• Embedding Video on Landing Page hosted on Vimeo

    Hi all, We'd like to embed a video on our landing page that's hosted on Vimeo (In the past we've only been using YouTube out-of-the-box drag and drop feature). Please see questions below. 1.) Are videos hosted on Vi...
    Tom Kerlin
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  • Salesforce and Marketo Migration to new instances

    Hello all - I believe this thread belongs here, but please let me know if not, happy to move or have it moved it.   We're undergoing a Salesforce migration to a fresh new org, and we learned we'll need a new ins...
    Victor Bloise
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  • Recommendations for email cadence and dialers

    We are currently looking for an inexpensive and easy to use dialer and email cadence tool which integrates with Salesforce and syncs to Marketo. Out of the box MSI is great but we are looking for a cadence tool that i...
    Right Source
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  • Disabling native campaign sync

    I'm running a project to clean up and standardize SFDC campaign statuses, but am running into a problem with the campaign sync.   My instance does not use the native campaign sync, but rather always changes stat...
    Brendon Ritz
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  • GoToWebinar Simulated Live Integration

    Has anyone tried using GTW's simulated live beta with Marketo integration. Both GTW and Marketo confirmed that Marketo isn't supporting the beta version, but I'm not really sure how to test the program without the Mar...
    Stephanie Ristow
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  • Marketo form for Wistia

    Hello, all of our marketo forms do not look that nice when selected for a wistia video. Does anyone have some simple CSS to make forms look nice inside a wistia video? Or how do you get them to look nice and clean wit...
    Nick Weirens
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  • Ad Bridge Continuous Audience Sync

    We have heard from many of you regarding how important Ad Bridge continuous audience sync is to your business, so we are going to build it! We actually made this announcement last week at our Marketing Nation Summit, ...
    Frank Passantino
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  • Access to Developers

    Hello Nation One of my clients have hired an external developer who wants access to REST API to build integrations. To restrict access and to safeguard information we have suggested to set the Role to Access API - Rea...
    Horatius Joachim
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  • WebEx Registration ID

    When creating a WebEx event synced with Marketo, I know the Registration Required button has to be checked for the sync to work - however, as others have mentioned, when they go to join the event, they're prompted to ...
    Lauren Linsalata
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  • Thank You message not appearing in after Form submission in iFrame

    I've crated a landing page with a Form inside of it. I am showing the landing page+form via an iFrame in a popup . The form shows up correctly and submits properly, but the Thank You message is never shown (still ha...
    Beth Blackburn
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  • Marketo Integration with Sprinklr

    Just curious if anyone has tried to integrate social media management system Sprinklr (http://www.sprinklr.com) with Marketo for lead capturing and activity tracking? Thank you.
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  • Accound specific field on lead object?

    Is it possible to surface an account specific field on the lead object in SFDC?   So I noticed that we are populating the field "Phone (SFDC Account)" and pushing this to SFDC.   I want to be able to surfa...
    Bryant Chang
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  • Data retention policy change

    Hi - as the data retention policy change is coming into effect next month I was wondering what others are doing in preparation?   I will use the bulk api to get previous activities and store them locally. Any ad...
    Marco Tavecchio
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  • Multichannel Campaigning in Lead nurturing

    Dear all,   We combined Retargeting, Web Personalization and Marketing Automation on our new Website. Therefore we also would like to set up multichanel campaigns in Marketo. So in the lead nurturing process we ...
    Sandra Lehnst
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  • Smart list with Opportunity fields

    I would like to use Opportunity fields in my smart list.  For example, Stage and Created date will help me find stalled opportunities and nudge them along. Here is an example of the data we are bringing in: But...
    Ron Olech
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  • Validation on form submission

    Hey,   Our web team came to me asking how they can leverage Marketo api to get to this goal:   Only people (email addresses) attending an event can access content behind a non-Marketo form, hosted on a no...
    Simon Lessard
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  • Submitting Munchkin cookie as _mkto_trk through leadCapture/save

    For a variety of reasons, on our new website we are posting our lead forms to the leadCapture/save endpoint. Everything is working well except associating the munchkin cookie. From other posts I can see that we should...
    Ashley Blanchard
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  • Receiving "Access Denied" for most API calls

    I have a custom Service and am attempting to make REST API calls to retrieve activities. In doing so, I am getting nothing but "Access Denied" errors such as:   {"requestId":<...>,"success":false,"errors":...
  • Is there a way to create List through REST API ?

    Wanted to know if i can create a list (not add lead to list ) through REST API.   Checking on http://developers.marketo.com/rest-api/endpoint-reference/lead-database-endpoint-reference/#!/Static_Lists/getListsUs...
    Aparna Srinivasan
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  • No, sandy@gmail isn’t an “incomplete” e-mail address!

    The Forms 2.0 Email type — just like a standard HTML <input type="email"> — won't throw an error on email addresses like:   sandy@gmail jeff@amazon alejandra@zz That is, domains with only a sing...
    Sanford Whiteman
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