mkto-sjo0167.com  IS BLACK LISTED AND EMAILS WE SEND OUT ARE BOUNCING BACK Don MayberrySupport@
    Atlantic IT
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  • Are there Marketo Certified Expert decals/stickers?

    I am looking for a 'Marketo Certified Expert' laptop decal. One of my old coworkers had one and now that I passed my MCE, I'd love to get one as well, if they still exist. Thanks in advance!
    Caroline Graham
    created by Caroline Graham
  • Reset API clientSecret key

    I have seen the article about access tokens for REST services (http://developers.marketo.com/rest-api/authentication/#tips_and_best_practices) but I couldn't find how to generate a new clientSecret key for this servic...
    Dev 360L
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  • Activate and/or deactivate marketo sky beta

    In the backend should appear the option to activate or deactivate marketo sky beta. This button doesn't appear in our backend. Is there a reason why the option isn't there and ist there another possibility to activate...
    Guido Helleberg
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  • Points, Badges, and Levels

    Points and Badges?   Points and badges measure social interactions in the Community which we recognize to reward our most active contributors. Read more about viewing your points.   We've migrated all of ...
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  • Cannot add skills to profile, edit profile is also difficult to use

    Any one else experiencing this problem?
    Darrell Alfonso
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  • Changed Jobs?

    Have you moved to a new company but you want to keep all of your profile info, activity, content, and rewards and points? Great, we can help.   Email our Customer Care team at MarketoCares@Marketo.com as soon as...
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  • Marketo reverses my changes in program status, "Not in Program"

    In dire need for advice. I feel as if I am using the "Not in Program" status wrong or missing some type of ritual that should built into each campaign.     Another note is that this is occurring for any ...
    Lillian Huang
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  • Private group for our Company

    Hi There,   Is there an option to create a private group for members within our company?   Best Always, Karan Hari
    Karan Hari
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  • Marketo Community Login Via Jive Mobile app

    Hi There,   My goal here is to be able to access the community and discussions via Mobile App. According to my research in the community, I downloaded the Jive mobile app for android and signed up. I logged in u...
    Karan Hari
    created by Karan Hari
  • SFDC Sync Error - Mandatory Company Field

    Hi All,   We want to sync leads to SF only when they are MQL, however, we don't have Company field on our website forms. For a fact the Company field is required to have a successful synch and to accommodate tha...
    Ayush Aggarwal
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  • Not able to post blogs or videos any where else except for user-groups

    Hi There,   I just noticed that the option to post a blog or a video is available only in the user groups your are signed up in. As per the below screenshot, I cannot find the option to create a video or a blog ...
    Karan Hari
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  • Cannot edit my own blog posts

    I wanted to edit one of my blog post to correct some typos and flag some changes made since they were written, but the edit button is gone...   Example here: Email editor 2.0 is leaving room for a v2.1   H...
    Grégoire Michel
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  • the preview pane in the inbox page is gone.

    Dear all,   Since this morning, the preview pane is gone in the inbox page and the list of items is very long: In fact, if I scroll a lot, I finally see the preview pane, but it makes it competly unusable. ...
    Grégoire Michel
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  • Marketo & Community demanding on the CPU and fan on Chrome 67

    Hi All,   Since the event of Chrome 67, I have observed a few bugs on Marketo and the community. When I launch Marketo and the community, the CPU consumption sky rockets, and with it the temperature and fans: ...
    Grégoire Michel
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  • Cannot access my profile

    Dear all, When trying to access my profile (Grégoire Michel ), I get the following error:   Janet Dulsky Urgent help needed !   -Greg
    Grégoire Michel
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  • Successfully completed Marketo Certified Expert exam - how do I add the badge to my profile?

    I wasn't sure how to add the badge to my profile, does this happen after a certain amount of time?
    Ayan Talukder
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  • AUTH CONTACT has left the Company

    Our Auth contact is no longer with the company  - any help for switching Auth contacts without an AUth contact
    Morgan Martins
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  • What happens when a contact is stuck in pending for 24+ hours

    in my reports I have contacts that are pending.  through the reading is sounds like they get bounced, but it does not say what kind of bounce - hard or soft.  if they get soft bounced does that mean that Mar...
    Max Garrett
    created by Max Garrett
  • No longer active

    No longer active.
    Ariel Sasso
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