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Carly Stevens
Is there a way that I can pull a report which shows me who has clicked a link/links in an email, and what that link/those links are? I know you can get this detail if you drill down into a lead's activity record but our account management team would like to be able to see this off the back of an email. Thought we could do via our interesting… (Show more)
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Andrew Sielen
Is it possible to report on/log the user that requests a campaign using sales insights? Or restrict campaigns to only certain users/profiles in sfdc (without restricting the whole sales insights module).
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Karyn Hill
I've been getting these off and on and am not sure if this is a problem in Marketo or in MS Dynamics. Most often I get "Unable to update lead," with the occasional "Error: Invalid Credentials."   Does anyone know if I should submit a case to Marketo Support, or if I should instead contact our MS Dynamics administrator? I'm one of the admins for… (Show more)
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Sonali Jadeja
Hi, There is a system smart list in Marketo for 'Bounced email addresses' which basically uses email invalid filter. Do you just delete these email addresses from database or leave them in there as marketing suspended?   Thanks, Sonali
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Sarah Samuels
Hi all.  We have a database which includes family members who are using the same email address.   A few questions: 1. Can marketo cope with imported data for the same email address but with eg 3 different names? 2. Can marketo send separate emails to each record, e.g. the 3 different people at the same email address?   This doesn't impact us… (Show more)
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Hoi Nguyen
Hey Community,   Is anyone else experiencing some system-wide down right now? None of our triggered smart campaigns are firing this morning even though they were firing just fine last week.   Nothing has changed on those smart campaigns in terms of smart list and/or triggers. I also tested and went through submitting a form and seeing whether… (Show more)
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Katie Pedroza
At Marketo, we understand that sharing knowledge with your peers is a great way to help accelerate learning. That’s why we partnered with our 2018 Marketo Champions to pull together a new ebook that dives into how you can leverage Marketo like some of our top performers. The new ebook, titled the [Marketo Success] Guide, provides detailed insights… (Show more)
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Allison Proehl
Does anyone have a way that they are notified when a lead doesn't sync over because there is a duplicate already in Salesforce? I find that every once in a while someone will fill out a form with a different email and it won't sync to Salesforce because it thinks it's creating a duplicate lead, but I don't have a way to catch these unless I am… (Show more)
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Nathan Fehler
Our business model often contains leads/contacts (email addresses) that are associated with multiple accounts. Each contact in this scenario has a single unique email that is used across all associated accounts. We would like to be able to send more personalized communications with a send per unique email-account relationship based on the account… (Show more)
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Phillip Wild
* Posting this as a discussion since I don't have blogging rights. But hey, the best articles are discussions anyway, right?     Stick your hand in a jar and pick out five jellybeans. What colour are they? 3 blue and two red?   Great. So the jar must be 60% blue jellybeans and 40% red. Right?   Well, no, not necessarily, most of us would say.… (Show more)
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