Brian Law

Set Acquisition for SFDC Records - Initial Sync

Blog Post created by Brian Law Employee on Sep 4, 2017

After you setup the Saleforce/Marketo integration the next step is to set the acquisition program for all the records synced from SFDC. In this example, I am going to use one acquisition program for all the SFDC records.


Step 1. Create an acquisition program for your salesforce records. I am using the operational channel to exclude the program from my RCE reporting.


Step 2. Create a smart campaign to set acquisition.


Smart list



As you can see I am setting the acquisition date to the date the record was created in SFDC. If I skipped this step the acquisition date will be the date the acquisition program was set.



Run the batch once. In a future blog article I will show how to change the campaign to a recurring batch campaign.


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