7 Things that you should know about the Unsubscribe System Token

Blog Post created by b81ae4ecc4103111742f9d1faae780d3c817d739 Expert on Jan 11, 2016

Unsubscribe System Token


1. Allows the “Unsubscribe” link to be placed anywhere in the email, and even to be set on the template level.

2. Functions EXACTLY as the appended unsubscribe link

3. Doesn’t count as “Clicked link in email”

4. Reads record as “Unsubscribed from email”

5. No need to “Clicked link and was not unsubscribe link”

6. Automatically removes the appended unsubscribe if the link is in the email.

7. Token renders the link to the unsubscribe page, so the token should be placed inside the anchor tag; for example

<a href=”{{system.unsubscribeLink}}”>Unsubscribe from our Newsletter</a>


Source: Marketo System Tokens for "Unsubscribe" and "View As Web Page" - Elixiter, Inc.