• How do I handle flow of leads that enter multiple programs?

    What is the best way to set up a Smart Campaign in this scenario? Each PRODUCT is its own individual Engagement Program. I’m showing four programs (A, B, C, D) here but this will become 10-15 individual progra...
    Ronn Burner
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  • Default campaign - how to make sure new people added get email 1

    Hello Marketo Team,   I have created a campaign using default channel. This campaign will send 8 emails in different intervals to a static list. These emails will go out on different days and times......  ...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Leadscoring and lead nurturing presentations and videos

    Hi all,   I am looking for some guidance around lead scoring and lead nurturing and wondered if anyone had any presentations that they use when communicating about Marketo internally? The audience is an inside ...
    Malcolm Price
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  • Custom Dedupe Rule and Multiple Domains

    Through an acquisition, we are adding a new business unit (BU) that has its own website/domain which will be maintained going forward. We are not using workspaces or partitions; the same munchkin code will be on both ...
    Juliet Forte
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  • _method=GET in Rest APIs

    As per http://developers.marketo.com/rest-api/error-codes/   We can convert a GET API to POST type by appending _method=GET in URL   Would this also be done to make API hits more secure ?, as POST reques...
  • Managing Duplicates - Matching data (FN, LN, Phone, Company, ZIP) but different email

    Marketo community,   Question for everyone on how they manage duplicates that have the same lead info on all fields but email. Due to our very large lead database, we often see leads come in that already exist i...
    Thomas Cyr
    created by Thomas Cyr
  • Open New Tab After Form Submission for Downloads

    Hi! We are creating a new website and I'm having some trouble with the downloads / resources section. When a visitor fills in a form, they are redirected to the PDF file which is an external URL. This completely close...
  • _marketo_comments hidden field

    Hi all, Does this hidden field still stop bots from filling out forms?  We have an embedded form with this field enabled but we still receive a regular amount of bot spam. (i just wrote "bot spam") Our form is...
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  • Adding Social Media / Google Adwords as campaigns and connecting to Marketo

    Hi,   Is there a way to integrate social media campaigns into existing campaigns? or is it possible to include google adwords into campaigns in Marketo?   I know you need a google adwords account - running...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Marketo Landing Page

      Hello Marketo Team,   I need to remove this white space in between "logo" and the header image / banner image.   DO you need HTML code pasted here? Which part of the code will you need?   ...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Export All Fields in Marketo

    Hi there! I am trying to export all the fields listed in the field management section in Marketo including all the custom fields associated to Marketo only & not SFDC and SFDC opportunity fields.   We tried...
    Michelle Tang
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  • Intentional Duplicate Lead Question

    My company's sales department is split up by product line. Team A, for example, sells Cameras. Team B sells media equipment. Typically, there is not much overlap in customer for these 2 groups.   My company is t...
    Steve Schimmel
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  • Hidden fields and SFDC sync

    We have a few fields which are hidden in admin section. These fields were synced from SFDC to Marketo and still have the mapping. My question is that, does Marketo integration still sync the data for these hidden fiel...
    Amit Jain
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  • Marketo cannot identify web form fillout: <unknown>

    I've been noticing that some records are entering in the database through a web form fill out. However Marketo cannot identify the name of the form (substituting <unknown>) they filled out to do so.   Ha...
    Dan Radu
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  • Tracking with .pdf links hosted in Mkto?

    I send a test email to myself, clicked the email CTA, which took me to a Thank You page with a link to a PDF. I clicked the link to PDF. This was logged as Clicked Link on Web Page. However this doesn't always work. I...
    Balkar Singh
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  • Is this the right way to Delete Person from Marketo, but NOT SFDC?

    I want to set up a flow step to delete a person from Marketo, but keep them in SFDC. Can anyone confirm if the way I set it up is correct?   Thanks!!
    Danielle Chan
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  • URGENT - Engagement Program - Set CADENCE

    I have 3 engagement programs running right now.   My team wants to change the set cadence  and change "EVERY - 3 Week (S) <<< and before it was "Every - 1 week (S)"   It is not allowing me to...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • iCapture integration with Marketo

    We have our badge scans which worked nicely using iCapture on our devices. We are having issues getting the leads synced over to Marketo following the event data merge.   Does anyone have any insight on the para...
    Noel Nicholas
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  • How to Merge Duplicate Records

    I have almost 2,000 duplicate records that I need to merge into one record (with the most recent information). I'm not looking for a third-party tool, but am wondering what the process is to manually merge records int...
    Traffic Agency
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  • API Documentation Question - Activities

    Looking for ANY documentation anyone has or has found about three specific activity types in the API:   Activity ID      Description 113        &...
    Chris Wilcox
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