Industry News: 7/27 and 8/3

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The Role of Email Marketing in Sales (Then, Today and Tomorrow)

Huffington Post


This article notes how email marketing has evolved over the years as new marketing software platforms are introduced into the market and remarks how consumers today demand more personalized interactions and content from brands.


Why You Need to Diversify Your Marketing



This article discusses how brands should strategically identify which digital channels they want to engage their audiences with but still diversify their marketing mediums to digital and traditional.


Gartner Says: Sales and Marketing Influences Just 32 Percent of B2B Buyer’s Journey

Business 2 Community


This story discusses the new buyer journey – customers are spending only 32% of their buying journey interacting with content or sales people and approximately 66% of the journey with internal assessments, peer networking and by reviews from external experts.


3 Elements That Will Make or Break an Email Marketing Campaign



This article provides tips for marketers on leveraging a successful email campaign. Tactics include using a marketing automation platform, making emails mobile friendly and including a call to action.


Your Survival Guide to the Marketing Revolution



This is an interesting byline written by ProPoint, a Forbes contributor about the end of mass marketing.


Are Marketers Underestimating the Power of Apps?



This article written by Econsultancy highlights the importance of providing a highly customized mobile-friendly experience for customers both in-browser and in-app. They offer best practices for marketers to optimize their company’s mobile experience.


Ad Tech is Killing the Online Experience

The Guardian


This article takes a contrarian look at how ad tech is killing the news experience and may push consumers to view content natively or in their Facebook or Apple News apps.


MarTech Firm Leadspace Raises $18 Million

Marketing Dive


LaunchPoint partner, Leadspace, closed an $18MM round of funding led primarily by Battery Ventures.


Less Than Half of B2B Marketers Report Effective Content Strategies

Marketing Dive


And some data for you:

According to the CMO Council, B2B marketers are spending 28 percent of their budget on content marketing; however, only 2 percent think they have an effective content marketing strategy. This study by the CMO Council highlights the growing trend of B2B marketers embracing a more strategic content marketing approach.