Checklists (where would I be without them?)

Blog Post created by 6b251803a89899b5bc8c7709db4c78261ad820a5 on Jul 6, 2015

Confession time.


I live by check lists.  Like a pilot reviewing his checklists before he flies, I review mine every morning because I know it increases the probability that 'stuff will get done'... and decreases the possibility that I will make a mistake. This is especially true when I use Marketo. I have only been doing the Marketing Automation dance for about a year now, so a lot of actions are still not conditioned into my marketing brain. So I rely heavily on checklists.


To help those of you who might be like me, we are starting to add checklists to help you get started with Marketo to the Community.


If you really are into lists, you should check out the book, The Checklist Manifesto.


Do you have any checklists to add to the Marketing Nation Community. If so, create a doc and add them to the The specified item was not found. area of the site.

Should we build a checklist library?