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The Moment of Truth for Mobile Marketing

Digital Marketing Magazine (UK)

Our UK agency secured this byline for Conor Shaw on the need for engagement that crosses all channels, mobile and otherwise.


Digital marketers must reorganize around customers! (Translated)

Usine Digitale (France)

Our French agency repurposed Phil's byline on Forbes, which focuses on why marketers must put customers at the core of what they do and organize accordingly.


The marketing manager is to become the customer journey conductor (Translated)

Journal du Net

Our French agency secured coverage for Sanjay's byline on the findings of our HBR whitepaper.


Travel Companies Can Improve Revenues by Engaging Travelers on the Right Channels

Hotel News Resource

We continue to see media references to our EIU survey, this time in a travel and hospitality publication. The piece was also picked up in Spanish here.



Storage tech company Nutanix files for IPO


Online storage startup Nutanix, a Marketo customer, has filed for its long-awaited public offering. Nutanix, which builds server and storage systems for companies, was valued at $2 billion at its last private financing round in August 2014.


10 content marketing game changers to look for in 2016


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NewsCred, a Marketo partner, penned a byline covering everything from integrations to executive alignment.


Brands Don't Live in Glass Houses


Marketo partner Wunderman penned this piece on their 2016 predictions, which include thoughts on IoT, authenticity, innovation, global & local coming together, virtual reality, digital empathy, and exec alignment.



Fast Company

In Fast Company's inaugural Silicon Valley "Nice List," the publication applauds the companies who did "good deeds" in 2015, from tackling diversity to improving parental leave. The winners are Netflix, ZocDoc, Apple, Facebook, Credit Karma, Oracle, Pinterest & Intel, and Tesla (customer).



Fast Company

On the flip side, the publication also covered unicorn companies suffering from working conditions to subscription scams: Zenefits (customer), Jawbone, Blue Apron, Uber, JustFab,, Honest Co., FanDuel & DraftKings, WeWork, Theranos, and Airbnb.


A slew of ad tech firms are cutting costs through holiday layoffs

Marketing Dive

Ad tech firms are feeling the pressure of delivering results to clients and investors and in response are lowering costs by laying off employees. In recent weeks ad tech firms Turn, PubMatic, Collective and Centro have all reduced headcount. One insider blames the layoffs on an oversaturated ad tech marketplace.



Top 10 industry highlights of 2015


As we step into 2016, ClickZ presents the most important news in digital marketing over the past year, such as Periscope’s debut and Google’s “Mobilegeddon.”


Smartphones Are the Hardest Screen to Monetize


According to a survey by AdMonsters, two-thirds of US publishing professionals said that smartphones caused the most monetization trouble.


10 ads from 2015 that gave blockers a run for their money

Marketing Dive

This year, advertisers managed to get viewers to watch longer and engage, which is important given the widespread use of ad blocking tech. The prevalence of those tools indicates ads still illicit feelings of impatience and dread, but at least some concepts kept viewers from hitting "skip."


Silicon Valley tech companies jump on the Super Bowl bandwagon

San Jose Mercury News

With the historic Super Bowl 50 coming soon to that great entrepreneurial gridiron known as Silicon Valley, local tech companies large and small are getting in on the action: They're planning parties for corporate guests. They're partnering with the local host committee. And they're launching marketing campaigns that will hitch their products and services to the biggest sporting event the Bay Area has ever seen.


Channel Data Management: The Next Big Thing for IT Attention

Data Center Journal

The author states that the next big initiative in sales and marketing technology, channel data management (CDM). CDM is the tool that enables your sales and marketing people to increase their visibility into your indirect sales channels—the business done by your distributors and reseller network.


Marketing Tech Evolves Beyond Automation — And Toward Intuition

Marketing Land

Marketing technology these days is increasingly focused on the future, as marketing moves away from its traditional role of generating demand and more toward a new role of anticipating demand. Instead of a focus on the “mechanization” of common processes like email management, marketing tech is becoming infused with a kind of “marketing intuition” — predictive scoring, predictive marketing, intent data, personalization and other techniques that focus on what the customer or would-be customer is going to do or want next.


Infographic: 6 Types of Shoppers and the Brands They'll Pay More For


As more shoppers shift their attention to mobile, retailers need to understand the different types of shoppers and how they use technology to make their purchases. After surveying 14,000 U.S. consumers, ad agency Y&R's BAVLab broke shoppers into the following categories: bargain hunters, knowledge seekers, practical players, store reassurers, brand desirers and mobile warriors.


Why 2015 wasn't the year for 'buy' buttons—and how 2016 can be different

Retail Dive

Retailers have found social media to be both an engaging platform and a useful marketing tool, beating out many traditional marketing venues like television and print ads in effectiveness. Even with this holiday season’s apparent surge in mobile commerce, social media hasn’t turned out to be a major channel for sales.


At some point in time, you may have come across this blog post:


This approach is really handy for posting to Marketo forms in the background, but I don't think all of our customers are aware of what a powerful tool this can be, especially for unsubscribe scenarios. A common question we often get from customers is, "How can I setup an external subscription center on a page that does't have Marketo's munchkin code or a Marketo form on it?"


Below, I'll outline a technique that you can use to setup your very own subscription center (Note: This doesn't require that Munchkin code or a Marketo Form be present!) to manage this process:


Step ONE:

Grab an ID for any form that is approved in your Marketo subscription. Reference the blog post mentioned earlier to learn how to find a form ID.


Step TWO:

Insert code like shown below into your external page that will serve as the subscription center (again, this page doesn't require Munchkin):



<p>If you wish to unsubscribe, click below:</p>

<form id="myform" action="" method="POST"><input type="hidden" name="munchkinId" value="XXX-XXX-XXX" /><input type="hidden" name="formid" value="1000" /> <input type="hidden" name="Unsubscribed" value="true" /> <input type="hidden" name="_mkt_trk" value="" /> <input type="hidden" name="Email" value="" /></form>

<div><button id="clickme" onclick="document.getElementById('myform').submit();" style="color: red; background-color: black;">UNSUBSCRIBE ME</button></div>


Note that this is the pod that your sub is on, this is your munchkin ID, this is any active form ID in your sub (doesn’t matter what’s in the form), and this is the lead's email that you wish to unsubscribe in your sub. When you implement this on your own page, you may want to prompt the user to enter their email address, then fill this value accordingly. Another option is to add the email address as a query parameter on the unsubscribe link you will be including in your emails (see step three), then use JavaScript to parse this and fill the value accordingly.




In Marketo, either change the Unsubscribe information in the Admin page to link to this external page OR override Marketo's default unsubscribe text and add your own tracked link (including mkt_tok) to the footer of all your emails.


Step FOUR:

Continue sending emails out of Marketo, as usual. When a lead clicks your "unsubscribe" link in your email and reaches your new external subscription center, they'll be able to process their unsubscribe request. An unsubscribe request can be processed from this page at anytime but if the page was reached by clicking a tracked link (including mkt_tok) in a Marketo email, it will show up correctly in your subscription as an “Unsubscribe from Email” activity. This also means that your Email Performance Report, Lead Activity Log, and Campaign Results Tab will correctly reflect the unsubscribe.


You may have already noticed that it would be pretty straightforward to add even more options to customize your external subscription center even more. Try this method out and let us know if you find it useful!

Watch it here



Join our panel of marketing experts as we look back at the major changes in 2015, and our future predictions for 2016.

  • How has mobile impacted our digital marketing strategy?
  • What tools and data are most relevant to marketers today?
  • How can we truly measure omnichannel ROI?



Webinar Panelists


Here are the top Products related discussions for November


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LinkForm CSS Tip for All Fields
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LinkSetting up your email SPF DNS record with Office 365


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CallTrackingMetrics sends call lead information to Marketo so you can see the full picture of how your campaigns are performing

Cdata – Added 6 Marketo connectors including ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, SSIS, Xamarin, BizTalk Adapter

Kairos Analytics is the complete UK B2B predictive intelligence platform. Blending many data sources for full funnel & customer life cycle predictions.

Kwanzoo for Account-Based Marketing (ABM), lets you increase brand visibility and influence buyers by serving display ads to users at your target accounts

Progress Software allows you to easily connect-to live Marketo data from any JDBC, ODBC or OData compliant application

ToutApp allows sales teams to email leads with personalized templates, track their engagement and auto-log sales activity to Marketo.

ZenPrint lets you easily personalize, print and send "handwritten" cards, letters, physical mailers and gifts right from within Marketo

Industry+Newrs copy.jpg



How Twitter Could Create a More Diverse Board


Fortune asked Phil to provide his perspective and lessons learned on hiring female board members following news last week that Twitter – and newly hired CEO Jack Dorsey – will be looking to replace three board members who are expected to retire early next year. The piece positions Phil and Marketo as a thought leader and early driver of change with regard to diversity in tech and on corporate boards.


Visa marketing exec shares how innovation is transforming the payment space


Our latest edition of “Ask the CMO” features Lara Hood Balazs of Visa. Lara talks about Visa’s role as a technology company, the ability to innovate, and her unique approach to marketing organization structure.


Making the Switch to Personalization (attached)

CMO Magazine (ANZ)                           

Marketo customer Kate Haddad, Head of Digital at OneBigSwitch is featured prominently in CMO Mag’s 50th Anniversary edition talking about her success working with Marketo and our partners.


Marketers, don’t let shiny new tools distract you from your mission

SAP Hybris Blog (ANZ)

Belated coverage from the Economist research in SAP’s Hybris blog highlights the ANZ-specific findings of our Economist research, particularly that almost 40 percent of respondents to research of marketers in ANZ said they plan to increase investment in social marketing over the next few years. A quarter also said they would invest in mobile marketing, a few more in marketing analytics and almost the same were investing more in email marketing.


Last-minute tips for holiday marketing campaigns

Retail Dive

Marketing’s Vidya Chadaga was quoted in this piece as an “omnichannel engagement expert.” The coverage resulted from a webinar with our partner Custora.



AdRoll Drives the Average Platform Cost-Per-Click Down 35 Percent with Latest BidIQ Release

Press Release

Programmatic ad tech vendor and Marketo partner, AdRoll, claims the latest version of its BidIQ proprietary bidding algorithm, Chopin, is achieving a 35 per cent lower cost-per-click and a 39 per cent higher click-through ratio than its predecessor, Beethoven. The figures were recorded over the past four months.


Rocket Fuel Sets Industry Standard With People-Based Marketing as Default Setting Across Programmatic Marketing Platform, Starting With Self-Service DSP

Press Release

Marketo partner and programmatic ad tech company Rocketfuel said the people-based marketing standard will tap into its proprietary Moment Scoring technology, allowing advertisers to reach consumers across devices and across IDs within the same device, giving them the ability to drive multi-device exposure. It claimed this approach results in 31 per cent higher campaign performance on average.


Google Shows Offline Analytics Capabilities With Holiday Store Traffic Data

Marketing Land

Tied to Black Friday, this is the first time that Google is revealing offline analytics. Google’s report on foot traffic during the holiday season represents aggregated data from mobile users with location history turned on.



The Looming Implosion Of Sales/Marketing Automation Apps

Customer Think

Supporting the theory that the sales & marketing automation space industry is on the verge of consolidation, contributor David Brock says that over the next few years, 1000’s of vendors will disappear, not because their products weren’t useful products, but because their business models aren’t aligned with how and who uses the products.  More will pop up in their place, only to disappear a few years later.


How Data Will Transform B-to-B Marketing in 2016

Advertising Age

In a byline from the SVP of global media at Madison Logic, ABM, “laser-accurate” lead scoring, predictive, data-informed customer-centric content, and in-house B2B programmatic are highlighted as next year’s transformative B2B trends.


Hot List: The 24 Digital Brands, Startups and Games That Defined 2015


AdWeek presents staff and reader picks for the biggest digital players of 2015, highlighting everything from Snapchat to the Apple Watch to Tinder and Taco Bell (as a digital advertiser). This is strongly B2C, but provides some interesting food for thought.


The future of digital ads: Native and social set to spike


Althea Chang reports on the rise of native and social ads as a response to ad blocking technology. She culls stats from around the web, including eMarketer, Marketing Land, and the Interactive Advertising Bureau.


Does The Future of Email Marketing Live in The Cloud


Just over a third (38%) of companies across industries currently use their data archives for business analysis, according to a June IDC whitepaper. This number is likely higher for marketers, as an overwhelming majority (92%) of email marketers admitted to facing challenges in collecting email addresses in Experian’s 2015 Email Data Quality Report.

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