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Hello Marketo Community,


Marketo University is pleased to announce that we are expanding our course offerings to give our customers more specialized courses in important functional areas of Marketo. We have just released two new courses “Establishing a Successful ABM Program” and “Configuring and Managing Marketo” that are both available for immediate enrollment.


Establishing a Successful ABM Program: If you are responsible for marketing and creating a long-term relationship with your customers than we have the course for you. The “Establishing a Successful ABM Program” course will teach you how to align your marketing and sales resources to focus on the accounts that truly matter to your organization. The course will cover subjects relating to Marketo’s ABM program and will teach students skills such as: assessing your organization’s ABM readiness, identifying and working with targeted accounts, measuring ABM efforts, and much more.


Configuring and Managing Marketo: If you are responsible for configuring Marketo or if you are in an admin role within Marketo than we have a brand new course for you. The “Configuring and Managing Marketo” course is designed to give participants a firm foundation in the key areas of Marketo administration that every admin needs to know. The course will cover subjects relating to Marketo’s admin role such as: learning how to establish secure access to your Marketo instance, customizing email settings, creating and setting up tags and channels following best practices, managing your Marketo-hosted landing pages, and performing other key admin tasks.


Course descriptions and schedules for these new courses and our complete course catalog are available at:


For any questions or assistance with enrolling into Marketo University courses, please email


Marketo University

With the introduction of the new Marketo University webpage there have been some changes to the way our content is organized.  To help our Marketo community assimilate to the new categories we are taking the time to summarize the changes for you.  The new categories are as follows: Fundamentals, Acquire, Convert, Engage, Close, Measure, and Manage.  These categories are based on the customer’s lifecycle and how they move through the different stages.  A summary of what content will be found in each section is below:


Fundamentals: Covers basic digital marketing concepts and will feature content relating to our Core Concepts course and basic program and campaign development.


Acquire: Focused on driving inbound traffic to your brand. Content will include basic social marketing, creating webinars and events, and the introduction to search engine optimization.


Convert: This is all about increasing your marketable database.  The Convert category features content about creating and editing forms and landing pages, introductions to web personalization, and customizing creative assets.


Engage: Contains everything about delivering personalized messages across channels.  This sections is working with personalized emails and campaigns, optimizing email deliverability, and using tokens to maximize efforts.


Close: Covers growing revenue by accelerating the sales cycle.  This category is about using Marketo sales insight, understanding the lead lifecycle, and scoring leads using tokens.


Measure: Focused on proving marketing’s impact on business growth. All content from the Analytics and Reporting category has been transferred to the new Measure category and will cover all aspects of measuring a campaigns impact.


Manage: This is all about learning and applying Marketo’s best practices.  In this category, you will find information for configuring Marketo, working with outside programs like and GoToWebinar, and other admin tools.


If you have any questions please feel free to comment below, I hope this blog was useful!

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