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Demand Center
Can we create editable banner in email template level (editable text on image keeping image link as variable input), if yes please let me know how to build it
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Sant Singh Rathaur
Initially I want to show 4 fields then instead of submit button I want Next button which will take the person in the form with remaining fields and then he/she have to submit the form and lead will be created in marketo?   My understanding is:   1. We can show 4 fields in the page load event and hide the remaining one and submit button 2. After 4… (Show more)
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Ronn Burner
What is the best way to set up a Smart Campaign in this scenario? Each PRODUCT is its own individual Engagement Program. I’m showing four programs (A, B, C, D) here but this will become 10-15 individual programs.   If a customer subscribes to ONE product today – they will enter the program for that PRODUCT X and receive a product specific email… (Show more)
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Julie Leo
Hello, When running the RCE Membership Analysis report today, we're getting the error message: "This report has no data"  Is anyone else receiving this error message?  All of our Membership Analysis reports worked last Friday.
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Mike Reynolds
Click to view contentIncluded in this article Summary How Leads Become Known Anonymous Web Activity Logging Triggered Smart Campaigns   Revised 2/19/2016 Replaced screen shots with corrected versions   Summary When a person visits a web page with your Munchkin tracking code on it, that web activity is tracked for that anonymous lead. When a lead takes action…
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Ruth Baucom
Has anyone configured a Marketo preference center page to be used for emails sent from other systems outside of Marketo? If you did, what kind of adjustments did you have to make?   If your business also has the need for unsubscribe pages outside of Marketo, do you have a separate solution for those pages and have the unsubscribe data feed into… (Show more)
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Steve Schimmel
My company's sales department is split up by product line. Team A, for example, sells Cameras. Team B sells media equipment. Typically, there is not much overlap in customer for these 2 groups.   My company is thinking of rolling out a "Lead Referral Program", where when an Account Manager speaking to a lead about cameras finds out that same lead… (Show more)
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Olya Zenchenko
Hi Marketo community,   I'm just wondering if there's a way to track if someone forwarded an email that we sent? My email has a link to pdf, but we dont have 'forward to a friend' option, can we still track it?   Thanks. Olya
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David Cutsinger
Hello,   I have an email ending in #interactivemap. However, when the email is sent, the hash (#) and everything past it is stripped so I'm left with everything prior to the hash (#). Any ideas as to how I can resolve this?   Thanks!
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