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Brendon Ritz
I'm running a project to clean up and standardize SFDC campaign statuses, but am running into a problem with the campaign sync.   My instance does not use the native campaign sync, but rather always changes statuses via flow step. We are changing the campaign statuses in bulk via data, but the native sync (enabled under Sync Options on the Admin… (Show more)
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Rasmus Bidstrup
Hi   I have several REST API user setup, is there anyway I can make a Smart campaign trigger based on if the user was created via a specific REST API user? I cant find anywhere i can choose what user is used.   The only thing i can see, is "Lead is created" and a condition with Source Type = Web service API.. but this ways all of my REST API are… (Show more)
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Stephan Schäfer
Hello, i am searching for a way to import a list of Voucher Codes (in my case this is a list of trial license for a software) and use those codes to send automaticaly to customers that fill out a form.   My idea was a flow: 1. there is a list of voucher codes (license numbers) - every single lead one of these numbers will be assigned when… (Show more)
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Liz Davalos
Problem #1 I suspect the isn't a way to do this with one smart campaign, but I figured I'd ask anyway. I tried to make a smart campaign that would do the following: 1. Smart list identifies anyone visiting specific pages that is not a customer. 2. Flow: waits 2 hours, checks to see if in that time they've submitted a form, based on the page… (Show more)
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Victor Bloise
Hello all - I believe this thread belongs here, but please let me know if not, happy to move or have it moved it.   We're undergoing a Salesforce migration to a fresh new org, and we learned we'll need a new instance of Marketo as well. We got the new instance already setup by the Marketo support team (it has a new name but I noticed the Munchkin… (Show more)
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Bryan Epstein
I am one of the Marketo admins on my instance, and we are in the process of implementation. That said, one of our next steps is making sure that our main users and power users are going to be enabled to be able to work autonomously instead of me having to review everything that is being put out in the system.   That said, I would appreciate any… (Show more)
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Tom Kerlin
Hi all, We'd like to embed a video on our landing page that's hosted on Vimeo (In the past we've only been using YouTube out-of-the-box drag and drop feature). Please see questions below. 1.) Are videos hosted on Vimeo just as easy to track on Marketo landing pages as YouTube videos are? Are there any differences or things to consider?   2.)… (Show more)
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Wolfgang Weinkum
Is there anybody out there who can share some insights of using the Lead capture app of Akkroo, integrated to Marketo? Some tricky things we need to consider prior we start to program Marketo to synch' it with Akkroo?   Also, any additional information to share beside of the guide per Marketo Leads Integration: Information & Setup – Need a… (Show more)
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Jason Hamilton
Has anyone ever had a case where campaign members stop syncing from Marketo to SFDC? In this case there was a program level sync, and at some point they stopped the sync, and did a flow step sync, then switched back to program level, now every week they have to run a flow level sync in order to get their leads across. Would switching between… (Show more)
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Stephanie Ristow
Has anyone tried using GTW's simulated live beta with Marketo integration. Both GTW and Marketo confirmed that Marketo isn't supporting the beta version, but I'm not really sure how to test the program without the Marketo support. Any ideas?
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