Congratulations to the newest class of Marketo Champions!

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Two of my favorite times of year are January 15 and June 15 (the Community launch pushed this Summer class back a month!) when I get to select the new classes of Marketo Champions. Although it is an intense cross-functional process, it is a lot of fun to see who applies. Before I announce the new class, I am excited to share that we're increasing each class to 30 members (from 25) to make room for 10 more talented marketers to join this prestigious group each year. To learn more about what we require and the induction process, you can read the Requirements & Benefits of the Champion Program.


It is an honor to read all of the wonderful applications I receive over the course of the year. This summer we received 20% more applications than we did for the previous class, a program best! They are always filled with awesome success metrics, innovative ways of using Marketo, stories about how customers have benefited from Community, and most importantly, how passionate they are about Marketo because it has transformed their career in some way. Reading stories like these are a humble reminder that I am fortunate to work at Marketo serving our customers because they are truly the most AMAZING and the best in the biz. Here are a few examples of quotes that came from the recent applications.


"Being part of the Marketo Champion Program has been a huge building block of my career. I’ve now been a part of this amazing group for two years! The people included in this group are truly some of the brightest minds and I really like feeding off of each other’s Marketo **** knowledge!"

  • Kim Para at LeadMD, 3x Champ


"Learning how to use the Marketo Lead Management system has had a tremendous impact on my career - two years ago I had no experience with the platform and now I'm a Marketo Certified Expert (and provide coaching so that my colleagues can get the same achievement) and have won two team Revvies (the Integrator in 2014 and Marketing Team of Year -2015)."

  • Jill Ragsdale at CA Technologies


Without further ado, I’m pleased to announce the Summer 2015 class of Marketo Champions. Please congratulate them in the comments of this post!


Adam New-Waterson, 5x Champion

Brean Deters

Caryl Mostacho, 2x Champion

Cecile Maindron, 4x Champion

Courtney Grimes

Edward Masson, 4x Champion

Edward Unthank,  3x Champion

Gary DeAsi, 3x Champion

Jason Hamilton

Jeff Shearer, 4x Champion

Jeff Spicer, 3x Champion

Jenn DiMaria

Jenny Robertson 4x Champion

Jennifer Clegg, 2x Champion

Jill Ragsdale

Joanna Nguyen, 2x Champion

Joe Reitz

Josh Perry, 3x Champion

Julz James

Justin Norris

Keith Nyberg

Kim Allen, 3x Champion

Kristen Malkovich, 2x Champion

Leah Grosky, 2x Champion

Maarten Westdorp

Mark Farnell

Neil Robertson-Ravo

Sarah Rossborough, 2x Champion

Stephen Susina , 4x Champion

Taylor Enfinger


Want to connect with our Champs? You can find a Champion in our Community a few ways.


  • You can see a list of our Champions in Products  by clicking ‘find experts’ on the right side under quick links. Then ‘add filter’ at the top and search by accomplishments / Champions. For a direct link to a full list of our Champions, click here.


  • Our new Expert Locator is coming out in September. This is an enhanced search functionality that will allow you to better connect with users based on criteria you select such as accomplishments like Champions, MUG Leaders, Certified Experts, expertise and location. It will even show you if a User Group is near you!
  • All Champions are also tagged with a badge next to their name that looks like this. role badge.jpg


  • Join the Champion Program group and chat with our Champs! Ask questions about the program, network and more.


Champions are Marketo's most advanced customers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the Marketo Community and at Marketo events, are Marketo Certified Experts, are avid contributors in the social world, and are loyal advocates of the Marketo brand. If you are interested in learning more and applying, read our Requirements & Benefits of the Champion Program and join the Champions: The Marketo Elite group. We look forward to seeing your application in the future.



Liz Courter, Community Manager