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Here's a bunch of goodies to get you started with Marketo.


I. Glossary of Digital Marketing Terms and Marketo Icons


Glossary of Digital Marketing Terms

Resource for Newbies: Glossary of Icons


II. Naming Your Folders, etc. In Marketo


Marketo - Organization and Naming Conventions

Worksheet for Organization and Naming


III. Shortcuts/Hotkeys for Marketo Product

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.42.10 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.42.18 PM.png


IV. ChecklistsDigital Marketing Checklists (Much of this content is gated, so might have to log in again to receive it)


V. Marketo Checklists:


VI. Community Key Pages


VII. And more cheat sheets:



What else should we add to this? Provide your input so we can make this a useful document. Eventually, we create a new Newbie area on the site!


(Updated on 8/3/2015)


The Role of Email Marketing in Sales (Then, Today and Tomorrow)

Huffington Post


This article notes how email marketing has evolved over the years as new marketing software platforms are introduced into the market and remarks how consumers today demand more personalized interactions and content from brands.


Why You Need to Diversify Your Marketing



This article discusses how brands should strategically identify which digital channels they want to engage their audiences with but still diversify their marketing mediums to digital and traditional.


Gartner Says: Sales and Marketing Influences Just 32 Percent of B2B Buyer’s Journey

Business 2 Community


This story discusses the new buyer journey – customers are spending only 32% of their buying journey interacting with content or sales people and approximately 66% of the journey with internal assessments, peer networking and by reviews from external experts.


3 Elements That Will Make or Break an Email Marketing Campaign



This article provides tips for marketers on leveraging a successful email campaign. Tactics include using a marketing automation platform, making emails mobile friendly and including a call to action.


Your Survival Guide to the Marketing Revolution



This is an interesting byline written by ProPoint, a Forbes contributor about the end of mass marketing.


Are Marketers Underestimating the Power of Apps?



This article written by Econsultancy highlights the importance of providing a highly customized mobile-friendly experience for customers both in-browser and in-app. They offer best practices for marketers to optimize their company’s mobile experience.


Ad Tech is Killing the Online Experience

The Guardian


This article takes a contrarian look at how ad tech is killing the news experience and may push consumers to view content natively or in their Facebook or Apple News apps.


MarTech Firm Leadspace Raises $18 Million

Marketing Dive


LaunchPoint partner, Leadspace, closed an $18MM round of funding led primarily by Battery Ventures.


Less Than Half of B2B Marketers Report Effective Content Strategies

Marketing Dive


And some data for you:

According to the CMO Council, B2B marketers are spending 28 percent of their budget on content marketing; however, only 2 percent think they have an effective content marketing strategy. This study by the CMO Council highlights the growing trend of B2B marketers embracing a more strategic content marketing approach.

Just in case you couldn't find it, below is some information about how to earn points, rewards and badges. Enjoy

Points and Badges?


Points and badges measure social interactions in the Community which we recognize to reward our most active contributors. Read more about viewing your points.


We've migrated all of your points (and content) from our old Marketo Community, so you won't lose credit for the amazing things you've already done.


Awesome. How do I earn Points and Badges?

Points are awarded for the following Actions:


Your reply was marked as "Correct"20
Your reply was marked as "Helpful"10
You start a new discussion10
You create a new document10
You create an Idea10
You create a Poll10
You mark a reply as "Correct"5
You mark a reply as "Helpful"5
You post a Comment5
You post a reply to a question5
You post a reply to a discussion5
You vote on an idea5
You tag content5
You share content5
Someone likes something you posted5
Someone follows you5



Badges and Missions

Rack up the points by completing Missions.  Missions are collections of actions that you can complete to earn a badge and/or points.


Finish our Onboarding and Get Comfortable missions to learn the ropes.  Before you know it, you'll be on your way to Blogging Rights!


Onboardingonboarding.pngAdd an Avatar
Add 2+ Skills to your Profile
Follow any Member
Read and Like our Community Guidelines
Get Comfortableget-comfortable.pngVote on an Idea
Read and Like our Support Solutions Blog
Create a Discussion or Question
Reply to a Discussion or Question
Blogging Rights*blogging-rights.pngReply to 10 Discussions or Questions
Receive 10 Likes
Receive 10 "Helpfuls"
Receive 10 "Corrects"

*note - all blogs are subject to approval




Some missions are repeatable - so make sure to visit the Marketing Nation often!


Badge Action(s)PointsRepeatable?
GroupieJoin a Group100No
SociablePost a status update51x/Day
BookwormBookmark 3 pieces of content51x/Day
OpinionatedRate 3 pieces of content51x/Day
Likely VoterVote in 3 Polls251x/Day
You're ItTag 3 pieces of content251x/Day
What's up, Doc?Create or Upload a Document100No
BloggerCreate a Blog Post2001x/Day




Other Missions have levels - the more you do, the higher your level!  Complete these missions and level them up for fame and fortune!


Name TaskLevel 1 (Qty/Pts)Level 2 (Qty/Pts)Level 3 (Qty/Pts)After Level 3 (Qty/Pts)
InquisitiveAsk Questions5 / 10010 / 20025 / 30010 / 200
InfluencerGet members to follow you5 / 5025 / 250100 / 50025 / 250
ResponderReply to discussions or questions5 / 5025 / 100100 / 20025 / 100
IdeatorReceive votes on your ideas5 / 5025 / 200100 / 40025 / 200
HelpfulHave your reply marked as helpful5 / 10025 / 200100 / 40025 / 200
Bullseye!Have your reply marked as correct5 / 15025 / 300100 / 50025 / 300
AppreciativeMark others' replies as helpful5 / 2525 / 50100 / 10025 / 50
Seal of ApprovalMark others' replies as correct5 / 5025 / 100100 / 30025 / 100




Keep an eye out for these folks, they're super helpful!  These badges are awarded to an elite few who achieve the professional designations listed below.  Interested in joining one of these teams?  Follow the links to find out more.





As you earn points in the Community, your reputation improves.  Participate and recognize others' work to climb the ladder!


LevelPoints to Achieve


How Account Based Marketing Can Drive Revenue for Your B2B Business

MarTech Advisor

(This piece discusses the benefits of account-based marketing).


CMOs Are Gaining Ground – With the Help of Tech and Metrics

Marketing Dive

(This piece highlights the changing role of the CMO due to marketing’s access to data and new technologies).


Only 22 Percent of Businesses Use Marketing Automation

Business 2 Community

To help you navigate the site. See below, but tell us what you think too in the comments area


Marketing CentralProducts and SupportPartnersMy Stuff
A place to learn about Digital Marketing and Marketing AutomationA place for product related discussions, documents and videosA place to learn about our Partners. Private Areas for our PartnersA list of places to find relevant information

Marketing Central: The main place to learn, share and collaborate about Marketing


Marketo Blogs: Quick access to all of Marketo's Blogs, such as

Marketing Central Blog: Site updates and info on Digital Marketing best practices

Champions: The Marketo Elite

Marketo Whisperer: Implementation Tips

Women in Business



Job Opportunities


Women in Business : The place to discuss women and business


Champions: The Marketo Elite: The Leaders of the Marketing Nation Community

Products and Support: The Hub of all community related product discussions and information


Support: Find Support Articles, Open Cases and more


Ideas: Make suggestions for the product and the Community


Open a Case for your company


Support related articles


Product Release Information


Product Documentation


Marketo University

Partners: Main Place for Partner Information


Partner Programs: Apply to become a Partner


Technology Partners(Private area)


Service Partners (Private area)


Distribution Partners (Private Area)

My Content


My Places (Includes Groups)


My People (you are following)


My Ideas (and a few others)


My Steams (Set up ability to track people, places and content)


User Groups






Advanced Search


Product Documentation

This is how we do.


Marketers Say They Would Spend Even More on Digital Ads if Measurement Improved

Wall Street Journal


Digital ad dollars are on the rise but marketers still question whether it is truly working. One major frustration point for marketers is measurement. In fact, according to a new study by WPP agency Millward Brown Digital, more than 70 percent of marketing executives polled said they would increase their spending on mobile, digital and social platforms if there were better ways to measure return on investment. Stephen DiMarco, Millward Brown Digital’s president said, “Marketers are looking for the shortest path to ROI possible. They want to attribute a media purchase, whether it’s on a TV network, digital property, or a sale. Variables from quality of creative to the choice of the media property whether it was online or traditional to the retail experience to promotions and coupons to even inventory available– it’s all going to impact ROI.”


Aol Apparently Isn’t Done Buying Mobile Ad-Tech

The Street


Tim Armstrong, Aol’s CEO, is looking to take his ad-tech investments mobile. AoL was purchased last month by Verizon but is reportedly in talks to acquire the mobile-advertising company Millennial Media. The deal would demonstrate that Verizon has given Aol the green light to further expand its programmatic business to compete with other ad-tech companies like Google and Facebook, which account for roughly one-third of all digital ad-spending. Interestingly, according to eMarketer, mobile advertising is expected to account for 49 percent of all digital ad spending in 2015 and 72.2 percent by 2019.


Marketers Can Cash In On Mobile Moments



Google recently came out with a study about “mobile moments,” highlighting those instances throughout a person’s day when they are using their phone to do something that a marketer might care about, from making a purchase, to watching a video or downloading an app. The article highlights five mobile innovations that should be included in every marketer’s plan. These include beacons, mobile payments, mobile wallet, biometric data and wearables. Most importantly, marketers must be prepared to take advantage of all of the new data, conveniences and connections that a mobile device offers a consumer in order to stay credible and relevant.


How to Maintain Email Customer Engagement in an Increasingly Mobile Marketplace

Marketing Land


“Mobilegeddon” is upon us. In fact, Google updated its algorithm to reward mobile-friendly websites a few months ago. Shifts like this should come as no surprise to marketers. Mobile is now an abiding preference, not only for research and online shopping, but email as well. In fact, mobile email clicks and revenue are at an all-time high. This article provides tips for marketers looking to create meaningful interactions with target audiences via mobile.


Real-Time Personalization Affects the Bottom Line



Marketers are responding to consumer demand for personalization through real-time efforts. In fact, Evergage found that 58 percent of marketers worldwide used real-time personalization—defined as data-driven personalization completed in less than 1 second. Among the 42 percent not using it, nearly eight in 10 intended to do so within the next year. Websites were the main channel for real-time personalization, cited by 44 percent of users. In comparison, just 17 percent used mobile websites. Marketers lagging behind need to get up to speed as Evergage found that real-time personalization had big payoffs across the board, and the biggest involved customers. Nearly three-quarters cited increased visitor engagement as a main benefit from real-time personalization, and 54 percent also said it improved the customer experience.

A few webinars for you this week:


  • Revenue Reporting Demo Webinar
    • WHAT IS IT?: Live demonstration of Revenue Cycle Analytics and Revenue Cycle Explorer
    • Sign Up here
    • Time: Tuesday, July 14th @  - 11:00AM PT / 2:00PM ET
  • Live demonstration of Marketing Calendar and Calendar HD
    • Sign up here
    • Date and Time: Thursday, August 6, 2015 - 11:00AM PT / 2:00PM ET






Recently, some of you have emailed Liz and myself, asking 'what happened to product doc search?' Good question because we previously you could search form this site. Last week, we changed how our Spotlight Search works (click on Magnifying Glass located at the top of the page on the right to see it in action) to provide a better search experience.


We listened to Elliott Lowe who say 'you should add bookmarks to search.' Each person's search results are customized and based on their previous experience on the site.


The new search looks like this:


Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 5.15.04 PM.png

Don't worry.


We will bring Product Search back soon. In the meantime you can still access product search from Community.


Here's how:


  • Go to the Home Page Marketing Nation Community
  • Scroll down to the middle of the home page
  • Click on the Product Docs Link and description in the middle of the page


See below for where you can find it on the home page:

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.23.43 AM.png

And if you want a slightly more complicated way to find Product Docs, we have that too : )


  1. Click on the Magnifying Glass
  2. Enter a key word
  3. Hit return which will take you to the main Search page
  4. Look at the left hand column and click on Bridged Search (See red circle below for its location)
  5. Type in your keyword and see your results
  6. Click on the result and you will be taken to the Product Docs site

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 5.18.35 PM.png

We call it Bridged Search because we are trying to bridge the gap between the two sites.


Over the next few months, we will be making the integration between the Product Docs site and Community site more seamless.


Stay tuned.


And we promise to give you a heads up before we move your cheese again.

As marketers, we often find ourselves trapped behind the perpetual glow of a computer screen…. We are hard at work creating the messages that the world is consuming at break-neck pace. But how do we stay sharp?  How do we ensure that we are on the cutting edge of our field? Of course, there is market research, focus groups, copy testing, and probably a million other tools, but there is one thing that is often times over looked in our busy lives: interaction. Like real, live, human interaction. Asking your co-worker how their weekend was before you ask them for help on Skype does NOT count.


In fact, I am going to go as far as to say that even in-person interaction with co-workers (and clients) doesn’t count. I’m not even talking about going out to bars or events (for a major introvert like me, the idea of that interaction is terrifying)… I am talking about interacting with someone in a way that can impact both of your lives. I am talking about volunteering.


This month at Marketo, we are celebrating a company-wide month of volunteerism. An awesome opportunity for us, but for many companies just haven’t yet found a way to offer something this progressive… but you don’t need a special month dedicated by your company to accomplish this work.  You don’t even need a ton of time.


Arthur Ashe once said, “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.”


I love that quote. Truth be told, it has guided my life for the past 20 years.  But it isn’t entirely altruistic.  You see, when I am volunteering, I am observing people, I am interacting with people outside of my regular social or work circles, I am growing.


For example, many years ago, the marketing firm I was running was hired to help develop the brand voice and image for a clothing boutique that was focused around girls aged 10-17… as a young-ish single guy living in Kansas, I didn’t have much experience with 10-17 year old girls. I was stuck.  I knew how to make a brand speak to their parents… I could do that all day long, but I spent weeks trying to wrap my head around a demographic that was changing at the speed of the internet (granted, in 2004, the internet was not nearly as fast as it is now…). Then an idea literally fell into my lap: a bright blue postcard from the local Boys and Girls Club.  They were looking for volunteer tutors to come in and help students with writing projects. My proverbial light bulb went off… I signed up that day, and started working with 6th grade students learning how to write their first research papers.  What an amazing experience!  Not only was I able to teach these young people to find their inner author, but I also got a double whammy by getting to immerse myself in their culture.  It didn’t take long, and I was cranking out campaigns that really wowed our client.  I kept working with the Boys and Girls Club for the rest of my time in Kansas.  I found the work to be rewarding, and a great way to look at life beyond my computer screen.


Maybe kids aren’t your gig… that’s totally fine, the possibilities are endless. I have played piano at a senior center to spark ideas for a client doing healthcare marketing (while listening to some pretty epic stories about the “good old days”), I have helped out at a pre-school so I could better understand moms (where I learned to make a rooster out of craft glue and colored pasta), and I have served countless dinners at homeless shelters just because it helped remind me of what is important in my life.


The point is, get out there and try it.  You will feel great about the work that you are doing, and you can even improve your work in the process.

Here are some articles we thought you might be interested in;


What Does It Mean to be Mobile First? And Why Should Marketers Care?

Marketing Land


As Millennials overtake Baby Boomers as the biggest demographic of consumers, marketers need to think more about mobile first. This article highlights how it is important to understand how to use mobile for you marketing efforts and also know how the Millennial generation operates and what kinds of marketing messages they want to receive.


Marketers Put First-Party Data First



Despite struggles, marketers remain focused on improving big data, and those putting money toward such efforts are reaping the benefits. In 2015 research by the Direct Marketing Association and Winterberry Group, 43 percent of U.S. marketing professionals said they expected their data-driven marketing spending to be higher in Q2 2015 than Q1. The study also found that first-party data sources would be most important to respondents’ strategy moving forward. Transaction history (87 percent), customer information (80 percent) and behavioral data (74 percent) were the most-cited data types.


Marketing to the Individual is a Challenge – and a New Survey Affirms This

Marketing Dive


VB Insight found that 80 percent of surveyed marketers and vendors don’t know anything about their customers beyond basic demographics and purchase history. Furthermore, in the same study, 96 percent of respondents said building a comprehensive view of individual customers is a challenge. One particular challenge is prospective customers aren’t letting marketers know who they are until right before they decide to make a purchase. Andrew Jones is an analyst at VB Insight and an author of the report and said, “The first element is data collection. This is all about picking up the digital breadcrumbs from each customer interaction.”


What CMOs Need to Know About SEO



A CMO does not have time to micromanage digital marketing. Many know that SEO is critical to the business but do not know much about it. This article highlights the basics to SEO and how to manage SEO for your company.


Rise of the Machines: What Artificial Intelligence Means for Marketing

Marketing Magazine


Although it still has limitations, forward-thinking brands are starting to harness the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience. In fact, BMW employed the technology two years ago in an ad campaign for its first electric car. Its iGenius technology was able to answer customers’ questions about the new model via text, reducing the need for BMW to invest in training dealers or customer-service staff to handle queries. The article highlights how there is an opportunity for brands to use Artificial Intelligence to provide frontline communication and customer service, but "only when it gets a lot better at understanding what people want.”

Confession time.


I live by check lists.  Like a pilot reviewing his checklists before he flies, I review mine every morning because I know it increases the probability that 'stuff will get done'... and decreases the possibility that I will make a mistake. This is especially true when I use Marketo. I have only been doing the Marketing Automation dance for about a year now, so a lot of actions are still not conditioned into my marketing brain. So I rely heavily on checklists.


To help those of you who might be like me, we are starting to add checklists to help you get started with Marketo to the Community.


If you really are into lists, you should check out the book, The Checklist Manifesto.


Do you have any checklists to add to the Marketing Nation Community. If so, create a doc and add them to the The specified item was not found. area of the site.

Should we build a checklist library?

This week, we celebrate Independence Day. Most of us will be spending quality time with our families at BBQs, Picnics, Parades, Baseball Games, etc.  But let’s face it; few of us will really be thinking about our independence from the British.



This year, however, I want to suggest that we also celebrate the independence of the American (and global) worker – the person who is either a freelancer or a Consultant (or even a person who is 1099). The person who spends most of their time on their own, trying to earn a good living. Ideally, they are working on something they are passionate about. The reality is that more and more people are part of this new ‘On-Demand’ economy, where we are essentially on-call for prospective bosses or clients. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – but it does present some challenges.


For those of us who are Marketo Independent consultants, we know the challenge(s) of wearing many hats at one time. You have to be your top sales person. You have to be your (and maybe your clients’) main Marketing Operations Person (MOPs) guy. You have to handle your finances, etc.


Working independently is not easy. It can be lonely. That’s one of the reasons we created this Community. We wanted to have a place where each of you can find peers, share best practices, and learn from each other.


But I am not only talking about 1099s and people who run their own LLCs. Sometimes being the Marketo expert in a company can also feel like a solo gig. Perhaps you are a newbie to Marketo and are desperately looking for internal and external mentors to teach you about Marketing Automation or MOP’s.  Or maybe you’re the Marketo Expert (like our Champions) and you’re trying coach or guide your co-workers. Even experienced folks need a community to support them.


So today – let’s celebrate the one-person company as well as the Marketo Expert, who sometimes feels like they are on their own. They are independent, while others are dependent on them to master the art of Marketing Engagement.  Let’s celebrate the Red, White and Blue, but also the Purple members of the Marketing Nation!

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