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Good morning. 


We have so many articles, cool tools, etc. on this site that this is a good way to keep you in the loop about what's new here as well as on other Marketo properties. So be on the look out for more frequent, short updates here. So, here's what's happened in the last two weeks:


  • Expert Locator: We just introduced a new update to the Expert Locator, which is a great tool to find Certified Users, Champions, User Group Leaders and their User Groups and more.
  • Getting Started: I was bored the other night and did some surgery on the Getting Started Page so now it is easier to use -- and it is easier to find content to help you get started with Marketo or with the Community.
  • The specified item was not found.  More and more Champions, Partners and other Influencers are raising their hand and creating Nation Talks Videos.
  • Marketo Whisperer: Implementation Tips: I am always impressed with this blog. It is written by a group of Marketo Employees and always 'schools me' in how to use Marketo better


Lots of great stuff being introduced this month, such as: A Japanese Language Space and Purple Select & Community integration.

Ask your questions here. Tell me what I should describe in more detail for you.




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