• web personalization - session time out

    Hi,   I'm setting a new web personalization campaign and I would like to set that the same campaign can be visualised by a known lead only after 24 Hours. Checking in the community ,I see that by defa...
  • TTL Cache

    Hi,   We are working on performance improvements on our website, but we ran into something that you may help us with. The munchkin code that we are getting from you, doesn’t have TTL cache (please see the...
    Martin Chandjukovski
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  • Testing Token for External PURL Site?

    I am new to Marketo and have a question.  I have a nurture program that I am building where I uploaded a list using a  .csv file.  One of my columns is for a PURL site that is built externally from Mark...
    Stacey Lee
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  • Distinct number of accounts?

    How can I get the distinct number of accounts I have without exporting lists to local files and deduping?
    Travis T
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  • How to test Add to Marketo Campaign

    I created a campaign in marketo and used the "Campaign is requested trigger" in the Smart List with Source as Sales insight. In the flow step I used "Add to List" component and selected a list from the drop down ...
    Sindhuja Athithan
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  • How do you reference an external stylesheet on a Marketo form?

    Hi all, as the title suggests, I'm trying to reference an external stylesheet to reskin my form rather than editing the CSS under every single form.. Any ideas?
    Mariano Adunse
    created by Mariano Adunse
  • Account Manager

    I am trying to get a hold of Marketo support to identify my account manager, as of today I am getting a return error when I email my account manager and we're having serious sync and send issues with Salesforce/Market...
    Grace Pettit
    created by Grace Pettit
  • Webex Integration Error - Session Ticket is required

    How can I move past this error while integrating Webex with Marketo in LaunchPoint? What is "Session ticket"?  
    Amruta Pund
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  • Will Marketo be updating to Bootstrap 4?

    Hello,   I'm curious if Marketo will be updating to Bootstrap 4, particularly for use on landing page templates. 
    Anna Jones
    created by Anna Jones
  • How many instances of content AI can we run on a html page?

    We are planning to incorporate content AI to certain web pages to make them dynamic. Our idea is to incorporate multiple content AI tiles in different part of the page.   This will make the web page more dynamic...
    Miguel Ramos
    created by Miguel Ramos
  • Send User Record Email Data Within An Email To Another Email Address

    Is there any way to create a smart campaign that populates a person's dynamic content within this email, but not send it out to that person. Instead send it out to a different email, by using smartlist triggers/flow s...
    Carlos Salas
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  • How to Increase Marketo Blog Reach

    I have a community related question. I am trying to post a blog, but it will only allow me to post to places/groups that I am a member of, that I have permissions to post to. Is there a way to be added to a larger gro...
    Michelle Lewis
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  • フォームを作成する際、履歴書等のファイルを添付させる項目の作成は可能でしょうか?

    futa sato
    created by futa sato
  • メールマガジン「メールの効果」について

    こんにちは、わからない部分があり、お分かりになる方がいたら教えて頂きたいです。 メールマガジンをマルケトから配信して、その結果を出していたのですが、 クリック率の数値計算がいつもと違う状態で、おかしくなっていました。 原因として設定に問題があっとのかもしれないですが、 何が原因なのか突き止めることができず、お力をお借りできないでしょうか?   添付ファイルをご参照頂き、ご回答頂ければ幸いです。 初めてここに質...
    reactive design 作業用
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  • Hiding block in an email?

    Is there a way to create a block or element in an email that will be visible to certain people (segments), but not others? Snippets are good for showing different content to different people, but I am wondering if the...
    Jeremy Gendelman
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  • Duplicate Records - Unique field Values Update

    Hi,   We have scenario, Salesforce updates the "Has Opted Out of Email" fields and in that case this udpates under the latest date and time stamp tagged lead in Marketo. We want to make sure this gets updated in ...
    Bala Subramanya
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  • Connection Update issue

    Hi all, I am starting to get people following me, but when I click to see who they are I get the following:     Is this correct, a type of spam, or have I got some setting wrong stopping me see details? A...
    Robert McKenzie
    created by Robert McKenzie
  • Exciting Role: Are you an experienced Marketing Automation expert looking to take the next step in a great agency and growing team?!

    Senior Marketing Automation Specialist - Green Hat. Apply by sending CV to HunterS@Green-hat.com.au   You: An experienced and energetic marketing automation expert who loves digital marketing. You are passiona...
    Liza Coats
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  • Consultant Needed

    Hello,   Unsure if this post is allowed on the forum but I'm looking for a Marketo consultant to freelance who can help us pull reporting and review our account.  The person who managed this has left our co...
    Claudia Smith
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  • Preview text in Mail

    Hello does anybody know how to deleate the the previewtext of an E-Mail  
    Evelyn Czauderna
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