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In today’s digital world, where professionals share everything online, paper certificates no longer provide the same level of value. Marketo has partnered with Accredible to solve this problem.


What is a Digital Badge?

Marketo has included digital badges as an additional way for you to share and validate your Marketo certification achievements. A digital badge consists of an image and metadata that are uniquely linked to you. Together, they serve as a compelling digital showcase of your certification achievements: Clicking on your digital badge grants immediate access to validated information that features your knowledge and skills. This allows you to easily share your credentials, and employers and colleagues to easily verify them.

Use Your Marketo badge to:

  • Showcase your certifications and skillset to your professional network
  • Enable your employers to quickly validate your skills
  • Share your digital credentials on any online platform: social media, email signature, resume, website, online portfolio and more


How do I share my badge?

Via a Link

When you are sent the e-mail granting you your digital badge, it will include a personal URL. You can send this URL to anyone you would like to be able to view or verify your credential.

Via E-mail

  1. Login to your Accredible account.
  2. Select your badge.
  3. Click on Email Credential.
    1. Type in the e-mail address you would like to share to and click Share.


Via Your E-mail Signature

Copy your personal digital badge link (shared with you in the invitation e-mail) and paste the hyperlink on the MCA or MCE after your name (Ex: Jane Smith, MCE; the underlined MCE portion of this example will link to your verified digital badge page).

Via Social Platforms

  1. Login to your Accredible account.
  2. Select the social channel you want to share across.


Via LinkedIn

  1. Log in to your Accredible account.
  2. Locate the link “Add to LinkedIn Profile”.
  3. Fill in the information into the form manually.


For more detailed instructions on sharing your digital credential please see this guide.


What do I do if I need assistance?

For help in getting your badge please Contact Marketo Certification.

For technical assistance with your digital badge, please Contact Accredible.

Are you looking to further engage your customers and prospects, customizing their experiences while scaling up your initiatives?


Marketo University is introducing a new course, Core Concepts II, with the specific goal of helping intermediate users (at least 3 months of experience in the platform) take the next step in their education. Core Concepts II focuses on teaching you advanced Marketo skills, including:

  • Advanced multi-stream nurturing
  • Personalized content with snippets and My Tokens
  • Dynamic landing pages
  • Advanced form features
  • Advanced smart campaigns
  • Program Management with the Marketing Calendar
  • Custom tags, multiple period costs, and more



Enroll now! To view the course description and schedule, visit:

Are you interested in advancing your career and earning a Marketo Certification? We asked Marketo Certified Experts what motivated them to get certified, and how it has impacted their career.


From Veronica Lazarovici, Marketing Automation Manager at Hotelbeds Group:

I was introduced to Marketo by my manager, and I could immediately see the opportunity. Being an MCE has opened the door to many opportunities. One of the top ones- being part of impactful projects that bring immediate value to the organization. After getting certified and working hands-on with Marketo for a couple of years, I was given the opportunity to move abroad to Spain and pursue a career in a large company.


From Josh Gilchrist, Marketing Automation Canada:

At the time, most of our clients and perspective clients were requesting MCE’s. Being certified has allowed me to participate in larger projects with more complex instances, it’s also been a factor in getting job offers.


From Kristina Schroffel, Sr. Marketing Technologist at DigitalGlobe:

I wanted to expand my knowledge in Marketo with an accredited certification. I also wanted to prove my proficiency after using Marketo for five years. After becoming certified, I received a promotion at my current company with a pay increase, as well as receiving more recognition from others on LinkedIn.

Marketo Certifications allows marketers to distinguish themselves to current and potential employers. Join in the discussion section below to let us know: how has earning a Marketo Certification helped your career?


Spend the day at Marketo University learning the skills and techniques you need to increase your expertise and advance your career. For Summit 2018, we will have learning tracks for all levels of Marketo users – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. You’ll find an overview of each track below with links to the agenda and topics.



Accelerate your Marketo learning and build expertise by attending University Day, with focused instruction, practical demonstrations, and inspiring presentations by Marketo experts. Sign up to take your Marketo skills to the next level!




University Day is an optional add-on to the Summit 2018 Full Pass



Come learn the latest principles and practices with us on University Day! We will have a full agenda with tracks designed to help new users up to seasoned pros learn techniques that can be applied right away:


Get started! The Marketo Basics Bootcamp is for anyone new to Marketo or looking to brush up on core concepts. In this track, you’ll get a condensed introduction to Marketo fundamentals to help you learn the basics of building programs and campaigns in Marketo. Recommended Marketo experience: Less than 1 year or limited experience.



Go deeper! Designed for experienced users who want to take a deeper dive into core concepts and more advanced techniques, the Intermediate track gives you the choice between two learning paths exploring unique use cases, best practices and the application of new features.  Recommended Marketo experience:  1 – 3 years.



Go farther! Exclusively for highly experienced Marketo users, the Advanced track is ideal for those looking to join an interactive discussion with Marketo technical experts. Sessions will be held in round-table format providing instruction, consulting, and guidance on advanced topics while encouraging the sharing of best-practices. Recommended Marketo experience:  3+ years.


New to Marketo?


Introducing our new course: Marketo Overview: What Stakeholders Need to Know


This one-day course is perfect for stakeholders, marketing professionals, administrators, and data analysts who will use Marketo.

If you're looking to learn the basic elements of marketing automation, building programs and campaigns, and implementing Marketo, then this is the class for you!

Register now for our January 22nd training to get an in-depth look at our engagement platform and how clients can use Marketo software.


For more information, visit

Hey Community,


This week we are pleased to introduce another one of our Marketo Instructors, Jamie Jazdzewski:


Jamie Jazdzewski is a Senior Technical Instructor with Marketo University. Jamie has been using Marketo for seven years and has a deep understanding of all aspects in the software and its capabilities. She spent five years as a Marketo consultant working for several different companies such as Televerde, Calpoint, and DreamLab. Jamie’s favorite course to teach is “Core Concepts” because everyone is brand new and she can help lay the foundation for customers to learn best practices. One of her favorite Marketo features is the innovative Revenue Cycle Explorer (RCE) because of its ability to analyze the marketing funnel. In her spare time, Jamie is an outdoorswoman who enjoys hiking, kayaking, and four-wheeling. 


We hope you will consider taking one of Jamie’s exciting classes! She will be teaching Using Attribution Models on October 9th, 2017 and she routinely teaches our Core Concepts class. For a full course catalog and course descriptions please visit Marketo University.


We encourage you to leave a comment below if you have had a class with Jamie and have a favorite experience to share!




Marketo University

Happy Tuesday!


We would like to take today to introduce another one of our excellent instructors, Jannika Kampschuur:


Jannika Kampschuur is a Senior Technical Instructor with Marketo University. Jannika has been with Marketo for two and a half years, working as an Enterprise Consultant and as an instructor.  She has been teaching Marketo for two years after spending over three years as a super user for Panasonic North America in their Marketo instance.  Jannika’s favorite course to teach is “Building Engagement Programs” because it helps people finally see Marketo as more than just a batch e-mail tool. Jannika’s favorite feature in Marketo is the dynamic content because of its power to personalize content autonomously.  In her spare time Jannika trains her rescue dogs and volunteers with the Humane Society and the ASPCA.


If you would like to improve your skills and take a course with Jannika, she will be teaching Driving Buyer Engagement with Social Marketing on September 19th, 2017 and she routinely teaches our Core Concepts class. For a full course catalog and course descriptions please visit Marketo University.


If you have a favorite course that Jannika has taught, leave a comment below sharing your experience!




Marketo University

Hey Community,


Anyone who has taken a course through Marketo University has interacted with our great team of instructors. We wanted to take the next few weeks to introduce our instructors to our community by highlighting an instructor a week. Below we introduce our first instructor, Don Mayberry:


Don Mayberry is a Senior Technical Instructor with Marketo University.  Don has been with Marketo for eight years.  Prior to becoming a Marketo instructor, Don was a manager in the Customer Support team and has advanced knowledge of Marketo and its capabilities.  Before coming to Marketo, Don worked in other support roles for companies such as Ariat International, The Sak, Velosel, and Inovis providing technical software support. Don’s favorite courses to teach are “Customizing Creative Assets” and” Optimizing Email Deliverability” because they involve some computer coding which he enjoys from his time as a support analyst. Don’s favorite feature in Marketo is the Design Studio because he helped build it and it is so useful for non-technical marketers.  In his free time, Don enjoys traveling and dancing.  He dances in the San Francisco Carnival every year.


Now that you have met Don, we encourage you to take one of his high energy courses! Don will be teaching the Optimizing Email Deliverability course on September 12th, 2017 and he routinely teaches our Core Concepts class. For a full course catalog and course descriptions please visit Marketo University.

Finally, if you have taken a course with Don Mayberry please leave a comment below sharing your experience!



Marketo University