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Adam Berlin
I am trying to create a Smart List send to anyone who didn't open the first send, and I'm having trouble finding info on how to set it up in docs.Marketo or here (although I could be missing it).   Attached is a screenshot of what I have created, it plays off the first send, which had a Flow step that added anyone who opened the email to the list… (Show more)
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Travis Schwartz
Hello,   When you are creating a dynamic email, Is there a way to revert something back to using the default option?   Long story short I was going to segment based on something, and things changed so I don't need the dynamic info anymore (but it's all plugged in). I want to revert it to the default field but am not seeing any option like this.… (Show more)
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Saptarshi Konar
I have data for the following activities- Send Email Email Delivered Email Bounced Unsubscribe Email Open Email Click Email I want to know what is the common attribute between these activities through which I can identify that the email which had been send to lead, was opened or clicked later. 
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Nerea Eguia
Hello community!    We are facing a little problem: we want to activate web personalization using static lists. We have uploaded a list and create a segment with it.    We are testing it's functionality in a subdomain that we have as a testing area.   When trying the journey, the banner doesn't appear. We have inserted the script correctly.   … (Show more)
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If a lead receives an operational email today, would that prevent them from later receiving a non-operational email the same day? Communication limits state that only 1 email can be sent a day. I understand that operational emails bypass the communication limit, but what about counting against it?
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Harry Rashid
Hi,   I am working with Conversant to add in parameters, they have asked if hasing is possible with Marketo, as below -    The dtm_email_hash parameter (dtm_email_hash={{lead.Email Address}}) should be encrypted using SHA256 hashing as that is personal information. Is this possible with market?   Is it possible to SHA256 Hashing an email… (Show more)
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mounica tunuguntla
Hi There, I have 2 assets and i'm using same form for both assets after submit i'm redirecting them to same thank you page. So i'm getting difficulty in analyzing the traffic from which asset most number of forms submitting. So for this i'm thinking to add asset name in the thank you page URL as a query string. So For suppose consider A & B are… (Show more)
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Sant Singh Rathaur
Hi Everyone,   Recently I came up with an URL where wvw is used instead of www. Any idea about this as this is something new to me. I also wanted to understand what are the pros and cons of using it.   Really appreciate your time.   Thanks, Sant
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Chirag Agarwal
We're trying to integrate LinkedIn Ad conversion pixel with our Marketo form which links to a PDF file as Thank you URL.   The pixel tag is below: <img src="" height="1px">   Since LinkedIn tracks conversions based on number of times this pixel is loaded, is it possible to… (Show more)
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Eve Yu
Can we change the unsubscribe process in Marketo? Currently, we use an unsubscribe form, once people click the unsubscribe link from the email. They will go to the unsubscribe page, then they need to enter their email address and click the confirm button to unsubscribe. In this case, people may think they've already unsubscribed after clicking the… (Show more)
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