• Engagement programs - same email in different streams - will they get the same email twice?

    Engagement Program Questions. In the following scenario will the user get the same email twice if the same email is in both streams?   SCENARIO:   Stream A - Email A1, Email A2, Email A3 Stream B - Email ...
    Selene Regan
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  • API vendors for list imports?

    Hi! What are some vendors that can automatically sync list imports into Marketo?    Our company loads 2 types of events: Tradeshows and Roadshows. After the event is over, I am given ...
    Stephany Chang
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  • Infer City, State and Country coming up as unknown.

    Hi there,   We are having more and more leads coming up as 'Unknown' for inferred city, state and country.   I believe Marketo has moved to a new 3rd party provider regarding inferred country however we ar...
    Callum Pirie
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  • Email Preference Center Setup

    My company is in the process of brainstorming categories and processes for an email preference center, because right now we only have a one-click unsubscribe option.  Few questions that I was hoping someone could...
    Jennifer Bishop
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  • Getting Started on Your Marketo Governance and Training Documentation

    “Imagine you win the lottery today and quit your job tomorrow. Would someone be able to step right in and take over your Marketo instance?” This is the mindset Tori Forte, Marketo consultant extraordinaire...
    Meghana Rao
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  • Token for Sync Person to SFDC Flow Step

    In the Sync to SFDC flow step, is there a token I can use when someone leaves the company and I need to change the SFDC user name? This is specific to my content syndication programs. Someone left the company ...
    Frank Carpenter
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  • Embedded Form Thank You Redirect

    Hi,    We are using an embedded form on our website. We're testing the form in a 3rd-party pop-up, so it's running simultaneously with a mirror campaign on a Marketo landing page. We'd like to redirect...
    James Rubin
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  • Customer Feedback Needed - MSI Survey

    Hello All!    The Marketo Sales Apps product team at Adobe is keen on hearing back from our customers on how you are using MSI today, what works or does not work for you!    You do n...
    Ambika Shetty
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  • Currently we have some ad hoc things set up for MQL tracking and reporting, that all currently lives in salesforce and some manual spreadsheets. I was hoping how other companies track MQL’s in marketo or if that should be in salesforce. Open to some ideas

    Currently, we have some ad hoc things set up for MQL tracking and reporting, that all currently lives in salesforce and some manual spreadsheets. I was hoping how other companies track MQL’s in marketo or if tha...
    Andel Alexander
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  • What are the best webinar products that integrate with Marketo?

    Does anyone use any of the following webinar products? If so, how is the integration with Marketo? Webinarjam BrightTalk Adobe Connect Ready Talk Livestorm Demio
    Carrie Cotch
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  • Dynamic Content for multiple selections

    I have been charged with creating an auto responder for a project and sending someone who fills out a form content based on what they had asked for. This is standard and I know what to do for it. but now they are aski...
    Travis Schwartz
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  • Embedding a YouTube video on autoplay

    Hi there,    I was wondering how to embed a YouTube video on a LP and have it automatically play?
    Kaitlyn Nelson
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  • PDF Title Issue

      Does anyone know how to update this tag in a pdf i loaded. for some reason the title has a typo
    Alexis Romano
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  • Nurture campaign rebrand question

    Hi all - does anyone on this forum have experience using Marketo to run multi-year customer nurture campaigns? I recently updated the branding of the email templates for a few of my streams - replacing the existing em...
    Brady Smithsund
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  • Table Inside a customer Field - How do display in Email the table?

    We are sending emails to people that have data coming from SFDC in a custom field that look like this. Easchie leads has different values we want to present those as a table.   <table><tr><td>A...
    Axel Baran
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  • Setting up a kind of pop-up with Marketo?

    Hi all,   We're preparing a global campaign to promote a new whitepaper we'll launch in a month. Every forms, landing pages and emailing are ready.   We would like as well to create a kind of pop-up that ...
    Adrien Landrin
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  • How to Stop 2 People from Registering with the Same Email Address

    Hey There,   I'm sure someone has asked this in the past, however I couldn't find a thread on it, so I figured I'd ask it. My question is this: How Do You Stop 2 Different People from Registering For An Event Wi...
    Troy Larson
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  • Form compatibility with reCAPTCHA v3

    Has anyone configured their forms to implement Google’s (newish) reCAPTCHA v3?   We experience waves of bot activity and v3 would be an ideal solution since it’s supposedly frictionless.   ...
    Dan Cunningham
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  • How to invoke custom activity by using js munchkin function for link click

    I want to post extra details under user's activity when certain type of anchors are clicked, basically want to differentiate between anchors which are open to public and those which are locked(secured ones), so i know...
    Akhilesh Singh
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  • Channels for Workspaces and Partitions

    We are building out some a workspace for our internal communications. I am just trying to confirm am I setting the new workspace correctly.   Do channels and tags apply to all Workspaces in a single partition? I...
    Jean Borich
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