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Hello Marketing Nation,


Thanks for tuning into the third edition of our limited Sneak Preview series, where we preview all the exciting changes coming to Community in January 2020. Today, we’ll be discussing how gamification will work on your new Community – check out the details below!


Level and Points Mapping: Perhaps the gamification aspects our customers care about the most are levels and points. You’re probably wondering - what’s going to happen to them?! Worry not, levels will mostly remain the same, with there being a total of 10 levels. We have worked closely with our integration teams to ensure that the level you were at in the old community remains the same on the new platform. That being said, some of you may see that you are 1 level higher or lower than usual. As always, if you notice a significant change in your level (i.e. if you were originally level 5 and are now level 3), please feel free to message me and we’ll work something out!

With the move over to a new platform, points will no longer be visible to our customers. Though there will still be a points system to track user level progression, it is a backend system that is not public facing by default. We understand how important points are to you, so we are hard at work building a custom solution to make your points visible to you in the future!


Migrating Badges: On our current community, there are a plethora of badges that Marketo awards for completion of specific activities. Some of these badges also have multiple tiers, with the threshold to complete each tier increasing at every level. In order to maintain a similar gamification environment, most of these achievements will remain the same. However, some badges rely on the completion of actions that will no longer be trackable – such as voting in polls. As a result, a some Community badges will be migrated over as “legacy” badges, meaning that these badges will be visible on your profile, but will no longer be attainable on the new platform.  


The following badges on our current Community will be migrated over as “legacy” badges:


Groupie – Join a group of interest to you.

Sociable – Post a status update.

Bookworm – Bookmark 3 pieces of content.

Opinionated – Rate 3 pieces of content.

Likely Voter – Vote in 3 polls.

You’re It – Tag 3 pieces of content.

Onboarding - Add an avatar to your profile, add 2 or more skills to your profile, follow another member, and like our Community Guidelines.

Get Comfortable – Vote on an idea, create a discussion or question, and reply to a discussion or question.

Influencer – Get followed by other members.

Ideator – Receive votes on your ideas.

Helpful – Have your reply marked helpful.

Appreciative – Mark replies to your question as helpful.

Seal of Approval – Mark responses as correct.


Champion and Champion Alumni Badges: Champion and Champion Alumni badges are important badges that we give out to members and former members of the Marketo Champion Program. These badges help distinguish our Champion and Alumni members as validated experts when they post or respond to content on Community. We understand how important these badges are to our community members, so all existing Champions and Champion Alumni will maintain their badges moving forward. Please note that once 2020 Marketo Champions have been announced, badge statuses will be updated accordingly.


Specialization Badges: Expertise badges are given out to partners for specialization in a specific aspect of the Marketo product. These badges, such as Account Based Marketing Expertise or Mobile Expertise, will be migrated and attainable on the new Community. Please note that Specialization Badges are only given to partners and internal associates. The only way to get Specialization Badges is to present to a MCSA board, showcasing project work in the specialized areas. More information on how to acquire this certification can be found here.


Improved Gamification Model: In this first phase of our migration, our main focus has been to map over as much of the existing gamification model onto the new platform. Moving forward, we are looking to significantly up-level the gamification experience by adding more badges, profile customizations, community privileges, themes, and more! If you’d like to influence the future of our gamification platform, or even if you’ve seen great examples of other gamified communities, please comment below or reach out to me directly!



That wraps up our third Sneak Preview! I hope you are as excited as I am about these changes – coming soon to the Marketing Nation! If you have any questions or concerns, let me know in the comments below or reach out to me at Stay tuned for our last Sneak Preview next month, where we’ll be covering our new Support page. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! 

Hello Marketing Nation,


Thanks for tuning into the second edition of our limited Sneak Preview series, where we preview all the exciting changes coming to Community in mid-December January 2020. Today, we’ll be discussing all search related improvements - please note that these designs are not final and may change prior to release. Marketing Nation Community’s new search capabilities will include:


Universal Search: Suppose you were on Community browsing for best practices on Web Personalization. You’re able to find some content, but it’s not the exact information you’re looking for, so then you visit Marketo Product Docs, Knowledge Base, Help Center…


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a combined search for all things Marketo? Well, now there is! With a newly integrated universal search engine, you’ll be able to perform keyword searches across all Marketo properties, including: Marketing Nation Community, Marketo Product Docs, and the Marketo Help Center.


New Search Menu: Of course, not everyone is interested in searching across EVERY Marketo property, all the time. We’ve built a robust search menu so you can easily toggle which platforms and asset types you’d like to display so that searching is always a breeze.




Improved Recommended Content: In the months following our transition, our new search engine will start anonymously analyzing user page view history. This data does not use any personal information and will only be used to generate models that return recommendations by comparing a user’s current navigation pattern with other user patterns in the past.


Recommendations are made based on the number of user visits – so the more content that is clicked on, the better the recommendations become. Our goal is to better recommend community content to you in a confidential manner, which will hopefully provide you a more holistic view on the topics you’re most interested in!


Better Search Suggestions: Search suggestions, when done correctly, vastly improve search user experience by reducing the amount of time spent scrolling through search results. With our new search engine, query suggestions will utilize relevancy scores, query frequency, performance, and the degree of character matching to provide accurate suggestions for your questions.




Grouped Search Results: In our quest to provide a better search experience, we wanted to ensure that search results were presented to you in an organized manner. We’ve implemented result folding, which will display logical parent-child relationships for search results. This way, when your search query returns multiple results from the same conversation thread, all related child results will be grouped in a way that makes it easy to distinguish the parent post from its subsequent replies.




That wraps up our second Sneak Preview! I hope you are as excited as I am about these search improvements – coming soon to the Community you know and love! Stay tuned for our next week's Sneak Preview, where we'll cover all things Support. If you have any questions or concerns, please comment in the section below or reach out to me at


If you haven't checked out our first Sneak Preview on platform and UI improvements, you can read it here!

Hello Marketing Nation,


With 2020 just around the corner, we wanted to give you a peek at some changes that are coming to the Marketing Nation Community. This post is the first of a series of posts that will detail all improvements we have planned, including significant changes to the design, search capabilities, navigation structure, gamification, and more!


As usual, these changes were reviewed in close collaboration with several of you - thanks to everyone who participated. We hope that these improvements make the Community easier to navigate, more organized, and most importantly, more fun!


Without further ado, here’s your first sneak preview of the upcoming Community changes. Please note that these designs are not final and may change prior to release. All improvements will be rolled out mid-December 2019 January 2020:


Future Marketing Nation Community Home Page


Future Marketing Nation Community Feed


Here's some additional context for the design changes above:


A Completely Redesigned Community Interface


  • Quick access to search bar: Search is important – we know that it’s the first thing most of you look for when visiting the Community. In our new Community, the search bar has been magnified to make it even easier to access.
  • Lighter dropdown navigation structure: Keeping it simple! We’ve changed the navigation bar to drop down automatically and hyperlinked key areas in our Community so that you can visit more places with less clicking.
  • Cleaner forums interface: Notice anything different about the main page? We have significantly changed our Community interface for a better browsing experience. All of our pages have been re-designed with an improved forum layout, more visual iconography, and improved font.


Upcoming Adjustments to Community Structure


  • Subscriptions: Though the move to the new Khoros platform comes with a collection of very exciting improvements, unfortunately user subscriptions will not be carried over. This means that bookmarks, subscriptions to threads and places, inbox messages, and friend connections will be erased during the migration.

    If you have any content in your inbox and/or connections that are crucial to you, please take precautionary steps to save your subscriptions and who you’re following to ensure that they are not lost in the migration. Note that only the content in your INBOX will be erased – the content you previously followed and/or posted will still remain and be searchable on Community.
  • Ideas: As many of you are aware, there are various development stages associated with an idea in the Ideas Space of Community (13 to be exact!). Though we intended for these labels to add transparency to the progress of an idea, having too many stages makes submitting an idea more confusing than it needs to be.
    Moving forward, all ideas stages will be consolidated in the following buckets: 
    • Stage 1: Under Review
      • Stage 1a: No Plans to Build
      • Stage 1b: Planned for Build
      • Stage 1c: Already Have It
    • Stage 2: In Process
    • Stage 3: In Production
  • Labels: What were previously known as Category Folders (Marketo-defined tags) will be known as “Labels” moving forward.
  • Events and Polls: Khoros does not support certain Jive interaction styles. As a result, polls will not be migrated over and events will be migrated over as regular discussions/questions.
  • Restructuring Our Community: We took this opportunity to reorganize select areas in our community where we felt were redundant or misplaced. The following areas have been reorganized:
    • The Japan Products Space will be consolidated into the Japan MUG.
    • The Japan Partners subspace will move to the Partners category.
    • All Champion-related content will be located in the Champion Program category (blogs, discussions, and documents).
    • All blogs by Marketo Employees will be placed in “Employee Blogs” moving forward.
    • All “discussion” posts will be consolidated as questions.


Please keep in mind that consolidating or moving spaces or content will only affect the location of content. It will NOT result in deletion of posts or reset group permissions.


That’s it for this week’s Community Sneak Preview! I hope you're as excited as I am for the upcoming changes. As always, please reach out to me at if you have any questions, or just comment in the section below. You can also check out our next Sneak Preview here, where we’ve covered all improvements coming to Search.

The Launch Point portal has gone through a makeover recently! Apart from the new look, the following features were also rolled out:

  • Improved search navigation
  • Integration with G2 Crowd, a peer-to-peer review aggregation service
  • Categories, a new way to search the LaunchPoint partner applications, with a 2x2 grid to highlight popular applications
  • Stack Builder - an interactive tool to model and visualize MarTech stacks


The Stack Builder allows you to explore sample stacks curated by us, visualize your current MarTech stack or conceptualize a brand-new stack from scratch.

Here is a brief walk through the salient features of the Stack Builder. Please check it out and let us know what you think.


Using the Stack Builder

Launch the Stack Builder by visiting this page here. The page opens up with the Featured Apps engagement stack. This stack is a collection of featured applications from the LaunchPoint ecosystem.

The stack is partitioned into six buckets or phases – Plan, Engage, Measure, Content, Data, and Platform. A tile under each bucket represents an application from the LaunchPoint ecosystem. Mousing over each application tile brings up a small popover which shows the prominent highlights about the application. Clicking on the application opens up the application listing page, where further detailed information is available including a form to get in touch with the partner directly.

Plan, Engage, Measure, …:

The Stack Builder is partitioned in to 6 buckets: Plan, Engage, Measure, Content, Data & Platform. The Launch Point ecosystem uses categories as a way to group applications. The Stack Builder builds on top of that, by further grouping application categories into partitions. This helps to visualize the stack in the order of data/process flow during the various phases of marketing.


For example, the following application categories are grouped together under the “Plan” bucket: Budgeting & Finance, Conversion Optimization, Customer Intelligence & Data Science, Optimization & Testing. The application filter tool provides an easy one-click button to limit all the application categories and the applications that belong to those categories, which can be used to narrow down the choice of applications to consider for the stack.

To learn more about the Plan, Engage, Measure framework, check out this webinar.


Creating stacks with the Stack Builder requires an account on LaunchPoint. If you don’t have an account already, please create one by clicking on the Sign-Up button.


Once logged in to the LaunchPoint site, additional navigational items show up on the side bar.

My Stacks is where you will find all the stacks you created using the Stack Builder.


My Inquiries is a handy tool to keep track of messages sent to partners using the “Get Started” form available on each of the partner listing page.


Create a new stack from template:

The quickest way to create a new stack, is to use one of the pre-made templates as a starting point.

  • Select one of the existing Engagement Stacks or from one of your own from My Stacks and open it.
  • Click Save As

  • Fill out the details of the new stack (name and description)

    The new stack will now show up under “My Stacks”.

Edit Stack:

Once created, a stack can be edited to modify the applications in it. The edit mode uses the application filter as a quick way to search, select or remove applications from the stack.

The application filter has partition filter buttons on the right-hand side corner. Selecting one of the buckets, limits the listings in the filter as well as the buckets shown below.


This is very useful to focus on one partition at a time, to search and select applications. 

Click on the checkbox to add/remove an application to your stack. 


The application partition buckets are listed below the filter in order (Plan, Engage, Measure, Data, Content & Platform).


Unlike the view mode, in the edit mode the tiles are rendered as larger tiles, with details about the application in the tile. Mousing over the tile, brings up the popover with more details about the application (just like the view mode).


In addition, while browsing through the applications in the partition, it is easy to remove an application, by clicking on the cancel button on the popover.


With the improved search and grouped categories added in the latest Stack Builder update, companies will be able to build their marketing stack in a more efficient and organized manner. If you’re interested in checking out these new changes, you can visit the LaunchPoint Stack Builder here.


Have any questions or comments? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


This article was written in collaboration with the Marketo Web Development team

In this edition of the How 2B Fearless series, we sat down with Emily Poulton, who is a Marketo Champion Alumni, London MUG Leader, and Fearless 50 2018 member. Emily shares what being a fearless marketer means for her and what it has meant for her career.


What does fearless marketing mean to you?

Fearless marketing means always doing what is right for the customer and for your team, however hard the battles may be. It is all about resilience and doing the right thing. When you know that a certain direction will not succeed in the long run due to an oversight in planning, catch it there and then find solutions I had a recent experience where a campaign was not planned for measuring success in Marketo. During the campaign building, I had to explain why this would not work to record campaign attribution. For me, it was tough to speak up at that point in time as everyone was excited to launch the campaign. It may seem hard to speak up in the moment, but in the long run it’s the right thing to do for the business and the customer.


Who is a fearless marketer you look up to and why?

Jamie Kirmess, Principal at LeadMD, is my fearless marketer. She was my first boss in the world of Marketo and her career has rocketed since we last worked together, so much so that I cannot keep up. She has so many ideas and will take the time and patience to explain the reasons behind a campaign or logic, from senior stakeholders to the people executing. She is smart and savvy and she doesn’t know this, but when I am stuck, I think, WWJD – what would Jamie do? Jamie was never afraid to push back on projects. She always explained her reasoning and offered solutions and alternatives to ensure all needs were met by having one campaign built smarter. This goes back a few years now since we worked together in 2014, but Jamie would always ask why I was building a campaign for someone, and if I couldn’t answer that, the project would not be done. As simple as that!


How did your career start out in marketing?

My first marketing job was actually during a placement year at University back in 2007, where I did a year-long internship producing marketing collateral and supporting events. I then had a series of generalist roles working for start-ups where I discovered my passion for automation and inbound marketing, I just didn’t know it at the time. I discovered the world of Marketo in 2014 and loved how it brought together creativity, logic and customer journeys. Marketo has opened many doors for me professionally, and it is one of the reasons I am in my Senior Marketing Operations role today. Marketo touches all parts of the business: sales, marketing, legal, operations, IT, technology and communications; It’s a great way to encourage cross-collaboration in the workplace, and can put you in front of key people within your organization as you start having those strategic conversations.


How did you get to the point you are at in your career today?

Back in 2018, I shared one of my biggest fearless moments on stage with the Marketing Nation. This was the moment when I walked into a senior meeting between my CMO, my CIO and Marketo’s CEO, CPO and EMEA VP because I wanted to meet them. That moment made me a Fearless 50 member and gave me the courage to keep striving for more. Since then, continuing my fearless journey, I took the leap of taking a career break to fulfill my personal ambitions: traveling Central and South America.


It was scary because I was leaving everything and everyone I knew behind (apart from the boyfriend as I dragged him with me) and I didn’t know if the employment market would change, or if I would find a great job on the other side. I planned the break 1 year in advance and it was very important to me to able to go and experience different cultures and explore the world. I was very honest about my intentions when I accepted the contract role at The Adecco Group, since integrity and trust are very important to me.

In the end, believing in my own abilities (not losing all my knowledge at the top of Machu Picchu) and being honest to employers about the break (I have a gap in my CV as I have just come back from a sabbatical) opened so many more doors than expected. At the time, it was scary, but luckily the world of Marketo and Operations has plenty of work opportunities across London.


Leaving full time employment to go explore the world could be seen as a dumb move, but in the long run, it was worth it, both personally and professionally because a great new challenging role found me on the other side.


What have you learned from other members of the Fearless 50?

The Fearless 50 members that I have met so far are all successful in their careers, humble and friendly. I learned from them that picking your battles is the key to being fearless. I find that focusing your efforts on the causes you believe in most at work means that you are able to achieve your goals, where you feel it matters most. Oh, and lots of passion.


What are three pieces of advice you would give to the next generation of fearless marketers?

1. Be honest and respectful of others around you.

It can be easy to want to hide the truth if it makes you look bad or go against others’ opinions. However, in my experience, admitting you don’t know or owning up to your errors makes you brave, which creates an environment of trust and respect around you.


For example, I found out that some of our records were being deleted in Marketo (oh no!) and in the end, it was because I set up a dodgy flow. I owned up to the marketing manager it was affecting and our CMO. Luckily, we ended up restoring the records, but it was worth explaining the reasons and the situation to everyone involved before they heard the news from someone else.


2. Trust yourself and explain why you believe a certain route is the right way to go.

When colleagues who shout the loudest are the ones being heard, taking a passive approach in meetings can seem like the easiest option. It can be difficult to be fearless and ensure your voice is heard, even when you truly believe that you have the solution, but people will appreciate you taking the initiative to explain your reasons – especially when you have data and examples. 

For example, I had a situation recently where I had two competitive and passionate colleagues who were trying to convince me that Marketo was broken, when I knew very well that it was the way they had chosen to setup our website reporting tool. It was very hard to go against what two people were saying but I had to be brave and explain the rationale, get some advice from other sources to prove my theory, and find the articles and data to back it up. In the end, my voice was heard and we’re now working on a collaborative solution.


3. Always be yourself.

Don’t go against who you are as a person and the values you believe in, it’s not sustainable long term. Your work will always be a reflection of you, so do the best you can, and if you think it will make a bigger impact, do it your way.

I always like to perform a task in my time and my way as I know that I will be able to explain it in future, especially when it comes to reporting and spreadsheets!

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