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As some of you know, this is my last week at Marketo


Before I disappear, however, I wanted to thank you all for enabling me to have a great Marketo Experience. 


As some of you know, I was hired 2.5 years ago to help Elizabeth Oseguera move the Community to this new platform and to make the Nation a place to not only ask questions about Marketo products, but also to learn more about Digital Marketing. As I told Liz the other day, this community would not be where it is today without all of you.. without the Champions, User Groups Leaders, The Marketo Whisperers, The Support Team, the Marketo Admins, the Newbies, the Partners and more.  So thank you for helping build out this Marketing Nation Community.


Even though I am moving on, please let me know if I can help you out anyway. After all, we are all in this digital marketing world together.


Thank you,


bow (1).jpg




Check out our new The Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing


(Note:You will have to provide your name, company name, etc.)


The guide focuses on social media marketing best practices and offers practical tips for marketers.  As with all our definitive guides, we want to establish Marketo as a thought leader in marketing to drive brand preference and engagement throughout the entire customer lifecycle.


This guides addresses:

  • How do I create a social media strategy?
  • How should I define my social media goals?
  • How do I choose what social media platforms are right for my brand?
  • How do I advertise on social media?
  • What kind of content should I create for social media? How often should I post on social media (how to create an editorial calendar)?
  • Who do I need on my team to execute my social media strategy?
  • How do I integrate social media into my other marketing channels?
  • How do I measure the effectiveness of my social media campaigns?


So... click here, download, read and execute!




They are back. The next episode of #KreweChats! is live. This week, they delve into Data Management best practices and welcome guest chatter Sydney Mulligan in addition to Geoff krajeski, @Julz_James, Jennifer DiMaria, Joe Reitz, andEnrico deLeon.


Check it out. These guys rock!


Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.46.41 PM.png

I was recently reminded about a great session from Summit called:


Mo Marketo, Mo Money

How to grow your career with Marketo

by Inga Romanoff and Jason Seeba


If you want to know be reminded about why you put in all those hours learning Marketo, then you need to watch this presentation.


You can find the video recording here: Mo-Marketo Mo-Money Video

You can find their slides here: Mo-Marketo-Mo-Money


Inga and Jason are leaders of the New York and Silicon Valley Marketo User Groups for a hip-hop themed look at how you can use Marketo to grow your expertise, influence and ultimately your career. We’ll put the East Coast-West Coast rap feud to bed and share three tangible ways you can immediately step up your game. You'll learn:

  • How to quickly deepen your Marketo experience - “(I) Get Around” (2Pac)
  • How to easily get plugged into the Marketo Community - “Get Involved” (Q-Tip)
  • How to simply understand your worth in the market and maximize it “Get Money” (Biggie)

[We create/share this news so you can share it with your peers and executives, which will show that you are on top of the latest happenings in the industry]




Marketo Inspires Student Success Through Second-Annual Global Volunteer Month

Press release

Month of service mobilizes nearly 1,000 employees worldwide on a mission to support education and career pathways for underserved students


The evolution of marketing platforms: From automation to journeys

Marketing Land

The next generation of marketing automation is emerging, and it’s more focused on machine-informed journeys than rule-based campaigns. Shankar is quoted with a reference to Project Orion.


What Marketers Need to Know About Project Orion

Customer Think

Considering the influence Marketo has on the marketing world in general, this was not an announcement to take lightly as Project Orion represents a major upgrade to Marketo’s existing platform, one that looks to capitalize on recent advances made in big data and predictive analytics.



Fight the skills shortage: SME relies on training

Wirtschafts Woche (Germany)

More mileage out of Sanjay’s interview with one of Germany’s leading business pubs. The article quotes him on mining for internal talent.


CDO, CMO or someone else? Who is responsible for digital?

Emerce (Netherlands)

Article quotes Sanjay's Information Age article on CDOs.



Press Release: Nisha Printing - Marketo Customer


Businesses looking ahead with marketing automation (translated)

IT Media (Japan)

Coverage from Summit in Vegas.


ABM, predictive analytics -- is this the way for tomorrow's marketer to live? (Translated)

IT Media (Japan)

Additional Summit coverage from Vegas.


Dentsu look to digital establishment, of the marketing industry "super diversification" (translated)

Huffington Post Japan

Pick-up of Digiday Dentsu Japan article.



·       Article 1

·       Article 2

·       Marketo VP Chandar Pattabhiram’s Interview Report@Japan Summit2016




How customer insight and content are helping this Aussie fintech startup to flourish

CMO Australia

Prospa's first CMO talks about how he's tackling strategic marketing, mentioning his use of Marketo.


Insights from the chief marketing technologist of an $18B firm

Customer Think

Scott Brinker interviews Duane Schulz, Chief Marketing Technologist at Xerox and a member of the Marketo Executive Council. Duane gives Marketo a shout out.


GE and Microsoft work together on IoT services in the cloud


GE's Predix software has come to Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.


Talend CEO: Businesses seek simplicity and control with a new “centres of mass” approach to analytics and cloud

Computer Business Review

Mike Tuchen, CEO, Talend, told CBR that increasingly businesses are building ecosystems around a Salesforce, SAP, NetSuite, or Marketo.


Box moves telephony, Web conferencing to the cloud


Box's CIO mentions how the company is using data from Marketo in its quest to build a new data management architecture to support real-time analytics and insights, a key ingredient for identifying new customer leads and improving operational efficiencies.


RIAs boost profitability while gaining clients, Charles Schwab study shows

Investment News

Profitability rose about 4% last year and is up 27% since 2011 as firms become more efficient through technology, according toCharles Schwab's RIA benchmarking study.


Interview: Synching up with dropbox


Video interview with Dropbox’s Dennis Woodside at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech.


Combining Data Sources to Drive Smarter Decisions


David Abramson, Director of Product Management at Logi Analytics, discusses how the advent of new and disparate data sources means we must rethink the way we manage data, with a mention of Marketo.


The Digital Disruption In Industrial Sales And Marketing

Industrial Distribution

A recent report from the respected global consulting firm, Bain & Company, interviewed 370 marketing and sales executives working in the industrial and technology sectors. The numbers are impressive. Almost half of those surveyed said that digital capabilities have significantly changed their customer’s behavior. The report estimates that nearly two-thirds of all industrial B2B buyer research is now done online, meaning that customers have access to more information, and as a result, more power than in the past.


Steve Rotter Named OutSystems CMO to Expand Leading Low-code Platform

Press release

Having led innovative marketing teams for more than 20 years, Rotter established himself as a brand champion at technology companies such as Brightcove, Adobe and Motorola. As a marketing trailblazer, Steve has been recognized as one of the top 100 influencers in content and online marketing, received a CMO ROI award from IDC, and a prestigious “Stackies Award” from ChiefMarTec.


ReachLocal Enhances Marketing Analytics Features for ReachEdge

Press release

With ReachLocal's new analytics features, ocal businesses can see which specific websites and campaigns drive results, and they can use that insight to guide online marketing investments that will grow their business.


Amplero Raises $8 Million In Series A Funding

Press release

Leading Venture Capitalists Invest in Amplero's Vision & Differentiated Approach to Machine Learning-based Marketing; Funds Will Accelerate Go-to-Market Strategy.


The makings of a great marketer

CMO Innovation

Nutanix CMO professed that he had always been fascinated with storytelling, noting how the best sales, marketing and business people are phenomenal story tellers.


How to Drive B-to-B Loyalty by Celebrating Customers

Advertising Age

CMO Spotlight: Stephanie Anderson, Time Warner Cable Business Class


Snowflake Computing Extends Executive Team and Board of Directors to Support Growing Business Demands

Press release

Snowflake Computing Appoints Denise Persson Chief Marketing Officer; Adds Altimeter Capital's Kevin Wang to Board of Directors.


Webgility's Unify for Infusionsoft Simplifies e-Commerce Data Management -- Streamlining Workflows, Saving Money, and Stopping All Data Entry

Press release

Unify for Infusionsoft Automatically Syncs e-Commerce Sales Data to QuickBooks or Xero, Dramatically Increasing Financial Accuracy and Reducing Workload for SMBs


Fishbowl and MonkeyMedia Software Announce Strategic Partnership

Press release

Fishbowl's Intelligent Marketing Solutions integrates with MONKEY™, The #1 Cloud Platform for Takeout, Delivery and Catering for major restaurant chains


Amazon Just Bought This Hot Cloud Startup


The retail giant’s cloud-computing arm, Amazon Web Services, bought a small startup called Cloud9 that specializes in software development tools.


How brands are tackling the emotional heart of customer experience

CMO Australia

Marketing and customer support leader from new customer Uber share their approach to improving customer experience through ease, effectiveness and emotion.


'Founder's Mentality' Is a Company's Best-Kept Secret, Bain Chiefs Argue


Bain strategy chiefs explain key traits that tie companies’ performances to their founders’ roles.


Viewpost Receives Highest Enterprise-Ready Rating from the Skyhigh CloudTrust™ Program

Press release

Viewpost announced today that it has been awarded the highest Skyhigh CloudTrust rating of enterprise-ready for its innovative B2B network for electronic invoicing, payments and real-time cash management.



eBay Agrees to Acquire SalesPredict

eBay News Team

The acquisition will support eBay's artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science efforts to support its structured data plan.


ANNUITAS and its Clients Named Finalists for Content Marketing Awards

Press release

Awards recognize ANNUITAS and PR Newswire for some of the best Content Marketing projects in the industry.


New data shows how Facebook and Instagram users are different

Marketing Dive

In a Facebook blog post, lead IQ researcher Vicki Molina-Estolano outlined core differences between how Facebook and its companion social media platform’s users are different. The key finding was Facebook’s users are satisfying a need for empowerment, recognition and connection, while Instagram users are satisfying a need for fun, relaxation and discovery.


Facebook Blames Lack of Available Talent for Diversity Problem

The Wall Street Journal

Many observers say talent pipeline isn’t primary factor for Facebook.


Native videos posted by publishers’ Facebook Pages average 268% more shares than article links

Marketing Land

Our analysis of Facebook data, sourced from NewsWhip, hints that the latest News Feed tweak may mean more native videos, fewer links from publishers' Pages.


Google launches new visual search ads for retailers

Marketing Dive

Google is launching a new ad format called Showcase Shopping ads, which are designed to help retail brands reach people searching for broad product terms with visual displays of their products.


Google’s Programmatic Video Biz Is Growing Like A Weed


Google's programmatic video revenues are growing fast, thanks in part to its decision to turn on exchange-based monetization of YouTube's TrueView ad formats.


Five ways to reverse advertising’s ‘Less for more’ trend

Deloitte CMO

Deloitte says advertising is less effective every year, but brands that rethink creativity can still break through the clutter.


Microsoft’s UK CMO on artificial intelligence and his visionary inspiration

Marketing Week

Microsoft’s Paul Davies talks about what it takes to be a visionary and his expectations for the industry in the next ten years.


Centrify Strengthens Executive Team with Appointment of Chief Marketing Officer

Press release

Rhonda Shantz, award winning marketing executive, brings depth of experience to lead Centrify to next stage of growth.



Interview with Daniel Incandela, SVP Global Marketing at Return Path

MarTech Advisor

Interview with head of marketing at Return Path. Flow Bridges Glaring Gap Between Zapier and MuleSoft to Deliver Instant Integration for ISVs and Enterprises

Press release Unveils New Features, Customer Wins and Partnerships for Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) Flow


Inside the Agency: Razorfish's sleek New York headquarters


A look at Publicis company Razorfish's digs.


5 Ways MA Can Help Your Enterprise Grow-1.png
These days, growth-oriented, ambitious companies increasingly have the opportunity to gain the upper hand in the market because they are taking advantage of digital tools to maintain and even amplify their competitive edge. As prospective customers determine their own purchase journey, emerging enterprises must use digital tools to build personal relationships with them, win their business, and grow that business—and those relationships—over time.


The cornerstone of building your digital competitive advantage is an engagement marketing platform—a marketing automation platform that includes all the applications and solutions you need to engage your prospects and customers at the right time, in the right place, and with a relevant and personal message.


Download this ebook to learn five ways that you can use an engagement marketing platform to outsmart the competition—even those with a much biigger presence and budget.


Ebook: Best Practices for Mobile Marketing: How to Acquire, Engage, and Retain Users



Website Description:


As a mobile marketer, you need to deliver the cohesive experience that your audience expects and that’s no small challenge as you work to acquire, engage, and retain users across a variety of platforms. So how do you earn and keep your consumers' attention with so many apps competing for their attention?


The key is cutting through an exceedingly noisy world to engage individuals continuously, in a meaningful and personalized way, across channels and devices?


Download this ebook to learn how you can ensure you’re driving deep engagement with users wherever they are by delivering relevant, cross-channel experiences through the entire mobile customer lifecycle.

Hot off the press: New eBook:

  • True business growth comes from more than acquisition; it’s sustained by keeping your customers happy and introducing them to complementary products. According to eMarketer, it costs 10 times more to acquire new customers than to sell to the ones you already have. Yet most marketers still focus their investment and activities primarily on driving acquisition. Today, more than ever, marketers must focus on providing value through the entire customer lifecycle.
  • Check it out

Screen Shot 2016 07 08 at 9.46.23 AM

Back by popular demand. Joe Reitz talk to the Nation about @Nation Talk - Naming Conventions & Program Structure

Check it out.

We just launched a new Virtual User Group:

Certification Study Group

The group is in beta so check it out, add content and make suggestions. Here are the Tutors / Leaders of the group


Based on popular demand, we have created a list of the most recent Champion Program  blogs or Marketo Whisperer: Implementation Tips  Blogs

You can find them here:


The specified item was not found.


We will add more soon (er than later)


I will be adding more lists --- but feel free to make suggestions and let me know what you want.




Facebook news (original announcement)

Features IBM, Index, Lightspeed, LiveRamp, Marketo, and Square.

·       Ad Week: Facebook Will Track Whether Ads Lead to Store Visits and Offline Purchases

·       TechCrunch: Facebook taps GPS, Square to track your in-store visits and purchases

·       Forbes: Facebook Shows Brick-And-Mortar Businesses How Their Mobile Ads Impact Store Visits And Sales

·       Investor's Business Daily: Facebook Unveils Efforts To Measure Effectiveness Of Ads

·       Business Insider: Facebook is now tracking your purchases even when you're offline

·       Forbes: Facebook Shows Brick-And-Mortar Businesses How Their Mobile Ads Impact Store Visits And Sales

·       Internet Retailer: Facebook gives retailers two ways to measure how its ads lead to in-store sales

·       Marketing Land: Facebook is putting maps in ads and will measure store visits

·       Media Post: Facebook Makes Mobile Pitch To Brick-And-Mortar Businesses

·       The Drum: Facebook doubles-down on efforts to woo retailers with more tools to prove mobile ads impact in-store sales

·       Marketing Dive: Facebook's new ad tools track retail store visits and purchases

·       AdExchanger: Even Facebook Can’t Just Waltz Into The Location Data Space

·       Mobile Marketing Magazine: Facebook Introduces Store Visit and Purchase Metrics for Location-based Ads

·       Performance IN: Facebook Ads Will Track Where, What and When Shoppers Buy Offline

·       AdExchanger: Facebook Adds New Offline Attribution Options

·       Wireless Week: Facebook Ads to Track Store Visits Using Phone Location Data

·       The Industry London (UK): How social media turned into shoppable media

·       IT espresso (France): Facebook: the online advertising and offline commerce (translated)


Atlanta’s Marketing Automation Industry Poised for More Growth (attached)

Atlanta Business Chronicle

Nadia Rashid did an interview with the ABC on Atlanta’s growing MarTech scene.


Rise In Multi-Touch Attribution Fueled By ABM, Data Convergence

Demand Generation Report

Article references Phil's Summit keynote and how marketers are growing their responsibilities.


The Cloud Is Finally Making M&A Rain


Discusses recent deals, including Vista-Marketo, Salesforce-Demandware, and Microsoft-LinkedIn.



Digitalize your marketing in 4 steps (translated)

Impulse (Germany)

Article resulting from an interview Phil did earlier this year. The focus is on marketing automation for SMBs.


Marketing is a dialogue (translated - attached)

Acquisa (Germany)

Another clip from our EIU Survey focusing on which channels will be most important for marketers in the future.



Marketo discusses ABM (translated)

IT Pro (Japan)

A conversation with Yasutaka Fukuda.




Cision Finalizes PR Newswire Acquisition

Press release

The deal is approved in all markets worldwide except Dubai and China, where it is pending regulatory review. By combining capabilities, Cision and PR Newswire will provide clients with the industry’s best content distribution, influencer outreach, media monitoring and analytics offerings. This also expands Cision’s international reach, providing access to 170 countries and 40 languages.


Xerox Names Ashok Vemuri CEO of Outsourcing Business

Wall Street Journal

Xerox Corp. tapped former iGate Corp. Chief Executive Ashok Vemuri to lead its business services company after the technology giant splits in two later this year.


Zenefits, the Troubled Software Startup, Just Cut 9% of Its Staff


Zenefits is consolidating all sales and marketing processes into its San Francisco headquarters, said CEO David Sacks, in his company-wide email.


Dropbox Heats Up - and File Sharing Gets Interesting Again

CMS Wire

At the Bloomberg Technology Conference in San Francisco this week, Dropbox co-founder and CEO Drew Houston told the crowd the file sync and share provider is bringing in more cash than its spending.


Dropbox is now cash-flow positive, so there’s no rush to go public


Dropbox “can now control its own destiny,” CEO Drew Houston says.


PubMatic Empowers Buyers to Discover Global Audiences

Press release

Private Marketplace Guaranteed coupled with PubMatic Curated Audiences helps advertisers guarantee campaigns in high-quality, global environments


CMO Today: How Forbes Took Up the Ad-Blocking Fight

Dow Jones

Forbes has been one of the more experimental publishers when it comes to defending itself against the rise of ad-blocking, even going so far as to ask readers to register for a Forbes account or provide personal information if they want to block ads.


Samsung's Joyent buy is a swipe at AWS and Microsoft Azure

The Internet of Things is as much about computing as it is about the "things" themselves, and that's why Samsung Electronics is buying Joyent.


Q&A: How Samsung Embraced Innovation to Become a Global Master of Brand Marketing

Ad Week

Even Samsung's top marketing executives like Younghee Lee admit it wasn't long ago that consumers thought of the company as "boring and monotonous," a geeked-out marketer working with a little-known ad agency affiliate in an electronics world transformed by sexy brands like Apple.


Is One Out Of Every 10 Cars Coming Down The Tesla Line A Reject?


Someone at Tesla reportedly admitted that the impressive production line produces garbage, but nobody seemed to notice.


Why CMOs Should Leverage Live Events To Engage Audiences


Article quotes the CEO of Freeman.



‘Accept some risk’: Exceptional Women Out West podcast featuring Tami Hurwitz, GM, Office campaigns and marketing automation, Microsoft

The Drum

The conversation at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit covered a lot of ground, but the themes of challenge, risk and realism permeated throughout. Her leadership style is steeped in the right kind of experimentation — the thoughtful variety that is willing to give things a go, not for the sake of just doing it, but seeing where results and people can grow.


Microsoft, Other Tech Giants Race to Develop Machine Intelligence

Wall Street Journal

LinkedIn purchase is latest move to acquire vast stores of data.


Taboola, AppNexus Partner To Expand Programmatic Native


AppNexus and Taboola have connected with each other to enable buyers to purchase Taboola’s native placements programmatically. Eighty-five AppNexus buyers have already used this connection to buy on Taboola.


Microsoft Power BI: A report card


It was hard to fathom that Power BI would get the traction it has today. But Microsoft is in this game to compete and the level of play is very high.


Facebook Heads to Cannes Ad Confab Touting New Mobile Tools


Facebook, which gets 82 percent of its advertising revenue from mobile, plans to make it possible to create and publish campaigns directly from smartphones.


Facebook: 1.15 billion people log in using at least two devices or browsers every 3 months

Marketing Land

Facebook is finally putting a number on how many people log in using multiple devices and browsers to demonstrate the cookie’s inability to measure those movements.


Facebook VP predicts platform 'will be definitely mobile' and 'probably all video' in 5 years

Marketing Dive

In comments made at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women International Summit in London, Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s VP for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, predicted that the social media platform "will be definitely mobile” and “probably all video” in five years.


LiveRamp Integrates With Facebook’s Offline Conversions API

Press release

Building on existing capabilities to onboard offline first- and third-party data for targeting through Facebook Custom Audiences, LiveRamp can now enable clients to securely onboard their sales transaction data and perform closed-loop measurement analysis.


Digital Videos Are Creating 13 Times More Facebook Chatter Than They Were Last Year


There are 100 million hours of Facebook video viewed daily, Facebook told Adweek.


Email Mobile Adoption Jumps

Email Marketing Daily

Eighty-six percent of emails are now read on a mobile device, according to the Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index, a study of more that 400 million anonymous user profiles across 15 industry verticals during the first financial quarter of 2016.


Do Modern CMOs Have To Choose Between Awareness And Demand Generation?

Huffington Post

Byline from the CMO of ON24.


Larry Augustin of SugarCRM: CRM is More Important Than Ever

Small Business Trends

And while many of its competitors are expanding their offerings to include ecommerce, configure-price-quoting (CPQ), marketing automation and other related areas, SugarCRM CEO Larry Augustin emphatically stated that Sugar is staying true to its CRM roots and explore the many ways CRM can be even more important to business success in the near future.


Blueshift Expands Asia Pacific Presence, Hires former WalmartLabs and Groupon execs

Press release

Dhruv Shanker Joins as Vice President and Head of APAC; Nipun Bhatia Joins as Vice President of Engineering.


Capgemini launches new digital and UX consultancy in Australia

CMO Australia

Backelite aims to provide a range of digital and experience strategy services to Australian brands


Marketing and finance departments must align metrics, says Adroll CMO

Mumbrella (Australia)

Too many marketers fail to align their key performance indicators (KPIs) with those of their finance department, resulting in the KPIs being seen as a cost centre of the business.



Twitter Now Lets Advertisers Target Users Who Tweet Emojis


With emoji targeting, Domino's and Pizza Hut can target people who use the pizza emoji. Or maybe brands advertising during Tour de France will want to engage with anyone who uses the guy on a bicycle. Brands can also strike a somber tone with anyone that uses the crying face.


Skilljar integrates Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation platform Pardot

Tech Seen

Pardot will bring automated marketing solution to Skilljar and allow marketing and sales departments to create, deploy, and manage online campaigns.


60% of B2B Marketers Believe Accuracy is Primary Benefit of Data-Backed Decisions


According to new survey results by Openprise, 60 percent of B2B marketers name making more accurate decisions as the most valuable benefit of marketing data.


Twitter Tries Another Hail Mary Pass, Invests $70M in SoundCloud


Twitter made the investment—which was confirmed by CEO Jack Dorsey and by a SoundCloud spokesperson—some time earlier this year, as part of a $100-million financing round that is likely to value the audio service at about $700 million.


Reminder that you can find info on our recent release here:

Spring 2016 Release

Also, I just added a video one of our exciting new features

Email 2.0 Spring '16: Overview

More videos to come...


After you kick the tires and test these new features, feel free to contribute a video to

The specified item was not found.

Reposted from our friends at the Silicon Valley MUG


The topic at the Silicon Valley Marketo User Group last week was sharing what we learned at Summit.


Although someone in the group did say that they thought our User Group may even be more informative that Summit (which I find hard to believe), there were a TON of sessions that people brought up as ones that they found memorable and useful:


Kristen Malkovich - Will it Scale? Tips and Tricks to Build Scalable Programs in Your Marketo Mansion


Samantha Safin - How To Fix Your Marketing Automation When You're Inherited a Hot Mess


Philip Chen - Marketo's XXX Approach to Engagement


Bryan Semple - 15 Things Never to Tell Your CMO


Josh Hill / Charlie Liang - ABM Success Path


Joe Chernov - Going Beyond Inbound with ABM


Adam New-Waterson and Jeff Shearer- Marketo Pro-tips III


Gerry Murray - Optimizing Your MarTech Stack for Solution Selling


Jason Kodish - The Transformation Play Starring Data, Behavior and Technology


Shana Pearlman The Royal Couple - When Content and Distribution Tie The Know


And I'll throw in ours too:


Inga Romanoff and Jason Seeba - Mo Money, Mo Marketo - How To Grow Your Career With Marketo


What was your favorite? You can see them all here

The Marketing Nation Summit, May 9-12, 2016 – Marketo - Sessions

I will be using this space more and more to highlight 'What's New' on the site to make it easier for you to find some of the goodies we have added to the Nation. Here's a great page on all Lead Nurturing: Best Practices & How-Tos






Marketo to Present at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference

Press release

Brian Kinion, chief financial officer, will present at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference on May 24, 2016 at 10:40 AM ET at The Westin Copley Place in Boston, Mass.


Referrals and Word of Mouth: The Holy Grail of Building Your Business

Hospitality Net

Marketo recently did a study which found that referrals were the best source of leads - and ultimately have a better close rate than any other channel (see chart). This should shed some light what companies need to focus on as they start out of the gate and grow.


An Allbound Marketing Approach Closes Your Revenue Gaps

Customer Think

Marketo said it best: “It’s unlikely that CXOs are going to spend time trolling the web for blogs and other content.” To get these C-level folks’ attention requires proactive reach to complement inbound efforts.”


MarTech Nirvana or Bubble? You Be the Judge

Business 2 Community

As Brinker notes, the results have been mixed at best – Salesforce played the platform card early — and at least within the CRM space, it has had the largest market share (18.6% as of last year), while Marketo made a big public commitment to being a marketing platform. And Scott is quick to add: “But for many, it seems like platformization has remained a secondary objective.”


Why Omni-Channel Marketing is Ideal for IT and Software

Business 2 Community

Cites Mike Stocker's 2014 Marketo Blog on omni-channel marketing.


9 New Tech Skills That Can Boost Your Salary


Online salary and benefits info company, PayScale, recently completed a study of its own compilations of data and found that jobs requiring certain tech skills tended to pay better than ones that didn’t. For those in the Millennial camp – born between 1982 and 2002 – the most common shared jobs skills are web framework Django, Google Ad Words, Marketo, Google Analytics, and campaign planning.




Will Amazon Get Into the Business Software Game?


Instead of merely renting computing power, the theory goes, Amazon could also start selling its own software like Microsoft does with Office, Salesforce does with its sales apps, and SAP does with accounting software.


Xerox Releases New Digital Workflow Solutions


Xerox released 15 digital workflow solutions that are designed to automate and simplify work across three targeted verticals, notably manufacturing, retail banking and higher education.


3M CMO Don Branch Charged With Bringing Science To Life

3M is in the process of putting in place enterprise-level social listening, social publishing, marketing automation, sales automation, service automation, and content management platforms. Results are yet to come, but the company expects to drive a more integrated customer experience and greater loyalty for its brands.


How the Role of Enterprise Marketers is Evolving with Mobile Apps

Mobile Marketing Watch

A guest contributed post from Polly Alluf is the VP of Marketing at Insert.


Fitbit Buys Coin’s Digital-Wallet Technology

Wall Street Journal

Stepping into Apple’s Wheelhouse, Fitbit plans a payment solution it could add to devices.



Behind IBM’s Acquisition Of Salesforce Shop Bluewolf, And Its ‘Consulting Agency' Approach


IBM heralded interoperability, particularly related to its marketing applications and agency services businesses, through its Bluewolf acquisition.


It’s time to get personal with email

Marketing Land

How do you improve your open and click rates? Vidyard's Michael Litt explains why personalization and video are a winning combination for your email marketing strategy. According to a study from Marketo and ClearFit (disclosure: client), reported by Vidyard, using video for email messages increases open rates substantially.


Google Is Attacking Enterprise from Every Angle


Google showed a new custom computer chip and business software at its annual conference.


Google's mobile productivity apps bury Microsoft's


According to data provided to Computerworld by SurveyMonkey Intelligence, the monthly-active users of Google's mobile productivity apps in April vastly outnumbered those for Microsoft's Office.


Why Facebook Will Dominate Small Business Advertising

The Motley Fool

Facebook says it has three million businesses paying for ads, but Facebook may have just scratched the surface.


SAP and Microsoft Launch Yet Another Alliance


SAP and Microsoft have a new alliance that will let the biggest SAP’s HANA databases run on the Microsoft Azure cloud as well as link Office 365 with SAP’s business software.


The Facebook papers Part 2: The user experience revolt


What publishers can and can't do — and how that forces them into giving up more of their core competencies to Facebook.


Agencies Need Clients To Catch Up With Modern Marketing


Executives from Dentsu Aegis, IPG, Havas, Omnicom and WPP took up the question at the Modern Marketing Summit Upfront at Internet Week in New York City on Monday. Their conclusion: Agencies won't be inclined to break down silos until clients are ready to do the same.


Bots Bring Bigger Challenge to Google’s Ad Model Than Phones Did


The smartphone boom upended Google’s advertising profit engine and it took years for the Internet giant to adjust to the new mobile world. The next wave of computing will be an even bigger challenge.


Swrve and AppsFlyer Announce East Coast Installation of the Mobile Moments Event Series

Press release

Swrve, the leader in mobile engagement, today announced Mobile Moments NYC, the inaugural East Coast installation of their global event series highlighting real-world secrets for mobile success.


The power of Microsoft Power BI


In January 2015 Microsoft set out to “fundamentally transform the business of business intelligence.” The basis of that bold claim was the release of a new version of Microsoft’s business intelligence tool, Power BI.


CMO interview: Why programmatic actually matters to brand marketers

CMO Australia

MediaMath's global CMO talks about the next generation of data-driven marketing, the role of marketing leadership and how she's proving the value of the marketing function.


Google's New App-Install Ad Targeting Could Help Marketers Better Reach Consumers


Google is helping developers chase potential heavy users.


Google’s Getting Ready To Counter The Ad Blockers – But There Are A Few Stumbling Blocks


Recent buzz has centered on Google spearheading an industrywide initiative that sounds a heck of a lot like an acceptable ads program, taking an unexpected page from the Adblock Plus playbook. An announcement seems imminent.


85 percent of Facebook video is watched without sound


Facebook might be hosting upwards of 8 billion views per day on its platform, but a wide majority of that viewership is happening in silence.


Facebook Brings Branded Video Ads To Audience Network


In a significant expansion of its video ad offering, Facebook will bring video ad formats to its Instant Articles platform and to the external apps and sites in its Audience Network, the company announced Monday.


Augmented and virtual reality offer real value for CMOs

CMO Deloitte

Augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) are no longer simply science fiction. Even as the consumer market for simulated reality tools remains uncertain, enterprises are fast-tracking AR and VR plans to transform business.


Interview with John Bara, President and CMO at Mintigo

MarTech Advisor

Cites that Mintigo is both a Marketo customer and partner.



What the C-suite can Learn from Social Media Analytics

MarTech Advisor

Paige Leidig, CMO at NetBase states that social listening is a marketer's domain – but certain insights should be on the C-suite's radar in case decisive action is required. Hence, she suggests three areas for brand leaders to monitor.


We’re Making LinkedIn Advertising Easier than Ever with These New Tools

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

New features from LinkedIn include saving targeting templates, restarting and archiving completed campaigns, increasing ad limits for campaigns, new social actions on sponsored content, and a new "years of experience" targeting facet coming soon.


Marketing Clouds And Ad Tech Financial Forces Poised To Collide


Louis Moynihan, vice president of product innovation at Demandbase, says that data management platforms (DMPs) are outgrowing the siloed advertising channel and evolving into multichannel management within the larger marketing clouds.


Drive more scale for your performance campaigns with Twitter


We’re excited to announce that the Twitter Audience Platform is available to all performance advertisers around the world. Now, advertisers who want to drive website clicks or conversions or mobile app installs can seamlessly extend their campaigns to Twitter’s audience of more than 800 million visitors – whether they’re on Twitter, or engaging with thousands of mobile apps and websites.

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