• Lead Scoring for Events

    Hello,   We are seeing an increase of live event campaign types coming into our Ops department. We are currently only scoring behaviorally based predominately on email, website activities. We are hearing an incr...
    Peter DeMichele
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  • Is there a report I can pull that shows how much each leads' score has increased/decreased from activity only in that engagement program?

    I want to see how much a leads' score has changed from behavioral activity in an engagement program. Right now I have been going through each lead activity and manually counting. 
    Morgan Flaharty
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  • Scoring Persons/Leads by Demographic Values - Can't Activate

    Hello,   I'm fairly new to Marketo.  Trying to setup Scoring.  We do not have Sales Insights or Salesforce.       I have an OP - Scoring - Demographic Program, but since it's based...
    Liz Krause
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  • Sirius Decisions Lead Scoring Model vs. Marketo's Model

    Hi - I'm interested in hearing some pros and cons to using each of these lead scoring models.  I have limited experience implementing lead scoring, but have been introduced to the Sirius Decisions model.  It...
    Lisa Heay
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  • Activity Log is not showing the score activities

    Hi Guys,   Over the last week our system has created a couple of leads where the activity log is empty. Although, when I go into Salesforce and look them up their MSI Tab is full of interesting moments I review t...
    Carlos Barrera
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  • HELP! engagement program design question!

    Hi i have started planning the design for an engagement nurture program, i am looking for someone to peer review it and tell me things which i have missed or things i need to think about.    It is a simple ...
    Michael O'Donnell
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  • Is this Lead Score Change Flow correct?

    I'm looking at some flows that were set up in the past (not by me). I'm trying to understand how it was set up.    We have flows that looks like the below and   Are these normal ways to set it up...
    Danielle Chan
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  • Marketo Sales Insight - Email Name Appearing as Token

    Hi -    In salesforce, in the Marketo Sales Insight section under email, the automated emails aren't showing the subject line, but instead showing the token {{my.email_subject}}. Any ideas as to why this ke...
    Kristen Altamura
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  • What does an email engagement score mean?

    So if I have an engagement score of 45 on one of my emails, what does that mean? How do they come to the conclusion of it being rated a 45?
    Nate Deacon
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  • What's the best way to create a Digital Sales Funnel on Marketo?

    I want to create a Digital Sales Funnel, to ultimately generate leads through our email efforts. I was wondering if anyone had any tips to get started, or best practices to generating real leads through your email eff...
    Nate Deacon
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  • Using a trigger with an "in past" date of activity

    Question for the group:   Normally triggers only fire when the triggering action is done. E.g., contacts are only enrolled in a smart campaign with the Fills out Form trigger if they meet smart list criteria at ...
    Amanda Giacobassi
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  • How to differentiate organic vs paid social on boosted LinkedIn posts (outside of UTMs)

    We have social - paid and social - unpaid setup as lead sources within our Marketo instance. When we obtain conversions via LinkedIn, I have seen the referral path URLs range from: https://www.linkedin.com/ http:/...
    Katie Goldsmith
    created by Katie Goldsmith
  • How to gather the data being entered on a Marketo Webform.

    Hello, I am currently trying to create an email campaign for an upcoming event that includes an “RSVP” function.     I have already created the form on Marketo and have embedded its code o...
    Kalpana Prasad
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  • Limit Assets to Workspace Using Is Any or Contains

    In a conundrum here, I have a situation where I need to score only on actions taken in a particular Workspace. If I use "Is Any" or "Contains" in the Campaign Triggers, it will include ALL of the Assets/Actions across...
    Michelle Lewis
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    HI Everyone,   Urgently need help to remove some people from a campaign.   Program:       I add new members each week. I have to remove some people as well based on certain rules in Smart...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • New website lead form

    Hello,   We are trying to set up forms for reps to check if a lead has already been created / assigned to an owner already. We use both salesforce and marketo and have a big problem with duplicates and need to m...
    Anna Flynn
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  • Subscription Center

    Hello Everyone,   If you are Marketo guru then you can help me out. I am looking for some help with subscription center. 1. I have created a landing page / form / smart campaigns. 2. This form is having many op...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • How do I create a single report that shows number of contacts who have unsubscribed by month, by lead source in a table?

    We are looking to create a report that shows how many contacts have un-subscribed each month by lead source. A mock-up is shown below for context:   Lead Source January February March Website 10 30 15 Blog 30 2...
    Thomas Mahoney
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  • Cloning Emails NOT working!

    Is anyone else having trouble cloning emails in @marketo? I tried yesterday and again this morning, and I get the following error message: Program clone failed — Failed to clone email batch program    ...
    Christy Gooding
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  • Landing page not fully visible on cell phone / other devices

    Hello, This page is not visible still completely on the Mobile.Marketo people have said that try getting a web developer. This landing page is a guided template. Just want to know why it is not opening completely on...
    Nimisha Garg
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