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Dear Marketing Nation Community Members,


It is with extreme joy (and a bit of sadness) that I introduce you to your new community manager, Janet Dulsky! I have accepted a new opportunity so will be passing the Nation baton to her effective December 15th. She has been with Marketo for over a year and has been a key player across the marketing organization doing projects like building and executing the digital strategy for the new Marketo corporate site that launched at the beginning of the year, driving sponsorships for Summit 2017 with our fabulous partners, and creating the Marketo Central booth experience for Summit 2016.


Recently over the past few months she has been working closely with me to gather community research about how to improve the customer experience. She has tremendous passion for Marketo, our customers, and the amazing Nation that you all make up. I couldn’t be happier to transition this responsibility to her, and I encourage you to welcome her in the comments below!


I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for making my job at Marketo an extreme source of pride for me. I feel fortunate to have been ‘the face’ of the Marketing Nation Community for five years, and although it is time for me to set sail and challenge myself in a new adventure, I will always bleed purple, and Marketo will always have a very special place in my heart. And…I’ll still be a member of the Nation, so I look forward to hopefully seeing you at Summit 2017!


Also, be on the lookout for some exciting changes coming to the community over the next year. If you haven’t already, please help shape the Nation by filling out this short survey. Janet will be taking your feedback and using it to re-think how Marketo uses the Nation at the forefront of everything we do. Because, after all, our customers and partners are what we do it all for.

Huge thanks, and please keep in touch!



Liz Oseguera

Dear Marketing Nation,


My name is Steve Lucas, and I am thrilled to be addressing you all as the new CEO of Marketo. Phil Fernandez has stepped down after 10 incredible years leading the company through its founding, IPO, and exciting acquisition. I am honored to take the reins as Marketo enters its next phase of innovation and growth, focused entirely on helping you win!


I’m joining Marketo from SAP, where I was the president of the global Platform organization. While there, my team and I worked with the world's best companies to help them successfully connect with their customers through next-generation data, analytics, and mobile enterprise solutions. Prior to SAP, I held senior executive positions at enterprise software companies including, BusinessObjects, and Crystal Decisions. While I've spent the past 25 years in beautiful Colorado with my family, we are looking forward to relocating to California near Marketo headquarters.


I joined Marketo because of what Phil and the team succeeded in building: a world-class digital marketing platform that puts you, the marketer, in the driver's seat to transform and grow your business and brand. As I met with stakeholders throughout the company, it became clear to me that the digital marketing revolution is being driven by you, our amazing Marketing Nation. Together we will take this community to new heights.


We are all part of an unprecedented era of digital transformation, and as this revolution accelerates, every member of the Nation will need to make sense of and respond in real time to new and expanding customer touchpoints. That’s why – building on the recent launch of Marketo’s best-in-class account-based marketing solution – we will deliver a new and unmatched platform and user experience in 2017 that will help you achieve unprecedented levels of success. We as a company are fully committed to delivering this to you as we only succeed when you are successful.


Over the next few months, I plan to meet with and learn from many of you. In addition, intense planning for April’s Marketing Nation Summit is already in full force, and I look forward to delivering an event unrivaled in content. But that doesn’t mean we have to wait to connect; I'd love to hear from you now! Please feel free to send me an email directly or reach out to Marketo’s Customer Marketing team with questions, comments, concerns – anything.


I am incredibly excited to be a part of the Marketing Nation, and on behalf of all the passionate team members at Marketo, we look forward to driving your digital transformation together!



Steve Lucas

Chief Executive Officer

Marketo, Inc.


Are you wondering what content or places, or even people are getting the most attention in Community? Here are some metrics that will be updated quarterly, for the previous quarter, to let the Nation know what our most popular areas are so you can check them out!


Updated Sept 2016 for Q3


Top 5 Content


Top 5 Places



The specified item was not found.19,682
Champion Program18,122


Top 5 Marketo Recommended Places




Questions : Average Response Time


  • 96% questions responded to
  • 26% questions received helpful answer*
  • 17% questions received correct answer*

*Note this is a user behavior so is not a clear indication of questions that were in fact helpful or correctly answered. It shows how many people manually marked questions as helpful or correct. The more you do this the more everyone learns!


User Adoption & Participation


Avg. of 10,200 visitors to the site

15% of visitors are engaging


Top 5 Users

UserPoints (this quarter)Total PointsFollowers
Sanford Whiteman3,197104,949243
Grégoire Michel2,981137,340278
Josh Hill1,799264,596294
Dory Viscogliosi1,13377,37499
Geoff Krajeski97019,50957

Marketo had a very exciting week last week with our much anticipated Marketo Account Based Marketing Event. 350-plus customers, prospects, partners, influencers, analysts, and media in a packed room at the Four Seasons San Francisco, we unveiled Marketo ABM in a whole new way. Our customers were inspired by what they saw and even more excited about the potential that Marketo ABM will deliver for their business. #MarketoABM was even trending at the top in San Francisco! To watch the recording of this exciting live event, click here.


The event was live streamed to the Marketing Nation globally. A huge thank you to the 15 Marketo User Groups that held watch parties to celebrate the launch in cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, New York City, and Vancouver, among others. Over 90 minutes, we unveiled our new offering, hosted a CMO panel on ABM, and capstoned the day with a discussion with Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors who spoke on the essentials for building a championship team.


If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to join our ABM Virtual User Group (simply click follow in the top right corner) where you can find everything Marketo ABM. Ask questions about our offering or about ABM in general and as our product is released and rolled out, this is the place you can get first hand customer stories, successes, discuss challenges, and stay up to date with upcoming ABM webinars and webinars on demand!


We look forward to engaging with you in the ABM group soon.

Hello members of the Marketing Nation!


As you may have noticed when you logged in today, the homepage is slightly different. We hope you like it!

We are always trying to make it easy for you, our customers and partners, to navigate the Community and easily find what you need to be successful. We even did some research in June to get your feedback. SeeWhat are your top 10 pages in Community?


Here is what has changed :


  • Hero: As you can see the large image at the top (what we call the hero) has remained. We will continue to promote important events, announcements and opportunities in this spot regularly.
  • 6 CTAs: We tried to simplify these CTAs based on your feedback and based on key areas of the site that will help you navigate Community as well as get started with Marketo. These buttons are to help all levels of Marketo users as well as newbies to Community find what they need. We chose only 6 (opposed to the 10 I got feedback on) to make the page cleaner.
    • NOTE: Don't forget to utilize the top global navigation and the super ball drop down to find important pages also!
  • 3 smaller buttons: If you remember, these were larger stock images used to promote other announcements, opportunities and events, like upcoming webinars. We decided to adjust the real estate these CTAs were using to put more focus on the 6 CTAs above, but we will still use them to promote secondary events and announcements. Some may stay more constant than others, such as Join a User Group.


If you have feedback, please feel free to provide it here in the comments!

To view the original post by Idan Carmeli click here.


With this week's MKTGNation event in full swing, Marketo has certainly made a splash in the world of enterprise marketing.

I repeat: enterprise marketing.

Every single beat in Phil Fernandez's keynote was made to the tune of enterprise. In fact, if you put the transcript of his talk on the net, it would probably rank super high for phrases like 'customer experience', 'strategic weapon for the CEO', 'fabric of the enterprise' and a few 'internet of things' and 'big data' and 'machine learning' to boot. Marketo has its sights up high, well beyond the walls of the marketing department.

To view the entire article click here.

This blog was originally posted here by Jeff Coveney.


What a great week at this year’s Marketo Summit in Las Vegas.

100+ marketing sessions, 6,000+ marketers, and a whole bunch of parties made this event one to remember. Here are some of my top takeaways.

1) New Marketo Summit Venue: Vegas

After years of being hosted in San Francisco, Marketo switched gears and brought 6,000 marketers to sin city at the MGM Grand. Vegas is like nowhere else, meaning attendees had plenty of post event choices.

The MGM itself is BIG meaning there is a ton of walking. Some people never left the premises as the MGM has everything you need in one place.

2) Hot Technology and Marketo Trends

Here are a few trends I saw that you might want to keep an eye on for the next year.

  • Orion is More than a Constellation – With so many new data points across various channels, Marketo needs to get faster to support the “Internet of Things.” Orion is the code word for Marketo’s multi-year initiative to make the system up to 100X faster.
Marketo reports that in 2015, there were 20 billion emails sent and 500 billion activities logged.
  • Account-Based Marketing – Finding ways to take the discussions beyond the lead, account-based marketing is hot. It seemed like account-based marketing made its way into almost every session and exhibitor marketing message. Marketo even announced some new account-based marketing features coming soon.
  • Analytics and Predictive Modeling – Marketers are getting smarter and the requirements around insights are getting greater. Many attendees were trying to gain new ways to improve attribution insights and create predictive models to help their business.
  • Engaging Content – White papers are so 2014. Companies are getting more creative with interactive content and video. Along this concept, Marketo announced some new predictive content capabilities to help marketers deliver more relevant content.

To view the rest of the takeaways, click here.

This blog was originally posted here by Helen Abramova.


Marketo Summit 2016 was an amazing event with a great agenda, strong content and plenty opportunities for learning, networking and navigating over challenges and potential of the profession. It was an epicenter of sparkling energy, positive emotions, and connectedness of more than four thousand attendees coming from all parts of the World.

The theme of Marketo Summit was “Tomorrow’s Marketer”. It was an interesting shift of focus from a profession to a professional. There were a lot of major discussions of leadership, core values, authenticity (Will Smith’s amazing keynote session), hitting goals and what it takes you (Alison Levine’s story of climbing Everest), the personality of a marketer (Sanjay Dholakia’s presentation). This year the marketing topic became very personal.

To view the full blog post, click here.

Did you know gamification market growth in 2015 was reported to be $1.7 Billion, and is projected to increase to $5.5 Billion by 2018?


Gamification, which was coined in 2002, did not start to become more mainstream until the last few years. Marketo first implemented gamification in our previous community in 2012 and we saw a 3x increase in engagements in our first week, along with a 71% daily lift in activities, and 48% increase in question replies in the first 3 months.


We were hooked, and so were our customers. So we've continued utilize the power of rewards and status in the Marketing Nation ever since. There are a million reasons to join a Community, but gamification is a reason to stay; it creates stickiness.


Let me back and up help those of you who still may find this to be a foreign (or even silly) concept. Gamification by definition is the application of game design elements and principals into non-game contexts in order to increase engagement and participation. If you are reading this, then it means you are in the Marketing Nation Community and you are earning rewards as we speak!


To view your rewards simply go to your profile by clicking your avatar then view profile.

view profile.jpg

Then click the points in the middle of the page. (tip: make sure you set up your profile completely so people know who you are and you can join a MUG.)


Here you will find a complete overview of your level, points, and you can drill down on the missions and rewards you have completed or need to complete. After clicking Missions, you can not only sort your view but this is where you control your "Me in Three", or 3 badges of your choice to shwocase prominently. These 3 follow you around as you post letting anyone who hovers over your name know you have those skills. As you can see, I have chosen the influencer, blogger, and of course MCE rewards (the names of the badges show up on hover).


Go ahead, update your "Me in Three" now!

me three.jpg

Besides showcasing your status, knowledge, and expertise, rewards create competition which is very important (and fun!) in an online Community. View where you stand among the masses of Marketo customers by clicking Ranking.


Now that you know how to check out your standings and keep track of your rewards, we have some great news. We will be assigning some brand new rewards this year for all different activities, events and accomplishments. Here's a sneak peak of a few that would be perfect for your "Me in Three"!



We are always looking to improve the Marketing Nation Community, so if you have feedback or ideas on how to make the learning experience better for you please share in the comments of this blog!

If you have been a Marketo customer for longer than a 6 months you probably know that Subscribe to Smart Lists has been the top requested customer idea in Community for several years. To be exact, it was posted Dec 6, 2010, the day our first Community launched. Now, almost 5 years later the Marketo Product Team is excited to say it has become a reality. The long sought after product enhancement allows marketers to export a smart list and email it to the stakeholders that are not using Marketo e.g. Sales or Telemarketing teams as well as exports that can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly.


It is not only the longest running customer idea, but it is the most voted on idea with over 8,400 points (840 votes) and needless to say, our customers are excited!


Kimi Heskett, Marketing Operations Manager at DuoSecurity and 4x Champion said, "I'm so glad that subscribe to smart lists is finally here! My daily productivity has already increased having smart lists I would review on a daily basis just land in my inbox and I can easily see which ones need attention and which ones don't. THANK YOU, MARKETO. I Heart you."


To hear what other Champion Program are saying about the new feature, click here.


At Marketo, we take the Ideas section of our Community very seriously. Since launch we receive an average of 83 ideas a month, and we've had almost 400 total customer ideas put into our product. Some of you may be thinking...there is no way the Product Team actually looks at every idea! But I am here to tell you that they do! Here’s our internal process: The Product Team checks ideas regularly on their own time, but I meet with them weekly to review ideas together and assign them status' such as "We like it!" or "Already Have It". Each time we update a status an email alert is triggered to the author. We are doing our best to get caught up so eventually we can respond within a week of you posting. (If you aren't receiving these, you can Set Up Email Preferences.)


Subscribe to Smart Lists being completed is the result of our customers being relentless and dedicated to making our product better. But as you know, it is the little extra efficiencies that can make your day! Inga Romanoff, Consultant and 4x Champion said, "I love this feature! I was always bummed that I had to create a report just to get the list. It's another little thing that Marketo added that makes such a big difference!"


Now, not all feature requests have this kind of impact or take as long to complete; there are plenty of customer ideas that are a simple fix such as Keyboard shortcut to My Marketo and others that take weeks to months such as Outlook Conditional Statements. And then of course, there are the majority that engineering may never have the time to work on...but there is one thing that can push an idea to the forefront -- votes! So it's just as important to share your ideas and vote on those you want as it is to post them.


If you have never submitted an idea in Community, don't be shy! A best practice is to post the idea while it's fresh in your mind and always search first, because with over 5,000 ideas in Community it is likely someone else has already posted it! If they have, vote it up...if not, submit away!


Customer product ideas in Community are important for two reasons: they help shape Marketo's Product Roadmap and they encourage direct communication and collaboration between our customers and the Product Team.


Shape Marketo's Product Roadmap


Your voice can help shape our product roadmap. The more you use Marketo, the more you'll think of new and innovative ways to use the product, and we want to hear them! You can express your excitement, love, support, challenges, dislikes, and constructive feedback. We value your input so much, Cheryl Chavez, VP, Product Management, added a "Customer Love" session to our annual Marketing Nation Summit a few years ago which specifically highlights customer generated ideas from Community, such as Forms 2.0 - Better forms without code. We rely on you in a big way to tell us what will help you be successful, so please continue to use this channel to your advantage. 


Communicate and Collaborate


Whether you have a marketing team of 20 or one, being your company’s Marketo admin is a big responsibility. As you know, Marketo is a robust marketing automation tool that is often not used to it's full (or correct) capacity. This is where the Marketing Nation Community is crucial to success; if you stumble across a question or a challenge you can't figure out you can ask one of the 50,000 marketers in Community. This collaboration sparks ideas and pushes our customers to innovate the product with us, creating a collaboration and open dialog that is something we're proud of.


I hope you have a better understanding of our process and you feel empowered and motivated to participate. We are very excited to continue to work with you to push the boundaries of what Marketo can do for you and your business. If you have comments about this blog or our ideas process, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

When the Community Team launched the new Marketo Marketing Nation Community almost 6 months ago (I know...can you believe it!?) we approached the user experience with a 'do no harm' approach. Anyone who has launched a new version of a platform or has played a role in a website re-design knows that you always run the risk of membership and engagement plummeting because people don't like (they hate) change.


We tried to find a happy medium between utilizing the robust functionality we now had at our fingertips, and overwhelming you to where you couldn't find anything. Turns out, we may have been too eager to show you everything we had to offer so now we're taking a step back and figuring out what our customers want and need to be successful.The first step is to simplify a few pages of the site starting with The specified item was not found. & Support. If you take a look at the mock ups below, you will see we are trying to move toward a 'less is more' design. But...only you can help us know if we're on the right track.


Here are a few ways you can help!


  • Provide feedback for the Marketing Central and Support mock ups. Let us know what you think by commenting on this blog and specifying which page you're referring to. If you need help getting started, you can answer questions like:
    1. What three things do you like / what three things do you not like / what are three recommendations for improvement?
    2. How long have you used Marketo?
    3. What do you use community for most?
    4. What features or widgets do you find most useful when you get to a page?

Marketing Central Mock up

Mkt Central v1.png

Support Mock up


Support v1.jpg

  • Blog blog blog! We know you are knowledgeable about several different Marketo and digital marketing topics and we strongly encourage you to use our open forum as a way to showcase your expertise and build your brand. Only you can prevent bad marketing!
  • If you don't see something you need, ask us! Marketo customers are GREAT at providing feedback as exemplified by our hot to trot ideas section that has had over 400 customer ideas put into the product, and we'd like to encourage you to keep it coming. The more the Community team can have a bidirectional line of communication with you the better we can improve and tailor the user experience to fit your needs and drive you toward your business objectives. You will see Marketo employees ask for feedback all over the Community, whether that be a quick poll in the Support page to see how we're doing or a  survey featured on the homepage that has a monetary incentive (yes, we do offer cash money for your participation sometimes!).
    1. If you want to blog in our Nation Members Blog, email or and we'll give you access.


Marketing Central is where our users can go to become better digital marketers. It is no secret that Marketo is a complex and robust product that you will not learn overnight. So it is silly to assume that product docs and training videos alone will allow our customers to accomplish excellence in using the tool. Marketing Central is about more than just Marketo. It's about thought leadership, best practices, trends in the industry, and strategic concepts like how to build out your marketing team, or what role Marketing Operations can play in your organization.


Thanks to you the Community has been healthy by most definitions of the word. We have had an increase in metrics across the board. We have more engagements, more questions being asked and responded to, and we had a 66% increase in active users*. And although overall membership has increased from an average of 10% of customers logging into the old Community to 30% logging into, we are still trying to 'crack the code' on what it takes to get more of our customers to log in and engage with each other.


If you ever have feedback in general about the Marketing Nation Community, please visit out About Community section. Thanks in advance.


*Active users are defined as anyone who logs in and engages with content, such as a like, comment, post or bookmark.

Good customer service is something that most companies strive for, but it doesn’t happen without effort or overnight. I think we can all agree we are hoping for quotes like these to be rolling in about our products or services:


“Let’s be real: I bleed purple. Both my favorite color and community, there’s few things in life I love more than Marketo.”


Whether your company is B2B or B2C, whether you’re selling marketing automation software to businesses or a fitness app to consumers, you need to be able to make your customers happy and keep them happy. That is why they continue to buy your products and why they recommend you to their friends and hundreds to thousands of followers on their social networks.


As a community manager for almost four years now, trying to make our customers happy is at the forefront of everything I do. I think Marketo has done a good job of using advocacy to drive customer satisfaction over the years.


Here are my tips on how you can increase customer satisfaction through advocacy and more: 


Have good products: You may be thinking “duh” or “this isn’t a marketer’s job”, and you’re right. But I mention this first because if you don’t have quality products, then you aren’t going anywhere fast with customer satisfaction. Quality products are where happy customers start, so make sure you believe in and would actually use what your company is selling.


In a recent Champion application Brean Deters, Marketing Analytics Manager at BAI said, “I have been using Marketo extensively for over 3 years and love the product, not  only for what it can do now but for the potential and opportunity for what it can evolve to in the future.”


Now, don’t interpret ‘good products’ as ‘perfect’ because we all know that is unattainable. Our CMO always says, “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement,” which leads to my next point about feedback.


Encourage feedback…and actually listen: It’s one thing to ask your customers for feedback and it’s another to take the time to read that feedback, collect it and put it into action. The former is easy, the ladder takes time, money and thought. I can think of a great example of how we give our customers a voice at Marketo. Our customer ideas section in the Community has contributed over 425 customer ideas that have been put into our product. Our customers provide feedback and each week I sit down with the product team and we respond to each of them, in hopes to eventually catch up! 


The most important advice I can give when soliciting customer ideas and feedback is to set expectations and communicate often. On the product side it’s common to be a victim to circumstances well out of our control that changes the timing of a release resulting in a customer let-down. However, I have seen customers get the most frustrated when they feel out of the loop or ignored. It’s not always going to be the answer they want but they will hopefully appreciate the transparency.


Use a barter system (challenge & reward):Create opportunities to challenge your customers online and offline with friendly competition and contests. I’ve seen great success when tapping into people’s inherent desire to compete and win. I can relate because am one of the most competitive people I know! Whether you’re encouraging competition with others or individually…this has helped the Marketo customer marketing team drive engagement and participation across our different programs. The bartering is incentivizing customers with a tangible prize, promotion, or money.


Pick an advocacy platform to help scale: It’s tough to keep track of your advocate programs using excel and outlook, so we recommend you invest in one or more advocate platforms. As you know, Marketo just moved our customer community from Salesforce to JiveX in May to provide a better experience to our growing customer base. We’ve already increased our registered users by 20% from the previous site. But the community has been a key driver of the Marketing Nation’s participation, adoption of Marketo, camaraderie and loyalty since inception in 2010, so just be sure to do your homework and pick a platform that is right for you.


Influitive is another platform we have seen great success with. It is a self-service advocate tool that allows you to integrate advocate marketing with the rest of your marketing organization through fun challenges and rewards. We launched this tool in March and already have 640 advocates involved!


Sell an experience, not just a product: If Facebook is one of the first things you check in the morning when you wake up, you know what FOMO is. You want to create this feeling with your customers. You want them to feel loved, included, and a part of something bigger than just the product or service you are selling them.


The Marketing Nation is where people, technology and ideas converge to help marketers get the fastest speed to results. This concept is of something bigger than our product, you, or I and it has created a sense of community with our customers and our employees that far exceeds the standard vendor / customer relationship.


Also, remind yourself what you’re selling—it’s not just a transaction but should be focused on a feeling, like welcoming someone into your family. At Marketo, our customers are buying a long lasting relationship, and we’ve found it to be mutually beneficial. Our customers know that at any time, day or night, they can log in and connect with members of the Marketing Nation to get help and support. To hear it from the source, watch this video Why Marketo Customers Love our Community


Incentivize with rewards and cash: There is little that motivates people more than ‘stuff’. Even if it’s as simple as giving away a $5 Starbucks gift card or branded t-shirt…customers will be motivated! And, it’s great for brand recognition to have your customers serve as walking billboards. Obviously the quality and quantity of monetary rewards at your disposal depends on the size of your budget, so if you have a small team, get creative!


Another type of reward I recommend is public recognition. This comes in all shapes, sizes and channels, but some that have made our customers shout from the rooftops (and Twitter) with joy and pride is our Revvie Awards that we announce at our Marketing Nation Summit each year. These awards recognize and celebrate customers and partners who are using Marketo in innovative and exciting ways. If you can find a way to capture quality customer stories while showcasing our customers’ success in front of their peers and in press releases, I’d recommend it.


Building advocacy and customer satisfaction are very rewarding for both parties if you’re doing it right, but it’s also a science that is dependent on a lot of factors…making it a wild ride! I’d love to hear your ideas and stories about what you’re doing at your companies to keep your customers happy and engaged!

Two of my favorite times of year are January 15 and June 15 (the Community launch pushed this Summer class back a month!) when I get to select the new classes of Marketo Champions. Although it is an intense cross-functional process, it is a lot of fun to see who applies. Before I announce the new class, I am excited to share that we're increasing each class to 30 members (from 25) to make room for 10 more talented marketers to join this prestigious group each year. To learn more about what we require and the induction process, you can read the Requirements & Benefits of the Champion Program.


It is an honor to read all of the wonderful applications I receive over the course of the year. This summer we received 20% more applications than we did for the previous class, a program best! They are always filled with awesome success metrics, innovative ways of using Marketo, stories about how customers have benefited from Community, and most importantly, how passionate they are about Marketo because it has transformed their career in some way. Reading stories like these are a humble reminder that I am fortunate to work at Marketo serving our customers because they are truly the most AMAZING and the best in the biz. Here are a few examples of quotes that came from the recent applications.


"Being part of the Marketo Champion Program has been a huge building block of my career. I’ve now been a part of this amazing group for two years! The people included in this group are truly some of the brightest minds and I really like feeding off of each other’s Marketo **** knowledge!"

  • Kim Para at LeadMD, 3x Champ


"Learning how to use the Marketo Lead Management system has had a tremendous impact on my career - two years ago I had no experience with the platform and now I'm a Marketo Certified Expert (and provide coaching so that my colleagues can get the same achievement) and have won two team Revvies (the Integrator in 2014 and Marketing Team of Year -2015)."

  • Jill Ragsdale at CA Technologies


Without further ado, I’m pleased to announce the Summer 2015 class of Marketo Champions. Please congratulate them in the comments of this post!


Adam New-Waterson, 5x Champion

Brean Deters

Caryl Mostacho, 2x Champion

Cecile Maindron, 4x Champion

Courtney Grimes

Edward Masson, 4x Champion

Edward Unthank,  3x Champion

Gary DeAsi, 3x Champion

Jason Hamilton

Jeff Shearer, 4x Champion

Jeff Spicer, 3x Champion

Jenn DiMaria

Jenny Robertson 4x Champion

Jennifer Clegg, 2x Champion

Jill Ragsdale

Joanna Nguyen, 2x Champion

Joe Reitz

Josh Perry, 3x Champion

Julz James

Justin Norris

Keith Nyberg

Kim Allen, 3x Champion

Kristen Malkovich, 2x Champion

Leah Grosky, 2x Champion

Maarten Westdorp

Mark Farnell

Neil Robertson-Ravo

Sarah Rossborough, 2x Champion

Stephen Susina , 4x Champion

Taylor Enfinger


Want to connect with our Champs? You can find a Champion in our Community a few ways.


  • You can see a list of our Champions in Products  by clicking ‘find experts’ on the right side under quick links. Then ‘add filter’ at the top and search by accomplishments / Champions. For a direct link to a full list of our Champions, click here.


  • Our new Expert Locator is coming out in September. This is an enhanced search functionality that will allow you to better connect with users based on criteria you select such as accomplishments like Champions, MUG Leaders, Certified Experts, expertise and location. It will even show you if a User Group is near you!
  • All Champions are also tagged with a badge next to their name that looks like this. role badge.jpg


  • Join the Champion Program group and chat with our Champs! Ask questions about the program, network and more.


Champions are Marketo's most advanced customers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the Marketo Community and at Marketo events, are Marketo Certified Experts, are avid contributors in the social world, and are loyal advocates of the Marketo brand. If you are interested in learning more and applying, read our Requirements & Benefits of the Champion Program and join the Champions: The Marketo Elite group. We look forward to seeing your application in the future.



Liz Courter, Community Manager


One small step for man, one giant leap for the Nation!


For the past several months, the Marketo Community Team has been working on this new and exciting Community. We only wish we could have launched it sooner. To build it right, however, it was important to sit down and talk to all the people who make up the Marketing Nation. We met with our Champions, Partners, User Group Leaders, Certified Users and even every day digital marketers (who aren't necessarily Marketo customers).


Here are some the new features to the site



Building a Nation is never easy. Yes, there will be some growing pains along the way, but overtime this Community should get better and better. It will be a great place to connect, share and learn with your peers. Also, to make your experience better, we have created a document called See What's New to help guide you to where things are in the new Community, compared to the old Community.


So please continue to provide feedback on how we can make this the Marketing Nation the most active and place in the business world.


Thank you again for all your help, I look forward to engaging with you in the Nation!


Liz and the rest of the Nation Building team

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