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Sometime ago I came to the conclusion that whilst Marketo is particularly good at automating marketing activities, including collecting and processing data, it is missing the ability to present captured information in a visually appealing and accessible manner. Whilst the out-of-the-box analytical tools provide instant insight into your marketing activities, the ability to present real-time information to non-Marketo audience groups is time-consuming, manual, and lacks a certain eye-candyness.


This blog post details how to create an automated, visually appealing dashboard that aggregates Marketo data and presents it with minimal effort beyond the design and set-up. It uses Klipfolio, a browser-based software that starts at an exceptionally affordable US$20 a month, and which has a quickly overcome learning curve. Better yet, it integrates perfectly with Marketo's existing APIs, and data can be aggregated from a variety of sources, including Google Analytics, spreadsheets, and email.


In summary, the process looks like:

1. Create a custom launchpoint provider in your Marketo admin settings

2. Create a "data source" in Klipfolio, which initiates a transfer of data between Klipfolio and Marketo

3. Create custom dashboards based on the data in Marketo.


Step one and two are already brilliantly documented (Use Marketo as a data source – Klipfolio Dashboard Help Center ), so we'll jump straight to step 3, creating a custom dashboard based on Marketo data.



Example: Create a basic pie-chart which aggregates new leads by country.

1. Create a new Klip

Klipfolio organises items on a dashboard as individual "Klips". An example of a Klip might be a pie-chart on new leads by country. Another Klip might show total leads created in the last 30 days. Both of these Klips might be placed on a Dashboard, which can be shared publicly, privately, via PDF, or email.


Klips can either be "custom", or pre-built with sample data. In my example, I'll be creating a Klip using a pie-chart template.



After you've selected which kind of Klip you'd like to build, you select your "data-source", which is what was created in Steps 1 and 2 and documented at Klipfolio above.


In my Klipfolio, I have set up three data sources that reference lists in Marketo, which are simply "Lead is created" triggers, Add to List, Wait 30 Days, Remove from List arrangements.


There is plenty of data you can transmit between Marketo and Klipfolio, and you do so using the Rest API  ( Marketo REST APIs: Lead, List, Activity, Campaign Objects » Marketo Developers ) Prior to using Klipfolio, I only had limited experience with Rest APIs. They are actually quite easy to understand, and the above Klipfolio documentation should get you started so that you can start to think outside the box.


2. Edit our Klip

Our Klipfolio Klip editor has a few components we need to become familiar with. At the bottom of our screen is the Formula editor, and a few sample records of the data that we are working with. On the top left hand corner, we can switch between various aspects of what we are editing. Our pie-chart will respond to our edits.


Click on the word "Values" in the top left hand corner of the screen. Now, click the function icon to see a list of functions available to us:



We'll get used to the formula editor as we go.. but eventually it will become second nature.


Let's "GROUP" all our values together "BY" a particular method of counting or adding them together. In this instance, let's perform the following formula on our data:



In other words, lets GROUP all our inferredCountry values and count them BY their email address:

Person 1: Email =

Person 1: inferredCountry = Australia


Person 2: Email =

Person 2: inferredCountry = Australia


Person 3: Email =

Person 3: inferredCountry = United States


In this example, I can count "two" people from Australia (people 1 and 2). I can count "one" person from the United States (person 3).


Now let's do the same for our "labels:



What we want to do is "GROUP" all the different inferredCountry data together. In our example above, we can group the two "Australia" together, and group the one "United States" together. It's basically a "dedupe" on those particular values.


Here's what my pie looks like with real data:

We've just built our first Klip.


Let's go one step further, and use the SELECT function.

In this example, let's say I want to see how one particular product is performing. We'll do a similar formula:


GROUP together all our countries, BY counting their email address, but only if they match our SELECTion. Let's go to our existing formula and use the Wrap Function button:


Now we can choose to insert a new function at the critical point in our expression:


In my business, higher education, we have various schools and faculties - so I'm going to only select people if their faculty is our business school:


I'll do the same with my labels:

I now have a very meaningful, automated Klip I can add to my dashboard and email to my colleagues in the Business faculty - demonstrating how Marketo is collecting and processing information, but also presenting it in a meaningful and insightful way in an easy to process "at a glance" method of sharing information.


NB: I have obscured the data in this Klip by mixing and matching various datasources, so it is not a true representation of the data in my Marketo instance.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.14.23 PM.png

We are officially launching The Nation Talks in the Community, where you can watch How-To videos from your fellow Community members, Marketo Employees and Partners. In fact, you can even find some nice tips from our recent Winter 2016 product release. 


Yes, Nation Talks are similar to the original Ted Talk, where he goal is to share and spread ideas in a short, but effective format (We prefer 5 minutes vs. Ted's 18 minutes). Topics will focus on Digital Marketing and Marketo related topics.


Please visit The Nation Talks on a frequent basis because we will be adding content each week. Let me know if you are interested  in creating a Nation Talk Video.


Here are some suggested topics: Suggested Nation Talk Topics


Thank you for visiting The Nation


Your sales team is ready to send emails to their customers and want to take advantage of Marketo Sales Insight (MSI). By utilizing MSI, your sales team can send an email that is free form, without a template, or use a marketing email template. Either option can enhance your sales team's ability to communicate efficiently with their customers.


For quick reads before you begin, the article on the community about installing MSI and sending an email and publishing emails to MSI.


1. Log into Salesforce/CRM and click on the Tab labeled Leads


2. In the Recent Leads view, select All Open Leads and click Go!


3. Once the records appear:

  1. If sending to multiple records, multi-select leads by checking the box next to each. Then select Send Marketo Email. You can send up to 200 emailssending MSI emails to multiple leads. 
  2. If choosing one lead, you can: check the box next to it and then select Send Marketo Email. Or double click on the lead, scroll down to the MSI window pane, there is a Drop Down menu labeled Actions. Select Send Marketo Email and Click Go!


4. From there you can select a template from the drop down menu for Templates. When choosing a template, you can update the editable areas, but it is not recommended


5. If you'd rather write a free form message, select the Blank Template or No Template then add your message immediately


6. Add a personalized subject line to either the email using a template or no template


7. Lastly, you can Send Test to yourself or fire away! Send with Marketo to the record(s)


It's simple to choose one lead or many to send a templated or non-templated email through MSI. Let us know your experiences with MSI and how your sales team is utilizing the application to connect with your customers!


Want to use Outlook Plugin? Check out this article to learn more.


Three blocks ads network-wide in the UK and Italy (UK)

Comment from Conor Shaw on mobile operator Three’s announcement that it will introduce ad blocking on its UK and Italian networks. was one of the very first technology websites to launch in the UK back in 1999 and has grown to become one of the UK’s leading and most respected technology information resources.


How Marketo Ramped Up the Impact of Email Personalisation for Firefly Friends

PerformanceIN (UK)

This case study on Firefly Friends, a company that creates products for special needs children. It’s a really good piece of coverage which goes into great detail about the solutions that Marketo offers – and  includes Marketo in the title. Established in 1999, PerformanceIN is a news and discussion portal dedicated to the performance marketing industry. It covers the latest from all aspects, including affiliate, social, mobile, display, email, analytics and search marketing.


Why Comparing Apples, Oranges & Potatoes is a Good Thing – For Now

ExchangeWire (UK)

This article focuses on the companies that were not included in the Gartner’s Digital Marketing Hub Leader Quadrant. ExchangeWire is an advertising technology publication for the EMEA, APAC and LATAM regions which tracks data-driven display and media buying trends.


In marketing, content is ROI (translated) (France)

This article quotes Conor Shaw discussing the B2H trend which was outlined in our predictions press release late last year and was also covered by this publication. is an online publication dedicated to IT news, but that also has strong interest in topics related to marketing, finances, HR, etc.


Who Owns The Data Anyway?

Which-50 (Australia)

Mike Stocker, senior director, business development at Marketo describes first party data as that data that a marketer has collected through their marketing efforts. Then there are various sources of second and third party data.


Mani Thiru Joins Marketo as Senior Director, Alliances

Press Release

A Stanford University alumna, Mani has an impressive track record in consulting including senior digital transformation and customer experience roles at Capgemini, Optus, NetApp and Vodafone. Mani joins Marketo from Cognizant Technology Solutions, a global provider of business technology services, where she was Practice Director for their Digital Works division.


IBS and Marketo jointly develop a human resource development program, "Marketo operation fixation support services" start (Translated)

MarkeZine (Japan)

Intelligence Business Solutions (IBS) has launched a "Marketo operation fixation support services". The service, developed a human resource development program in collaboration with the Marketo, marketing automation (hereinafter, MA) tool "Marketo" to those to develop specialized human resources to carry out operational support specialized.


Established Brands Moët Hennessy And Intel and Innovators Casper, PayPal And Tinder Join The Economist Events' Annual Marketing Conference

Press Release

The Economist Events announced new speaker confirmations for its annual marketing conference, rebranded Marketing Unbound, to take place March 24th 2016 in New York. The event will gather head marketers at renowned brands, including Jon Potter of Moët Hennessy and Penny Baldwin of Intel. Marketo is mentioned as a platinum sponsor.


Conversica Recognizes Seven Top Performers in Annual "Sales Effectiveness: Lead Follow-up" Research

Press Release

Conversica, the leading provider of artificial intelligence-based lead engagement software for marketing and sales, today announced the seven winners of its inaugural Sales Effectiveness: Lead Follow-Up research project. The project assessed more than 300 organizations across nine industries to determine how well they respond to sales leads. Marketo was recognized as B2B best in class, along with Salesforce.


Content Marketing Trends for 2016

Know Techie

Developing a great content marketing approach requires quite a bit of planning ahead. One must realize that content is also an organizational tool, not just a marketing one. Therefore, the projected ROI of content will be tied more closely to company-wide goals. Businesses will work closely with PR practitioners to gain press coverage an earned speaking opportunities via tools like Marketo. Also, leading marketers are already under pressure to master not only marketing, but also the craft of sales.



Backed by Verizon Data and New Targeting Tools, AOL Hires Its First Chief Mobile Officer


After being acquired by Verizon for $4.4 billion and buying ad network Millennial Media for $238 million last year, customer AOL has a new mobile chief tasked with growing the company's revenue and competing with the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter for a piece of the growing mobile pie.


New tool uses machine learning to personalize emails

Beta News

Marketing automation company Boomtrain is launching a new platform, Boomtrain Editor, that adds advanced machine learning personalization regardless of email provider. It predicts the optimal email content for each recipient, and can then be applied by simply dragging and dropping it into a customizable template.


Contently Acquires Docalytics to Enhance Enterprise Capabilities

Press Release

Acquisition Extends Contently Analytics to Downloadable Content. Contently today announced the acquisition of Docalytics, a marketing and sales analytics company, for an undisclosed amount. Based in St. Paul, Minn., Docalytics provides sales and marketing professionals at B2B companies with detailed data on how people engage with downloadable content like PDFs and sales materials.


Lytics Releases Content Affinity Engine for Content Marketers

Destination CRM

The new Lytics tool unites CRM data with behavioral data to personalize customer engagements.


Appboy's Mobile 'Accelerator' Pitch


Tech platform Appboy is introducing the Appboy Accelerator, a program that the firm claims lets agencies and clients combine their own existing models and campaigns with Appboy's mobile marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) services.


Brightcove Gallery Gains Calls-to-Action for Deeper Engagement

Video cloud services company Brightcove has created a new way for video marketers to connect with viewers, by adding calls-to-action to its Brightcove Gallery. Read on to learn what this is and how it improves engagement.


LeanData’s new tool automates reports for marketers to use in targeting leads


Lead management solution provider LeanData has released an offering called LeanData Clarity, which provides reports that marketers can use to target campaigns to specific individuals. The company claims it’s the first account-based marketing platform, not only enabling users to surface the most important information about a lead, but providing ways to act upon those insights. The reporter goes on to state that it’s about personalizing your efforts toward a select group of individual accounts, instead of simply blasting out thousands of emails using Marketo, Eloqua, and Pardot.


B2B Data Provider Bombora Posts 1500 Percent Revenue Growth, Profitability and Roster of Nearly 40 Partners in First Year

Press Release

Bombora, the leading provider of intent and demographic data for Business-to-Business (B2B) marketers, today reported milestones from its first year of operations. The company grew revenue more than 1500 percent and reached profitability, allowing for future investment in growth and expansion of its team.


Vidyard and Media One Creative Bring Video Personalization and Analytics to Businesses

Press Release

New partnership delivers end-to-end video marketing solutions spanning content production, personalization, distribution and analytics.


Signal Expands Leadership Team With Seasoned Marketing and Human Resources Executives

Press Release

Signal, a global leader in real-time, people-based marketing, today announced an expanded leadership team with the appointment of Kathy Menis as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sara Schroeder as Vice President of Human Resources.


One area Twitter's crushing Facebook: live video


Considering the brand rush to join live streaming app Periscope, things have been relatively quiet over at the social network’s foray into live streaming. Facebook Live was widely described as the “Periscope killer” after a verified-pages rollout in December that was geared to brands and celebs. Only there’s been one problem: No one is really using it.


Swrve Reaches New Milestones in Tracking User Behavior and Unveils Quick Push Functionality

Press Release

Swrve now processes 271 billion user events a month.


Businesses See 500% Lift in Email Conversion with Personalized Video from Vidyard

Press Release

Vidyard personalization helps Act-On, Cetera Financial Group, Lenovo and Tradeshift get – and keep – audience attention in crowded email inboxes.




Gartner Shakes-Up Its BI and Analytics Platforms MQ

CMS Wire

Last year when we looked Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Business Intelligence and Analytics it held 24 vendors, which by any measure is a crowd. Though the number hasn’t slimmed since then, new vendors have been added and others are no longer included.


Developing An Emotional Connection With Customers: Insight From HP's CMO, Antonio Lucio


This interview features Lucio’s insight regarding what it takes to be a true global marketing leader and the importance of generating deep insight into the world’s people, customs, and cultures, through reading, travel, and learning.


Majority see analytics as most useful marketing automation tool: Study

Marketing Dive

Ascend2’s new Marketing Automation Trends report found that 51% of respondents see analytics and reporting as the most useful feature of marketing automation software. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of respondents expect to realize benefits from a new marketing automation system within six months.


Why Opt-In Will Save Online Advertising


The CEO of Gladly makes the case that opt-in will ensure that users' advertising needs and expectations will be met.


The 5 Use Cases of Predictive ABM

Business to Community

One of the main appeals of account based marketing (ABM) is that, unlike inbound marketing tactics that have defined B2B marketing over the past five years, ABM is a proactive strategy. ABM targets high-value accounts, delivers customized messaging and allows marketers to track their impact on bringing in large deals and helping close marquee upsell opportunities.


Infographic: a Close-up Look at Gen Z's Mobile Habits


78% of post-millennials use social media apps most.


Closing the Mobile Content Gap for B2B Marketers

CMS Wire

About 95 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing, spending more than half their annual marketing budget on content production and creation. Here's the problem: All that rich content, often gated behind a landing page form, is increasingly consumed on mobile — but it isn't optimized for mobile.


How to Overcome 5 Barriers to Digital Transformation

CMS Wire

In a webinar last week hosted by St. Louis, Mo.-based Perficient, Michael Porter, Perficient’s principal strategic advisor, discussed five barriers to digital transformation with Forrester analyst Nigel Fenwick.


Verizon Ventures Invests $5.5M In Qualia, Talks Buying Into Ad Tech In An Unforgiving Climate


Verizon Ventures has invested $5.5 million in Qualia, a company focused on mining intent data, and which recently merged with cross-device tool BlueCava. The Series B round included support from S3 Ventures.


Naritiv, The Ad Network For Snapchat, Raises $3 Million Series A


The company has amassed a network of more than 300 Snapchat stars and influencers — collectively seeing over 1 billion branded views on the platform — who know how to make compelling content on the Snapchat network. They then connect those influencers with brands like ABC Family, Coca-Cola, Redken, and Fox, which are looking to set up campaigns on Snapchat, where the younger demographic is hanging out.


Why Agency Creatives Are Flocking to Mobile World Congress


Massive Barcelona event gives marketers a global perspective. With smartphones and tablets now at the center of the marketing world, the event has become a major draw for Madison Avenue's top creative shops that are looking to learn about the nitty-gritty world of mobile technology and how people are using multiple devices.


The “BuzzFeeding” Of The Election And Why Marketers Should Be Watching

Marketing Land

As candidates push out quippy sound bites and ride on the wave of the accompanying media coverage, columnist Rob Rasko explains why marketers should keep an eye on the trend.


Three Reasons CRM Marketers Should Partner With Digital Media Teams In The New People-Based Era

Marketing Land

Columnist Mike Sands discusses the ways in which CRM marketers can team with digital advertisers to help them adapt to a cross-channel world and increase retention.


Choosing the Correct Tools to Execute a Successful Account-Based Marketing Strategy

MarTech Advisor

To make account based marketing scalable as a digital strategy, companies need to figure out their ideal technology configurations and the vendors who can meet their requirements.


67% of B2B Marketers Expect a Rise in Their 2016 Demand Gen Budgets


The “2016 Demand Generation Benchmark Report” from Demand Gen Report has revealed that 67 percent of B2B marketers expect their demand generation budgets to rise this year.


Forrester research finds over half of B2B marketers struggle to engage with first time customers on digital platforms

The Drum

A Forrester Consulting survey noted that this fact is hindering B2B marketers from reaching early stage buyers. And, while it is true that traditional techniques retain their value, the social, mobile and display channels available to B2B marketers are still being overlooked, the report notes.

I borrowed this from Michael Brenner and his site -- Marketing Strategy


Digital Summit is February 8-9 in Phoenix. Hear from digital thought leaders from HubSpot, Time Inc., Visa, Salesforce, Microsoft, and many more on topics such as digital storytelling, journey mapping, multi-channel demand generation, hard and soft metrics and millennial marketing.

B2B Content2Conversion Conference is February 15-17 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event will bring together over 600 B2B marketers to discuss content marketing, demand generation and sales enablement, providing attendees with actionable takeaways and ideas to improve their 2016 marketing plans. Last year I presented here on The Personalization of Content.

MarketingSherpa Summit is in Las Vegas from February 22-24. This conference will power your marketing success with proven, practical strategies and ideas in content, mobile, digital and email.

South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) is March 11-15 in Austin, Texas. Confirmed speakers include Pete Cashmore, Jonah Berger, and Larry King (you read that right). If you’re lucky enough to stick around for the entire event, the film and music festivals continue through March 20.

Adobe Summit is in Las Vegas from March 20-24. This year’s event will feature over 150 sessions, workshops and labs covering a wide range of topics, including marketing innovations, analytics, email and cross-channel marketing, digital, mobile, advertising, and personalization and optimization.

Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit is May 9-12 in Las Vegas. I have never attended or spoken here (hint-hint guys.) But last year’s event kicked off with a keynote featuring Arianna Huffington. More than 6,000 marketers attended last year’s event, and over 100 sessions were offered on content marketing, lead gen and lead nurturing, analytics, customer engagement, and many more.

Social Media Marketing World is in San Diego from April 17-19. Over 100 of the world’s top social media experts and 3,000 marketers are expected to attend. You’ll learn the best social media and marketing strategies, ideas and tips from dozens of top brands. Content marketing powerhouses like Ann Handley, Joe Pulizzi and Jay Baer will be presenting at this year’s event.

ClickZ Live (formerly SES Conference & Expo) is in New York (April 11-13) and London (Spring 2016). Conference tracks include email marketing, mobile and local optimization, next-gen search, data-driven marketing and, of course, content marketing.

Social Media Strategies Summit will be in Las Vegas (February 9-11), Chicago (April), New York (June 1-3), Dallas (August), San Francisco (September), Mexico (Fall), and Boston (November 2-3). This year’s agenda is packed with hands-on workshops on content creation, storytelling, strategy management, measurement and other hot topics.

Ad:Tech is in New Delhi (March 3-4) and Los Angeles (May 11-12) this year, and promises to leave attendees with lots of innovative strategies and techniques from the very best in marketing, technology and media.

Brand Mover’s Clever Content 16 conference is in Copenhagen, Denmark on April 5th and 6th where I am really looking forward to presenting on Content Marketing ROI.

Emma’s Marketing United in Nashville (April 18-20). I’m really looking forward to speaking to over 700 marketers who are expected to attend this year, and will share some of the industry’s smartest and most creative “why didn’t I think of that” ideas and tips to supercharge your marketing plans next year. If you are going, please come by and say hello!

BMA: Master of B2B Marketing is June 1-3 in Chicago and promises to bring the best minds together for everything B2B Marketing.

Gartner Digital Marketing Conference is May 17-19 in San Diego. The event is designed for senior executives who are looking to learn the latest digital marketing trends, insights and strategies to take back to their office.

Epic Content Marketing is in Oslo, Norway, May 19-20. I am really looking forward to join Joe Pulizzi, Ann Handley and Jeff Bullas at this year’s event.

Forrester’s Marketing 2016 and B2B Marketing 2016 Conferences are in New York (April 26-27) and Miami (October 18-19) respectively. Marketing Europe 2016 is May 23-24 in London.

MozCon is September 12-14 in Seattle. You’ll learn everything from SEO to content marketing, community building, social media, brand, mobile, analytics, and so much more.

Brand ManageCamp is September 15-16 in Las Vegas. You can expect to leave with the tools, ideas and inspiration you need to take your brand and content to the next level. I am really excited to come back to this event to unveil my predictions for the future of content marketing.

ANA Masters of Marketing Conference is October 19-22 in Orlando this year. There are also other events from ANA worth taking a look at, such as the Masters of B2B Marketing (June 1-3) andDigital & Social Media Conference (July 20-22). Note that registration for these conferences is not yet open.

Dmexco is September 16-17 in Cologne, Germany. The two-day event brings together the latest trends, innovations and thinkers from around the world, with over 200 sessions on topics including marketing, content, social, and mobile. Past speakers included marketing execs from Samsung, Proctor & Gamble, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Unilever.

Content Marketing World Conference is September 6-9 in Cleveland. If your schedule or budget only allows you to go to one conference this year, you should definitely add this to your short list. Over 150 sessions are planned, covering everything from content marketing and strategy 101 to demand gen, sales enablement, writing, measurement and other content marketing topics. I can’t wait to get back in front of this audience. Last year I presented “Tips, Tools and Templates to Build Your Content Marketing Plan.

AMA Annual Conference: Inspired Marketing is in Orlando from October 5-7. More than 450 marketers are expected to attend and come together to learn about current and future trends, insights and innovations B2B and B2C marketing.

MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum is October 18-21 in Boston. Last year’s event was amazing and this is the best event for B2B marketers in my opinion. You’ll meet some of the smartest and most helpful folks in the industry, and will walk away with lots of practical tips and how-to advice that you can take back and use right away. Last year I presented here on How To Build Your Content Marketing Strategy.

INBOUND is November 8-11 in Boston. Last year’s speakers included Seth Godin and HubSpot’s very own Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah as well as speakers from Social Media Examiner, Google and BuzzFeed, just to name a few. I have never been to this one either (hint-hint) but I know a ton of smart folks who go this event and block their calendar for this one.

Web Summit is in Lisbon from November 7-10 and touts itself as the world’s greatest tech fest. The Marketing Summit is a standalone conference within the Web Summit and has six tracks focused on social, B2B sales, advertising, agency, technology and analytics, with speakers from Facebook, Google, Ogilvy & Mather, Pinterest, and Amazon, just to name a few.

  • Avangate powers commerce for the modern digital business.
  • Hoosh Marketing - Use Marketo forms to capture leads details in Events & Tradeshows with no Internet access.
  • MTarget - This platform was developed in order to be able to respond to the dynamic and ever changing needs of the telecom industry.
  • OptinMonster - Stop losing customers. Recover up to 15% of abandoning website visitors with Onsite Retargeting.

Did you know gamification market growth in 2015 was reported to be $1.7 Billion, and is projected to increase to $5.5 Billion by 2018?


Gamification, which was coined in 2002, did not start to become more mainstream until the last few years. Marketo first implemented gamification in our previous community in 2012 and we saw a 3x increase in engagements in our first week, along with a 71% daily lift in activities, and 48% increase in question replies in the first 3 months.


We were hooked, and so were our customers. So we've continued utilize the power of rewards and status in the Marketing Nation ever since. There are a million reasons to join a Community, but gamification is a reason to stay; it creates stickiness.


Let me back and up help those of you who still may find this to be a foreign (or even silly) concept. Gamification by definition is the application of game design elements and principals into non-game contexts in order to increase engagement and participation. If you are reading this, then it means you are in the Marketing Nation Community and you are earning rewards as we speak!


To view your rewards simply go to your profile by clicking your avatar then view profile.

view profile.jpg

Then click the points in the middle of the page. (tip: make sure you set up your profile completely so people know who you are and you can join a MUG.)


Here you will find a complete overview of your level, points, and you can drill down on the missions and rewards you have completed or need to complete. After clicking Missions, you can not only sort your view but this is where you control your "Me in Three", or 3 badges of your choice to shwocase prominently. These 3 follow you around as you post letting anyone who hovers over your name know you have those skills. As you can see, I have chosen the influencer, blogger, and of course MCE rewards (the names of the badges show up on hover).


Go ahead, update your "Me in Three" now!

me three.jpg

Besides showcasing your status, knowledge, and expertise, rewards create competition which is very important (and fun!) in an online Community. View where you stand among the masses of Marketo customers by clicking Ranking.


Now that you know how to check out your standings and keep track of your rewards, we have some great news. We will be assigning some brand new rewards this year for all different activities, events and accomplishments. Here's a sneak peak of a few that would be perfect for your "Me in Three"!



We are always looking to improve the Marketing Nation Community, so if you have feedback or ideas on how to make the learning experience better for you please share in the comments of this blog!

One of your citizens of the Marketing Nation asked for some B2C information (to help her learn from others and build a business case). Here are some useful links I shared with her


Case Study - 3 Day Blinds - Marketo

Case Study - - Marketo

Marketing Nation Success Series - - YouTube

Case Study - Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI - Marketo

Case Study - Redstone Federal Credit Union - Marketo

Marketing Nation Success Series - Redstone Federal Credit Union - YouTube

James Hardie Building Products Case Study


Enjoy. Should we have this info on the Community?? : )


Our Content Team has just created some neat content



1) Datasheet: IT Leaders in Higher Education: Adopt a Proven Marketing Solution

2) Report: Marketing Automation: Considering a Business Case For Consumer Brands

3) Fun: Marketing Valentines for Marketers



With Marketo’s segmentation and dynamic content feature, sending highly relevant and highly targeted emails to your customers and prospects has never been easier.


At Influitive, we use both these features regularly to send highly personalized, relevant content to our database. Here are three ways we’ve used personalization and the tips for getting started at your organization!


Example 1: Sending event promo codes based on attendee type


If you’re like us, you might host a conference or annual user conference and will likely need to display messages like promo codes, session information, registration details and so on.  For Influitive’s annual Advocamp event, we were offering a unique promo codes for customers and a different one for prospects.


To do this, we created a segmentation for customers and everyone else in the lead database.  Then we added dynamic content to one section of our email and updated the message for each group.


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.13.19 PM.png


Tip: Make sure you sketch out your segmentation criteria in advance and always double check before approving it - especially if you’re using advanced smart filters. Once you approve the segmentation and start referencing it in your dynamic content, you can’t edit the segmentation rules again with deleting the dynamic content.


Example 2: Content messaging by job title


You should (hopefully!) have your buyer’s personas mapped out and should be using Marketo to send them highly relevant content based on where they are in your funnel.  For us, we have a segmentation based on our personas - which happens to be related to job title.  When we have a new piece of content, we will send it out to the relevant personas in our database with messaging targeted to that persona.


We recently sent out a new Forrester Report to our database. We used a different subject line and body text based on the job title the recipient had.


For Customer Success titles:



For CEO titles:


Tip: Take time to create different messaging for your personas. There’s no shortage of things you can personalize: subject lines, CTAs, gated vs. ungated assets etc. We’ve found that when our emails leverage highly relevant messaging that the engagement rate is higher, we get more clicks to our landing pages, more conversions and less unsubscribes.


Example 3: Using tokens to pull in company details


We wanted to send an email to a small group of prospects that with personalized information that we had gathered about their business from a popular online review website. We mapped the data from Salesforce to Marketo and pulled that information into the email with tokens. It looked like this:



Tip: Make sure you’re always previewing your tokens as they would appear to your recipient.  We previewed our tokens several times to make sure the information was readable and that the default values made sense if they appeared. Also be sure to make sure your data is up to date and makes sense in the context of your tokens. Lastly, double check that your data is new and fresh - data can get old fast and can be overwritten by sales or customer support despite your best efforts.


Related community resources:

The following features are included in the Winter '16 release. Please click the title links to view detailed articles for each feature.

Is Anonymous Filter

The Is Anonymous filter has been removed for Smart Lists. See the Next Generation Munchkin Tracking FAQ document for details.  This change does not affect Web Personalization (RTP), which continues to identify anonymous and known web visitors and personalize content in real time to these visitors.

Lead Database Dashboard

The Lead Database has an updated Summary Dashboard that includes total people database size, number of marketable leads, and a breakdown of leads by top five sources.

Microsoft Edge Browser

We've added Microsoft Edge to the list of browsers supported by Marketo.

Microsoft Outlook 2016

Microsoft Outlook 2016 is now supported.

Email Program Head Start

Use Head Start to indicate that processing for your send should occur ahead of time. Instead of qualifying leads and preparing emails at the scheduled time of the program, Head Start ensures that these tasks are done beforehand. This way, your audience will start receiving emails at the scheduled time.

To use this feature, the email program must be scheduled at least 12 hours in advance and the Smart List will be locked 12 hours prior to the send.

Mobile Marketing Enhancements

PhoneGap Support: We now offer PhoneGap support for your mobile app. Learn more.

Support for Sandbox Apps:

Program API

Create, update, and clone programs via the REST API. This does not include the creation or updating of smart lists and smart campaigns within a program.

Microsoft Dynamics Enhancements

Sync Status: Keep tabs on the current throughput and backlog of the sync process. Break it down by the count of inserts and updates by object.

Notifications: Get notified for common sync errors, along with a list of leads that have that error.

Custom Objects Enhancements

You now can create many-to-many relationships between Leads/Accounts and a custom object by using an intermediary object with multiple link fields.

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead ads are a more direct way for a business to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook. People fill out a form to express interest in a product or service, so the business can follow up with them. The Marketo integration with Facebook Lead Ads automatically captures the information a lead provides within the Lead Ad form. Follow up actions and notifications can then be automated using the new Fills Out Facebook Lead Ads trigger.

Web (Real-Time Personalization) Campaign Scheduler

Schedule your campaign in advance. Set up a start and end date for personalized web content and repeat campaigns on specific days and times. Personalize the schedule to display the campaign according to the web visitor's time or a selected time zone.





The second annual Stackies awards are coming up! What does your Marketo Stack look like?

The Stackies: Marketing Technology Stack Awards

How do you visualize your marketing technology stacks?

  1. Share an illustration of your stack with your marketing peers!
  • Winners will be celebrated on stage at MarTech in San Francisco, March 21-22. (You don’t have to be present to win, but it would be fun.)
  • The conference will donate $5,000 to charity — each of the top five winners will have the opportunity to nominate a charity of their preference to receive a $1,000 donation.
  • There will even be groovy trophy statues (much cooler than Golden Globes).


The real point of the Stackies is to share your ideas with the marketing technology community and to learn from others. Marketing technology stacks — the collection of marketing technology products that your company uses and how they’re conceptually organized — are an important part of modern marketing management. We can learn a lot by seeing how our peers conceive of their stacks and the pieces that they assemble together. All entries into the Stackies will be publicly shared in a SlideShare deck at the end of the contest — so everyone in the community benefits from the effort invested in these, and everyone who enters gets recognized for their contribution.

Rules and guidelines for the 2016 Stackies

So what do you need to do to enter the Stackies? These 4 steps (follow carefully):

  1. 1. Create a single 16×9 slide that visually organizes your marketing technology stack however you think best represents the way you think of it.
  2. 2. Send an email to with the subject line “Stackies entry” with your slide attached as an image, a PDF, or a PPTX file any time before midnight Friday, March 11 (Pacific time).
  3. 3. Include in your email the sentence, “I give you permission to publicly share my entry in the Stackies.”
  4. 4. Optionally include in your email a paragraph or two that describes the rationale behind the way you’ve organized your stack and any guiding principles that you feel are important in its architecture.

The judging committee will select the five best entries as the winners. Entries will be judged on the following five criteria, in this order of importance:

  • Alignment — how well-aligned is your stack with your business
  • Concept — how effective is the conceptual organization of your stack
  • Clarity — how easy is it for a reader to understand your stack
  • Design — the aesthetics of your slide and its visual appeal
  • Detail — more detail is generally better, within reason for a single slide


A note about “detail.” We prefer that entries in the Stackies include the specific products that are being used. This isn’t for endorsing any particular vendor, but to help us collectively see examples of where specific products fit out in the wild.

However, this is not a requirement. If you don’t wish to disclose a particular vendor, simply put a generic placeholder label for that product in your stack (e.g., “Data Management Platform”). A Stackie entry that has anonymous product placeholders can still win. But if you are willing to name names, we’d greatly appreciate it, as it does make these stack visualizations considerably more tangible.

Other things to think about as you present your stack:

  • What was the organizing concept of this stack?
  • Can you share a bit about the visual design of this stack?
  • What about the interplay between marketing and sales shown in this stack?
  • Any guiding principles you’d share about how ion adopts marketing technology?


P.S. There’s not much fine print to the Stackies, but to be safe, I’ll add this: I reserve the right to disqualify slides that are offensive (sorry, no nude pictures in your stack — that’s thinking too far out of the box) or trivial (if you use just a single marketing tech product, I’m happy for you, but there’s no value to the community in sharing that stack-of-one) or for some other yet-to-be-determined reason seems inappropriate or outside the spirit of this exercise

Optimizely makes it easy for customers to turn their data into action (we even developed a revolutionary approach to statistics for experience optimization). But you don’t have to be a statistician or an analyst to effectively measure your campaigns. The simplest, way to measure a campaign’s impact is to use A/B testing. If you haven’t tried A/B testing on your marketing campaigns, I cannot recommend it enough.


I ran a split test on a customer nurture program and increased platform engagement by 10% within 30 days. Here's an overview of the customer nurture test, I hope it inspires you to get curious about testing!


I collaborated with the Optimizely Education team to determine how to increase product engagement with our new self-service customers. We knew that a customer was less likely to churn if they logged in multiple times within the first 30 days. We designed a customer nurture program to educate these new customers on various features and resources Optimizely had to offer. Our hunch was that by providing focused material to our new customers, they would be more inspired to use our product.



Our hypothesis*: if we send our self-service customers a series of resource rich emails encouraging them to test, they will be more likely to engage with our Testing solution. There are a lot of psychological barriers to get started with testing, and our customers may not know where to start.


The program contained 8 emails, bucketed into three offer categories: Resource, Sell, or Feature. CTAs included: an ebook on building a data driven team, a how-to guide for setting up a goal in Optimizely, and a list of popular testing ideas.


We held back 50% of our self-service customers from receiving this nurture (if you want to know how we implemented this test in Marketo, here’s a how to guide). After 30 days, we already saw positive results! We tracked multiple activities, and measured significant impact with Optimizely logins and dashboard views. Within 30 days we saw a 9% increase in logins. Because of this result, we pushed the nurture program to 100% of our self-serve customers.


*If you don’t know how to set up a hypothesis, Shana Rusonis wrote a great blog post on this.

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