CallTrackingMetrics sends call lead information to Marketo so you can see the full picture of how your campaigns are performing

Cdata – Added 6 Marketo connectors including ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, SSIS, Xamarin, BizTalk Adapter

Kairos Analytics is the complete UK B2B predictive intelligence platform. Blending many data sources for full funnel & customer life cycle predictions.

Kwanzoo for Account-Based Marketing (ABM), lets you increase brand visibility and influence buyers by serving display ads to users at your target accounts

Progress Software allows you to easily connect-to live Marketo data from any JDBC, ODBC or OData compliant application

ToutApp allows sales teams to email leads with personalized templates, track their engagement and auto-log sales activity to Marketo.

ZenPrint lets you easily personalize, print and send "handwritten" cards, letters, physical mailers and gifts right from within Marketo