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Nick Hajdin
I am trying to insert a {{member.webinar URL}} token into the description area of a {{my.Add to Calendar}} calendar token. When sending the confirmation email, the webinar URL token does not display. I've added myself as a registered member and tried sending as the email via smart campaign flow steps rather than test send.   Is it possible to… (Show more)
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Michael Mason
We're using a webhook to send Marketo data to Amazon SNS to then send an SMS. We've been success sending an SMS with a tokenized field for the message, however, we want to ultimately use this message field with a URL stored in a Marketo field to drive a renewal communication. I'm having trouble getting the URL to populate from the webhook in the… (Show more)
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Jason Scott
I've noticed when a new lead fills out a form the data on the form is not considered a data value change.  Which means I can not run smart campaigns or smart lists with "data value change" for these leads.   For example a new lead fills out a form and they select "yes" for 'widget a'.  We then trigger an email when 'widget a' data value changes… (Show more)
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Davy H
Hi everyone,   I just wanted to ask if theres any possibility of cancelling an email program that has an A/B test and is approved? The email asset is being used by the email program, however I'm unable to delete the email in the program as it is approved. I can't unapprove the program as it is using the email asset - abit of a loop really! Any… (Show more)
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Greg Lang
Hi everyone,   I'm looking for a way to use Marketo to automate the stage of dead opportunities in SFDC.   In my company, if an opportunity's stage is not updated in over 45 days and/or has no future activity scheduled, it is considered an inactive opportunity and subsequently must be "closed out" (advanced to a lost stage). My question is: is… (Show more)
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Sue Wang
Hi I am curious how many Marketo users are using the Marketo Event Check In App. And how is your experience?   We've been using the App, but have had different issues with it. e.g. app freezing up, registrant lists stopped showing completely in the middle of checking in people, app failing to sync, etc. We are at a point where we are… (Show more)
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Jaime Servaes
I'm getting ready to have 3 sales people start using the Outlook plug-in. But I' trying to figure out where and how they can know if the email was delivered, opened and clicked? We are connected to SF and I tested this with another co-worked, who has a contact record in SF, but the only data I saw under activity history was her clicking the link.… (Show more)
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James Zolinski
We are using contact forms on our website, social media and Google Adwords, and when people fill these forms out we receive an alert email to contact them. The problem is, on the alert email, the Lead Source and Source Detail are not populating, or populating correctly so we are unable to tell where these leads came from without checking the… (Show more)
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Elise Hudson
Welcome back to Marketo's bi-monthly customer newsletter, the Fearless Forum!   Back in June, we asked you to comment on the second video with the questions you have for Marketo, and the topics you want to hear about.   This month we'll be covering the following topics chosen by you: Reporting and Attribution in Marketo: Comparing Your Options…
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Huihsing Kiang
Hi,   Our vendor is passing the values below to the Marketo form:   If the user is routed from the literature_download.html page, it passes these five variables: page = the name of the page routing the user ("literature_download.html") docID = the document id docTitle = the title of the… (Show more)
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