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This blog was originally posted here by Jeff Coveney.


What a great week at this year’s Marketo Summit in Las Vegas.

100+ marketing sessions, 6,000+ marketers, and a whole bunch of parties made this event one to remember. Here are some of my top takeaways.

1) New Marketo Summit Venue: Vegas

After years of being hosted in San Francisco, Marketo switched gears and brought 6,000 marketers to sin city at the MGM Grand. Vegas is like nowhere else, meaning attendees had plenty of post event choices.

The MGM itself is BIG meaning there is a ton of walking. Some people never left the premises as the MGM has everything you need in one place.

2) Hot Technology and Marketo Trends

Here are a few trends I saw that you might want to keep an eye on for the next year.

  • Orion is More than a Constellation – With so many new data points across various channels, Marketo needs to get faster to support the “Internet of Things.” Orion is the code word for Marketo’s multi-year initiative to make the system up to 100X faster.
Marketo reports that in 2015, there were 20 billion emails sent and 500 billion activities logged.
  • Account-Based Marketing – Finding ways to take the discussions beyond the lead, account-based marketing is hot. It seemed like account-based marketing made its way into almost every session and exhibitor marketing message. Marketo even announced some new account-based marketing features coming soon.
  • Analytics and Predictive Modeling – Marketers are getting smarter and the requirements around insights are getting greater. Many attendees were trying to gain new ways to improve attribution insights and create predictive models to help their business.
  • Engaging Content – White papers are so 2014. Companies are getting more creative with interactive content and video. Along this concept, Marketo announced some new predictive content capabilities to help marketers deliver more relevant content.

To view the rest of the takeaways, click here.

This blog was originally posted here by Helen Abramova.


Marketo Summit 2016 was an amazing event with a great agenda, strong content and plenty opportunities for learning, networking and navigating over challenges and potential of the profession. It was an epicenter of sparkling energy, positive emotions, and connectedness of more than four thousand attendees coming from all parts of the World.

The theme of Marketo Summit was “Tomorrow’s Marketer”. It was an interesting shift of focus from a profession to a professional. There were a lot of major discussions of leadership, core values, authenticity (Will Smith’s amazing keynote session), hitting goals and what it takes you (Alison Levine’s story of climbing Everest), the personality of a marketer (Sanjay Dholakia’s presentation). This year the marketing topic became very personal.

To view the full blog post, click here.



Coming soon! Our next release is scheduled for Friday, June 3, 2016 at 6:00 PM PT.


The Big 4!

  • Email Insights – re-designed email analytics with lightning fast performance
  • Email Template Picker – create beautiful responsive emails using our new "Starter Templates"
  • Email – that's right, a brand new email editor, incorporating 100's of community ideas
  • In-App Messaging – easily create and send mobile in-app messages from within Marketo (requires Marketo Mobile Engagement)

Other Great Features!

  • No Draft Snippets – approve your snippets without drafting the assets that are using it
  • Custom Activities – model external customer behavior in Marketo
  • Asset API Enhancements – create, update, approve, and delete Landing Pages, Landing Page Templates, and Forms via the Marketo REST API
  • Microsoft Dynamics Enhancements
    • 5x faster sync speeds
    • Create contacts directly
    • View leads that have a sync failure
    • Dynamics 2016 Online and On-Premise compatibility
    • Complete data pull for new fields added to the sync
  • Subscription Friendly Name – give your subscription a friendly name
  • Temporary Subscription Access – invite users for a limited period of time
  • Custom Object Grid – view number of records and fields in Marketo custom objects


How do I learn more?
Visit the What's New - Spring 2016 Release page for additional details.  or Read below



The following features are included in the Spring '16 release. After the release, be sure to come back to find links to detailed articles for each feature!

Email Insights

Email Insights is a brand new historical aggregate data email analytics experience — redesigned end-to-end for lightning fast performance based on the new Marketo Orion infrastructure, and a completely new user interface design optimized to fit the needs and workflow of Email Marketers.

Email Template Picker

Create beautiful emails using our new Starter Templates! Also, quickly locate your templates from their live thumbnails.

Email Editing---Re-imagined

That’s right, a brand new email editor! Use lightweight drag-and-drop functionality to add and re-order content. New elements, including images, videos, variables, and modules, are sure to enhance your editing experience. Also check out the updated code editor, previewer, and preheader support.

Mobile In-App Messages

Create stunning in-app messages for your app right within Marketo. Define exactly who should see it and when with the in-app message program. Easily monitor its performance with the program dashboard.

No Draft Snippets

Gone are the days where you have to re-approve everything each time a snippet is updated! With No-Draft, all emails and landing pages using a snippet will get the snippet updates and maintain their prior statuses. Each time you approve a snippet, you’ll have a choice to run No-Draft and update everything, or create drafts. It’s up to you! No-Draft will be available to all customers and controlled by a new permission in Admin.

Custom Activities

Marketo admins can now define and manage their custom activity types via the Marketo Custom Activity Definition modeler. Similar to (and in conjunction with) the Marketo Custom Object Modeler, admins can now extend the data model to suit their exact business needs. Details on how to use this functionality is available on the Marketo documentation site.

Landing Page, Landing Page Template, and Form APIs

The Marketo REST APIs now support control over Marketo landing pages, landing page templates, and forms. Users can now create, update content, approve, and delete these assets directly via the Marketo REST API.

IP Whitelisting for API Access

Similar to the IP whitelisting feature for Marketo user logins, Marketo admins can now set up a whitelist of IP addresses that can access the Marketo SOAP and REST APIs, thereby blocking access from non-authorized IP addresses. This provides an added layer of security to your Marketo instance, and ensures that API access can only occur from within your organization’s network. Details on how to set this up are available on the Marketo documentation site.

New High-Speed Microsoft Dynamics Sync Connector

Built using the same technologies as Project Orion, the new, high-speed dynamics connector provides speeds up to 20 times faster for initial sync and up to 5 times faster for incremental sync. All new customers will onboard to this connector on the release date, and we will gradually roll it out to existing customers over the summer release time frame.

Refresh data for new fields: Now you can enable new sync fields at any point in time and all data values for that field will be refreshed from Dynamics CRM into Marketo. No more worries about having to select all fields during initial setup. If you disable an existing sync field and re-enable it later, all data values for that field will be refreshed from Dynamics CRM into Marketo.

Sync Lead as Contact: The Sync Lead to Microsoft flow action has a new option to sync as a lead or a contact.

Sync Errors Admin Tab:   Browse, search, or export leads (and other objects) that failed to synchronize with details such as operation, direction, error code and error message.

Microsoft Dynamics 2016: Connector is fully certified for Dynamics 2016 Online and On-premise versions.

Plug-In Updates are now documented: See the plug-in updates docs article.

Friendly Instance Name

Today, it’s hard to differentiate between Marketo instances, for example, sandbox and production instances. This feature lets you know which instances you're currently working on.

Limited Time Access

Today, users are invited to Marketo subscription for an indefinite period of time. This feature enables admins to invite users to subscriptions for a limited period of time, for example, 2 weeks or 1 month.

Custom Objects Grid

Now, you can view the number of records and fields for all published custom objects.





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We are launching Email Insights to customers in batches, beginning June 3rd. Our goal is to complete this as quickly as possible. We’ll notify you by email when you’re enabled.

A Two-Step Enablement

Here’s the High Level Rollout Plan for each batch of customers.
Step 1: Early Access
  • When you’re first enabled for Email Insights, you’ll have four weeks of historical Email data in addition to all new email activity
  • We’ll give you a four-week period before we automatically upload your data
  • We recommend that you use this time to become familiar with Email Insights and set up custom dimensions
  • Note: Only Admin users can set up, view and edit custom dimensions
  • Email Insights documentation (at will be published on June 3rd
Step 2: Final Enablement
  • After four weeks, Marketo will load up to 25 months of historical Email data into Email Insights, leveraging all custom dimensions you've set up

Custom Dimensions

Important: Email Insights supports Custom Dimensions [that require manual configuration], such as an Industry Segmentation or Program Tag for your product line. You can set them up at any time, however Custom Dimensions are not retroactive, and are applied only to new email activity.

Therefore, we highly recommend that an Admin user sets up these custom dimensions during this initial four-week period, so that they will be applied to all of your historical data when it's loaded at launch completion.




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