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'Privacy is a red herring' Marketo CMO Sanjay Dholakia talks personalisation, engagement and ad blockers

The Drum

Title aside, the core focus of this interview with Sanjay, Marketo CMO, is on our success in personalization and engagement, as well as Marketo’s transition into B2C. It is a strong foray into discussing adblocking, building our narrative of the intersection of martech and adtech.


How Silicon Valley's parents keep their children safe online

The Guardian

Sanjay, Marketo CMO, is featured in this roundup of Silicon Valley execs offering their take on how they keep their kids safe online, which includes expertise from the former CTO of Facebook, Microsoft’s chief privacy officer, the founder of the Webby Awards, and an exec from Amazon Devices. This is great P1 exposure and an early win from our new U.S. PR agency, Hotwire.


Sports Leaders Discuss How to Build Brand Fans Through Marketing Technology and Beyond

Press Release

Executives from the Detroit Pistons, the Portland Trail Blazers, sports analytics agency E15, and Marketo, Inc., will take the stage in Austin at South by Southwest (SXSW) for a panel on how marketing technology is reshaping the way sports franchises interacts with fans.


Martech news: Marketo+Wunderman, Adobe, Pureprofile, WiPro+SugarCRM, Reuters+SAP, AdRoll State of the Industry

Marketing Magazine (Australia)

Greg Taylor is quoted on another piece of great coverage about our strategic partnership with Wunderman.


Marketo, "The mobile shows the way forward, it becomes ever more central in the life of the consumer" (EXCLUSIVE) (Translated)

Airofmelty (France)

Airofmelty is an online French B2B publication which covers news from the marketing and advertising industries, with a strong focus on Millennials. In this interview, Liz Smyth discusses how brands should engage with Millennials and how mobile plays a key role in reaching this audience.


Opinion / Are we heading for a new, grey-tinged golden age of creativity?

Contagious Magazine

Contagious Magazine used the EIU research in an article about creativity and development in advertising.


Amazon makes customer obsession a guiding principle

Australian Financial Review

Mani Thiru, senior director, alliances at marketing technology cloud provider Marketo says companies that successfully anticipate customer needs ahead of clear customer demand are rewarded with quicker adoption, shorter sales cycles and the loyalty and following of an audience that "gets them".


New IDC MarketScape on Marketing Cloud Platforms Evaluates Technology Capabilities Available to Marketers

Press Release

The 2016 IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Marketing Cloud Platforms has published, and Marketo has been named at the top of the Major Players category. This is the first time that IDC has produced a vendor ranking report for marketing automation solutions.  They will be producing them regularly in the future and are growing their research practice for marketing automation, so they will be an analyst firm to be aware of going forward. In the report, IDC calls Marketo an especially good choice for companies who “want to avoid complex integration project and…prefer to have a single platform to manage all their customer interactions.”


Want to compete with Salesforce? Buy Marketo


By acquiring Marketo, a competitor could get into Salesforce’s accounts, then, over time, work themselves down the funnel and leverage better integrations with Marketo in order to eventually displace Salesforce. Marketo’s strategic foothold in the enterprise and its current market value relative to potential acquirers like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and even Salesforce make this a great time to buy the leading marketing automation vendor.



How Spiceworks Offers Hyper Contextual Experiences.


Marketo customer Drew Sollberger was interviewed on Spiceworks’ innovative personalized marketing strategy through our Insightera capabilities.


Navigating markitechture and budget black holes


A marketing landscape piece featuring commentary from our treasured customers Andy Lark, CMO at Xero and Kevin Worden, global head of digital for business travel at Flight Centre.


Google's AdWords update highlights video, HTML5

Marketing Dive

Google just released the update of AdWords for version 11.3, which will change the landscape of advertising space on search engine results page. Promotes Former Oracle, Salesforce Exec to COO


Lindsey Armstrong has been with Utah-based software company for the past year, when she was tapped to build the company’s presence in Europe. Under her guidance, the company has opened offices in London and Reading, U.K. (Stateside, has offices in Salt Lake City and San Mateo, Calif.) It currently has 650 employees.


Leanplum: Mobile Marketers Struggle with Relevancy

Mobile Marketing Watch

Brittany Fleit of mobile marketing automation company Leanplum announced the findings of a new study — info that should serve as a wakeup call to As for the findings, they reveal that apps message users at the wrong time, failing to cross cultures, and missing the mark on frequency. The study’s key finding found that 63 percent of marketers around the world send push at the wrong times, missing key times of the day when mobile users are most engaged.


Amplifinity Harnesses the Power of Referrals to Boost Customer Engagement and Revenue


Partner Amplinifinity is featured in this piece that posits that the age of relying solely on mass mediated channels to reach an audience of prospective clients and customers is over.


SalesPredict Bolsters its Offerings with Predictive Demand Generation

Destination CRM

Partner SalesPredict’s newest release helps B2B marketers anticipate which leads will generate the most revenue. It also announced that it had expanded its Predictive B2B Marketing Platform with Data on Higher Education and Government from Orb Intelligence.


The looming battle between data analytics and consumer privacy

CMO (Australia)

Customer and partner Capgemini's head of data and insights talks about data analytics and the emerging of the Internet of Things and how these could trigger a consumer privacy backlash


Startup Spotlight: Swrve's Marketing Automation

Enterprise Apps Today

Our partner Swrve's founders are featured for their story of how they got their company up and running.


Southeast Asia is fastest growing region for Facebook

CMO Innovation

More than three million businesses actively advertise on Facebook, according to a new update on the Facebook for Business page. The number of active advertisers on Facebook grew by 50% in one year, with more than 70% of these businesses located outside of the United States.


Publicis.Sapient Acquires Vertiba, Strengthens Its Salesforce Support Capabilities


Founded in 2010, Vertiba is a consultancy specializing in installation of Salesforce’s cloud solutions. Publicis.Sapient inherits Vertiba’s know-how on applying Salesforce’s tools to different verticals.


GE's marketing chief on Boston, women in tech, and why GE's ads are self-deprecating

Boston Business Journal

General Electric Co.'s chief marketing officer refers to the giant tech company as "the oldest startup on the block." And that's part of the reason it chose to relocate its worldwide headquarters from Connecticut to Boston. "We're coming to Boston because Boston is innovation," GE's CMO Linda Boff said at the Women's Leadership Forum event, hosted by The Ad Club in Boston on Tuesday. "Boston is an opportunity for us to be in a likeminded ecosystem."


Pollard restructures Telstra marketing team

Ad News

There's been another shake-up at Telstra, with Andy Bateman and Inese Kingsmill's roles being removed in a restructure of the marketing department. This is the second raft of top level marketers to have faced restructure under CMO Joe Pollard.


We Marketers Aren’t As “Automated” As We Think

Marketing Land

Scott Vaughan is CMO of Integrate, a cloud-based, closed-loop marketing software provider. Despite the promise of automation, marketers still have a ways to go. Columnist Scott Vaughan explains why we need to focus on automating the right data and eliminating the manual tasks that hold us back.


Facebook Plans To Open Messenger To Publishers At F8 In April

Marketing Land

Facebook will officially let publishers distribute content through Messenger and will announce the news at its annual developer conference in April.


Influitive raises $8.2M, acquires Ironark Software


The Ironark Software team will help bring Influitive's advocate communities to mobile platforms


Cloudwords Doubles Year Over Year Revenue Growth

Press Release

The company experienced a 160% increase in user growth, and reports both average sales price and translation spend on the platform doubled. Cloudwords credits its growth to increased awareness among multi-national organizations that a modern, automated localization workflow is a competitive advantage and fundamental to increasing demand and sales in global markets.


89% of B2B marketers say digital marketing mix isn't optimized, survey says

Marketing Dive

A survey from Demandbase in conjunction with Wakefield Research on B2B digital marketing found that 89% of respondents said their digital marketing mix wasn’t optimized. In terms of digital advertising, 70% reported their strategy didn’t meet expectations and an overwhelming 96% said their digital advertising inevitably reaches people outside their intended target.




Merkle Continues European Assault with Purchase of CRM Group Comet

Inside Performance Marketing

US performance marketing agency Merkle continues to establish its European foothold with the acquisition of Comet Global Consulting, a global specialist in CRM and real-time decision management solutions. The acquisition of the UK-based company represents the third and largest European buy-out by Merkle in less than a year, bringing its headcount on the continent to over 500.


Two online retail trends that marketers need to know

CMO Innovation

The total online retail revenues in China, Japan, South Korea, India and Australia is forecast to nearly double from US$733 billion in 2015 to US$1.4 trillion in 2020, according to analyst firm Forrester Research.


CEOs force CIOs, CMOs into digital transformation bunker

CIOs and CMOs who value their jobs are collaborating on digital transformations that require them to map out and connect customer interactions across every touchpoint. But this isn’t happening as much as it should.


New Trends for the Marketing Technology Stack

MarTech Advisor

The technology stack is something every marketing operations manager is concerned with. Each new year throws up a fresh set of trends and innovations that promise bigger and better changes in marketing technology. This article explores some of the new developments that are in store for the marketing technology stack. Multi-channel, personalization, restructure stack.


CMO survey indicates greater spend, room for improvement

The Drum

Deloitte’s CMO practice leadership has weighed in on a recent CMO Survey report, sponsored by the consultancy, conducted bi-annually for the past eight years by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business marketing professor Christine Moorman. The key findings of the report were a mix of positive and negative — with the upside being increased marketing spend and the downside focusing on the relative lack of results.


Average Tenure Among Chief Marketing Officers Slips

The Wall Street Journal

Spencer Stuart finds average CMO tenure among consumer brands falls to 44 months, first drop in a decade. According to the firm’s annual study of CMOs from 100 of the top U.S. ad spenders, the average tenure for marketing chiefs fell to 44 months as of 2015, down from 48 months in the prior year. Spencer Stuart also found that nearly a third of the study’s CMOs were new to their job in 2015, the highest portion since Spencer Stuart began formally tracking CMO tenure in 2004.


Following the Leads in Higher Ed

Inside Higher Education

much of what we do in graduate and undergraduate recruitment relies heavily on lead generation. We produce print materials, websites, social media, and loads of content designed to attract the right people and help them decide that our institution is the best choice for them. Tim Jones is associate vice president of marketing at Clarkson University


Gartner Rates These Companies the Best in Advanced Analytics


Brace yourself: the Gartner analysts who penned this year’s Advanced Analytics Platforms Magic Quadrant (MQ) expect companies that compete using advanced analytics and proprietary algorithms will disrupt entire industries by 2018. Dell was named the leader.


Survey: Marketing creatives say producing personalized content is greatest challenge

Marketing Dive

Among the respondents, 83% reported producing personalized content was the greatest challenge, 94% said better content tech is the key to personalized and engaging content and 81% said increased engagement helped drive content tech investment.


IT career roadmap: The journey to digital marketing executive

CIO Magazine's IT Career Roadmap series takes an in-depth look at the hottest roles available in tech today, exploring what it takes to prepare for, land and succeed in some of the most exciting jobs in the industry.


Expectations Outpace Innovation with Sales and Marketing Tools


This annual survey of marketing professionals posits that sales and marketing misalignment is getting worse, not better. More people are using manual processes to manage sales and marketing data. And adoption and satisfaction with sales and marketing technology has fallen.


Study: 44% of brands used live video last year

Marketing Dive

New research from Brandlive, a live video streaming company, found that 44% of companies have created live video in the last year and 20% are planning on doing so within the next year.


WPP CEO Martin Sorrell Says In-House Programmatic Buying is ‘Short-Lived’ Trend

Wall Street Journal

Advertising giant projects its programmatic buying unit to hit $1.1 billion in sales in 2016.


Marketers Are Gaining Programmatic Street Smarts, ANA/Forrester Survey Shows


According to the research, twice as many marketers are spending programmatically compared to two years ago. But they’re not satisfied with the current setup, according to the report, which was presented Friday at the Masters of Marketing conference in Florida.


CMO report: Gaining adoption and measuring ROI at Arrow Electronics


The Chief Marketing Officer of Arrow, with $23B in revenue, explains how he gains adoption for marketing programs and measures branding efforts. He offers important insight into modern brand marketing.

This post outlines how to test emails when you want to:

  • test for statistical significance
  • test an email in a nurture
  • have clear reporting when using an email performance report
  • track what variation a lead received


Email Programs are great to use if you are just getting started with A/B Testing. Email programs allow you to test a variety of different elements in your email, and then declare a winner after a send.


But what about when you want to A/B test an email in your nurture program? Email Programs come with their limitations:

I'm going to show you how I A/B test my email blasts and email nurtures. See this as a different way to test if you have one of the challenges above.


An A/B test for a simple email is easy to set up, and usually your objective will be opens and/or clicks. As pre-work, I strongly recommend outlining your hypothesis, goals and variable for your A/B test. You can use the framework I've outlined in my other post as a reference. Here's an example of an email A/B test outline.


In this example, we are going to

  • test an email used in a nurture program
  • create a 50/50 split test
  • test the subject line as a variable


Start from a default program in Marketo

First, create a program in Marketo that contains an email. If you are going to test an existing email that's already live, skip this part and jump to the next section: Emails.



Create your control email. This is the email that you're going to try and beat out with your variation email.


You may be testing an existing email, or you may be creating a new email. You want your control email to be the content that you want to beat. So if your hypothesis is that "a funny subject line will be more effective than a serious one," your control email will be the serious one.


Once your control email is completely reviewed, tested and approved, simply clone that email and append v2 to the new variation:


Smart Campaigns


OK! Now you’re going to set up campaigns that will automate the testing for you.


Campaign: Send Email


Depending on whether this is a blast or an email nurture, the Smart List will vary. Everything else is the same. In this example, I'll show how you set it up as a nurture email.


Smart List

Member of any Engagement Program (the filter lies in the stream itself, when you drag the entire program into the stream).





Do nothing


For Nuture

Add to Engagement Stream

Activate the campaign




Let’s create a basic report so you can check your test at a moment’s notice!


Report: Email Performance


Smart List: none


Sent Date: All Time

Marketing Activities Emails: Email .v1, Email .v2


That's it! So simple! Now when you look at your email performance report, you will easily see which one is performing better:

This post was written by Frank Breen

Thank you FRANK!!


As a Western Email Developer I was asked to develop emails in Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese and Korean (CJK). After a lot of research, testing and actual sends here is my guide.


First of all we need to declare English target fonts before Chinese target fonts, because English language fonts do not contain the glyphs for Chinese characters, but Chinese fonts do contain a-z characters. This means if you declare the Chinese fonts first, any English-language computer that has the standard Chinese font faces installed will display English characters using Chinese fonts (Example: Western installs of the Operating Systems) . This means English characters will be rendered in the first font and Chinese characters will be displayed using the fall-back Chinese fonts. Even if the Email is entirely in Chinese, English character will pop-up on occasion, so it's good to declare this way. The same theory goes for Japanese and Korean declarations.


Fonts for Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional:



宋体, SimSun



华文仿宋, STFangsong


The above is my tried and tested fonts, other fonts available are:









微软雅黑体:Microsoft YaHei



冬青黑体: Hiragino Sans GB

华文细黑:STHeiti Light [STXihei]





What this looks like in the declaration:


font-family: Arial, 宋体, SimSun, 华文仿宋, STFangsong, sans-serif;


Fonts for Japanese:



メイリオ, Meiryo

MS Pゴシック, MS PGothic



ヒラギノ角ゴ Pro W3, Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro


What this looks like in the declaration:


font-family: Arial, メイリオ, Meiryo, MS Pゴシック, MS PGothic, ヒラギノ角ゴ Pro W3, Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro, sans-serif;


Fonts for Korean



돋움, Dotum



굴림, Gulim


What this looks like in the declaration:


font-family: Arial, 돋움, Dotum, 굴림, Gulim, sans-serif;


It's best practice to use both the Local and English spelling of the fonts along with the PC and Mac declaration.


Attached below is a text document with declarations for easy reference.


Profile: Phil Fernandez

Forbes Japan (see attached)

This profile focuses Phil’s leadership style, highlights Marketo as a fast-growth business, our global customers, our presence in Japan, and provides an overview of Engagement Marketing.


PTC Appoints Technology Veteran Phil Fernandez to Its Board of Directors

Press Release

The addition of Phil Fernandez as an independent director will expand PTC’s Board to eight members.


Martech is The New Ad Tech: The Reality of Ad Blocking

ExchangeWire (UK)

ExchangeWire speaks to Sanjay Dholakia about how ad blocking is helping to unite the two worlds of ad tech and martech.


CJ Affiliate Returns to Marketo to Strengthen Relationships Between Advertisers and Publishers

Press Release

In switching back to Marketo, the team calculated that it will be at least seven times more productive owing to Marketo's ability to quickly deploy marketing campaigns and its overall product reliability.


The engaging attraction of Engagement Marketing


This event by Marketo was proof that they eat their own dog food re: engagement marketing. They weren’t trying to hard sell us anything. They were educating. They patiently helped attendees understand what engagement marketing is, how it could help firms and why it’s becoming a go-to tool in a marketer’s toolset.


9 Ways to Score with Lead Scoring

Marketing's Renaud Bizet is quoted in this rundown of what lead scoring is, what it's not, and how marketing can build consensus with sales.


Heidi Bullock of Marketo Helps Uncover Ways to Engage Self-Directed Buyers

TopRank Blog

At the Content2Conversion conference, Heidi Bullock, VP of Demand Generation at Marketo took the stage and covered a topic that is top of mind for all marketers. That is, how to create the right message at the right time to meet the needs of customers.


An Inside Look At The Upcoming MarTech Conference

Search Engine Land

Chandar Pattabhiram will be participating in a competitive roundtable on the future of marketing technology late next month.


Brand Bidding & PPC Optimization: Best Practices For Brand Bidding (Part 3 of 8)

Search Engine Land

The publication called out Marketo for our supreme SEO capabilities, namely piggybacking on Pardot searches and appearing ahead of them in search results.


Global Brands Converge at JiveWorld 2016 to Showcase How They Harness Jive for Competitive Advantage

Press Release

Scott Wilder, global nation builder at Marketo, will be speaking at Jive’s annual conference.



A Painful Call with an SDR (And How to Fix It)

Business 2 Community

Great organic coverage from partner Heinz Marketing on how pleased they are with Marketo and how they are perpetually fending off SDR calls from one of our competitors.


TransPerfect Posts Record Sales for GlobalLink Technology in 2015

Press Release

TransPerfect’s GlobalLink added integration capabilities for ten new third-party platforms, including  Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, ZenDesk, Percolate, Salesforce, WordPress, and inRiver.


Boomtrain Makes Predictive As Simple As Drag, Drop


Boomtrain launched a new user interface for its email personalization platform that leverages machine learning to predict the best content to engage with a consumer, such as a product, promotion code or visual.


ON24 Announces Explosive 2015 Growth, Including Record 70 Percent Year-over-Year Revenue Growth for SaaS-based Webinar Platform

Press release

ON24 continues to see rapid growth as marketers turn to webinar marketing as a proven ROI generator


Facebook loosens its video ad ban for publishers


Facebook has begun loosening rules that prohibit publishers from posting overly commercial videos without paying Facebook to promote it, according to top publishing sources who are working with the social network on the policy change.


Facebook's Atlas Struggles To Serve Its Market


Facebook’s Atlas ad server promises to deliver marketers a superior way to measure campaigns compared to DoubleClick, which commands the lion’s share of the market. But measurement is just one part of ad serving. And in the one and a half years since Atlas was rushed to market, marketers and agencies that have tested Atlas say that while it can measure across device, it ironically has problems serving ads across devices and formats.


Trends Global Brands Should Watch Out For


The VP of Marketing at Marketo partner Smartling writes about how operating on a global scale effectively requires a brand to be proactive, engaged and dedicated to the pursuit of reaching customers in other parts of the globe, while creating content that works toward business goals and still resonates with those consumers.


Turn Around? CEO Bruce Falck Details DSP's Omnichannel Road Map


How can Turn be a stabilizing force both for itself and for clients grappling with channel fragmentation? For Falck, it comes down to three pieces: the data management platform (DMP), the “omnichannel” demand-side platform (DSP) and analytics. That Turn has a DMP that can be separated out from its DSP, Falck said, represents a competitive advantage, especially as brands seek to (wait for it…) leverage their first-party data assets.


Analysts and Data Scientists in Short Supply as MarTech Expands


A new survey by Rocket Fuel reveals marketers are embracing digital channels and marketing technology. However, the rapid expansion of marketing tools has created a greater need for analysts and data scientists.


LinkedIn is looking to bounce back from its stock crash by airing its first ever ad during the Oscars

Business Insider

The LinkedIn ad was expected to cost LinkedIn roughly $2 million, according to data from Kantar Media on the average price for a 30-second window during the show.



What the **** is the difference between ad tech and marketing tech?

The reporter tapped insights from experts at Gartner, Traction, Forensic, iQuanti, and others to clear the cloud of confusion around the terms 'ad tech' and 'marketing tech.'


Agencies are using emotional reactions to gauge ad effectiveness


The idea of using emotional reactions to gauge ad performance is an idea that comes around every once in a while, and there have been movements toward this at other agencies. It’s a next step into behavioral data, but is costly, needs refinement, and currently lacks scalability for outdoor ads.


Sales tech is disrupting marketing’s role. Here’s how to share the pipeline


The line between marketing and sales is getting blurrier by the minute. Sales reps are leveraging new sales acceleration tools like Tout, Yesware, Sidekick, and Outreach, and it feels like a new one comes out every quarter.


Marketing Tech’s Bumpy Road: Consolidation, Growth And A New Frontier


I continue to be extremely optimistic about the martech opportunity, and believe someone will build a $10 billion-plus martech company. As a long-time investor in this space, I’ve seen first-hand how technology can transform sales and marketing — and empower teams with better insight, more precision and, ultimately, more predictability.


Creating the marketing technology experience


Customer engagement and interaction are essential parts of modern digital marketing. Two experts explain how to build valuable enterprise communities.


Should Your PR Include Marketing Automation? Surprisingly, Yes


Regardless, as you grow your PR and thought leadership efforts, the principles of automated marketing should be high on your mind. As you consider the 97% of sales you may be currently wasting, you should vow this very day, at a minimum, to 1) continually be growing your database, and 2) know these prospects require multiple touches before buying and provide regular value-add information and attention with care.


Only 3% of top publishers directly addressing ad blockers: Study

Marketing Dive

Only eight (or 3.2%) of the 250 top North American publishers are addressing ad block usage from website visitors by blocking access of asking visitors to turn off ad blocking software, according to research from Pressboard.


Foursquare's Potentially Game-Changing New Tool Can Measure Foot Traffic Generated by Digital Ads


The social/location discovery platform is going after retail marketing budgets and promising to connect digital ads—and not just Foursquare ads, but those from across the Web and mobile apps—with actual visits to physical stores.


Digital retailers turn to email to battle shopping cart abandonment

Marketing Dive

In terms of cart abandonment, research from Bizrate found 18% of North American shoppers browsing retailers’ websites with intent to buy end up abandoning their carts. Shopping carts offer marketers a number of opportunities, particularly through retargeting email and advertising campaigns based on items left in abandoned carts.


Where Will CEOs Increase Spending Over the Next Year?


More than a quarter of US CEOs said they plan to increase spending on advertising over the next 12 months, according to research. Marketing and sales promotion is another area they’re focusing on. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) looked at the areas where US CEOs, and their designates, plan to increase spending over the next year.


Making Personalized Marketing Work

Harvard Business Review

The key to relevant messaging lies with data, but the challenge is no longer collecting it. Each day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Today’s challenge is using data to deliver customers more contextual, personalized impressions.


Snapchat's new audience-based ad strategy could wrest control from Discover publishers


The messaging app wants to have more control over the ad inventory in the Discover section of the app, where publishers like BuzzFeed, Vox, Cosmo, IGN, MTV and others post daily editions. As it stands, some of the publishers have exclusive deals to sell their own ads. Now Snapchat is considering a change, according to sources familiar with Snapchat’s thinking.


Opinion: Why automation is not the enemy for retail marketers

Retail Week

While the rise of automation will affect roles across the retail sector, the best marketing strategies will combine data with human insight.


How Marketing Technology Enables Brands To Be More Human


There’s simply no room for mediocrity when it comes to appealing to customers, and automating too much destroys the human engagement factor vital to a successful digital marketing strategy. CEO of V3B and President of Broadsuite Media group, a family of marketing and media agencies that help companies be found, seen and heard in a cluttered digital world.


It’s Time to Stop the Financial Marketing Insanity

The Financial Brand

The 2016 Financial Marketing Trends Report reveals that bank and credit union marketing strategies, priorities and budget allocations are stuck in neutral.

Marketing automation startup SalesManago snags $6 million


Polish marketing startup SalesManago announced today that it closed a $6 million investment from Austria’s 3TS Capital Partners. The startup said that the round will allow it to further build its marketing automation technology and expand in Europe. SalesManago promises it provides ecommerce clients with “real-time website and mobile application analytics coupled with predictive and next best offer engine.”


Selligent and StrongView Complete Merger to Strengthen their Relationship Marketing Solutions

MarTech Advisor

According to a report, this collaboration is set to make Selligent the biggest independent provider in the world when it comes to orchestration and customer engagement technology for marketers, as per the company.


Kohl’s Chief Digital Officer Departs in Reorganization

Wall Street Journal

Kohl’s Corp. cut its chief digital officer this month as part of a reorganization intended to help with slow sales as the retailer struggles to match changing consumer shopping habits.


What you need to know about account-based marketing

CMO Australia

Account-based marketing is gaining ground as a new way for B2B marketers to tackle strategic customer engagement. We get the lowdown on what it takes

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