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Mihai Bejgu
Hi,   I'm struggling for quite a while with leads to account matching in Salesforce and for the current ABM that we're trying to do, having all new and old leads assigned to Accounts in Salesforce would be a great plus for our sales teams. We are currently doing this manually following the below flow:   -New lead comes in marketo -> does it… (Show more)
Michelle Lavery
Hello,   I'm currently looking into tools for an Account Based Marketing strategy for 2018. I realize that there's not just one solution that will support our ABM strategy. We are still defining our strategy and number of targeted accounts. I'm curious how current Marketo customers are having success w/ABM initiatives (with or without Marketo and… (Show more)
Marne Reed
The annual December Marketo User Group meeting in Salt Lake City has grown to become the premier event of the year for Marketo users in Utah. This year, we thought we’d kick things up a notch by hosting the first SLC MUG event. More than just a meeting, this half-day event will open your eyes to all the ways you can take your marketing automation… (Show more)
Jessica Kao
What pieces of information is it using to accomplish this?  What information is being passed over to SFDC if any? 
Shira Koper
Hi I would like to create a smart campaign which  will include a multiple number of contacts. I have the contacts email addresses in an excel format. How do I copy, paste them into the smart campaign and what will be the separator needed ( comma, full stop etc)   Thanks in advance for your assistance, Shira
Shira Koper
I would like to create a smart campaign which will allow me to send out an email to a SFDC member which holds a specific status. Meaning I would like the smart list to include only the contacts that appear in a specific Sales force campaign as status = Registered ( those who appear as invited should not receive the email)   Please advise how this… (Show more)
Kamal Gir
I have a general question for an RTP campaign that I am planning. It will be Account Based Marketing = directed at only a single account + subsidiaries. Can you please let me know whether you can detect IP users or we can say staff of the telco companies:  Telco companies like T-Systems International GmbH How to determine actual… (Show more)
Vineet Thakkar
I can not see a Configure CRM Mapping option in Admin>ABM>Setup. What could be the reason and what should I do?
Danny Tran
Hello friends,   I've been doing some research for our company's possible journey into ABM and one thing that concerns me is the usage of CRMs in the process. I saw that several solutions, including Marketo's, utilize CRM integrations to organize Accounts/Contacts. I haven't hit the ocean floor with my research yet, but would we be missing a… (Show more)
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