• Email stats being written into SF custom object

    Can an emails stats (number delivered; number open; number click) be written from Marketo into a SF custom object?   Previous marketing automation tools I've used we could do this so that some reporting could be...
    Jaime Servaes
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  • How to Get Contact-Opportunity Relationships in Dynamics to Sync to Marketo?

    Hi Gang, We are in the process of testing our Dynamics 365 sync to Marketo in our Sandbox.    We were pleasantly surprised to find that our Contact-Opportunity relationships previously managed as Dynamic...
    Adam Monago
    created by Adam Monago
  • Marketo Migration

    Hi,   We are planning to migrate our Marketo programs and forms from one production Instance to completely new Marketo production instance. Marketo support said they will open the bridge between the two instance....
    Ashok Kumar
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  • DescribeMObject SOAP API does NOT return "MarketoGUID"

    As per the announcement Important Change to Activity Records in Marketo APIs, while trying with SOAP API v3.1, found that the describeMObject SOAP API for "ActivityRecord" object, does NOT return the newly added "mark...
    Anil Upadhyay
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  • Can I retrieve custom object's data without filters form the API?

    Hi, I'm trying to retrieve data of custom objects from the API but I'd like to do que query without filters, to retrieve all the rows of a custom object. Can I do that?   I'm doing a request like this: https:/...
    Nicolas Brisoux
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  • Sync with Sugar CRM - tips anyone?

    Hi All, just wondering if anyone has used the Nepo connector and synced with Sugar CRM? During the integration some of our lead capture pages/forms sync to Sugar, and some of the new ones will sync to Marketo.  I...
  • Adding Custom Fields to Opportunity Object

    I wonder if it’s possible to add custom fields to Opportunity object?   We are building an API integration between Marketo and a in-house CRM and need to include additional date fields into the Opportunity...
    Olga Khadieva
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  • Now Accepting Applications for 2018 Champion Program!

    Hi everyone,   I'm excited to share that we are now taking applications for the 2018 Champion program! If you're interested in applying, please complete the application here by January 8th, 2018.   About T...
    Kevin Lau
    created by Kevin Lau
  • GDRP, Sales Imported Leads, and Salesforce Sync

    Team,   Im hoping to gain some insight in to how other Marketo admins are bracing for GDRP compliance.   We currently have a complete two way sync between Marketo and Salesforce for leads from all sources,...
    Erik Eaton
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  • SurveyMonkey & Marketo for satisfaction surveys

    Hello,   We would like to measure the satisfaction of our webinars and events.   We use GoToWebinar and we have a SurveyMonkey « avantage » subscription. I read in the Community that the integra...
    Vincent Feruglio
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  • New Salesforce Field Not Syncing correctly

    My Sales Ops team created a new field in the the salesforce opportunity. The field is "number of quotes", which counts the number of quotes associated with the opportunity. The new field populated the number of quotes...
    Paul Johnson
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  • Question: Best Way to Manage Promo Person on Account Object

    Hey There Fellow Marketo-ers!   I have a question for you all. We run an annual user group conference. Existing customers are given 2 free tickets to attend. We assign a person at a customer Account as a "VIP". ...
    Troy Larson
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  • Sitecore & Marketo Integration

    We are migrating our website to Sitecore this year. Any tips for integrating Sitecore with Marketo? Best practices? Does anyone continue to use Marketo landing pages, or do they embed the form on a Sitecore page?
    Rachel Hering
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  • Send Lead Data from MKTO to SFDC Web-to-Lead Form

    Hi Community!   Looking to see if someone has had experience passing/posting data from their Marketo instance to another company's SFDC Web-to-Lead form?   We've recently started working very closely with ...
    Valerie Armstrong
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  • Importing Marketo Opportunities

    I want to use the "object" - Opportunities to add our sales data into Marketo (I want to use this data in a variety of ways, such as removing people from our emails who recently made a purchase). I cannot figure ou...
    Katie Frank
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  • Issue with Marketo-Gainsight integration

    I know this is a pretty unique issue I am posting but hoping other users might be able to help.   I am running into an issue around our integration with Gainsight and was wondering if other Marketo users have ru...
    Michael Guanci
    created by Michael Guanci
  • RichRelevance + Marketo

    Has anyone integrated richrelevance and Marketo? We are working on getting product recommendations into our emails but since the links don't have the tracking code i'm not sure if it is possible to track link clicks o...
    Megan Crone
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  • New leads not showing in Marketo but are in Salesforce!

    Is anyone else noticing any issues in your instance this morning?   I have noticed that new leads into our system don't seem to be showing up on the Marketo side.  When I search for them in the database it ...
    Gerard Donnelly
    created by Gerard Donnelly
  • Using a token for a form follow up page

    Our CRM is not currently integrated with Marketo and we need to automatically update the CRM when someone unsubscribes.   We had been using the following type of a link that was inserted in the footer of the ema...
    Olga Khadieva
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  • Marketo and Dynamics Field Sync Issue

    Hello,   Has anyone ever had an issue with certain fields not syncing over from Marketo to Microsoft Dynamics? In our case, the lead and all fields except "Lead source" are being synced from Marketo to Dynamics....
    Trevor Parsell
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