• GDPR - using email scripting to slowly requalify

    Hi everyone   I'm sure the new European GDPR rules are causing some alarm....like us, you may have realised that you don't have complete subscription information for everyone in your database. In our case, we ha...
    Phillip Wild
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  • API Troubleshooting

    I'm working with a marketing partner on a REST API. It was working for two forms and now only working for one form. So most of what they are doing is working. Based on usage report I can see that there are API hits fo...
    Nina Gonzalez
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  • Calling/Extracting/Mapping fields from Custom Objects (and Zoom)?

    Hi,   We are using Zoom as our webinar platform and want the user registration details to be automatically imported into Marketo. This is currently done via webhook and is working properly for the standard form ...
    Alex Fusman
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  • MKTO + AdWords - UTMS, Query Strings, and Multiple Forms

    Hi all, My team recently launched our first Adwords campaign. We created specific landing pages per ad group, and used a new Adwords-specific form thinking that people will land, fill that form out, and we'd be able ...
    Spencer Phillips
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  • Adding Current Date Time in WebHook to Salesforce

    I'm building a custom integration from Marketo to Salesforce using WebHooks and I'd like to populate a Salesforce field with the date or datetime that the WebHook is executed. I see that there is a system datetime tok...
    Ben Neal
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  • Email to Two Contacts in Same Company

    Hello Marketo Community,   We are looking to do Marketo or integrated services campaign where the following occurs:   1) Contacts are placed into an ongoing engagement program 2) A lead takes some form of...
    Raksha Rathnam
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  • SnapApp Best Practices

    We are getting ready to start using SnapApp over the next week or so. We've got it synced up with Marketo, now just waiting for our first app to be built and then start the real work. Anyone have experience with imple...
    Chris Saporito
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  • Integrations for WeChat using Nexmo or Verticurl? Any others?

    Does anyone have experience integrating WeChat using Nexmo or Verticurl? Or are there other partners that support this integration with Marketo as well?   We are currently looking to add WeChat capabilities to o...
  • Marketo custom objects - many to many relationship

    Hi brains trust   I'm reading through these docs around Marketo Custom Objects: Understanding Marketo Custom Objects - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation   Here's what I'm trying to do...we have a list ...
    Phillip Wild
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  • I want to know is it worth spending on Unbounce when you already have Marketo?

    I want to know Pro's and Cons of Marketo & Unbounce Integration.
    Charli Bagga
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  • Simultaneous Webinar Registrations w. On24

    We were auditing 5 upcoming webinars, which we are promoting all together in a single email, and noticed that some people are registering for multiple webinars all within just minutes of each other and are not syncing...
    Kaitlyn Pimentel
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  • Can we use 3 legged OAuth security policy in Marketo?

    I am am using rest call on Marketo objects. For authentication we are using 2 legged Oauth policy. Does it also support 3 legged oauth?
    shalindra singh
    created by shalindra singh
  • Are there any Cvent + Marketo users here?

    We onboarded Cvent this summer, great tool and had all of the features we wanted. However we started to notice a few issues with the data from Cvent syncing to Marketo. We set up everything as instructed and was told ...
    Ayan Talukder
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  • Anyone using Bizzabo for event management?

    Hello! Is anyone using Bizzabo for event management software? What is your integration like? I know they don't offer integration to Marketo, which I prefer, but curious about anyone else's experience.
    Kailey Belsher
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  • Marketo Sales Insight Batch Change?

    Is there a way to flag the "Publish to Marketo Sales Insight" checkbox  off/on via the API? I've been poking around on the Marketo Developers site, but I've been unable to find anything. Asking because we have a ...
  • Marketo tracking cookie

    Hi, I would like to use code snippet for clearing Marketo tracking cookie from forms submission( form.addHiddenFields({"_mkt_trk":""});). I am wondering is it possible to use it as if condition, for example, if you do...
    Igor Tosic
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  • Marketo and Google Adwords Integration

    Hi fellow Marketo users, I am looking to integrate our Adwords Account with Marketo, to enable us to track and attribute leads to our Adwords activity. Has anyone had success with linking their Google Adwords to w...
    Ele de Vere
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  • Velocitip: Use ArrayList.equals() for multiple comparisons

        Velocity is the only language where Brevity for Brevity's Sake is OK.     In other languages, reducing total lines of code (LOC) with show-offy shortcuts just means your code will mak...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • Best Web Based Webinar Provider?

    Hi all,   Does anyone have experience with awesome webinar providers that do not require attendees to download the webinar app before joining the webinar? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!  ...
    Camille Crandall
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  • sfdc campaign member status not matching

    Hi guys! We are using a smart campaign to update the SFDC campaign member status in Marketo. For some odd reason, the status reverts back. For example, for a webinar, we want to track who attended and did not attend b...
    Michelle Tang
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