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Adding Munchkin to a Wix website

Blog Post created by Sanford Whiteman on Apr 2, 2016

Adding Munchkin to a Wix website

Either I was a bit overconfident in this Marketo Community Post from over a year ago about Munchkin & Wix, or Wix has changed something since. (Can't track changes on their side, not being a real Wix user myself.) Either way, as of Spring '16, Wix makes you jump through a few hoops. But Munchkin tracking can be done! I don't think this recipe is available anywhere else on the web, so let's dig in.

The problem: Custom HTML is wrapped in IFRAMEs

Unlike other "prosumer" site builders such as SquareSpace, Wix seems deathly afraid of letting you add custom HTML (including JS) directly to your managed pages. Instead, any HTML you add using the Add More » HTML Code is always wrapped in an IFRAME before insertion.

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