Industry News: 9/8

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Why Brands Need to Take on Lifecycle Marketing



This piece highlights the importance of lifecycle marketing and why more marketers need to understand where their customers are in the purchasing journey. The article also stresses that marketers need to engage in personal conversations with their customers, which requires deeper customer intelligence.


Does Your Marketing Influence B2B Decision-Makers?



A recent study by IDC notes how word-of-mouth is the most powerful in terms of influencing a purchasing decision. People are the most trusting of peers and colleagues and more skeptical of vendor-sponsored content.


Headache or Opportunity? The Profusion of Marketing Data

Marketing Land


Research from Terdata notes that 78 percent of marketers use data systematically, versus 36 percent in 2013. This article discusses the importance of embracing customer data for marketing and advertising strategies.


Apple’s Mobile Ad Blocking to Pose Problems for Advertisers



Apple’s next operating system, iOS 9, will include ad-blocking software through its Safari Web browser presenting many roadblocks for advertisers, app publishers and advertising networks.