• HTML Editing Landing Page

    Hi All,   The next question for you all is: I am creating a landing page as a clone from LP template.   Can I know how to edit the HTML coding? I don't see it anywhere. And also how can I bring these image...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • How to stop Demographic Scoring re-AQLing our Leads?

    Hi all,   We have a triggered program that listens out for changes in the fields that we want to demo score on and if it detects any, it does the following:   1) Clear Demo Score 2) Set Person Score = Beh...
    Luben Solev
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  • Merge contacts in SFDC

    Hi Community I want to ask Is there a way in Marketo to make sure a merged record doesn’t add the scores together? I have upload a list in Marketo but SFDC automatically merged and sum the scores creating a mql....
    Carlos Barrera
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  • Zoom and Marketo Integration

    Hi everyone!  I am looking at moving away from my current webinar provider to Zoom, and I would love some feedback from other Marketo + Zoom users.    1. How quickly after a webinar is completed do the...
    Rachel Bryan
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  • Predictive Scoring

    We are looking at a predictive lead scoring vendor.   Does anybody have suggestions or recommendations? How did you develop your model? Does Anybody use SFDC Einstein Analytics? All feedback is welcomed.
    Casey Muller
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  • UTM striping out when we click the link in email

    We have created UTMs for links in our email. Normally all the UTMs are working fine but one with a pop up module and one with youtube link is striping out the UTM. Is this normal? What could the solution be for this one?
    Preeti Kapasi
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  • Split behavioral scoring for different products

    I want to setup behavioral scoring, but different scoring fields for different products. So I would have as score fields scoring_behavioral_product1 scoring_behavioral_product2 One of the elements influencing ...
    Franky Ruysschaert
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  • Associating Google Ads Campaign Data with Anonymous Traffic

    Hi Everyone,   I've been searching for days and have not been able to find an answer to this question. I'm new to Marketo so at the moment I'm just chalking this up to a lack of understanding rather than a platf...
    Jeff Barfield
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  • How to limit Marketo Sales Insight "Score" information to only Lead Score.

    Our scoring system has three Score fields: Demographic Score, Behavior Score, and Person/Lead Score, where Demographic Score + Behavior Score = Lead Score. When a person completed a scored activity, tho...
    Ashley Long
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  • Preventing Demo Score Reset from Re-AQLing a lead

    Hi all,   I have a conundrum that I hope you guys can help with.   We have demographic score rest as discussed on this page: https://www.marketingrockstarguides.com/demographic-rescoring-marketo-2726/ ...
    Luben Solev
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  • Guide to MQL, SAL, SQL Tracking and Definitions

    Hi,    I'm tasked with tracking our MQLs, SALs, SQLs etc. I'm trying to find a good course or book that explains what each should mean and what are the best ways to track these in Salesforce. Any suggestion...
    Atif Mahmood
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  • Email Address Filter (Max)

    I am always running into the email filter hitting the max cap in a smart list. Usually I am safe at about 2000 emails, before i get the max cap. What is the actual allowance?
    Tara Rowe
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  • Lead Scoring for Events

    Hello,   We are seeing an increase of live event campaign types coming into our Ops department. We are currently only scoring behaviorally based predominately on email, website activities. We are hearing an incr...
    Peter DeMichele
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  • Is there a report I can pull that shows how much each leads' score has increased/decreased from activity only in that engagement program?

    I want to see how much a leads' score has changed from behavioral activity in an engagement program. Right now I have been going through each lead activity and manually counting. 
    Morgan Flaharty
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  • Scoring Persons/Leads by Demographic Values - Can't Activate

    Hello,   I'm fairly new to Marketo.  Trying to setup Scoring.  We do not have Sales Insights or Salesforce.       I have an OP - Scoring - Demographic Program, but since it's based...
    Liz Krause
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  • Sirius Decisions Lead Scoring Model vs. Marketo's Model

    Hi - I'm interested in hearing some pros and cons to using each of these lead scoring models.  I have limited experience implementing lead scoring, but have been introduced to the Sirius Decisions model.  It...
    Lisa Heay
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  • Activity Log is not showing the score activities

    Hi Guys,   Over the last week our system has created a couple of leads where the activity log is empty. Although, when I go into Salesforce and look them up their MSI Tab is full of interesting moments I review t...
    Carlos Barrera
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  • HELP! engagement program design question!

    Hi i have started planning the design for an engagement nurture program, i am looking for someone to peer review it and tell me things which i have missed or things i need to think about.    It is a simple ...
    Michael O'Donnell
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  • Is this Lead Score Change Flow correct?

    I'm looking at some flows that were set up in the past (not by me). I'm trying to understand how it was set up.    We have flows that looks like the below and   Are these normal ways to set it up...
    Danielle Chan
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  • Marketo Sales Insight - Email Name Appearing as Token

    Hi -    In salesforce, in the Marketo Sales Insight section under email, the automated emails aren't showing the subject line, but instead showing the token {{my.email_subject}}. Any ideas as to why this ke...
    Kristen Altamura
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