all of the emails that are scheduled to go out or in a queue to go out (based on triggers). I'd like to see them all in one place so I don't have to hunt through all of ...
    Kristin Masliuk
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  • Is a marketo downlaodable asset (PDF URL) considered a webpage visit?

    Hi,   When I upload a PDF as a downloadable asset in Design Studio, if someone clicks on the URL for the PDF that was generated by Marketo, and they scroll through the PDF, is that considered / captured as ...
    Leticia DoPrado
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  • Looking for a Tool that's Similar to Bizible or rampmetrics

    Hello,   Our team is looking for a third-party integrator that will help us with reporting and analytics. We also would like something that accurately and succinctly displays this data in the form of a dashboard...
    Thomas Kerlin
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  • Static List records and Activity log status not matching

    I am importing the leads through Api.and passing list id there. The lead is added in Marketo.   The Activity log of lead also shows, that the lead is added in the static list but when we check the static list, t...
    Devendra Chauhan
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  • Marketo Sales Insight Dashboard in Salesforce not allowing contact view filters, what permissions do I need?

      How do we make it so the sales team can filter on their Best Bets?
    Melissa Kramer
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  • B2B Personal Email Reach Out with Nurture Flow

    Hey friends,   So our team wants to initiate each nurture flow with an email that looks like a personal reach out to all qualifying prospects before potentially moving them to the traditional Marketo nurture flo...
    Mitangi Parekh
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  • Talk Marketo to Me: A Glossary for Marketo Terms

    Smart list? Engagement programs? Clones? As a new Marketo user it can feel like working in Marketo is not just about learning how to use a platform, but learning how to speak a different language. If you're trying to ...
    Meghana Rao
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  • Will GlobalMeet be a LaunchPoint partner?

    ReadyTalk is migrating to GlobalMeet webinar, sunsetting as of Sept 30, 2019. Does anyone know how this will affect Marketo's ReadyTalk LaunchPoint integration? Will GlobalMeet be a LaunchPoint partner? I have a few c...
    Michelle Lewis
    created by Michelle Lewis
  • HTML Editing Landing Page

    Hi All,   The next question for you all is: I am creating a landing page as a clone from LP template.   Can I know how to edit the HTML coding? I don't see it anywhere. And also how can I bring these image...
    Nimisha Garg
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  •       delete from sales failed with exception SSL read: errno -5961

    Hi,   I'm running a smart campaign to delete people from Marketo and also from #Salesforce. Our Marketo and SFDC instances have a one-to-one relationship, so that every person who exists in one system, exists in...
    Leticia DoPrado
    created by Leticia DoPrado
  • Default programs in Nurtures - Hypothetical thought exercise

    So this is mostly hypothetical as I am toying around with some advanced automations/nurtures. So bare with me, but here is my question: If I have several default programs that I have added to nurture streams, is it po...
    Taylor McCarty
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  • How do I prevent a negative behavior score change/deduction from triggering a trigger-based smart campaign?

    How do I prevent a negative behavior score change/deduction from triggering a trigger-based smart campaign? In other words, if the attribute "Behavior score" changes whereby new value is less than previous value, I do...
    Rahul Ravulapati
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  • Troubles when using Javascript within Velocity?

    I've been trying to implement Sanford Whiteman's post "Use Javascript within Velocity" from late 2017 to utilize Javascript in an Email Script Token, and when following the example verbatim, instead of outputting...
    Ken Soldink
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  • Email Script Token breaking hyperlink

    So I have a scripting token that is pulling a unique URL off the Opportunity object and I want to then use that URL for the hyperlink on the button in the email. However something is breaking the HTML code from the bu...
    Taylor McCarty
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  • Is the 'draft' version for the form visible via API?

    Are we able o call to or refer to the draft version of a form via the API? Thanks!
    Valentina Vazquez
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