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Albert Alvarez
Hi Everyone, Curious if anyone has ever implemented any kind of cart / payment transaction solution from within a Marketo landing page . Have a use case for this for paid events (we're trying to transition off an event platform which is too cumbersome and inflexible for our use case). Marketo LP & Form would handle registration for the event on a… (Show more)
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Ani Yildirim
We have recently gotten Marketo and working on the implementation. We got LAUNCH PACK STARTER with the hope of getting some help and guidance but unfortunately very disappointed with it.  Also, constantly having issues with login & portal access and not able to move forward. I've created so many cases and sent emails to everyone I know at… (Show more)
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Suzy Veilleux
I have verified that a domain is set up appropriately but it is not yet showing up as a branded domain that we can use in an invitation that we're getting ready to send out.    I'm thinking I'm missing a step that would add that to the list of domains to choose from.   Can someone point me in the right direction on what I need to do to make that… (Show more)
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Paul Raybould
Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help with the following. I've created a folder of snippets that contain very short messages to promote the various products and services of our company. Our nurture program emails promote relevant content but I'd also like to add a randomly assigned snippet to every email that goes out that contains a sales note… (Show more)
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Brittany La
I looked around and didn't see a similar question/answer so apologies if this has been answered before!   I have a campaign where I set up a few MyTokens to use in the email template. I also use some in the Create Task step of the flow (in the comments section). However, in a recent batch, I noticed the tokens didn't come through in the comments.… (Show more)
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Matthew Nuding
Hello,   I am working on a campaign to gather more information from contacts. I've created a form in Marketo and have it on a Marketo landing page - Essent Guaranty, Inc.   I have all of the fields set to Form Pre-Fill = Enabled. I also have the form pre-fill enabled in Admin landing page section. When I run a test (run an actual smart campaign… (Show more)
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Jaime Servaes
Click to view contentHi! So we've been using Marketo for 2 years now, but I haven't really been using it to track any social media marketing we do for a program. I'd also like to start tying more cost to program so we can see a bigger picture of how things are working. We are tied to SFDC but we have issues with Salespeople associating form submissions/opportunities… (Show more)
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Janet Dulsky
By now, you've probably heard the exciting news: Marketing Nation Summit is taking place at Adobe Summit, March 24-28, 2019 in Las Vegas!   Why? Because, now that you’re part of the Adobe family, Adobe and Marketo couldn’t wait to engage with you and connect you with an even larger community of passionate marketers. Integrating Marketing Nation… (Show more)
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Cristina Leonetti
Hello All, Marketo is a great platform but when I have to run a report I cry a river! Each time I create a report I have to wait for 10 minutes at least! One single report 10 minutes it's too much time ah? How I can have a report without waiting so long?     Thanks, Cris
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Trinity Levenson
Hi Nation,    Curious about a scenario I'm seeing where I have the following conditions: Default program as hierarchy where within Default contains 5 Email Send Programs of which 4 are programmed as A/B tests, 1 program is not an AB test.     When I attempt to setup smart campaigns within the Default program, for example:  Unsubscribes… (Show more)
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