• Marketo Landing Page Templates

    Hey, what are your favorite Marketo landing page templates? We are looking for a new template to revamp our landing pages, an easily customizable template is preferred, we wanted to see which templates people are actu...
    Allison Bigoness
    created by Allison Bigoness
  • how can i get correct result via REST?

    hi first, i use /rest/v1/activities/pagingtoken.json to get Paging Token, and then use /rest/v1/activities/leadchanges.json, try to get changed leads after the token. i got result, but incorrect. for example, targe...
    Vic Chen
    created by Vic Chen
  • Form Drop Down Not Appearing

    I'm setting up a new form with a couple of dropdowns for State and Provice based on the Country field, i.e. show State dropdown if United States is the country. When I preview the form, the dropdown for State does no...
    Sam Oh
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  • In Need of a Freelance Email Developer

    Hi Everyone,   I'm in need of a email developer for a freelance project for my company here in Atlanta, GA. We have recently implemented Marketo and need a couple of custom email templates built. Do you have any...
    Reza Copeland
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  • iframe Form Thank You

    I'm working on embedding some Marketo forms to our site leveraging iframes. Instead of building a separate thank you page, I would like to display a thank you message in place of the form when submitted successfully. ...
    Sam Oh
    created by Sam Oh
  • Switzerland - in which language do I mail my database?

    Hi all,   as you all know, Switzerland belong to the DACH market section and it is usually mailed with German messaging. Not everyone is happy anyway about receiving only German communication and there are many...
    Giulia Bison
    last modified by Giulia Bison
  • User Acceptance Test

    We are preparing for User Acceptance Test of Marketo programs. Does anyone have good recommendation on what should be covered as part of the UAT of Marketo programs? are there any UAT guides out there? Also, does anyo...
    Niti Shah
    created by Niti Shah
  • times to develope

    I am new in Marketo and I want to know, how much it takes to develop a small, medium, and big campaign from zero to launch in average, I know that this will depend on the extension but considering something basic: lan...
    Sonia Del Rio
    created by Sonia Del Rio
  • Can I cookie a user with an email link?

    Hi.  New Marketo user here.  I've been searching for and finding conflicting info and can use some help.   I have lots of people in my Marketo DB but very few show up on my Known Users Web Page Report ...
    david hickman
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  • Difference between error code 602 and 603

    Hi,   In the Marketo Authenitication documentation -If an expired token is used to authenticate a REST call, the REST call will fail and return a 603 error code.  If the expired token is used in subsequent ...
    Ashwini Hejmady
    created by Ashwini Hejmady
  • What is a User Group?

    What are Marketo User Groups, or "MUGs" as they're more commonly called? They are region specific meetings that are by customers for customers. With over 50 MUGs, we have a wide array of 75+ talented customers that ar...
    Elizabeth Oseguera
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  • Marketo User Group Leader Application

    Don't see a Marketo User Group (MUG) in your region? Contact Meghana Rao, mrao@marketo.com, and tell us why you think you would be a great Marketo User Group Leader! Remember to read User Group Leader Responsibilities...
    last modified by Meghana Rao
  • Marketo delays!!No leads on SFDC-Which batch campaigns, updates should be run overnight?

    Hi   We have been experiencing significant delays in Marketo for the last days. No new leads are entering SFDC and alerts are not being sent.  The sync is happening as it should but the campaign queue has a...
    Sara Barriuso
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  • Links Performance: who clicked on my email?

    Hello everyone,   is there a way I could not only see how many leads clicked on my links in an email, but also see who were these prospects? Reason why? We test and click our emails before/after sendout, theref...
    Giulia Bison
    created by Giulia Bison
  • Log into old instance of Marketo

    Hi,   Does anyone know how to log into an old instance of Marketo?  Our company migrated to a new instance and we still have read only access to the old.  I activated my access to the new instance toda...
    John Teifel
    created by John Teifel
  • How Will I restore the leads deleted mistakenly

    Hello ,   Could you please assist me on that.
    Ajinkya Shahane
    created by Ajinkya Shahane
  • Countdown to Summit...2 weeks!

    Start Summit off right by attending the first annual Marketing Nation Summit Fun Run / Walk taking place on Monday morning before University Day. We have over 125 registered already, so don't be the one to miss out. T...
    Elizabeth Oseguera
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  • Let's Meet at the Summit

    Hey Everyone!  The Summit is just around the corner and I'm hoping that many of us can meet up.  Wrote a quick blog about Getting Ready for the Marketo Summit.  You'll find me at the Bluewolf Booth (...
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  • Join Marketo in San Francisco for the Fun Run / Walk

         Don't miss out on the first annual Summit Fun Run / Walk on Monday, April 7th bright and early! Take this opportunity to get some exercise, enjoy the beautiful sights of San Francisco, an...
    Elizabeth Oseguera
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  • Description of Marketo Summit sessions are gone

    I saw the description before today. It's all gone now. Will it be added back soon?
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