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I would like to run a report or smart list to discover leads that are failing to sync with SFDC to diagnose some sync errors.  Is this possible?
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Jared Eliason
We've had an email recipient reply to one of our recent emails stating that they have unsubscribed multiple times but when we checked, the *replying* email wasn't in our database but the email we *delivered* to was in our database.   For the email in question:  "To:" shows  But was in the auto-added… (Show more)
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Amy Lepre
With Forms 1.0, I had some custom code (largely written by someone else in the community, not me) that allowed me to display the value of form fields, but make the fields themselves read-only so the values couldn't be changed upon form submission. This same code won't work for Forms 2.0. Has anyone done something like this and are you willing to… (Show more)
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Michael Florin
Hello!   We have built a system of lead entry and scoring campaigns, which heavily relies on "Request Campaign" flows. Under heavy traffic our campaign queue gets pretty crowded and processing tends to slow down which causes various headaches.   Now I have heard that "Request Campaign" is actually not an ideal way to connect two Smart Campaigns.… (Show more)
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Nichole Cunningham
Has anyone using Marketo switched to SFDC Lightning? If yes, what did it entail? Did you need a new Marketo instance? Did you need to change the Org ID (SFDC URL)?
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Roxane Carrier
I'm currently looking for solutions similar to ion interactive and outgrow to build calculators and self assessment tools. The solutions have to support integration with Marketo.   We also already had a look at SnapApp and Ceros.   Does someone has experience interactive content tools? Can you recommend other platforms that are not listed… (Show more)
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Troy Larson
Hi there,    I have a question for you all :-)    Is it possible to block field updates at a specific user level? I know that you can block field updates at a macro level (for example, block Job Title from all list imports). I was wondering if it was possible to do this at the user level?   Thanks all!
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Nerea Eguia
Hello community!    We are creating a campaign via Marketo that contains a Landing Page asset that we will be creating with Marketo Landing Page editor. This campaign will be supported with an Adwords campaign.    We would like to integrate Adwords to Marketo to attribute leads to our Adwords activity and have that information stored in Marketo.… (Show more)
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Maggie Ring
I have integrated UploadCare into my landing pages in Marketo but my marketo field is not populating with the link to file. I have followed this document: I can go into the Uploadcare account to see file but that doesn't help me out. Does anyone see anything wrong with… (Show more)
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Lauren Smith
Hello,   Our salesforce developer is having difficulties passing cookie values on a salesforce form. We currently have this capability on all of our Marketo forms. I know how to set up our Marketo forms to collect this information. However, I am not technical enough to explain how Marketo retrieves this information so we can replicate in SFDC.… (Show more)
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