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You often see Marketo forms with an "extension" field where a lead can type an explanation for their Other/None of the Above choice.




This works well enough from the lead's perspective. You can use Visibility Rules to show the extension field only if Other is selected in the primary field. 


But there's really no reason to do it this way. I consider this an antipattern with Marketo forms for two reasons.

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I recently worked with a B2C client on a campaign where they were targeting leads when they reached a specific mid-stage of the sales cycle with some SMS and email messaging. In their smart list,  they were triggering on Opportunity is Updated  with additional constraints around opportunity stage and the brand.


In reviewing their leads, they found that some leads at the appropriate opportunity stage didn't qualify for the campaign after it was turned on. As it happens, these leads had been converted to opportunities and immediately placed in the qualifying stage versus earlier stages.  Therefore, their opportunities were not UPDATED; they were in fact, Added to Opportunity. By bringing in an additional trigger (Added to Opportunity) with the appropriate constraints on stage and brand,  the two triggers - which, remember, work as "OR" statements - captured all leads once reaching the right opportunity stage.


I wanted to do a quick blog post on this for two reasons:


This is not an uncommon issue: Users sometimes forget that Opportunity is Updated excludes leads whose opportunities are first created (Added). You similarly see this with Data Value Changes - when a lead is created and their field values are populated, this first writing of data to fields doesn't count in Marketo as a "change." So I thought it useful to call this out as a reminder.


Perhaps more importantly, this situation highlighted how important it is to understand your sales teams' processes.  When salespeople create opportunities, do they "skip" stages (i.e., bring someone in "midway" through) and if so, why? Is this something that makes sense for your sales process and therefore should be accommodated in your Marketo build, or is this an opportunity to help sales improve their processes?


So when you see something like this occur in Marketo, focus not just on correcting your smart lists but also using it as an opportunity to examine your related sales and marketing processes and make sure they are working as planned.

Dear Marketing Nation,


My name is Steve Lucas, and I am thrilled to be addressing you all as the new CEO of Marketo. Phil Fernandez has stepped down after 10 incredible years leading the company through its founding, IPO, and exciting acquisition. I am honored to take the reins as Marketo enters its next phase of innovation and growth, focused entirely on helping you win!


I’m joining Marketo from SAP, where I was the president of the global Platform organization. While there, my team and I worked with the world's best companies to help them successfully connect with their customers through next-generation data, analytics, and mobile enterprise solutions. Prior to SAP, I held senior executive positions at enterprise software companies including, BusinessObjects, and Crystal Decisions. While I've spent the past 25 years in beautiful Colorado with my family, we are looking forward to relocating to California near Marketo headquarters.


I joined Marketo because of what Phil and the team succeeded in building: a world-class digital marketing platform that puts you, the marketer, in the driver's seat to transform and grow your business and brand. As I met with stakeholders throughout the company, it became clear to me that the digital marketing revolution is being driven by you, our amazing Marketing Nation. Together we will take this community to new heights.


We are all part of an unprecedented era of digital transformation, and as this revolution accelerates, every member of the Nation will need to make sense of and respond in real time to new and expanding customer touchpoints. That’s why – building on the recent launch of Marketo’s best-in-class account-based marketing solution – we will deliver a new and unmatched platform and user experience in 2017 that will help you achieve unprecedented levels of success. We as a company are fully committed to delivering this to you as we only succeed when you are successful.


Over the next few months, I plan to meet with and learn from many of you. In addition, intense planning for April’s Marketing Nation Summit is already in full force, and I look forward to delivering an event unrivaled in content. But that doesn’t mean we have to wait to connect; I'd love to hear from you now! Please feel free to send me an email directly or reach out to Marketo’s Customer Marketing team with questions, comments, concerns – anything.


I am incredibly excited to be a part of the Marketing Nation, and on behalf of all the passionate team members at Marketo, we look forward to driving your digital transformation together!



Steve Lucas

Chief Executive Officer

Marketo, Inc.


It's true. Here at Marketo we use Slack, and our Slackbot HATES server side post.. so much so that when you mention it, it chastises you. It's really pretty amusing.



Fine! Jeez.



Really though, Slackbot is completely right. Server side post has effectively been replaced by the following REST endpoint, which is great and scalable.


This, along with my other most recent blog, provide a good blueprint for associating leads in a non marketo form with only one REST call. No fewer than 3 customers have had this very question for me this week alone, so it seems like a hot topic.

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