• How do you edit URL Parameters in a Hidden Field to always reflect same "query parameters" for that form submission?

    I have seen this (Set a Hidden Form Field Value) Marketo Doc but I'm still unclear as to precisely the correct approach.   I need to get this ?Program=Email&ForImport=True "Query Parameters" to be reflected ...
    Ronn Burner
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  • Display number of registrants on landing page

    I'm creating a registration page in Marketo for a webinar with GoToWebinar and I'm trying to find a way to display the current number of registrants on the registration page. I feel like this is something Marketo...
    Danja Prahl
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  • How to set campaign status in Salesforce campaign while using A/B test function

    Hello folks,   I need your advice for Marketo A/B Test feature.    More often we send mailings that have different subject lines. The A/B test is configured as "Whole Email".   A campaign is li...
    Matthias Schraub
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  • What is the difference between roadshow/tradeshow in channels?

    My understanding says, Roadshow is an onsite event (a series of event actually) that we are doing in multiple cities to take company's message or brand awareness or product/services knowledge awareness. Tradesho...
    Sant Singh Rathaur
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  • How do you set up a report in an Event Program that records who's registered? Then how do you send that report to specific people?

    I'm trying to create a report in my Event Program that will tell me who's registered for the event. Then I want to be able to send this report to a certain amount of colleagues every Friday morning. Can someone help?
    Nate Deacon
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  • Secured domains for tracking links: necessary?

    We have noticed that our email links, when clicked via Chrome, often gives the "not secure" warning to users. Not good. We thought we had secured domains set up, but it seems it's different for landing pages vs tracki...
    Phillip Wild
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  • Using a Token to display a database field

    I want to use a token to display a database field, I have it setup as below; But it renders as the below on the page; Does anyone know of a way to use a token to display a database field?   I did enter "{{...
    Ashley Rodwell
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  • How to prevent empty emails being sent out from Marketo

    While sending out emails from Marketo, can Marketo sense empty emails and prevent them from sending.
  • Editing Form CSS

    I want to edit the button in my forms to be brand compliant. I attempted to edit the CSS but the CSS I have isn't over-riding the current button style. What am I missing? Has anyone ever done this before? forms css...
    Alison Moulton
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  • Advanced Reporting – Is it Worth It?

    Hi Everyone,   I’m wondering if it’s worth it to keep our advanced reporting package in our upcoming renewal. We are grandfathered into a decent pricing for this add on (because of previous leadershi...
    Kathryn Stone
    created by Kathryn Stone
  • Nested Programs in Nurture Programs

    Hello,   I'm exploring nested programs in nurture programs and would just like some help/clarity on a few things.    We'd like to send out a series of blogs, where the member will receive the nex...
    Amanda Opitz
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  • Showpad filters on Marketo

    Hi everyone,   I recently integrated Showpad with Marketo.   Everything is running smoothly, but I'm wondering about the specific meaning of the new created filters.   I have 3 new Showpad related fi...
    Thomas Morgadinho Pascoa
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  • Rounding numbers

    Hi all,   how can I format a number in lead database like 58.5123434565 into 58,51 within the email? I want to use it as currency in emails with comma (german way of writing).   I tried with the script to...
    Christin Scholz
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  • Event Custom Fields not working

    Hi there,    I am creating a drip campaign that needs to use 5 different event custom fields for 4 different CRM tracking codes that we are using.    Most event custom fields are used within the ...
    Kaitlyn Nelson
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  • Best webinar integrations with Marketo

    We are looking into webinar options to integrate with Marketo.  Currently we use GoToWebinar but are having issues with it not recognizing webcasts as opposed to live events.  Another problem is we were hopi...
    Jennifer Bishop
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  • Gated content: Can we make this dynamic dependent on lead score?

    I'm looking for a solution to offer ungated content to people with qualified lead scores automatically - rather than creating two versions of the landing page and distributing dependent on lead score.   Is there...
    Alfie Dawson
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  • How to create a new custom Activity Filter? Within Activity Log

    I'd like to create a new activity filter and name it say Filter1 which contains only  Change Data Value and Add to List checked.   It would be nice if I can save it as Filter1 and then create ano...
    Frank Fu
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  • Dynamic Content for multiple selections

    I have been charged with creating an auto responder for a project and sending someone who fills out a form content based on what they had asked for. This is standard and I know what to do for it. but now they are aski...
    Travis Schwartz
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  • Lead Lifecycle across multiple workspaces

    Hello!   Our Marketo instance has several workspaces, with no database partitions. Our plan is to have one lead lifecycle campaign in our global workspace, and use conditional statements to seperate out which le...
    Ryan Olsen
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  • Customise or disable keyboard shortcuts in Marketo?

    Is there a way for me to custom keyboard shortcuts? Or at the very least, a way for me to disable the default marketo shortcuts?   I'm using Google Chrome and i'm used to pressing "Alt+D" + "Enter" keys to dupli...
    Frank Fu
    created by Frank Fu