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JD Nelson
Preference centers can be so "meh" -- mine is definitely due for an upgrade. I'm curious what you all do to either get cool data, show/hide different things, or what extra perks you've made. I'm sure some of you have some good ones.   I'm looking to expand a few sections for our Customers (giving them more opt-in options) but I can foresee this… (Show more)
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Kristen Carmean
This is the fourth part in my series of sample questions to help you practice for the MCE exam. Part 1 on Admin & Operational topics can be found here. Part 2 on Analytics & Reporting can be found here. Part 3 on Lead Lifecycle can be found here.     Questions Answers Correct Answer You need to mark individuals as attended as they show up to your… (Show more)
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Janet Dulsky
Welcome to 2018! We’re starting the new year out on a positive note by rolling out a new design and structure in the Marketing Nation Community with the goal of helping you be more successful with Marketo, more quickly. The new design and structure was reviewed and vetted by many Community members and we truly appreciated all their valuable… (Show more)
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Natasha Dolginsky
I launched an RTP Dialog campaign and in PREVIEW it shows up just fine.   Then when I go to the target URL to see the LIVE campaign, I do not see it. However, the impressions count goes up as Marketo thinks that campaign loaded.   I have created multiple campaigns, from scratch, from template, and this happens again and again. Visible in… (Show more)
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Halid Delkic
A customer who has downloaded a whitepaper from via a form submission on one of our Marketo landing pages has received multiple trigger emails, and has continued to do so ever since that first form submission.   Looking at the activity log there are intermittent multiple form submissions (which are triggering the confirmation email send - not… (Show more)
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Sarah Samuels
Hi all.  We have a database which includes family members who are using the same email address.   A few questions: 1. Can marketo cope with imported data for the same email address but with eg 3 different names? 2. Can marketo send separate emails to each record, e.g. the 3 different people at the same email address?   This doesn't impact us… (Show more)
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Drew Liner
Hello Everyone.   An existing landing page has a bunch of custom urls with utm's all sent to publishers and online media vendors for tracking. I now have to redirect that landing page and when I do, the utm's are dropped in place of that new url. How do I pass on those UTM's?
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Scott K Wilder
I am exporting the 'Visitors' to excel (and .csv) -- but when I look at the referring url report, I get multiple urls in the referring URL field. Anyone know why there would be multiple URLs.... in several cells?   The cell looks something like this:… (Show more)
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