• Is this community built on Marketo?

    Is this community built on Marketo or is this utilizing Khoros or another platform?
    Jenn Emerson
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  • Send User Data First Email To Another Email Address

    Is there any way to create a smart campaign that populates a person's dynamic content within this email, but not send it out to that person. Instead send it out to a different email, by using smartlist triggers/flow s...
    Carlos Salas
    created by Carlos Salas
  • Tracking Pages for Multiple Sites in GA

    Hi guys,  I need help correctly tracking Marketo Landing pages in Google Analytics. We have 3 sites:   UK: https://www.DOMAIN.com US: https://www.DOMAIN.com/en-US NL: https://www.DOMAIN.com/nl  ...
    James Sudworth
    created by James Sudworth
  • Login Error 5/30/2019

    I was wondering if anyone else is having login issues this morning. Marketo has been very slow if I can get in, then I am told to refresh my browser. If I cant get in to Marketo, I am redirected to a page with an Erro...
    Ryan Moravick
    created by Ryan Moravick
  • Cannot access my profile

    Dear all, When trying to access my profile (Grégoire Michel ), I get the following error:   Janet Dulsky Urgent help needed !   -Greg
    Grégoire Michel
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  • Outlook displaying emails different to gmail

    Hi there, can you please help clarify for me why my outlook is displaying only part of the image on my email? Whereas on my gmail - it loads completely fine. OUTLOOK: GMAIL:
    Natalie Ng
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  • Anyone else not able to mark their Community notifications as "read"?

    Has anyone else noticed that after you've "read" a Community notification and refresh the page or navigate to another, the notifications still appear as "unread"? Every notification I've received for the last 4 days r...
    Devraj Grewal
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  • Engagement Program

    What type of assests we can use in engagement program and I know it is Email and Program but i wanted to know what type of emails and programs
  • We want to make both image and video configurable(play video button on image)

    we have play video button on one image. We want to make both image and video configurable. How can we do that? Please suggest. <div class="mktoVideo" id="WITVideo" mktoName="WITVideo">    &#...

    If you have a question/issue regarding any of the product related features of Marketo, STOP, and head over to the appropriate section of the community called PRODUCTS & SUPPORT (Products).  There is a specifi...
    Dan Stevens.
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  • "Blogging Rights" mission and allowed Places

    I long ago completed "Blogging Rights" (https://nation.marketo.com/reputation.jspa?username=63ea064b55e61d1184c4e1e1cc5ee59b25d3a3a1&viewID=missions)) but I can only publish posts to Marketing Central or my local ...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • Shouldn't be able to mark own post as Correct or Helpful

    Community users shouldn't be able to upvote their own posts. It just skews expectations (there are enough incorrect posts marked as correct as it is!).
    Sanford Whiteman
    created by Sanford Whiteman
  • Comments to support cases are not being sent to those on the Email CC List

    When anyone adds comments to an open ticket within the Support portal, it's expected that everyone that's on the "Email CC List" will receive a copy/email notification of it so that they are kept in the loop.  Th...
    Dan Stevens.
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  • Site Feedback: Missing Hyperlink on Set Email Preferences

    The Set Email Preferences graphic/learn more box at https://nation.marketo.com/welcome does not have a hyperlink.
  • Shouldn't be able to mark *my own* reply as "helpful"

    If you accidentally click "Helpful - Yes" on your own reply: (a) it works, which makes no sense, since it's really not for you to say; and (b) you can't take it back without marking your reply as Unhelpful (which isn'...
    Sanford Whiteman
    created by Sanford Whiteman
  • Make Community posts code-friendly

    The new Community suffers (as did the old) from a near-inability to paste code.  Many Forms- and Munchkin-related questions beg for code snippets, but even with <PRE> tags these never look right and sometim...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • Looking for feedback on global navigation

    Hi Marketing Nation,   As you know, we are always trying to improve our customers community experience. We made some changes to the global navigation (purple header at the top of the page) and added drop downs t...
  • How to get the most out of the Marketing Nation Community - Webinar Recording

    Hi Marketing Nation,   If you missed the Community webinar on 7/23, have no fear we recorded it!   You can access it here.   Whether you are brand new to the community or an advanced user, we will ...
  • FYI: typo in blogging rights badge!

    Fyi, there is a typo in the Blogging Rights badge --> respon's'es is missing the s! Scott Wilder not sure where to direct this to!