• Lead Scoring and Lifecycle Implementation

    We are going to be implementing our first lead scoring model and lead lifecycle model at the start of 2020. Prior to this, there was no real formal process for how leads are handled. This is all changing with the laun...
    Jean Borich
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  • Predictive Lead Scoring success?

    Wondering whether any Marketo customers have had any success with particular vendors? We use SFDC in conjunction w Marketo and sell B2B. Any recommendations or info greatly appreciated.
    Stephen McLennan
    created by Stephen McLennan
  • Greeting leads by gender in German emails

    I am running a campaign in Germany and the proper way to address the audience is by Dear Mr./Mrs followed by surname. In this case sehr geehrte frau [Last Name], or sehr geehrter herr [Last Name]. Currently...
    Eni Hill
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  • Lead scoring and insights at Marketo

    Hello, I am a product manager at Marketo and looking to capturing feedback on the different type of lead scoring implementations in our Marketo. Would love to understand your implementation, limitations...
    Sreekanth Reddy
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  • Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML) for marketing

    Recently, I have been looking at a lot of AI/ML based tools or solutions for marketers. Market analysts like Gartner, say AI growth in sales and marketing is expected to grow into than a trillion $ industry ...
    Sreekanth Reddy
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  • Track visits and links on the thank you pages to score and send autoresponder emails.

    Hi All   Let me write down my question much clearly, I am trying to do the following setup:   Scoring the leads who clicked on the link (to download a PDF, Doc or excel, etc) on thank-you pages. (Multiple ...
    Prithvi kumar
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  • Lead Score / Interesting Moments Ideas

    Hello Community!   I write to ask for your ideas .  we have implemented a lead scoring system and I am looking for ideas to improve the model we currently have. All ideas are welcome!!!   Current...
    Tali Levi
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  • Auto-MQL campaign

    We are implementing a new scoring structure where several actions will result in an auto-mql. Is there a best practice on auto-mqling?    What does your flow look like for that. Wondering how to handle the ...
    Steph Anderson
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  • If I zero-out everyones score, will their statuses change?

    Our current lead score model has been running once every hour and over-scoring people, so we want to pause behavioral scoring, zero out everyone's scores, input new scoring tokens, and then backfill the scores fo...
    Joanna Witkowski
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  • Can you filter on a portion of a Marketo Program Name, i.e. Marketo Program Name "contains" xyz?

    Can you filter on a portion of a Marketo Program Name, i.e. Marketo Program Name "contains" xyz?  I am trying to work out our scoring from a Marketo instance I have adopted, where they already have a lot of proce...
    Nancy Rosenthal
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  • Scalable Marketing Funnel Structure for Multiple Product Lines

    Over the past year, the B2B software company that I currently work at has gone from offering 1 product, to 2 products, to now offering 5 different products. When we transitioned from 1 product to 2 products, we s...
    Sean Kennedy
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  • How to track the program that caused a lead to hit your scoring threshold (MQL)?

    Hello, I am trying to set up tracking so that I can see the program that caused a record to reach a scoring threshold. In our system that threshold is 100 points. I have already built the filed to store the info in an...
    Terry Burgess
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  • How to invoke custom activity by using js munchkin function for link click

    I want to post extra details under user's activity when certain type of anchors are clicked, basically want to differentiate between anchors which are open to public and those which are locked(secured ones), so i know...
    Akhilesh Singh
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  • Engagement Scoring Decay

    We are trying to come up with a general engagement scoring model in our Marketo Instance.   Right now we are the beginning phases (creating the model and let it run in the background for a month or two before ro...
    Angus McCann
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  • Lead scoring - combining Marketo & Salesforce insights

    Looking for a bit of best practice from anyone who has done something similar..   We want to combine some of our prospect scoring/engagement alerts with data fed through from Salesforce.   Scenario 1: we w...
    Carly Stevens
    created by Carly Stevens
  • Previewed email are considered as open ?

    Hello,   I have a question about the filter Email is open. When an email is considered as open ? Is it open if the user just preview it ?   Thanks
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  • Revamping Lead Lifecycle Program - Edit existing or create a new one?

    Hi,   We have evaluated our lead lifecycle model and the programs that run it, and have decided we need to make some changes --add certain lifecycle statuses, delete others, etc. Mostly, we will be condensing th...
    Leticia DoPrado
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  • Integrating code from BeePro to Marketo... why is the code cutting off in the Marketo email code editor?

    I've never had an issue copying code over from BeePro into Marketo, but today it's acting all weird. The second half of my email doesn't get copied over. Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?
    Nate Deacon
    created by Nate Deacon
  • Is a marketo downlaodable asset (PDF URL) considered a webpage visit?

    Hi,   When I upload a PDF as a downloadable asset in Design Studio, if someone clicks on the URL for the PDF that was generated by Marketo, and they scroll through the PDF, is that considered / captured as ...
    Leticia DoPrado
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  • HTML Editing Landing Page

    Hi All,   The next question for you all is: I am creating a landing page as a clone from LP template.   Can I know how to edit the HTML coding? I don't see it anywhere. And also how can I bring these image...
    Nimisha Garg
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