Jodi Florence

Comparing Marketo Email Performance with a Competitor 

Blog Post created by Jodi Florence Employee on Aug 3, 2016

Many of our clients migrate to Marketo from other marketing automation platforms and want to understand the differences between our email performance and their previous provider.


I have been working with one such client who sends a large bi-weekly newsletter. While the send, delivered and opens rates are on par, the clicked rates had some discrepancies.


Here are some things to consider when embarking on your own comparison:


  • Marketo’s Clicked column means people who have clicked one or more links in the email. Be sure the competitor is talking the same language in any type of Click metrics.
  • Check the math – in doing number crunching between reports, we discovered that the other provider uses different dividing metrics in their calculations. Marketo uses (Unique) Clicked/Delivered to report on Clicked %. You can’t rely on a pure side-by-side comparison of the reports, you need to dig in and crunch the numbers yourself.
  • View as Webpage link in an email is not a metric that is counted in the Marketo Clicked column (Note: if a person then clicks a CTA link on that view as webpage, it will be counted in the clicked column*) Marketo doesn’t report on view as webpage links at all – and I’d argue that if we did, this type of “click” should be counted as an open, not a click. Read more about view as webpage here:
  • Delivered size and content varies with each send which is the ultimate driver for your clicked reporting. A true apple to apple comparison on a specific email’s performance can only happen by running an A/B test between platforms. Even then, there are going to be differences based on the technology.


To fully understand the implications of View as Webpage for this target audience, we designed 3 test scenarios to perform within Marketo with the next few newsletter sends. These are:


  1. Create a landing page with the same newsletter content on the page as if it were the view as webpage. Replace the {{system.viewAsWebpageLink}} with text and a normal href to treat this like any other link in the email
  2. Move the {{system.viewAsWebpageLink}} reference lower in the email so that it is not as prominent of a call to action at the top of the Newsletter
  3. Remove the {{system.viewAsWebpageLink}} offer all together to see if that drives more actionable clicks


*Special thanks to Susan Sauter for helping to verify the CTA clicks on view as a webpage.