• Assign Task to SFDC Account Owner

    Is there a way to assign a task to the Account owner instead of the Contact owner when the SFDC type is Contact?
    Jon Jagelsky
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  • Scoring Persons/Leads by Demographic Values - Can't Activate

    Hello,   I'm fairly new to Marketo.  Trying to setup Scoring.  We do not have Sales Insights or Salesforce.       I have an OP - Scoring - Demographic Program, but since it's based...
    Liz Krause
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  • Update to program status in Marketo

    We're tracking paid advertising efforts through a program channel called "paid advertising" and managing through smart campaigns; however, we're experiencing an issue with tracking.   Questions: Question 1: If...
    Morgan Corbett
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  • Most recent lead activity

    As a new Marketo user, I'm looking to see how I can see the latest activity related to a lead/contact. For instance, I have a list of leads that were sent rolling emails and I want to be able to report on how many lea...
    Gina Singh
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  • Leads with the exact same email listed twice in Marketo

    Why do I have leads with the exact same email address listed multiple time in Marketo? I thought Marketo automatically merged leads with the same email address.
    created by 3642
  • Marking people as unsuspended during a campaign flow

    I sent an email to 342 people, but 297 were marked as email blocked. Those 297 didn't receive the email. I went in after the first send and marked those 297 as unsuspended. Are they going to receive any subsequent ...
    Nick Nappo
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  • How to populate the native company name or lead name?

    Hi, As we are going WW, we have more and more leads/contacts with non-English names and companies, like Korean, Chinese etc. How can I populate both the lead name in English and in Chinese? Can they co-existed?...
    Ophir Gal
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  • Activity Log is not showing the score activities

    Hi Guys,   Over the last week our system has created a couple of leads where the activity log is empty. Although, when I go into Salesforce and look them up their MSI Tab is full of interesting moments I review t...
    Carlos Barrera
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  • Hundreds of Duplicates Created by Marketo Sync - Advice?

    Hi all, I spent some quality time yesterday doing two cleanups in Marketo: 1. Making sure I included (and ran) an "Influenced" smart campaign for all of my programs (I had a training session on Analytics and realiz...
  • Token is already in use and cannot be deleted

    I created few tokens at Folder level and used tokens for campaign request to send emails and  thought of removing one of these token from the folder and creating at program level. But when i try to delete i am ge...
  • Data Cleansing - Remove Dashes '-' from Mobile Number Field

    I want to standardize my Mobile Number field to just the 10-digit of the phone number.   Is there a way to use two different Smart Campaigns? IF Mobile Number Contains '-'  >> Write "wrong" data val...
    Jeremy Caverly
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  • Marketo Sales Insight - Email Name Appearing as Token

    Hi -    In salesforce, in the Marketo Sales Insight section under email, the automated emails aren't showing the subject line, but instead showing the token {{my.email_subject}}. Any ideas as to why this ke...
    Kristen Altamura
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  • How do I replace emails in an active stream?

    How would you replace emails within an active stream with entirely new emails that A. Does not deploy to exhausted members and B. Only to the new leads that have entered the stream?   For context... I have Trig...
    Ronn Burner
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  • Delete Leads from Marketo Database But Keep them in Salesforce

    My Marketo instance is currently synched to Salesforce and I'd like to delete around 2,000 leads from the Marketo Database. However, is there a way to keep their information in Salesforce so our sales team can still a...
    Edem Jimbo
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  • Schedule Smart List Subscription Runs

    Is there a way to schedule a Smart List to be sent to someone at a specific date/time?  I don't want a running subscription that goes out daily or weekly, but would be sent 2 weeks from now on Monday morning.
    Blane McMichen
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  • How to overcome the inability to sync a new lead when it already exists as a contact within CRM?

    Our company is very account-centric.  Meaning, much of our business is done with a defined number of companies around the world - many of them, existing accounts.  We're coaching our sales teams to clean/inp...
    Dan Stevens.
    created by Dan Stevens.
  • How do we create a lead funnel report in marketo?

    Hi All   Below is the requirement for the report : 1.To understand the lead flow [ Inquiry > Engaged > MQL > SAL ] etc. 2.Average time (days) taken for a lead to move from one stage to another stage. ...
    Prithvi Kumar
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  • Gated form, FT or not

    If a lead visits our website, still as anonymous, but then fills out a form on our website for gated content,  would this firsts form fill out be considered a Campaign FT? Their Medium and Source Detail Ft would ...
    James Zolinski
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  • Identifying Prospects From Landing Page Forms

    FORMS   Hi we just about to start using Marketo, my question is in relation to forms, we have created a global form to be used on  different product landing pages.    My question is how can i ide...
  • SFDC sync - pick list addition not showing up in Marketo

    Hi, We added a new item to a pick list for the field Job Level in SFDC.   There are both leads and contacts in SFDC with this new job level.  The pick list is identical for both Leads and Contacts in S...
    Diane Kelley
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