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Lucas Metherall
Hi all,    We ar ea nonprofit, and have approx. 20 forms on our website for people to pledge and petition. We are also manually transferring data between MKTO and Raiser's Edge. (Fun, right? Who wants a job?!).   We are getting people mispell their email address, or even give totally fake/invalid entries, but my initial smart lists in the… (Show more)
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Sardor Taylakov
Hi,   I am using Marketo REST APIs for updating leads. When I am testing API calls using Postman or my localhost, everything is working fine. When I deploy my microservice, all API calls fail with the following error: The connection observed an error : io.netty.handler.ssl.SslHandler.channelInactive...   I believe this is happening because I… (Show more)
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Sagar Vora
Hello,   We are moving from one instance to another. The email program doesn't complete, it stays in Queue.    What can be the problem? Do we have to remove the smart list of campaign members? Or is it something else?
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Milana Petruk
Hi! I'm trying to use my.tokens in snippets included in Guided Landing Page, but I get no result.  I still have {{my.Price}} in my LP, but not "$100". So is it possible to use my.tokens in such way? Maybe I can use some other kinds of variables? Because variables in snippets work in Emails, but don't work in Landing Pages and I'm afraid that… (Show more)
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Conner Hatfield
In this Bizible edition of Peer Perspective, learn best practices, major stakeholder breakthroughs, and how Splunk's use of Bizible progressed with Tanya Chu - Marketing Operations Manager, Business Intelligence at Splunk. 
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Alexis Romano
Click to view contentWe have a few ads running on google that point to our website home page and I'd like to track when someone goes from the homepage to "request a demo"page which has a marketo form embedded. Our forms are setup with the hidden UTM fields, however the querystring isn't registering in marketo.    I use this asset to figure out how to get the UTMs to… (Show more)
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Shashank Nakate
I have added a button with a link ( ) in an email to be sent to leads/people. The link points to a Marketo Landing page.   I have set up a campaign with "Clicks Link in Email" through which the mail is sent to the lead.   However, when this email is delivered to a… (Show more)
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Mike Guanci
Our EMEA team is asking us to look into adding a area code dropdown option to our phone number field on Marketo forms.  I was wondering if anyone else has done something like this in the past and how to best do it.  If not possible, what is the best way include area code for emea based phone numbers?     Our phone number field isn't mandatory and… (Show more)
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David Mezkiriz
Click to view content Hi,   I don't know why this token {{member.webinar url}} "Gotowebinar token" is not populated if I insert it into an email  directly. However if I insert this token  {{member.webinar url}} into the "My tokens" section of my program inside a calendar file token it is populated.    This calendar file token has this content under the description… (Show more)
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Angus McCann
We have a main website, and various sub-domains -,,, etc.   We have the tracking script on each individual subdomain, but we were told that there are limitations to the script.   Namely, let's say I'm known to Marketo, and I get an email directing me to I click-through and get… (Show more)
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