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These 3 points will help you to understand calendar better.


1. Calendar views are sticky.


This means that if you your last calendar view will remain until you change it for a new one. Let's say you selected the below view,  you leave your calendar and go to a different place in Marketo, when you come back to your calendar you will find the same view that you had before.


In the example below you can see that you have Email Programs, Main Events, Email Program Tests and Webinars as entry types and APAC and Default as Workspaces.

If you leave your Calendar, go to Marketing Activities and then you come back to Calendar you will find the same view that you had before.


Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.38.49 AM.png


2. Save views as filters


You can save a view that you use frequently.


Go to filters / Type in Custom


Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.46.48 AM.png


A new box will appear, enter a name for a view.

I entered 'View for community'



Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.45.14 AM.png


You can share a view with someone who has a login access to Marketo.

Click on the share symbol as indicated below.


Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.39.27 AM.png


You will be provided with a link.


Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.39.43 AM.png


Share this link and as long as the other person can login, they would be able to see the same view.

It is very easy to add 'view as a web page' link to your emails.


Step 1:

Click on edit settings on your email draft.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.06.05 AM.png


Step 2: Select "Include View as Web Page"


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.07.40 AM.png


Step 3: Test it. Your email should include the vie as web page link as you can see in the image below.


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.10.02 AM.png

See two examples of how we categorize content for the predictive content recommendations that will only show the categorized content in the rich media output.


See full documentation here to set up and implement the Rich Media Recommendations and Categories: Enabling Rich Media Recommendation Engine


What is a Category?

Use a Content Category to group content for a specific rich media recommendation template. Leaving the category empty applies the content to all recommendation templates (recommended). However, if you want to recommend only specific content for a Rich Media template, add a category for the content and associate that category with the recommendation template.

Example: Categorizing relevant content according to sections of your website (products or solutions).


2 Examples


Hatch Early Learning


Hatch Early Learning only show Webinar related predictive content on their thank you page after webinar registration.

Live Example Here:


Screenshot below of the predicted content and the JavaScript Code showing the content Category is "Webinar" Hatch Early Learning only show Webinar related predictive content on their thank you page after webinar registration.


On, we also categorize predictive content based on the different solutions we offer.


For Customer Marketing, see the Rich Media recommendations at the bottom of the page:


Screenshot here of Predictive content on Marketo's Customer Marketing Page and the JavaScript code behind Categorizing the content as "Customer" related content.



So, those are two examples of how customers and Marketo are using the categorize content feature for displaying Predictive Content.




Marketo to Present at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference

Press release

Brian Kinion, chief financial officer, will present at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference on May 24, 2016 at 10:40 AM ET at The Westin Copley Place in Boston, Mass.


Referrals and Word of Mouth: The Holy Grail of Building Your Business

Hospitality Net

Marketo recently did a study which found that referrals were the best source of leads - and ultimately have a better close rate than any other channel (see chart). This should shed some light what companies need to focus on as they start out of the gate and grow.


An Allbound Marketing Approach Closes Your Revenue Gaps

Customer Think

Marketo said it best: “It’s unlikely that CXOs are going to spend time trolling the web for blogs and other content.” To get these C-level folks’ attention requires proactive reach to complement inbound efforts.”


MarTech Nirvana or Bubble? You Be the Judge

Business 2 Community

As Brinker notes, the results have been mixed at best – Salesforce played the platform card early — and at least within the CRM space, it has had the largest market share (18.6% as of last year), while Marketo made a big public commitment to being a marketing platform. And Scott is quick to add: “But for many, it seems like platformization has remained a secondary objective.”


Why Omni-Channel Marketing is Ideal for IT and Software

Business 2 Community

Cites Mike Stocker's 2014 Marketo Blog on omni-channel marketing.


9 New Tech Skills That Can Boost Your Salary


Online salary and benefits info company, PayScale, recently completed a study of its own compilations of data and found that jobs requiring certain tech skills tended to pay better than ones that didn’t. For those in the Millennial camp – born between 1982 and 2002 – the most common shared jobs skills are web framework Django, Google Ad Words, Marketo, Google Analytics, and campaign planning.




Will Amazon Get Into the Business Software Game?


Instead of merely renting computing power, the theory goes, Amazon could also start selling its own software like Microsoft does with Office, Salesforce does with its sales apps, and SAP does with accounting software.


Xerox Releases New Digital Workflow Solutions


Xerox released 15 digital workflow solutions that are designed to automate and simplify work across three targeted verticals, notably manufacturing, retail banking and higher education.


3M CMO Don Branch Charged With Bringing Science To Life

3M is in the process of putting in place enterprise-level social listening, social publishing, marketing automation, sales automation, service automation, and content management platforms. Results are yet to come, but the company expects to drive a more integrated customer experience and greater loyalty for its brands.


How the Role of Enterprise Marketers is Evolving with Mobile Apps

Mobile Marketing Watch

A guest contributed post from Polly Alluf is the VP of Marketing at Insert.


Fitbit Buys Coin’s Digital-Wallet Technology

Wall Street Journal

Stepping into Apple’s Wheelhouse, Fitbit plans a payment solution it could add to devices.



Behind IBM’s Acquisition Of Salesforce Shop Bluewolf, And Its ‘Consulting Agency' Approach


IBM heralded interoperability, particularly related to its marketing applications and agency services businesses, through its Bluewolf acquisition.


It’s time to get personal with email

Marketing Land

How do you improve your open and click rates? Vidyard's Michael Litt explains why personalization and video are a winning combination for your email marketing strategy. According to a study from Marketo and ClearFit (disclosure: client), reported by Vidyard, using video for email messages increases open rates substantially.


Google Is Attacking Enterprise from Every Angle


Google showed a new custom computer chip and business software at its annual conference.


Google's mobile productivity apps bury Microsoft's


According to data provided to Computerworld by SurveyMonkey Intelligence, the monthly-active users of Google's mobile productivity apps in April vastly outnumbered those for Microsoft's Office.


Why Facebook Will Dominate Small Business Advertising

The Motley Fool

Facebook says it has three million businesses paying for ads, but Facebook may have just scratched the surface.


SAP and Microsoft Launch Yet Another Alliance


SAP and Microsoft have a new alliance that will let the biggest SAP’s HANA databases run on the Microsoft Azure cloud as well as link Office 365 with SAP’s business software.


The Facebook papers Part 2: The user experience revolt


What publishers can and can't do — and how that forces them into giving up more of their core competencies to Facebook.


Agencies Need Clients To Catch Up With Modern Marketing


Executives from Dentsu Aegis, IPG, Havas, Omnicom and WPP took up the question at the Modern Marketing Summit Upfront at Internet Week in New York City on Monday. Their conclusion: Agencies won't be inclined to break down silos until clients are ready to do the same.


Bots Bring Bigger Challenge to Google’s Ad Model Than Phones Did


The smartphone boom upended Google’s advertising profit engine and it took years for the Internet giant to adjust to the new mobile world. The next wave of computing will be an even bigger challenge.


Swrve and AppsFlyer Announce East Coast Installation of the Mobile Moments Event Series

Press release

Swrve, the leader in mobile engagement, today announced Mobile Moments NYC, the inaugural East Coast installation of their global event series highlighting real-world secrets for mobile success.


The power of Microsoft Power BI


In January 2015 Microsoft set out to “fundamentally transform the business of business intelligence.” The basis of that bold claim was the release of a new version of Microsoft’s business intelligence tool, Power BI.


CMO interview: Why programmatic actually matters to brand marketers

CMO Australia

MediaMath's global CMO talks about the next generation of data-driven marketing, the role of marketing leadership and how she's proving the value of the marketing function.


Google's New App-Install Ad Targeting Could Help Marketers Better Reach Consumers


Google is helping developers chase potential heavy users.


Google’s Getting Ready To Counter The Ad Blockers – But There Are A Few Stumbling Blocks


Recent buzz has centered on Google spearheading an industrywide initiative that sounds a heck of a lot like an acceptable ads program, taking an unexpected page from the Adblock Plus playbook. An announcement seems imminent.


85 percent of Facebook video is watched without sound


Facebook might be hosting upwards of 8 billion views per day on its platform, but a wide majority of that viewership is happening in silence.


Facebook Brings Branded Video Ads To Audience Network


In a significant expansion of its video ad offering, Facebook will bring video ad formats to its Instant Articles platform and to the external apps and sites in its Audience Network, the company announced Monday.


Augmented and virtual reality offer real value for CMOs

CMO Deloitte

Augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) are no longer simply science fiction. Even as the consumer market for simulated reality tools remains uncertain, enterprises are fast-tracking AR and VR plans to transform business.


Interview with John Bara, President and CMO at Mintigo

MarTech Advisor

Cites that Mintigo is both a Marketo customer and partner.



What the C-suite can Learn from Social Media Analytics

MarTech Advisor

Paige Leidig, CMO at NetBase states that social listening is a marketer's domain – but certain insights should be on the C-suite's radar in case decisive action is required. Hence, she suggests three areas for brand leaders to monitor.


We’re Making LinkedIn Advertising Easier than Ever with These New Tools

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

New features from LinkedIn include saving targeting templates, restarting and archiving completed campaigns, increasing ad limits for campaigns, new social actions on sponsored content, and a new "years of experience" targeting facet coming soon.


Marketing Clouds And Ad Tech Financial Forces Poised To Collide


Louis Moynihan, vice president of product innovation at Demandbase, says that data management platforms (DMPs) are outgrowing the siloed advertising channel and evolving into multichannel management within the larger marketing clouds.


Drive more scale for your performance campaigns with Twitter


We’re excited to announce that the Twitter Audience Platform is available to all performance advertisers around the world. Now, advertisers who want to drive website clicks or conversions or mobile app installs can seamlessly extend their campaigns to Twitter’s audience of more than 800 million visitors – whether they’re on Twitter, or engaging with thousands of mobile apps and websites.

To view the original post by Idan Carmeli click here.


With this week's MKTGNation event in full swing, Marketo has certainly made a splash in the world of enterprise marketing.

I repeat: enterprise marketing.

Every single beat in Phil Fernandez's keynote was made to the tune of enterprise. In fact, if you put the transcript of his talk on the net, it would probably rank super high for phrases like 'customer experience', 'strategic weapon for the CEO', 'fabric of the enterprise' and a few 'internet of things' and 'big data' and 'machine learning' to boot. Marketo has its sights up high, well beyond the walls of the marketing department.

To view the entire article click here.

This blog was originally posted here by Jeff Coveney.


What a great week at this year’s Marketo Summit in Las Vegas.

100+ marketing sessions, 6,000+ marketers, and a whole bunch of parties made this event one to remember. Here are some of my top takeaways.

1) New Marketo Summit Venue: Vegas

After years of being hosted in San Francisco, Marketo switched gears and brought 6,000 marketers to sin city at the MGM Grand. Vegas is like nowhere else, meaning attendees had plenty of post event choices.

The MGM itself is BIG meaning there is a ton of walking. Some people never left the premises as the MGM has everything you need in one place.

2) Hot Technology and Marketo Trends

Here are a few trends I saw that you might want to keep an eye on for the next year.

  • Orion is More than a Constellation – With so many new data points across various channels, Marketo needs to get faster to support the “Internet of Things.” Orion is the code word for Marketo’s multi-year initiative to make the system up to 100X faster.
Marketo reports that in 2015, there were 20 billion emails sent and 500 billion activities logged.
  • Account-Based Marketing – Finding ways to take the discussions beyond the lead, account-based marketing is hot. It seemed like account-based marketing made its way into almost every session and exhibitor marketing message. Marketo even announced some new account-based marketing features coming soon.
  • Analytics and Predictive Modeling – Marketers are getting smarter and the requirements around insights are getting greater. Many attendees were trying to gain new ways to improve attribution insights and create predictive models to help their business.
  • Engaging Content – White papers are so 2014. Companies are getting more creative with interactive content and video. Along this concept, Marketo announced some new predictive content capabilities to help marketers deliver more relevant content.

To view the rest of the takeaways, click here.

This blog was originally posted here by Helen Abramova.


Marketo Summit 2016 was an amazing event with a great agenda, strong content and plenty opportunities for learning, networking and navigating over challenges and potential of the profession. It was an epicenter of sparkling energy, positive emotions, and connectedness of more than four thousand attendees coming from all parts of the World.

The theme of Marketo Summit was “Tomorrow’s Marketer”. It was an interesting shift of focus from a profession to a professional. There were a lot of major discussions of leadership, core values, authenticity (Will Smith’s amazing keynote session), hitting goals and what it takes you (Alison Levine’s story of climbing Everest), the personality of a marketer (Sanjay Dholakia’s presentation). This year the marketing topic became very personal.

To view the full blog post, click here.



Coming soon! Our next release is scheduled for Friday, June 3, 2016 at 6:00 PM PT.


The Big 4!

  • Email Insights – re-designed email analytics with lightning fast performance
  • Email Template Picker – create beautiful responsive emails using our new "Starter Templates"
  • Email – that's right, a brand new email editor, incorporating 100's of community ideas
  • In-App Messaging – easily create and send mobile in-app messages from within Marketo (requires Marketo Mobile Engagement)

Other Great Features!

  • No Draft Snippets – approve your snippets without drafting the assets that are using it
  • Custom Activities – model external customer behavior in Marketo
  • Asset API Enhancements – create, update, approve, and delete Landing Pages, Landing Page Templates, and Forms via the Marketo REST API
  • Microsoft Dynamics Enhancements
    • 5x faster sync speeds
    • Create contacts directly
    • View leads that have a sync failure
    • Dynamics 2016 Online and On-Premise compatibility
    • Complete data pull for new fields added to the sync
  • Subscription Friendly Name – give your subscription a friendly name
  • Temporary Subscription Access – invite users for a limited period of time
  • Custom Object Grid – view number of records and fields in Marketo custom objects


How do I learn more?
Visit the What's New - Spring 2016 Release page for additional details.  or Read below



The following features are included in the Spring '16 release. After the release, be sure to come back to find links to detailed articles for each feature!

Email Insights

Email Insights is a brand new historical aggregate data email analytics experience — redesigned end-to-end for lightning fast performance based on the new Marketo Orion infrastructure, and a completely new user interface design optimized to fit the needs and workflow of Email Marketers.

Email Template Picker

Create beautiful emails using our new Starter Templates! Also, quickly locate your templates from their live thumbnails.

Email Editing---Re-imagined

That’s right, a brand new email editor! Use lightweight drag-and-drop functionality to add and re-order content. New elements, including images, videos, variables, and modules, are sure to enhance your editing experience. Also check out the updated code editor, previewer, and preheader support.

Mobile In-App Messages

Create stunning in-app messages for your app right within Marketo. Define exactly who should see it and when with the in-app message program. Easily monitor its performance with the program dashboard.

No Draft Snippets

Gone are the days where you have to re-approve everything each time a snippet is updated! With No-Draft, all emails and landing pages using a snippet will get the snippet updates and maintain their prior statuses. Each time you approve a snippet, you’ll have a choice to run No-Draft and update everything, or create drafts. It’s up to you! No-Draft will be available to all customers and controlled by a new permission in Admin.

Custom Activities

Marketo admins can now define and manage their custom activity types via the Marketo Custom Activity Definition modeler. Similar to (and in conjunction with) the Marketo Custom Object Modeler, admins can now extend the data model to suit their exact business needs. Details on how to use this functionality is available on the Marketo documentation site.

Landing Page, Landing Page Template, and Form APIs

The Marketo REST APIs now support control over Marketo landing pages, landing page templates, and forms. Users can now create, update content, approve, and delete these assets directly via the Marketo REST API.

IP Whitelisting for API Access

Similar to the IP whitelisting feature for Marketo user logins, Marketo admins can now set up a whitelist of IP addresses that can access the Marketo SOAP and REST APIs, thereby blocking access from non-authorized IP addresses. This provides an added layer of security to your Marketo instance, and ensures that API access can only occur from within your organization’s network. Details on how to set this up are available on the Marketo documentation site.

New High-Speed Microsoft Dynamics Sync Connector

Built using the same technologies as Project Orion, the new, high-speed dynamics connector provides speeds up to 20 times faster for initial sync and up to 5 times faster for incremental sync. All new customers will onboard to this connector on the release date, and we will gradually roll it out to existing customers over the summer release time frame.

Refresh data for new fields: Now you can enable new sync fields at any point in time and all data values for that field will be refreshed from Dynamics CRM into Marketo. No more worries about having to select all fields during initial setup. If you disable an existing sync field and re-enable it later, all data values for that field will be refreshed from Dynamics CRM into Marketo.

Sync Lead as Contact: The Sync Lead to Microsoft flow action has a new option to sync as a lead or a contact.

Sync Errors Admin Tab:   Browse, search, or export leads (and other objects) that failed to synchronize with details such as operation, direction, error code and error message.

Microsoft Dynamics 2016: Connector is fully certified for Dynamics 2016 Online and On-premise versions.

Plug-In Updates are now documented: See the plug-in updates docs article.

Friendly Instance Name

Today, it’s hard to differentiate between Marketo instances, for example, sandbox and production instances. This feature lets you know which instances you're currently working on.

Limited Time Access

Today, users are invited to Marketo subscription for an indefinite period of time. This feature enables admins to invite users to subscriptions for a limited period of time, for example, 2 weeks or 1 month.

Custom Objects Grid

Now, you can view the number of records and fields for all published custom objects.





Skip to end of metadataGo to start of metadata

We are launching Email Insights to customers in batches, beginning June 3rd. Our goal is to complete this as quickly as possible. We’ll notify you by email when you’re enabled.

A Two-Step Enablement

Here’s the High Level Rollout Plan for each batch of customers.
Step 1: Early Access
  • When you’re first enabled for Email Insights, you’ll have four weeks of historical Email data in addition to all new email activity
  • We’ll give you a four-week period before we automatically upload your data
  • We recommend that you use this time to become familiar with Email Insights and set up custom dimensions
  • Note: Only Admin users can set up, view and edit custom dimensions
  • Email Insights documentation (at will be published on June 3rd
Step 2: Final Enablement
  • After four weeks, Marketo will load up to 25 months of historical Email data into Email Insights, leveraging all custom dimensions you've set up

Custom Dimensions

Important: Email Insights supports Custom Dimensions [that require manual configuration], such as an Industry Segmentation or Program Tag for your product line. You can set them up at any time, however Custom Dimensions are not retroactive, and are applied only to new email activity.

Therefore, we highly recommend that an Admin user sets up these custom dimensions during this initial four-week period, so that they will be applied to all of your historical data when it's loaded at launch completion.




A few of you requested a better mobile experience for our MUG Leaders. Well, here’s v.1 of that better experience. Here's how to access it:



  • Download the App Jive Mobile by Jive Software (It has a blue letter J with a white background -- See picture above)
  • Type in the url
  • Log-in to the page using your Marketo Email Address and Password
    • Sorry about the log-in page currently not being mobile friendly. We are in the process of redesigning this page to make it responsive
    • You might have to then type in an Authentication Code, which will be emailed sent to your email address and then copy it to the log-in page
    • You should only have to go through this process once
  • Click on the Four Bars at the top to see
    • Inbox
    • Your name (Profile Page)
    • Find
    • Bookmarks
    • Settings
    • Streams (I will show you how to use these in the next call, but ‘All Activity’ is your main Activity Steam
  • Click on Find and type in the name of your MUG or City
    • Results can be sorted by Content, People and Places
    • Click on Places to see your MUG


Be on the look out for improvements in this area


And of course, if you have any suggestions, tell us how we can make this experience better for you.



By: Ellen Gomes



The energy and excitement is palpable at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit. Marketers from across the globe are in Las Vegas, Nevada to join the brain power of 5,300 marketers and peers. We’ve all heard the saying, “the early bird gets the worm,” but for our early arrivals on Monday, many of them just got muscle soreness (in a good way!) The day kicked off with Move with Marketo, an early morning, intense PiYo session. Meanwhile, other marketers were prepping for an intense day of learning with Marketo University Day and Certification exams.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 7.49.29 AM.png

Digital Transformation for Tomorrow’s Marketer


Tuesday kicked off with an eagerly anticipated all-star line-up of keynote speakers: Marketo Chairman and CEO Phil Fernandez, history-making mountaineer Alison Levine, and Will Smith. The doors opened, and a packed house sat down, ready to take it all in.


To start, Phil reflected on what marketing looked like 10 years ago—when Marketo was founded. He painted a compelling picture of then versus now that illustrated how far we have come. Marketers have transformed from being a service component of the business, with the purpose of feeding leads to sales and the perception of being a cost center, into a critical competitive foundation of the business with a seat at the revenue table.


Phil Tomorrow's Marketer


Tomorrow’s marketers are in lock-step with their customer and understand how the right innovative technology and data supports the ability to be personal. And they are starting to shape their entire organization and even overarching business objects around this concept, increasingly becoming the center of their business. In fact, Phil shared that 86% of CMOs believe they will own the end-to-end customer experience by 2020. Tomorrow’s marketers have moved beyond striving for a seat at the table; now, they are trying to achieve nothing short of a digital transformation.


And, it’s already begun. Marketers are already turning their attention and focus on the customer experience. They understand that if you can’t hear your customers and understand what they’re saying, there is no hope for transforming the customer experience. Marketers are already doing what is at the top of their CEO/CIO’s agenda, and that’s central to the competitiveness of your organization. But Phil challenged the audience, “If you’re tomorrow’s marketer, you need to think bigger—how can you layer this thinking and technology as a fabric across the organization?” We’re stepping into a new age where marketers are truly the change agents in transforming organizations around the customer.




Finally, Phil concluded with some product innovation news, mapping out advancements in our enterprise data infrastructure—Project Orion—which will handle more than a billion touchpoints a year and will roll out to customers soon. Additionally, he covered advancements in machine learning and predictive capabilities—expanding predictive content toward predictive email. And finally, he spoke about Account-Based Marketing, Mobile, and AdBridge capabilities that will evolve to support marketers over the next year to empower them with the latest and greatest technology.


The Nation Talks


Then, for a change of pace, Phil introduced four people (who aren’t necessarily marketers) to share their perspectives on what it means to be Tomorrow’s Marketer.


First up was Vincent Arcandia, Senior Vice President, Business Operations for the Portland Trailblazers, who shared with the audience, “When you think about tomorrow’s marketer, your really need to think about tomorrow’s customer or tomorrow’s fan. And that can be scary.” But he didn’t go on to tell a marketing ghost story; instead, he told a story that we’re all familiar with. Today’s customer has high expectations and those expectations are rising. They expect a seamless, customized experience. And, not only do you have to deliver it, but tomorrow’s marketer, and marketing department, needs to be equipped to decipher the digital breadcrumbs. The way to do it? Get out of your comfort zone. Understand the technology that can help you and collaborate with different parts of your organization—tomorrow’s marketer breaks down barriers.


Next, Jason Kodish, Global Chief Data Scientist for Digitas LBi, took the stage. He began by asking, “What does a chief global data scientist even mean?” And then he broke it down word for word, explaining that data is not a U.S. function, it’s global, and that “scientist” represents the fact that they apply the scientific method to their data “Understand, Hypothesize, Test..” But what’s the end result? You get to understand what people do. Not what they say, but their actions, which gives you (the marketer) an unadulterated understanding of what people are interested in and allows you to react and plan appropriately. His key takeaway: Companies that can understand and investigate their data end up winning, so it’s worthwhile to invest in the people, process, and tools.Marketo Marketing Nation Summit Keynote


Alison Levine emphasized the power of resilience. Alison has climbed Mount Everest twice and is one of a couple handfuls of people to complete The Adventure Grand Slam—climbing the seven major summits of the world and skiing in both the North and South Pole. Her story of climbing Everest, from the journey between trekking back and forth between base camp and different levels of highcamp to acclimate her body to the altitude to getting 300ft from the true summit and turning around, highlighted lessons that apply to tomorrow’s marketer:


Fear is natural; complacency will kill you.


Taking a step back is not the same as quitting.


You have to take action based on the situation at the time. Your plan is old the second you finish it.


You don’t need clarity to put one foot in front of the other.


The lessons you learn on your way are the most valuable part of your journey. You have to give yourself and your team permission to fail.

Sometimes things go your way, sometimes they do not, but you have to be there and be willing to weather the storm if you are ever going to have an opportunity.

Finally, we had Jeriad Zoghby, Global Lead of Personalization at Accenture Interactive, close off the Nation Talks. Jeriad shared that choices are good, except when you increase the burden of offering too many choices to your customers because it makes them feel less satisfied and confident with their decisions. The goal for today and tomorrow’s marketer is to make it easier for your customer to buy and engage with you and your products—where and when they want. How do you do that? His answer came in three steps:


1. Better orchestrate the customer experience. Don’t have duplicate platforms doing the same thing, and make sure your solutions integrate seamlessly.

2. Shift your talent and culture to reflect the needs of the digital age. Marketers no longer need to assemble catalogs as a primary skill. Instead, they need to tell complex systems how to act.

3. Align with the CEO. This isn’t about just getting buy-in, but actually partnering with the CEO to bring real change across the entire organization.


Let’s Get Authentic With It


The final keynote presenter for the morning came out with a burst of energy and a really fun song. As Will Smith took the stage with Let’s Get Jiggy With It, the entire audience was on their feet and dancing within seconds. But the energy did not stop there. After the (awesome) performance, he sat down with Marketo CMO Sanjay Dholakia for an insightful interview that covered everything from how to connect with audiences to reinventing yourself to work life balance. He left us with a few critical takeaways:


Emotion is vital. Connecting with audiences—as a marketer or an entertainer—is about emotion. Will shared that to be successful, you need to understand people, put yourself in their shoes, and offer them something that will make them feel good or connect with a universal emotion. A universally relatable emotion becomes the center of the experience, and that’s what breeds success. Using The Pursuit of Happyness as an example, the emotion was centered around a parent not being able to provide for his child—a feeling that an audience could connect to. Whereas with Wild, Wild West, the emotion was absent.


Technology changes everything. In his 30-year career as an entertainer, the recent changes in technology have forced him to evolve, and that evolution happens by immersing himself. He shared, “It’s hard to think your way to connection. You just can’t beat sitting in a crowd and feeling it.”


Authenticity is the key to balance. When asked how he and his busy family balance work and life, Will shared that you need to work from a framework of authenticity. Work and life are not separate aspects of your life, and authenticity is the through line to use as the basis for all your actions and interactions. And like he mentioned about shifting technology changing our lives, in this case, he believes that technology forces you to be authentic because we’re in a world where you really can’t hide anything.



Failure is a path to success. When asked about the fear of career transformation and change, Mr. Smith shared that he has a mantra that his family uses and lives by, “It’s one that I don’t know who said it, so I adopted it and call it mine: Fail early, fail often, fail forward.” The philosophy behind this is looking at failure as a way to succeed and aiming to fail rapidly.


What’s next for him? Well, as per Marketo tradition, Sanjay asked him if he would run for President of the United States. The answer? Patent denial…but we’ve heard that before.


Putting Context to Campaigns


One of today’s breakout sessions came from Rusty Warner, Principal Analyst at Forrester. Rusty explained that there’s a misconception that brands are just competing with other brands, but in reality, brands compete with everything that’s going on in a customer’s life. So, it’s critical for us to be customer centric and embrace context in our interactions with buyers so that our campaigns are interaction-focused rather than process-driven. To do this, you need to do 3 key things:


Prioritize your engagement channels by looking at which channels your customers are interacting with and make sure you’re delivering a consistent experience across them


Focus on the data, specifically in-motion data, to listen and respond to your buyers in real-time.


Invest in the right technology that enables you to engage with buyers across the customer journey and make sure it integrates with your tech stack.


More Than Words


Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group, delivered a powerful presentation on the value of content marketing. Marketing is all about brands having conversations with their buyers, and it’s through content that you can do this and power the customer experience. Stop interrupting what people are interested in and instead create what they are interested in. To make sure you’re on the right track, start by asking yourself a few key questions for each of your initiatives:


Why does it matter?

What is the business impact?

How will it be measured?


As you plan your content strategy, look at content at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Create the right amount of content relative to the size of the audience searching online. The ROI of content marketing can be measured through each of these stages. Michael closed off his presentation with a free gift to us, a cheatsheet on 10 steps and 10 calculations develop a content formula:


Bigger, Bolder, Braver


Later in the day, Ann Handley ‘s session, Good Content vs. Good Enough Content: A Fight For Sore Eyes, reinforced the importance of content. Ann asked the audience whether the world really needs more of the same content and if playing it safe was working. The answer—No. Only 38% of B2B organizations today know their content is effective, and that’s similar for consumer marketers. However, most marketers plan to spend more on content in the next year, according to data from MarketingProfs, but Ann asked, “Is that what we need?”


The solution? Make sure that your content offers real value, makes your audience smarter, and tells a bolder story. One way to immediately get started—your tone of voice. It’s your gutsiest, bravest, and most under-utilized asset. Want to make sure your tone of voice is clear and really represents you? Start with this test: “If the label falls off, do you know it’s yours?”


It was a busy, fun, and educational day and we can’t wait to see what day 2 brings! What was your big takeaway so far?



“Why is my Marketo slow?” In the many years working in Marketo instances, this is possibly one of the top questions I get asked.  The context is typically around load times for running reports, smart lists, and basic campaigns but more and more the performance problems are getting even more complex. Behind the scenes, Marketo is amassing a huge set of data. Each visit, click, send, data update, etc. are finely logged into activity records. If you look into the activity details for any active record, you’ll see line by line of details that can be several pages long just for a fairly recent record. It’s a big data problem and the answer to the question can be quite complex without being able to see what’s going on across a good representative sample of the data and looking for correlations within each of the records. Lots of questions come to mind before digging in. Did someone send a massive outbound campaign yesterday? Did Marketo have some server issues? Did someone change a setting? And on, and on…

In one particular case, we had a client that has an online trial for their software. As part of the workflow the application sets values such as sign up dates and specific interaction dates in order for Marketo to trigger events such as responses for signing up, some simple follow up for inactivity as well as synchronize data between the product/Marketo/and However, they began to experience a huge performance backlog which caused key pieces of data to come in a couple of days later. This threw a wrench into tracking for qualified trials as well as all the nurturing/workflow associated with the date stamps for the interaction data.

There are 4 primary teams responsible for each aspect. The marketing team was in charge of the automated campaigns and workflow, the SFDC team on the data from product to SFDC,  the Marketo support team to support the MA platform and DPI as the agency of record. It was a tricky scenario to solve as lines are typically blurred between which systems and processes are really causing the bottleneck without clear evidence to support it. Also, this affected hundreds of records with thousands of activities so going through a representative sample was not good enough nor efficient. We only knew the time period. Here’s a an abridged version of the conversations which proves how difficult it is to solve these issues:

Marketing Team: “Nothing was changed to the campaigns or the measurement of them, things just slowed down data is are taking days to come in vs. hours.”

SFDC Team: “We have not made any changes to Salesforce or the integration that would affect this.”


Marketo Team: “We saw some spikes on API counts but nothing unusual enough to cause this and the instance was not down for any period during that time.”


In order to solve this, we needed diagnostic data for the time period and for all of the records in order to understand how the system was impacted. Here were some of the findings.


For all activities for the given period, there are 23m data value changes or 92.4% of all activities in Marketo. That’s significant amount compared to what we’d expect to see.



When we looked into the data value changes, they occurred on two very specific dates, November 1st and December first.



So where do these data value changes come from? When looking at the source of these, almost 96% of them were changes from SFDC writing back to Marketo. It turned out that during those two specific dates, the sync profiles for all applications that connect to SFDC were changed to add additional field visibility and was rolled out. Hence, all of the data started flooded back into the Marketo records through the bi-directional sync.



The final analysis was to understand the specific fields that were syncing back and how much activity data they represented. By looking at the specific fields, the marketing team was able to block ones they did not need coming back from SFDC. We provided a list of about 100 of these fields and all have been blocked. The result to date is a much smoother performance of the systems and so far no significant lags/bottlenecks.



If you are curious to see how your Marketo is performing, get early access at: OMEGA – Automation Intelligence

We'll be demo'ing this also at Summit next week so see you there!


Summit is next week. And here's a bunch of info to help you enjoy the event

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And Yes, there's also an app to help you get through the week. Go to iTunes or the Android Store and download the Marketo Marketing Nation app.


See you in Vegas!

If you want to add leads into another stream in the same Engagement Program once they have exhausted their content, you won't be able to do it by creating a transition rule. Instead, you need to set up a smart campaign where you define this rule.


This is what you need to do:


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