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Based on popular demand, we have created a list of the most recent Champion Program  blogs or Marketo Whisperer: Implementation Tips  Blogs

You can find them here:


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We will add more soon (er than later)


I will be adding more lists --- but feel free to make suggestions and let me know what you want.




Facebook news (original announcement)

Features IBM, Index, Lightspeed, LiveRamp, Marketo, and Square.

·       Ad Week: Facebook Will Track Whether Ads Lead to Store Visits and Offline Purchases

·       TechCrunch: Facebook taps GPS, Square to track your in-store visits and purchases

·       Forbes: Facebook Shows Brick-And-Mortar Businesses How Their Mobile Ads Impact Store Visits And Sales

·       Investor's Business Daily: Facebook Unveils Efforts To Measure Effectiveness Of Ads

·       Business Insider: Facebook is now tracking your purchases even when you're offline

·       Forbes: Facebook Shows Brick-And-Mortar Businesses How Their Mobile Ads Impact Store Visits And Sales

·       Internet Retailer: Facebook gives retailers two ways to measure how its ads lead to in-store sales

·       Marketing Land: Facebook is putting maps in ads and will measure store visits

·       Media Post: Facebook Makes Mobile Pitch To Brick-And-Mortar Businesses

·       The Drum: Facebook doubles-down on efforts to woo retailers with more tools to prove mobile ads impact in-store sales

·       Marketing Dive: Facebook's new ad tools track retail store visits and purchases

·       AdExchanger: Even Facebook Can’t Just Waltz Into The Location Data Space

·       Mobile Marketing Magazine: Facebook Introduces Store Visit and Purchase Metrics for Location-based Ads

·       Performance IN: Facebook Ads Will Track Where, What and When Shoppers Buy Offline

·       AdExchanger: Facebook Adds New Offline Attribution Options

·       Wireless Week: Facebook Ads to Track Store Visits Using Phone Location Data

·       The Industry London (UK): How social media turned into shoppable media

·       IT espresso (France): Facebook: the online advertising and offline commerce (translated)


Atlanta’s Marketing Automation Industry Poised for More Growth (attached)

Atlanta Business Chronicle

Nadia Rashid did an interview with the ABC on Atlanta’s growing MarTech scene.


Rise In Multi-Touch Attribution Fueled By ABM, Data Convergence

Demand Generation Report

Article references Phil's Summit keynote and how marketers are growing their responsibilities.


The Cloud Is Finally Making M&A Rain


Discusses recent deals, including Vista-Marketo, Salesforce-Demandware, and Microsoft-LinkedIn.



Digitalize your marketing in 4 steps (translated)

Impulse (Germany)

Article resulting from an interview Phil did earlier this year. The focus is on marketing automation for SMBs.


Marketing is a dialogue (translated - attached)

Acquisa (Germany)

Another clip from our EIU Survey focusing on which channels will be most important for marketers in the future.



Marketo discusses ABM (translated)

IT Pro (Japan)

A conversation with Yasutaka Fukuda.




Cision Finalizes PR Newswire Acquisition

Press release

The deal is approved in all markets worldwide except Dubai and China, where it is pending regulatory review. By combining capabilities, Cision and PR Newswire will provide clients with the industry’s best content distribution, influencer outreach, media monitoring and analytics offerings. This also expands Cision’s international reach, providing access to 170 countries and 40 languages.


Xerox Names Ashok Vemuri CEO of Outsourcing Business

Wall Street Journal

Xerox Corp. tapped former iGate Corp. Chief Executive Ashok Vemuri to lead its business services company after the technology giant splits in two later this year.


Zenefits, the Troubled Software Startup, Just Cut 9% of Its Staff


Zenefits is consolidating all sales and marketing processes into its San Francisco headquarters, said CEO David Sacks, in his company-wide email.


Dropbox Heats Up - and File Sharing Gets Interesting Again

CMS Wire

At the Bloomberg Technology Conference in San Francisco this week, Dropbox co-founder and CEO Drew Houston told the crowd the file sync and share provider is bringing in more cash than its spending.


Dropbox is now cash-flow positive, so there’s no rush to go public


Dropbox “can now control its own destiny,” CEO Drew Houston says.


PubMatic Empowers Buyers to Discover Global Audiences

Press release

Private Marketplace Guaranteed coupled with PubMatic Curated Audiences helps advertisers guarantee campaigns in high-quality, global environments


CMO Today: How Forbes Took Up the Ad-Blocking Fight

Dow Jones

Forbes has been one of the more experimental publishers when it comes to defending itself against the rise of ad-blocking, even going so far as to ask readers to register for a Forbes account or provide personal information if they want to block ads.


Samsung's Joyent buy is a swipe at AWS and Microsoft Azure

The Internet of Things is as much about computing as it is about the "things" themselves, and that's why Samsung Electronics is buying Joyent.


Q&A: How Samsung Embraced Innovation to Become a Global Master of Brand Marketing

Ad Week

Even Samsung's top marketing executives like Younghee Lee admit it wasn't long ago that consumers thought of the company as "boring and monotonous," a geeked-out marketer working with a little-known ad agency affiliate in an electronics world transformed by sexy brands like Apple.


Is One Out Of Every 10 Cars Coming Down The Tesla Line A Reject?


Someone at Tesla reportedly admitted that the impressive production line produces garbage, but nobody seemed to notice.


Why CMOs Should Leverage Live Events To Engage Audiences


Article quotes the CEO of Freeman.



‘Accept some risk’: Exceptional Women Out West podcast featuring Tami Hurwitz, GM, Office campaigns and marketing automation, Microsoft

The Drum

The conversation at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit covered a lot of ground, but the themes of challenge, risk and realism permeated throughout. Her leadership style is steeped in the right kind of experimentation — the thoughtful variety that is willing to give things a go, not for the sake of just doing it, but seeing where results and people can grow.


Microsoft, Other Tech Giants Race to Develop Machine Intelligence

Wall Street Journal

LinkedIn purchase is latest move to acquire vast stores of data.


Taboola, AppNexus Partner To Expand Programmatic Native


AppNexus and Taboola have connected with each other to enable buyers to purchase Taboola’s native placements programmatically. Eighty-five AppNexus buyers have already used this connection to buy on Taboola.


Microsoft Power BI: A report card


It was hard to fathom that Power BI would get the traction it has today. But Microsoft is in this game to compete and the level of play is very high.


Facebook Heads to Cannes Ad Confab Touting New Mobile Tools


Facebook, which gets 82 percent of its advertising revenue from mobile, plans to make it possible to create and publish campaigns directly from smartphones.


Facebook: 1.15 billion people log in using at least two devices or browsers every 3 months

Marketing Land

Facebook is finally putting a number on how many people log in using multiple devices and browsers to demonstrate the cookie’s inability to measure those movements.


Facebook VP predicts platform 'will be definitely mobile' and 'probably all video' in 5 years

Marketing Dive

In comments made at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women International Summit in London, Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s VP for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, predicted that the social media platform "will be definitely mobile” and “probably all video” in five years.


LiveRamp Integrates With Facebook’s Offline Conversions API

Press release

Building on existing capabilities to onboard offline first- and third-party data for targeting through Facebook Custom Audiences, LiveRamp can now enable clients to securely onboard their sales transaction data and perform closed-loop measurement analysis.


Digital Videos Are Creating 13 Times More Facebook Chatter Than They Were Last Year


There are 100 million hours of Facebook video viewed daily, Facebook told Adweek.


Email Mobile Adoption Jumps

Email Marketing Daily

Eighty-six percent of emails are now read on a mobile device, according to the Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index, a study of more that 400 million anonymous user profiles across 15 industry verticals during the first financial quarter of 2016.


Do Modern CMOs Have To Choose Between Awareness And Demand Generation?

Huffington Post

Byline from the CMO of ON24.


Larry Augustin of SugarCRM: CRM is More Important Than Ever

Small Business Trends

And while many of its competitors are expanding their offerings to include ecommerce, configure-price-quoting (CPQ), marketing automation and other related areas, SugarCRM CEO Larry Augustin emphatically stated that Sugar is staying true to its CRM roots and explore the many ways CRM can be even more important to business success in the near future.


Blueshift Expands Asia Pacific Presence, Hires former WalmartLabs and Groupon execs

Press release

Dhruv Shanker Joins as Vice President and Head of APAC; Nipun Bhatia Joins as Vice President of Engineering.


Capgemini launches new digital and UX consultancy in Australia

CMO Australia

Backelite aims to provide a range of digital and experience strategy services to Australian brands


Marketing and finance departments must align metrics, says Adroll CMO

Mumbrella (Australia)

Too many marketers fail to align their key performance indicators (KPIs) with those of their finance department, resulting in the KPIs being seen as a cost centre of the business.



Twitter Now Lets Advertisers Target Users Who Tweet Emojis


With emoji targeting, Domino's and Pizza Hut can target people who use the pizza emoji. Or maybe brands advertising during Tour de France will want to engage with anyone who uses the guy on a bicycle. Brands can also strike a somber tone with anyone that uses the crying face.


Skilljar integrates Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation platform Pardot

Tech Seen

Pardot will bring automated marketing solution to Skilljar and allow marketing and sales departments to create, deploy, and manage online campaigns.


60% of B2B Marketers Believe Accuracy is Primary Benefit of Data-Backed Decisions


According to new survey results by Openprise, 60 percent of B2B marketers name making more accurate decisions as the most valuable benefit of marketing data.


Twitter Tries Another Hail Mary Pass, Invests $70M in SoundCloud


Twitter made the investment—which was confirmed by CEO Jack Dorsey and by a SoundCloud spokesperson—some time earlier this year, as part of a $100-million financing round that is likely to value the audio service at about $700 million.


Reminder that you can find info on our recent release here:

Spring 2016 Release

Also, I just added a video one of our exciting new features

Email 2.0 Spring '16: Overview

More videos to come...


After you kick the tires and test these new features, feel free to contribute a video to

The specified item was not found.

Reposted from our friends at the Silicon Valley MUG


The topic at the Silicon Valley Marketo User Group last week was sharing what we learned at Summit.


Although someone in the group did say that they thought our User Group may even be more informative that Summit (which I find hard to believe), there were a TON of sessions that people brought up as ones that they found memorable and useful:


Kristen Malkovich - Will it Scale? Tips and Tricks to Build Scalable Programs in Your Marketo Mansion


Samantha Safin - How To Fix Your Marketing Automation When You're Inherited a Hot Mess


Philip Chen - Marketo's XXX Approach to Engagement


Bryan Semple - 15 Things Never to Tell Your CMO


Josh Hill / Charlie Liang - ABM Success Path


Joe Chernov - Going Beyond Inbound with ABM


Adam New-Waterson and Jeff Shearer- Marketo Pro-tips III


Gerry Murray - Optimizing Your MarTech Stack for Solution Selling


Jason Kodish - The Transformation Play Starring Data, Behavior and Technology


Shana Pearlman The Royal Couple - When Content and Distribution Tie The Know


And I'll throw in ours too:


Inga Romanoff and Jason Seeba - Mo Money, Mo Marketo - How To Grow Your Career With Marketo


What was your favorite? You can see them all here

The Marketing Nation Summit, May 9-12, 2016 – Marketo - Sessions

When Marketing is responsible for generating pipeline each quarter, be sure that lots of events, emails, and webinars are going to be planned. As a Marketing Automation Manager, it’s my job to make sure that all online campaigns are set up appropriately, and scheduled cohesively. This requires a lot of attention to detail, constant communication, and a full-proof process.


My process and system empowers 10+ managers to launch their campaigns on time, and allows me to spend more time testing and running personal campaigns.


Submitting a Campaign Request


MA requests Wiki


I get campaign requests of all types: ebooks, emails, event pages, and webinars. Each type of campaign requires different timelines, assets and deliverables. Whenever someone asks for my help, I point them to a Wiki page. The Wiki page holds a custom JIRA link for every campaign type, and includes the appropriate checklist necessary for that campaign. This way, it’s super simple for anyone to submit a request, and ensure her/his campaign gets prioritized.


Here is what one of the custom links looks like:

jira request


I pre-populated the summary with the asset type, along with custom labels needed for reporting (more on that later), and have appended the right google doc checklist.

Planning & Implementing


Setting up a campaign in Marketo is complex, and requires a lot of attention to detail. I use two systems to ensure I don’t forget the small, important stuff (like meta-tags, alt-text, email edits from the night before…).

Google Doc Checklists

google template

We use google docs to document all copy, image assets, and anything else needed for campaign setup. I have a template custom for each campaign type, and it acts as a large, souped-up checklist for both  planning  and setting up the campaign.

At any point in time, I can easily look at this doc to see all of the elements required for a campaign. Here’s an example of one of our docs. If my google doc template interests you, please contact me with any questions you have! I would love to geek out with you, it’s something that has evolved throughout the years.

Marketo Tokens


If you are a Marketo user, and you don’t use tokens for your assets, do it. You will thank me. If you need help, I recommend Etumos, a great Marketing Tech consultancy who has helped me in the past! Of course, you can always reach out to me as well!


The implementation piece is pretty easy once all of the other foundational places are there. Essentially, we have a google doc checklist to mirror each program type in Marketo. Once the google doc is filled, we simply have to transfer the values from the google doc to Marketo!

marketo programs

Visibility & Prioritization

All Marketing campaigns are logged in JIRA. In the past, I used Asana, and that was also effective!

We’ve structured our board by Assignee, and then have each column by stage in process.


The task stages are:

  • To Do
  • Assets Requested
  • Needs Approval
  • Ready for MA
  • In Progress
  • Out for Review
  • Scheduled
  • Complete

Marketing Calendar


Because all JIRA tickets are submitted with custom labels, I’m able to present our Marketing Calendar using a JIRA calendar widget. You can simply hover over the green button, and you can see what is scheduled for that day.


marketing calendar

I will be using this space more and more to highlight 'What's New' on the site to make it easier for you to find some of the goodies we have added to the Nation. Here's a great page on all Lead Nurturing: Best Practices & How-Tos



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