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The following features are included in the February 2015 release. Please check your Marketo Edition for feature availability. After the release, be sure to come back to find links to detailed articles for each feature. Drum roll...

Marketing Automation Enhancements

Move Smart Campaign

Rejoice! Now you can move smart campaigns in and out of programs using drag and drop or the Move feature in the tree.

Dynamics 2015 (Online) – supported!

HTTPS Certificate Changes

Safety first! After the release, our certificate will only support SHA-2 over the TLS family of protocols for marketo.comdomain (TLS1.0, TLS1.1, and TLS1.2) to ensure our PKI certificates are trustworthy on all browsers. Translation: you shouldn't notice any changes, we've got you covered.

Secure Munchkin

We are removing our support for SSL3. We have maintained SSL3 up until now to maintain support for old web browsers, but in 2015 we are no longer seeing significant web traffic from those browsers. This would only affect Munchkin when used on secure pages, and will roll out slowly after the February release.

Real-Time Personalization Enhancements

Target URL for Campaigns

Select the pages you would like your real-time campaign to display on using 'Add a Target URL'. This feature works with all campaign types (Dialog, In Zone, Widgets), but is especially valuable for In Zone campaigns where a campaign will render in the Zone ID for only the target URL selected. It supports adding multiple URLs to target different web pages.

Country and State Added to Account-Based Targeting

Country and State can now be added to your Named Account Lists. Target key account prospects from specific locations.



The following features are included in the January 2015 release. Please check your Marketo Edition for feature availability. After the release, be sure to come back to find links to detailed articles for each feature!


Marketing Automation Updates

New Photos by Rick DeCosta! Rick is a Marketo customer from SmartBear and has an unbelievable collection of photos. Check them out!Make suggestions for future photos by emailing


Mobile Friendly Landing Pages

You can now build mobile views for landing pages from within the landing page editor. Deliver your message effectively regardless of device and increase engagement by tailoring your content for easy consumption on-the-go. This feature will rollout gradually throughout the week following the release.

New REST API Calls

Three new calls for the Lead & Activity REST API:

  • Delete Lead
  • Get Leads by Program Id
  • Get Deleted Leads

Also, there is a new option for Sync Lead, to write the lead change asynchronously for a faster API call. Full details will be available after the release at

Email Scripting Custom Object Support

Now access custom objects associated with the Account object from within email scripts!

Real-Time Personalization

Personalized Remarketing for Google and Facebook

Remarketing shows ads to people who have visited your website. You can now personalize your remarketing campaigns on Google and Facebook using data from Real-Time Personalization. Remarket to audiences from different industries, named account lists, company sizes or any data from known leads.

Named Account List Module

Enhancements to the Named Accounts module will improve the match rates and validations for users.  Additions include:

  • Matching organizations from your Named Account list using Lead’s email address (also for RTP-only customers)
  • Support for up to 100K records per account
  • CSV file template to view and download

Updated RTP Tag Options

RTP Tag options under Account Settings have been updated to include:

  1. CDN and Asynchronous (Recommended tag)
  2. CDN and Synchronous (High Speed)
  3. Asynchronous tag without CDN
  4. Synchronous tag without CDN

For best performance, it is recommended to place the tag at the top of the header in your web page after <head>. All tags allow for use of the RTP API. For information on how to deploy the RTP Tag see here.

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